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Rodriguez Rocks: Live in Australia

"... I've played every kind of gig there is to play now ..."

Rodriguez Rocks: Live in Australia
Rodriguez Rocks: Live in Australia | photo: Doug Seymour

Track List

  1. Climb Up On My Music (Recorded At Palais Theatre, Melbourne)
  2. I Wonder (Recorded At Palais Theatre, Melbourne)
  3. Sugar Man (Recorded At Adelaide Entertainment Centre)
  4. Rich Folks Hoax (Recorded At Palais Theatre, Melbourne)
  5. Inner City Blues (Recorded At Plenary, Melbourne)
  6. Street Boy (Recorded At Brisbane Convention And Entertainment Centre)
  7. I'm Gonna Live Til I Die (Recorded At State Theatre, Sydney)
  8. Just One Of Those Things (Recorded At Adelaide Entertainment Centre)
  9. Somebody To Love (Recorded At State Theatre, Sydney)
  10. Learnin' The Blues (Recorded At Plenary, Melbourne)

Released 18 November 2016, Inertia – ROD001

Recorded live in Australia during the 2014 tour

Press Releases

Rodriguez Rocks: Live in Australia

Sixto Rodriguez, the legendary icon responsible for ageless classics such as "Sugar Man," "I Wonder" and "Climb up on My Music," releases a new live album comprised of recordings taken from his wildly successful 2014 tour of Australia. The legendary self-taught guitarist's love affair with Australia is well documented, and 'Rodriguez Rocks: Live In Australia' perfectly captures the chemistry that the platinum selling artist shares with his fans down under. 'Rodriguez Rocks: Live In Australia' provides a glimpse into the electric atmosphere that followed Rodriguez' tour around Australia in 2014. The album features Rodriguez originals that have etched themselves rock 'n' roll history, as well as a few cover tunes that the Detroit, Michigan singer-songwriter indeed makes his own. Opening up proceedings with perennial favourite "Climb up on My Music" off his 1971 studio album 'Coming from Reality,' Rodriguez takes a walk through a back catalogue that made him a legend. "Street Boy," which was originally released on Rodriguez' first Australian live album, 1981's 'Alive,' makes an appearance, while his cover of Jefferson Airplane's counterculture classic "Somebody To Love" is a shining example of the all-encompassing nature of Rodriguez' music taste. The final tune on the album is also taken from the pen of another music legend, with Frank Sinatra's "Learnin' the Blues" getting the Sixto Rodriguez treatment to a tee., 18 November 2016

“Sugar Man” Rodriguez announces 2014 Australian tour

Legendary singer-songwriter Rodriguez will return to Australia in October and November to play headline shows in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and two shows at the Opera House in Sydney.

After his two albums – 1969’s Cold Fact and 1971’s Coming from Reality – went unnoticed in America, Rodriguez eventually turned his efforts elsewhere, earning a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Wayne State University, running for political office and working construction and factory jobs to support his family.

Now Rodriguez is enjoying a revival after been “rediscovered” by the Oscar Award winning documentary Searching for Sugar Man in 2012 and will be touring Australia for the fourth time since 2007. Although the film focuses on the singer-songwriter cult following in South Africa, Rodriguez also had a significant fanbase in Australia; he first toured Australia in the late ‘70s and returned in 1981 playing shows with Midnight Oil. He has reguraly dropped a cover of Midnight Oil’s ‘Redneck Wonderland’ into his Australian setlists alongside his takes on Carl Perkins’ ‘Blue Suede Shoes’ and Bob Dylan’s ‘Like A Rolling Stone’.

Rodriguez tour

Sunday, October 19 – Convention Centre, Brisbane
Tuesday, October 21 – Opera House, Sydney
Thursday, October 23 – Opera House, Sydney
Saturday, October 25 – Palais Theatre, Melbourne
Wednesday, October 29 – AEC Theatre, Adelaide
Friday, November 7 – Kings Park & Botanic Garden, Perth

Tickets on sale on Thursday, August 28, 23 August 2014


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