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Sandrevan Lullaby - Lifestyles

Transcribed by David Hutchison
Instrumental introduction (guitar/violin duet)

The generals hate holidays

Others shoot up to chase the sun blues away 
Another store front church is open 
Sea of neon lights, a boxer his shadow fights
Soldier tired and sailor broken 

C                            F
Winter's asleep at my window 
C                            F
Cold wind waits at my door 
C                            F
She asks me up to her place 
F                               Gm
But I won't be down anymore

Judges with metermaid hearts
Order supermarket justice starts
Frozen children, inner city 
Walkers in the paper rain
Waiting for those knights that never came                                 
The hi-jacked trying so hard to be pretty

Night rains tap at my window 
Winds of my thoughts passing by 
She laughed when I tried to tell her
Hello only ends in goodbye

America gains another pound 
Only time will bring some people around
Idols and flags are slowly melting
Another shower of rice
To pair it for some will suffice 
The mouthful asks for second helpings 

Moonshine pours through my window 
The night puts it's laughter away 
Clouds that pierce the illusion
That tomorrow would be as yesterday...

Instrumental coda (edited off some versions)

Alternate idea from John Butcher:

Sandrevan should be played with Dm, A# and A.

Generals hate holidays
Other shoot up to chase the sun blues away
A                             A(special)
Another storefront chuch is opened etc....

Dm x00231 take your finger off the high e string as you strum
A# x13331 again as you strum clear high e
A  x02220 
A (special) 002220 x4 x02221 x1 x02230 back to Dm

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