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Rodriguez Live in South Africa 2001
Rodriguez Live in South Africa 2001 | Photo: Brian Currin

Information on Rodriguez's live performances in the '60s and early '70s is very scarce. We don't believe he played any major concerts or events.

I've never even played a gig in America, my home country. I've jammed informally with friends, yes, but never a formal concert. Nobody was ever interested in my music.

Rodriguez, March 1998

4th Street Fair, Detroit I've met him many times and he's a groovy cat, and I've even seen him perform here. Just one time, at Detroit's 4th St. Fair, a more or less unannounced performance, where he got up with his guitar and played an absolutely amazing acoustic set. He played for about 25 minutes and stunned the audience, most of whom knew him and had never heard him sing. It was a wild moment in the neighborhood. This was a couple years ago. Since then, 'Cold Fact' has become well known amongst Detroit's musicians and hipsters. The general public remains uninformed. It's like having Bob Dylan living down the street from you, know what I mean?

Matthew Smith (Volebeats, Outrageous Cherry, etc.), December 2001

In "A Most Disgusting Song" the people are like someone we all know. I think it was a depiction of a place Rodriguez played, a bar called "The Sewer" near the Detroit River, that was demolished a long time ago. One of the places that Rodriguez played, a “motorcycle funeral”, was for one of Heikki’s friends. The motorcycle club was called "The Penetrators".

Eva Rodriguez, December 1997

Rodriguez toured Australia in 1979 as headliner and again in 1981 as support to Midnight Oil. He had a sold-out tour of South Africa in March 1998 and toured Sweden in June 1998.

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