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It Started Out So Nice

Transcribed by Danny Lloyd

      A                                          E   
It  started  out  with  butterflies,     on  a  velvet  afternoon

      A                                E   
With  flashing  eyes  and  promises  caught  and  held  too  soon

       A                           E                     D
In a place called Ixea, with it's pumpkin oval moon it started out so nice

 A                       E             A                                  E  
Jenie taught Orion sea-purple harmony,   while Kogi hid secrets into seashells

 A                                                   E                 D 
And even the ocean laughed, beneath that celestial canopy,  cause it started out so nice

 F#m                        Bm            F#m                  Bm
With the dust of stars they intermingle, Durock of Avon would only jingle

 C                             D                           F#m   Bm   F#m   Bm
Marble   money   tunes   as   pale   earthly   circles   swooned

 A                        E                      A                                    E   
Volume left Bohemia, a triangle for his thumb, questions fell, but no one stopped to listen

    A                                      E                             D 
But eternity was just a dawn away and the rest was sure to come, leaves caught in winter's ice

 F#m                          Bm                F#m                   Bm
Abandoned circus grounds of flower captains,   prisms in the palm one way it happens

C                              D                            F#m   Bm   F#m   Bm
The air was silver calm,  the softly met were slowly moving on

  C                        D                       F#m                       Bm
Then all things in common suddenly grew strange,  now the Wurs were chasing other rainbows

 F#m                  Bm                       C                     D         F#m   Bm   F#m   Bm
Trying to find  which way the wind blows,  to empty corners,  past dusty memories

 A                         E                         A          
Now in the third millennium the crowded madness came, crooked shadows roamed through the nights

            E                          A                                                          E  
The wizards overplayed their names and after that the Wurs never bothered to have summer reasons, again,

But it started out so nice, it started out so nice, we started out so nice.
This may not be in key with the record, but if you play it on your own it doesn't sound too bad. If you get some enjoyment from playing this, feel free to drop me a line at
Danny Lloyd, Sydney Australia, April 2005.

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