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"Rodriguez is my father! I'm serious"
- Eva Rodriguez, September 1997

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The artist known simply as Rodriguez was born Sixto (pronounced "Seez-toe") Diaz Rodriguez in Detroit, Michigan, USA in 1942. He was the sixth child (the Sixth Prince) of immigrant Mexican parents. He recorded the classic album Cold Fact in Detroit in 1969, but it sank without a trace. His second album, Coming From Reality, was recorded in London in 1970 and released in 1971 with even less success. He made a huge impact on South Africans in the 70s, however, when Cold Fact was released in South Africa in 1971 and again in 1974. He toured Australia in 1979 and also in 1981. Nothing more was heard from him, and nobody seemed to know where he was, or if he was even still alive. His appeal continued and Cold Fact sold steadily through the years. He was "found" again in 1997 thanks to the internet and the perserverance of some die-hard fans, namely Craig Bartholomew and Stephen "Sugar" Segerman.

In most of the world Rodriguez has been ignored, but in South Africa, Cold Fact is very well-known, especially the songs, I Wonder and Sugar Man. Despite the cold fact that he was never played on the radio, whenever pub musicians in SA play his songs everyone sings along to poetic lyrics like ...the moon is hanging in the purple sky... or ...thanks for your time...

Everybody thought his name was Jesus because of the song credits on the album and most people believed he was dead! Then in September 1997, Eva Rodriguez posted a message on The Forum: "Rodriguez is my father! I'm serious." This led to a very successful tour of South Africa in March 1998. A live album from the tour was released in June 1998. Rodriguez played in Sweden that June and then returned to SA and played 2 nights in Johannesburg to launch the live CD. He returned to South Africa again in September 2001 for a 16-date tour.

Read the biography written by Sugar in 2004. Listen to some soundbites at the Sounds page. Digest the lyrics of this poetic genius, read the comments on The Forum and try to understand the effect this man has had on so many lives.

And remember who sang:
"Climb up on my music and my songs will set you free..."

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