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  Entry #1062. 
   Brian   16th July 2006
02:01:53 AM

This board is now closed .... Cheers Brian

  Entry #1061. 
   jamie   14th July 2006
07:08:03 PM

wish i was back in in israel on the beach at night where i sleeped for 6 months listening to the rod and that was 20 yrs ago there must be heaps of us

  Entry #1060. 
   jamie jamieo(at) 14th July 2006
07:01:07 PM

hi can some one pls tell me where to dload unlimited rodrigez thanks .

  Entry #1059. 
   Malc   10th July 2006
04:02:45 PM

Many happy returns all the best and may u enjoy life as u like it. cheers from, Jacqui Jane derek and Malc

  Entry #1058. 
   danny teale tealedt(at) 10th July 2006
02:48:35 PM


  Entry #1057. 
   Ian Tighe iantighe(at) 10th July 2006
11:38:40 AM

despite listening to at least one song from cold fact every single day in the last 18 months, i haven't been near the website in over a year. and i log on right on the great man's birthday. may there be many more.... and how about a date in ireland? go on, make my decade.

  Entry #1056. 
   Brian brian(at) 08th July 2006
12:43:36 AM

Just a reminder that Rodriguez celebrates his 64th birthday on Monday 10th July. Happy Birthday Rodriguez, Happy Birthday.

  Entry #1055. 
   Mark   07th July 2006
06:45:57 PM

Rodriguez was hangin' out and enjoying the bands at the Detroit TasteFest over the 4th of July weekend. Saw him at the Park Stage, he got at least a few acknowledgments from some of the other musicians. He was looking great!

  Entry #1054. 
   nancy navara-blue(at) 05th July 2006
12:00:53 PM

Was telling my son (17) about you the other night. I was about 13 when i first heard you back in western australia. I started singing sugarman to him and it brought back all the memories. I got on the internet and discover that ive missed the only gig you've ever done in the uk by 9 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im gutted. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease tell me you'll play in london again. You are beautiful!

  Entry #1053. 
   Craig scorpnov78(at) 05th July 2006
06:21:27 AM

Hey Rod I watched you in South Africa and in London (forum). Im now living in Australia and cant wait to see you here, weather it be in western or southern Australia. Im sure your other fans will travel. Till then BAG IT MAN !!!

  Entry #1052. 
07:57:08 AM


  Entry #1051. 
   Greg acllasicgreg(at) 02nd July 2006
05:49:46 AM

I am listening to Cold Fact right now at my desk at work on a hot sunday morning overlooking the mouth of the river Fal in Cornwall and I have chills down my spine. It gave me chills when I first heard it in the late 70,S in Cape Town and still does now.

  Entry #1050. 
   Gaylene. t.g.d(at) 01st July 2006
10:27:41 AM

Your music has inspired me to write many a good poem. I especailly love playing you on a winters morning. I got into your music nearly 20 years ago now :) You are a true words smith
and I love your lyrics :)

  Entry #1049. 
   frizzen frizzen(at) 26th June 2006
10:48:11 AM

great site
thanks for your time!

  Entry #1048. 
   Tim monk(at) 16th June 2006
06:12:59 AM

Yep, I nearly crashed my car the other day when JJJ played "Sugar Man" just after talking about the new movie "Candy" and I was near tempted to ring up and praise them to all the gods that be. I got into Rodriguez about 15-16 years ago when in my mid teens, painting my grandmothers lounge room. My uncle put on Cold Fact and I never looked back from there. Most members of my family (especially those around my age that would be at my place when my friends and I were jamming to his music) are fans, though I know of few ppl outside my family that have heard of him. I try to introduce his music to whoever I can, playing it in my car while at work and driving around the city during the course of my working day. Rodriguez's music was instrumental and vitally important during my forming years and have gotten me through many times both good and bad. Was pleasantly surprised when i stumbled upon this site today by accident. Cheers, long days and pleasant nights Monk

  Entry #1047. 
   John Bonilla Thinkbigger2004(at) 15th June 2006
12:20:34 PM

I'm new to the music of Rodriguez, but was instantly hooked......The irony is that I just moved to Detroit, so to hear it refrenced in song is kinda cool. Anyway, is Mr. Rodriguez still alive and if so does anyone know how to contact him?

  Entry #1046. 
   Brian brian(at) 14th June 2006
04:53:55 AM

"a convention defying romantic tragedy that is painful, sexy, tender and charged with dark humour" Sounds like a great thumbnail review of Rodriguez's music as well!!

  Entry #1045. 
   Danny Lloyd dannill(at) 13th June 2006
12:49:09 AM

Hello all. For what it's worth Rodriguez's "Sugar Man" is on the soundtrack of a new Aussie film "Candy"
described by one critic as "a convention defying romantic tragedy that is painful, sexy, tender and charged with dark humour", it stars Heath Ledger and Abbie Cornish. I just read Angel's exquisite "Sugar Man" story below and it's incredible how this song and so many others have endured the test of time and will continue to do so! Love to all!

  Entry #1044. 
   NICOLE MCINTYRE nicolemcintyre74(at) 12th June 2006
12:57:19 PM

I am 32 years old, and I grew up listening to Rodriguez. He's a part of my psyche now, I have listened to his albums all my life. I still find new dimensions to it as I grow, his music and it's meaning grow with me. I am a song writer because of him.

  Entry #1043. 
   Anonymous   09th June 2006
03:17:31 PM

I am personally so in love with this man

  Entry #1042. 
   Anonymous   09th June 2006
03:16:54 PM

How the hell did u get 150 pics of the man and if so PLEASE let us see them

  Entry #1041. 
   Pete Immelman pete(at) 09th June 2006
12:48:47 AM

About two years ago a local news paper ask me if I am famliar with the name Rodriguez? I said I only know one and if that is who you are talking about what is it you want from me. They said he was doing a local gig and wanted an article. They granted me a 1-hour interview that eventually ran into nearly 4-hours! The experiece gave me an uncanny insight into the man and who he really is. I have about 150 pictures of him in action which I may share on this site or elsewhere if there is interest. I have also had the opportunity to meet both his daughters. Both phenomenal persons and very protective of dad.

  Entry #1040. 
   Etienne Muller etienne(at) 08th June 2006
06:35:34 AM

Hi From County Kerry in Ireland. My name is Etienne (et). I was surfing the web and googled 'Rodrigues Cold Fact'. Lo and behold, your site. I still have the vinal A&M production from 1971 and listen to it from time to time when I am feeling a little nostalgic. I left south africa in 1977 and have yet to come accross anyone in Ireland who ever heard of Rodriguez. It is quite handy as I play the guitar and trot out a couple of his tunes from the album every so often. People think I have come accross a new artist who they havn't heard of. One addition for your Myth section. When we were kids we had it on good authority that he was blind. Probably because of the cover photo with the dark glasses. the other great artist from that era who seems to be making a bit of a comeback is Shaun Philips. Due somewhat to the advent of the internet propably. What a great use for the web. To put great talent back on the map. Keep up the good work Etienne Muller

  Entry #1039. 
   doug mcdonald dmacd7(at) 08th June 2006
12:51:13 AM

greetngs from melbourne australia,my name is doug mcdonald and I played drums on Rodriguez,s 1979 australan tour,it was one of the most interestng tours I played on full of fond memories,for details email me dmacd7(at),blessings,Doug.

  Entry #1038. 
   Chris kingstukie(at) 07th June 2006
03:14:42 PM

SANDREVAN LULLABY is a powerfull as anything i'v heared from Dylan, Young or Springteen. Thanks Sixto Chris from Durbs

  Entry #1037. 
   andrew dunstall andrew.dunstall(at) 05th June 2006
02:15:54 AM

Hi everyone, This is so weird. I saw Rodriguez at a 3-day music festival in Australia in 1981(?). The festival was called Tanalorn(?) on the North Coast of New South Wales. I was a Uni. I had been fan of his compilation album (released only in Aust & N.Z.). What is weird is that I can't remember how I found this album. It must have been big in Aust. for some reason. Anyway, Sixto finished the concert on the first night. Then he vanished. Great to find a webpage to finally get some info on him. Great album man. Kinda like a latin Bob Dylan.

  Entry #1036. 
   Marco moxszarin(at) 02nd June 2006
02:22:45 AM

Hey all Rodriguez fans! Anyone know if the MAN has another tour planned for SA? If anyone knows please mail me! These songs have really been a great help and inspiration to me through very difficult times and has helped me to keep some sanity and clarity in my life! THANKS!

  Entry #1035. 
   Sugar   02nd June 2006
12:30:28 AM

I was browsing back through all the letters that we have received on the Rodriguez Forum over the years and I found this one from Angel in Singapore that we received back in October 2002. Among all the wonderful letters and stories that have been posted on the Forum, this one is surely one of the most on.... Posted on 20th October 2002
02:46:01 PM Angel I am from Singapore. I have yet met anyone from my country who knows or have heard of Rodriguez. I first heard his song "Sugarman" 8 years ago...when I was backpacking in Thailand, in a tribe on the high mountains of Chiangrai. A village girl had received an old tape recorder and a few dubbed cassettes as gifts, which one of them contained the song, and she was playing it. I tried looking on the cassette cover for the name of the song and artist, but was not written. For 6 years, I kept humming the tune in my head, not knowing the title of the song nor who sang it. On my first day at work in Oct 2000, I heard someone humming the very familiar tune! I was at last able to find out about the song! That's how this person and I got to know each other very immediately. When this person told me the title and artist, I still could not find it anywhere in Singapore. Months later, he bought me the CD from the Internet. Cold Fact was the first album he ever owned, so it really meant something to him. Now 2 years later, this man and I are happily married and we just had a 3-mth-old daughter. Mr Rodriguez, I just want to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH. The lyrics may be painful to the heart, but your music has brought much love to mankind.

  Entry #1034. 
   Anonymous   01st June 2006
04:57:23 PM

i would love to hear from any fans from THE BLUFF DURDAN ther must be so many of you guys out ther WHY arnt u responding, Ansteys beach, Brighon Beach, Wentworth hotel, Come on man, between 35 and 60 years old will do. even the Harcourt Hotel on marine drive will do

  Entry #1033. 
   Robi robicoci(at) 01st June 2006
03:44:18 PM

Does anyone know how to get hold of Keith Carta, the guy who has the Cold Fact album cover tattooed on his arm? If so PLEASE let me know! Thanks.

  Entry #1032. 
   mark mark.hohmuth(at) 28th May 2006
07:28:42 PM

i live in australia and have been listening to Rodriguez for years, got to see him live in 1981 and at that stage there was a live album released for that tour which was recorded during the 1979 tour. well after 25 years of searching i finally completed my collection last weekend while i was in sydney ( australia )by picking up a cd copy of Rodriguez Alive. finally getting to listen again to this music from the early 80's as i remember it from his tour.................. thanks

  Entry #1031. 
   Jan airria51(at) 28th May 2006
01:20:35 PM

ou that`s right, it was London ... and Sue from Durban who handed me his 'Best of ' ... his lyrics and vibes have since been engraved in heart and soul, now occasionally strumming 'slip away' on Charles Bridge in Prague ... heading south ... -one love-

  Entry #1030. 
   Drew. Australia drewmain(at) 28th May 2006
03:55:09 AM

How pleased I am to have found this site. Ive been playing Rodriguez music since the 1970s. I now have Rodriguez on CD's and still play his music often. I even still have my old ( now worn out ) cassetts from the 1970s. Its great to see im not the only one who enjoys Rodriguez...

  Entry #1029. 
   adam mather adam_mthr(at) 25th May 2006
01:01:51 AM

my god what an influance this man made to myself in the eightys ,and nineties with his sureal beat not to mention the lirics which ive used a few times thanks for your time now you can thank me for mine and after thats it forget it,ok so i may have been a stoner but i allways look back and have never forgot any of the words to any of the tracks from one of the most fantastic album,s ie cold facts .........

  Entry #1028. 
   Robi robicoci(at) 24th May 2006
04:19:04 PM

Hi all. I'm putting together a whole lot of Rodriguez fan stories and so far I've come across some pretty amazing ones
I thought I'd put a posting calling for more. Please e-mail me if you have an interesting Rodriguez story
anything's good right now!

  Entry #1027. 
   Anonymous   24th May 2006
03:41:36 PM

ansteys brighton come on we were all there braais

  Entry #1026. 
   Anonymous   24th May 2006
03:40:40 PM

come on bluffies and durbanies why are u so quiet. we have so much to talk and laugh about whats up make a thing and tjuin broers

  Entry #1025. 
   James The Weak   24th May 2006
01:30:49 AM

'Crucify Your Mind' reminds me of my last love! That psycho-bitch .... Rodriguez knows my pain!

  Entry #1024. 
   Anonymous   23rd May 2006
01:03:31 PM

The music from The man reminds me of my first love, what about you guys

  Entry #1023. 
   Anonymous   15th May 2006
02:17:48 PM

Yes he is still performing, saw him in London on 10 October 2005, what a jol

  Entry #1022. 
   Susan surider(at) 15th May 2006
05:43:08 AM

We laughed, cried, jolled, worked, skinned up and LIVED to this music. (In Harare, Zimbabwe) I really thought Rodriguez was dead, have thought so for years and years. Is this some elaborate hoax? I can hardly believe he is alive and would love to see him live. Living in Ireland now and off to try and order a copy of Cold Fact and After the Fact (to which I know ALL the lyrics to!) I'll play it to my daughter who'll resist at first then will surreptitiously take it and play it on her iPod! She will love it much as I did when I was her age. It's like he has come back from the dead, like the prophet still lives, this has made me feel very happy. Is he still performing?

  Entry #1021. 
   Susan   15th May 2006
05:20:04 AM

The background music to my teenage years, must try to find it for my daughter who is 18, she deserves to hear some real lyrics for a change.

  Entry #1020. 
   Lorne dusty2003uk(at) 14th May 2006
01:52:17 AM

Howzat ou,s I live in UK at moment,been on holiday in Cape town last week.The 1st thing i did was to go and buy cold fact and after the fact as i could not find them in uk. Rodriguez been a part of my music since teens and the army,what a difference it makes at home now,just having cold fact playing in the back ground while we "koel af" Safe ouens cheers

  Entry #1019. 
   Glenn Coggin coggy52(at) 12th May 2006
12:44:07 AM

Not sure what that "my space blog" thing below is about? I know you're a fan Jimmy, but I think you should at least credit the words you've taken from the review on this site! I think it'll be Brian Currin, but if not it's Sugar
you should find out & put their name beneath their words. Gonna mention it again
can anyone get a copy of Dead Men Don't Tour? Any chance of getting it on the site Brian (unless copyrights say No). Haven't even seen it yet :-( Cheers all

  Entry #1018. 
   mark calikes mark.calikes(at) 05th May 2006
02:51:35 PM

I grew up in a small town called Whyalla in australia population 24,000 everyone aged 13 to 35 had Cold Fact.Rodriguez was an institution a rite of passage!

  Entry #1017. 
   Donna   03rd May 2006
03:12:01 PM

Anyone know how to contact Justin Cohen or how I might purchase a copy of "Looking for Jesus?" Craig Strydom is a dear friend. He let me borrow his only copy of the short film and it has gone missing. I'm desperate to get him a new copy.

  Entry #1016. 
   yoda sufjan-yeobauski(at) 03rd May 2006
08:09:20 AM

just discovered my new guru, what have i been listening to all my life? top stuff

  Entry #1015. 
   Anonymous   29th April 2006
11:02:46 AM

i grew up on this music COOL MAN still listen to it I am 45 now, never give up on Rod

  Entry #1014. 
   Jimmy jamesspence3(at) 26th April 2006
11:42:39 AM

  Entry #1013. 
   Brian   26th April 2006
11:23:03 AM

Didn't Jim Neversink open in London for Rodriguez?

  Entry #1012. 
   Aidan. arivcar(at) 26th April 2006
05:58:25 AM

Who were the support acts to Rodriguez in London last year especially on the Saturday night 8/10/05??

  Entry #1011. 
   Scuko lomon(at) 25th April 2006
11:28:16 PM

Nice site!

  Entry #1010. 
   Julianne jules_1967(at) 22nd April 2006
09:33:32 AM

Man when is he coming out to Australia again I would love to see him in concert???

  Entry #1009. 
   MFEMF   22nd April 2006
07:38:14 AM

Hey, if we want Sixto to come here someone has to take the initiatve and make it happen. Perhaps if a few stop wishing and act we can realise a tour???

  Entry #1008. 
   The Profit   21st April 2006
10:42:36 AM

We live in a world where some fellow inhabitants actually put tasteless adverts on this Forum, which is obviously only for letters and thoughts about Rodiguez. You should seriously be ashamed of yourselves!

  Entry #1007. 
   Ron lloyd414(at) 20th April 2006
06:59:03 PM

beinn listning to you for years man your words are so STRONG GREAT God be with you

  Entry #1006. 
   geoff starling starblooms(at) 20th April 2006
08:09:19 AM

"hi everyone, it's been a while since i've taken a really good look at this site ( i normally just pop in to see if sixto is planning to come down under!). great to see the cd reissues (how are the remastered versions sounding? my aussie cd of cold fact sounds like it taken from average condition lp, with audible surface noise, especially on the quieter moments.) anyone out there with a copy of the "dead men don't tour" doco or any other video footage? what about any memorabilia? i would be willing to pay for any QUALITY items. alternatively, how about a cdr copy of the ALIVE cd album! yeah!i,ve manged to find a copy (mint!)that was apparently released in very limited numbers in a remastered version in 2001.remastered at farmyard connection,melbourne,australia. i'm a huge rodriguez fan but how frustrating is it with the very limited amount of recorded material out there!? currently my collection stands at
1 copy still sealed lp "cold fact" a&m/sussex label from venezuela(i think).this version has a predominately white cover but with the 'ghetto scenes' in bands of orange,pink,blue and green!
1 copy still sealed lp "cold fact" sussex reissue
1 copy excellent condition lp "cold fact" blue goose label
1 copy cd " cold fact" rca/victor label
1 copy still sealed lp " coming from reality" sussex label. great fold-out cover!
1 promotional copy /not for sale lp "coming from reality" sussex label
1 copy lp "alive" blue goose label
1 copy lp "alive" powerworks label
1 copy cd "alive" farmyard label
1 copy lp "at his best" blue goose label
1 copy cd "at his best" blue goose label
1 copy cd "the best of rodriguez" sa issue
1 copy cd "live fact" sa columbia label
1 copy 45rpm "inner city blues/forget it" sussex label(not for sale copy)
1 copy 45rpm "to whom it may concern/i think of you" sussex label(not for sale copy)
1 copy 45rpm "climb up on my music/to whom it may concern" blue goose label. i'd love to hear from other collectors out there!!!!! keep this site alive!!!!!!!!

  Entry #1005. 
   Scarlett south africa   19th April 2006
07:14:07 AM

Heya my mom introduced me to cold fact on a road trip for holiday and it is the coolest cd ever!!!

  Entry #1004. 
   dave barnes 3dimension(at) 12th April 2006
07:24:25 AM

im looking to try and find a backing seq for the rodriguez song crucify your mind. i sing alot of his songs but cant find a backing for this one. if any one can help with a midi file or mp3 or any backing please let me know,i have some of his other songs i can swap. thanks dave.

  Entry #1003. 
   Phyll phyllsak(at) 11th April 2006
06:30:52 PM

What a small world it is. I saw the preview of the new Australian film "Candy" at my local cinema in Sydney and the background track was Sugarman, which I instantly recognised and sang. I decided to look it up on the net because it brought back so many memories of my teenage years in Cape Town. Cold Fact was my absolute favourite album in what must have been 1970-71. And what should I see that the two places where he was most popular were South Africa and Australia.

  Entry #1002. 
   chanel australia wade_donna(at) 04th April 2006
12:14:28 PM

PLEASE COME TO AUSTRALIA ! WAT IS GOING ON? its been 8 years since you were found, and, well, you were so big over here, and still are! whats the go! (HA) seriously you have a big following over here, and we would love for the opportunity to have you here. i saw u in both 79 and 81 in sydney and would love a chance to relive that. SO PLEASE RODRIGUEZ ! come down under. Take it easy! and thanks for not being dead !

  Entry #1001. 
   Javier Javierofhell(at) 04th April 2006
07:22:15 AM

Where in the hell can I download a version of Sugar man?! I am a graduate film student that has chosen to make a music video of the hauntingly awesome song. I really dig the song, however I only have the 2:20 version from the David Holmes CD. I have extra material shot that could go in a longer version. I am of course not doing it for profit. Just adding to the existing art of the song with visual imagery. I'll use it for my reel. However, where can I download (legally) one of the other versions of the song? I really can't afford the twenty five bucks for the entire cd.

  Entry #1000. 
   Marco   03rd April 2006
09:26:44 AM

WOW, is what comes to mind.... being an avid Fan of Rodriguez since I 1st heard his music back in school in the 80's, went home looked through all my dad's records and what did I find "Cold fact" and "After the fact". I was most upset when I found out I missed his concert here in SA. But having found this website (great job BTW) I can express my Love for what must be one of the greatest musical artists ever. Awesome stuff Rodriguez.

  Entry #999. 
   giovanni marks subtitle31(at) 02nd April 2006
01:16:32 AM

I was wondering if there are any plans on releasing any of Mr. Rodriguez's material on mp3 thru iTunes, napster or whatever... If no one has done so, I represent a digital label that would love to undertake the honor/responsibility. If someone representing Mr. Rodriguez is interested, please contact me at the above email address for more information. Thank you Sixto, for being real in a time where anything but that was expected. giovanni marks

  Entry #998. 
   alan (aussie) wade_donna(at) 01st April 2006
06:07:59 PM

just wondering if anyone has any idea where the names ANNIE JOHNSON,Willie Thompson and MOLLY MCDONALD come from, Rodriguez mentions there names in his song Sandrevan Lullaby. Does he know people of these names? I wonder! I do know the song was named after his daughters Sandra and Eva. Also is there any chance of a tour down under, that would be great. cheers

  Entry #997. 
   Chris Stacey stasie2159(at) 01st April 2006
04:32:25 PM

Rodriguez, thanks for Cold Fact, you awakened the radical side of me living in white beaugois SA in the 70's. I was just a 12 year old kid of course, but you were the catalyst mate on questioning reality!

  Entry #996. 
   donna wade_donna(at) 31st March 2006
02:08:39 AM

i am so blown away by all the people who have written in this forem. i wrote in here about 4-5 years ago and havent had my computer going since abpot then, so imagine my amazement to come back and see this, WOW ! i always think of RODRIGUEZ this time of the year, as, there is a huge festival in Byron Bay in april every year called the Blues and Roots festival, it goes for 3 days, and musicians from all over the world come. i think it wpould bee amazing to look at the lineup and see Rodriguez's name on there (as i do always look and pray that SOMEONE from the music industry has found him and brought him out. what a hit that would be for the Australian fans! i almost get a twinge of jealousy when i hear all these younger people brag about 'this guy that has this mad album cold fact thats just came out' i mean it feels like hes mine, or should i say ours, from the 60s and 70s er, growing up with his songs. ( only joking ) but i am sure there is ALOT of fans out there who have alot of good memories listening to his songs, especially if you had dabbled in the early years with drugs and really tripped out on them, especially REALLY listening to the words and REALLY knowing what he meant, and understood them. the drug days are long gone for me but, i still listen to him at least once a week. sometimes i go through fazes where i send everyone crazy playing him over and over. especially Sandrevan Lullaby. that song never ceases to amaze me the goose bumps i get, and how easily i get transported back in time sitting around the fire like we used to and have a SMOKE. just lazing around. anyway i am so glad the younger people appreciate his music, as even though many years have passed since the cold fact came out, the world IS as it was back then, even worse. so nothing has changed, sadly! so Rodriguez is very easily understood by everyone. anyway i just want to say thanks Brian for keeping this site up to date,i remember u from when i lived up Airlie Beach, and PLEEEEESE can you talk to RODRIGUEZ and get him to COME TO AUSRALIA. WE REALLY ARE FEELING LEFT OUT WITH ALL THIS RESURFACING OF HIM, AND HE HAS AS MANY FANS HERE AS SOUTH AFRICA OR ANYWHERE BELIEVE ME. (ha) take it easy! and THANKS FOR YOUR TIME. Luv to all from Donna on the Gold Coast

  Entry #995. 
   peter peter.robinson(at) 30th March 2006
05:24:03 AM

Can anyone tell me who the backing groups were at the concerts at the Kentish Town Forum last November? Many thanks.

  Entry #994. 
   matt   29th March 2006
10:25:50 PM

if your bf has any idea about music he could work it out in a flash..if not e f# a b b-c# a f# e ..

  Entry #993. 
   Tim timhorpo(at) 24th March 2006
06:05:48 AM

I'm not sure whats more fascinating, listening to 'cold fact' or reading about the mystery or enigma that the great man seems to be. Got the album weeks ago and cant stop playin it. And the chords are useful as well to try and play along to it. Found out about the album after hearing Bernard from Powderfinger rave about it(selecting it as one of his five 'desert disks'. Love the site!! Play on!!

  Entry #992. 
   Sting   23rd March 2006
11:02:10 PM

Yeah, I can tell your bf how that bassline goes 'Dum-dum-dum-dum-dumdum-dum dum....'Dum-dum-dum-dum-dumdum-dum dum......'

  Entry #991. 
   Janelle   23rd March 2006
07:01:12 PM

i was wondering if anyone knows the bass lines to " i wonder" as my bf would like to know, thankyou...janellesherwood(at)

  Entry #990. 
   janelle janellesherwood(at) 20th March 2006
09:23:51 PM

hi i have just recently heard of rodriguez through my fiance his music is so calming but my bf told me he past in the 70,s so the question im wanting to know did he or not

  Entry #989. 
   hopi bighopi(at) 19th March 2006
02:48:19 PM

Hi there, Got into rodriguez when I was learning to play the guitar in South Africa last couple of years and was introduced to him by my friends down there and he is awesome. I have a question for all you folks out there though, can you tell me what type of guitar he plays? The black cutaway that he is so often carrying!! Ok lots of love; TAKE IT EASY; GO WITH THE FLOW bighopi(at)

  Entry #988. 
   Cielo bookem(at) 18th March 2006
07:36:44 PM

hi everyone, i would love to know how to invite rodriguez to come and play at a festival i am starting in Australia. email me at: bookem(at) or message me via: thanks :)

  Entry #987. 
   durban durban-shot(at) 17th March 2006
04:58:09 AM

hey people, somebo0dy of you wrote me a msg but awfully i deleted the lettter before pls holla me again. regards durban does dallas

  Entry #986. 
   Devin Herd dvo.ikabot(at) 16th March 2006
11:11:51 AM

I'm 21 yrs old and living in washington DC, USA. I grew up in the RSA and as far back as i can remember i've loved Rodriguez. This guy needs all the exposure he can get. Thanks for the killer website and props to all those involved in getting him on the road. I hope that this time around he gets to make a living off of his obviously brilliant lyrical talent. Long live a this LEGEND of Rock.

  Entry #985. 
   Diane Priest Southafricanlady(at) 13th March 2006
10:01:22 AM

I grew up listening to Rodriguez in the late 70's early 80's in South Afica. Brings back memories of my final year of highschool, when I would blast Sugarman and I wonder between study sessions. I have lived permanently in the U.S. since 1989 and in the meantime forgot all about this wonderful music. This past Jan I took a trip back to Cape Town to see all my family and friends. My brother in law plays cool old vinyls on a restored turntable at his beach house there. While rummaging through what to play I rediscovered Rodriguez. I was delighted and put it on immediately. I was so amazed that my American boyfriend had not heard of it as he has a huge collection and appetite for music. Then I realized that no one in the U.S. was familiar with it. Needless to say he LOVED it and immediately bought every CD he could find in Cape Town. We both work at a busy hospital and plan to spread this music as far and wide as possible among our fiends and collegues. Someone who has created such wonderful music deserves the credit for and it should be out there for all to enjoy. Diane,Maryland, USA

  Entry #984. 
   Brian   13th March 2006
12:36:45 AM

Joseph from Germany makes a wonderful point about enjoying Rodriguez even though he has only recently discovered his music. I don't know what that feeling must be like as I grew up listening to Rodriguez when he was new and fresh to me and everyone else... but his sound and words are just so timeless and still relevant that I can understand why he keeps appealing to new audiences... Brian Currin

  Entry #983. 
   Joseph west1stern(at) 12th March 2006
01:12:41 AM

I'm from Germany, and hardly anybody here has ever heard anything of and from "Sugarman" Rodriguez. About a year ago I catched a song of him occasionally – it was the "wrong" one. I was looking for some more versions of the INNER CITY BLUES
the funky tune written by Marvin Gaye in the late 60s, and there I got also a different INNER CITY BLUES by a certain Rodriguez
which I liked very much. It was not easy to find out who this Rodriguez was and is. In the meantime I've got all his songs and have read on this sugarman-website a lot of statements of South Africans who grow up with Rodriguez' songs. People often have a sentimental relationship to the music they have heard in younger days. It is not always good music which moves us
it's the memory. What I mean is: Rodriguez is great even without any nice memories of the songs and the sound and the voice. There is not much (never heard and decades old) music which is able to hit your heart the first time you listen to it. Joseph, Munich

  Entry #982. 
   simon srad66(at) 09th March 2006
07:13:40 AM

I purchased after the fact on vinyl the other day, climb up on my music is simply awesome. Most people I know that are really into music here in OZ know & love the music of Jesus, cold fact is a legend album. Jesus if you're listening, what a blast it would be to see you live here in OZ -you could count me in! regards simon duffell gold coast australia

  Entry #981. 
   David   08th March 2006
05:34:26 AM

I agree with Banjo and Albert. Lets get the man out to OZ. Start the petition.(If I knew how I would but please would a Australian with technological know-how get the ball rolling). Sir (to Rodriguez) I know you've played faggot bars, hooker bars, motor cycle funerals In opera houses, concert halls, halfway houses. But have you played the Sydney Opera House?? (but you've got to come to Brisbane too!) Peace and much Respect.

  Entry #980. 
   peter lotte(at) 03rd March 2006
03:41:41 PM

Rodriguez, thanks for all the good moments. My first memory was with David from South Africa (Sun City) about 25 years ago in Israel in a Kibboets Ashdot Yakof Ichout. You've helped me out in bad times. I still play Cold Fact weekly. If you ever wanna play in Aruba let me know! Peter.

  Entry #979. 
   Marlon Heilbrunn mghscooter(at) 01st March 2006
07:24:49 AM

If you grew up as a white middle class kid in South Africa in the 70's and onwards Rodrigues and Cold Fact were a part of your life. Compulsory national service was part of growing up in SA and my memories of bungalows and tents at the end of the day (after drill and PT)the soundtrack of my memories is Cold Fact. Left SA and settled in UK about 20 years ago and listened to the Cold Fact CD for the first time since leaving SA on a cold winter's morning in my car...I had forgotten how good the lyrics and music were ...major multiple flashbacks...almost wiped out...I'd love to sit down have a beer with the man and talk about how his music impacted a series of generations in SA...

  Entry #978. 
   charlene dean ticonderoga1186(at) 27th February 2006
08:31:31 PM

I grew up 50 miles outside of Detroit back in the 60's and 70's, still to this day I can remember some of the best songs from Rodriguez. Wish I still had the two alblum from back then, Never realized he was still around, glad I found this site.Now I can share his songs with my own 14 year old!

  Entry #977. 
   jaap rikken japiegoesaruba(at) 22nd February 2006
11:58:26 AM

I heard the cold fact tape for the first time about 7 years ago. Ive been hooked on it ever since. I finally have my cd now. And I listen to it almost daily. I see there are a lot more fans then I thought and I can only hope I will see him live at least one time! He is more then welcome to come to Aruba and have a drink or 2! Regards from Aruban Jaap

  Entry #976. 
   Albert   21st February 2006
11:53:47 AM

Banjo asks (below) "how many fans does it take rodriguez to come play some shows in Oz?" The answer is two, provided they are very big fans and are bolted to the wings on either side of the aircraft. Why not start a petition on this very Forum, I'm sure Rodriguez, or someone close to him, will see the letters and do something. I'll go see him wherever he plays in Oz...

  Entry #975. 
   Banjo joeski956(at) 17th February 2006
04:25:20 AM

how many fans does it take rodriguez to come play some shows in Oz? a petition should get going!

  Entry #974. 
   david   16th February 2006
06:23:14 PM

Where is this guy

  Entry #973. 
   Neil Gill neil_gill(at) 15th February 2006
05:37:23 PM

Does anyone have the Aussie Album "Rodriguez Alive" or a copy of the Doco Dead Men Don't Tour. Kiwi Fan would be very greatful with full reimbursement. Cheers

  Entry #972. 
   Craig typesetting(at) 14th February 2006
02:10:30 AM

I feel a special bond with the man because we share the same birthday. His music, the lyrics, make a lot of sense to me maybe because i feel we think alike. I like many of the influenced generations also did my time (national service) in the early 1980's. Rodrigues had a real influence on my generation and his music lives on in our lives.

  Entry #971. 
   Corne   12th February 2006
12:43:16 PM

Manie, couldn't agree more. These sentiments were shared by thousands of young conscripted national servicemen, now older but with the same view on that war-a real parallell with other wars Americans experienced. I was conscripted '85-'87. The sad thing is his genius is not even known or appreciated in his own country. I speak regularly to Americans and have not met one who knows him. What are we going to do about this?

  Entry #970. 
   DAVE thaiginger(at) 10th February 2006
12:57:31 PM

Bring Rodrigues back to Woodstock and then we can have a true and real Woodstock!

  Entry #969. 
   Anonymous   10th February 2006
12:47:12 PM


  Entry #968. 
   Dave jester76(at) 10th February 2006
06:47:52 AM

I've never before been so instantly addicted to an artist, as I was the first time I heard Rodriguez's music. About three years ago A good friend of mine played me 'At His Best'...I have been absolutely hooked ever since. To me his songs are a perfect snapshot of the 60's & early 70's, and I agree with David, he should as 'big' as Dylan (possibly bigger due to the fact that he can actually sing!) SIXTO, WHEN ARE YOU TOURING AUSTRALIA AGAIN???? Please don't keep us waiting too long...

  Entry #967. 
   Manie manie(at) 08th February 2006
01:59:34 PM

Three months basic training in Potch and another 3 of specialized training at Bourke's Luck before flying out to the "border war" in South West (Namibia). We're numbers without identities carrying guns and fighting a war to support something that requires more blind faith than any thinking person can pretend to have. So when the moon is hanging in the purple sky we jump on 2nd or 3rd generation taped copies of Heikki's Bus, assuming relaxed positions while sucking on 4th grade Mary Jane and Sweet Red Wine from the "States" that makes at least some questions disappear, not caring about the things that goes bump through the night but still wondering how many times she had sex and about politicians using people and about the lack of colour in our dreams and if someone is having still serving cookies and kool-aid and if this hatred will ever end and most of all we wonder if perhaps tomorrow one of us will be next on the lonely dusty road where the picture has never been too clear to begin with. (National Service with Rodriguez, 1984-1986)

  Entry #966. 
   Andrew westralia(at) 07th February 2006
12:34:00 AM

Reading the posts here, it is apparent Sixto was very big in Australia. Being an Ausssie, I assumed he was bigger in the U.S. ...Not so??? How come we had more exposure here in Oz? I've only ever met one singer who could (possibly) capture the Rodriguez quality. Unfortunately he does not sing those songs. Despite my encouragement. THANKS FOR THIS SITE, Segerman!

  Entry #965. 
   David   03rd February 2006
10:02:58 AM

Rodriquez by rights should be as 'big' as Dylan. I remember the first time I heard his music in a house in the middle of a rainforest in Kuranda (Queensland, Australia) from the opening chords of Sugarman the hairs stood up on the back on my neck and immediately you realise that this is something which can only described as a 'feeling' (Dylan never had that effect on me for me, the only other music closely resembling that kind of 'feeling' would be 'The Beatles' and certain types of Hardcore anti-establishment Punk Rock). Anyone in Brisbane (Australia) who has Rodriquez in their CD collection (and there are many) you know straight away they are hip. It's a shame that his record company couldn't distribute his music properly because he'd be a household name in the U.S. and around the world. As for Australia...we love Rodriguez and I think it's important for him to realise than he has a new generation of fans. It's amazing Rodriquez is a word of mouth cult but you can go down to Kmart and buy his music. Music and poetry of this calibre (like the man) doesn't age. It's time for another tour of OZ please Mr Rodriguez!

  Entry #964. 
   oana frumushika82(at) 01st February 2006
06:17:00 AM

You can use words to describe anything you want, but not Rodriguez's just listen and feel, each word, each sound, it's absolutely magic. And if I were to describe his music with only one word...I colud say...addictive

  Entry #963. 
   brad brad_1on1(at) 27th January 2006
03:34:12 PM

Hey Fans, I was enthralled by Rodriguez when backpacking through OZ in 1981... I am hoping some day he travels to Canada... When in Vancouver call me... He would be perfect for Vancouver Folk Music Festival...

  Entry #962. 
   Dorothy dorothybhp(at) 26th January 2006
11:36:06 AM

Keep up the good work. maybe you need some more pictures. will return in the near future.

  Entry #961. 
   D dmacari(at) 25th January 2006
07:12:06 PM

Heard his song Sugarman on a short film done to promote a fashion book. Good Stuff. 1/25/06

  Entry #960. 
   Sean007 sean.whitfield(at) 25th January 2006
04:34:40 PM

I've just been listening to Mr Rodriguez and have found it just brilliant. He sets the tone not just at the start of his recording life but for todays people trying to make sense of it all. If Australia could get a date I would definately be there.

  Entry #959. 
   Rawdyn rodriguez(at) 20th January 2006
12:18:54 AM

What are the chances of Sixto touring Australia again. I am absolutley positive he would do very well out of it and we would LOVE to see him. I am too young to have seen him play live and had pretty much given up hope until I saw he has played some gigs recently in London. Who do I have to bribe to get himn out here? Cold Fact is the only album I can listen to continuously on repeat and never tire of. Rawdy

  Entry #958. 
   Emlyn Addison poortrekker(at) 14th January 2006
11:32:04 AM

I grew up in South Africa, and I was only born in '72, but I have distinct memories of my Dad playing the Cold Fact LP over and over again. I still remember the very unique effect of Sugar Man, now almost thirty years later. You don't hear a lot of this bare-bones production quality (and almost Shakespearean poetry) from contemporary artists. For those who enjoy Rodriguez, they might also find some common sensibilities in JJ Cale's early works. Sixto, write more music; it seems the world is in need of a sobering voice once again.

  Entry #957. 
   Chris Flynn chris(at) 10th January 2006
06:08:07 PM

Hey, Chris Flynn, editor of Litmus magazine in Melbourne Australia here. Is there any way of arranging an interview with Sixto? Our next issue is on the theme of Heroes and one of our writers is working on a piece about Monsieur Rodriguez. She would like to have a chat with him about his heroes if possible? Is there anyway we could set this up, by phone or email? Thanks for your help. Chris.

  Entry #956. 
   Glenn (again!) coggy52(at) 10th January 2006
04:20:53 AM

This looks interesting too. Kogi, (from South America too). If it's a coincidence it's still interesting reading? (sorry, I've jusy got back in the office after Christmas & my head isn't into work yet!) Happy New Year to everyone!

  Entry #955. 
   Glenn coggy52(at) 10th January 2006
04:02:27 AM

Hi all. While you're all looking for charactors from his songs, I've just typed in "Mr Flood" and come up with this little gem! A poem about Mr Flood's Party!! Enjoy!

  Entry #954. 
   Brian brian(at) 08th January 2006
11:40:20 AM

In the song 'Jane S Piddy' it definitely sounds like Rodriguez is singing the word "gesture" not "jester". The next line of the song; "Go back to your chamber, your eyes upon the wall" could also be a reference to a courthouse, rather than a medieval court, so maybe the whole first verse refers to some sort of court appearance. Now who are "Dancing Rosemary" and "Disappearing sister Ruth"? Brian

  Entry #953. 
   Anonymous   08th January 2006
09:13:06 AM

anybody have any insight on this...I know its listed as "The mocking court jester claims there is no proven cure" but I always thought mocking court "gesture" made more sense as a "court jester" seems out of place

  Entry #952. 
   The Jeckel thejeckel(at) 07th January 2006
02:47:50 PM

I heard the music of mr Rodriguez when in Australia on Xmas day when really drunk. Up off my chair, this music has influenced my songwriting massively. Come to Ireland and play your music man. New material please sir.

  Entry #951. 
   Risky dj_risky777(at) 04th January 2006
03:37:53 PM

Hey Rodriguez, Finally, I have spent six years trying to track down any info on your legacy, I wanna know why no-one in the UK knows of u, I run a pirate radio station, and record my own tracks how or where can I get your music, I am twenty four years old and I am telling u there is definately a gap in the market in my generation that will be addicted to your music the same way I am to good hydro skunk, yes ofcourse, I am from South Africa now living in the UK.... please let me know I don't mind paying, cd or LP I don't mind.... please don't leave me hanging sugar man give me a fix..... let me know by e-mail please. Peace Risky

  Entry #950. 
   Tim Ashibende colouredman(at) 02nd January 2006
10:44:25 AM

Hi I'm from England. Does anyone know how I can get to ask Sixto some questions? Does he have an email (fanmail) address? Thanks Tim

  Entry #949. 
   Glenn Coggin coggy52(at) 01st January 2006
07:35:01 PM

Hi Brian Big Happy New Year to you and all your family. Thanks for all your work in pulling the Rodriguez fans together. I hope you step back once in a while and think about what an effect you've had on so many peoples lives by doing what you've done. Amazing that Rodriguez could have been lost forever. Big cheer for you and Sugar! Looking For Jesus is awesome
just weird to think I was really into him in 1979 thanks to Wendy Murray, (who grew up in SA), otherwise I'd be like most of the other sad ignorant Brits. I was going to send this as a personal e-mail, but I think you need a big thank you FROM ALL the Rodriguez fans. Thanks to YOU we saw him live this in 2005! I was thinking earlier tonight, since this is THE proper site, and read by the Sixth Prince himself, it would be really nice to get some thoughts from the man himself on how strange this all is for him, what he thought while he was "away" and what his plans are??? Happy New Year to everyone, and lets hope it's a peaceful one much love Glenn (in Engand, since you South African fans think it's so weird the he's got English fans! I just think it's weird he hasnn't got more!)

  Entry #948. 
   Lenny   31st December 2005
11:20:49 PM

There is a rumour going around here in Melbourne that I have heard from a few people that Rodriguez will be coming to Australia in 2006 to play some concerts in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and maybe Canberra. I heard he was in London a few months ago with a South African band and will be touring here soon. Can anybody confirm that for us please??? Anybody got any more info?

  Entry #947. 
   Gary B   30th December 2005
12:55:59 PM

Respect Peter

  Entry #946. 
   jenny jenny17(at) 29th December 2005
03:42:46 AM

Howzit Gary , please send your mom Babs my regards,I worked with her at Williams pharmacy, Jenny Mc Carthy then, now Page, married to Richard Page,we live in Wormley in Hertfordshire,whereabouts are you,and where are your mom and dad,cheers Bluff stukkie Jenny

  Entry #945. 
   Brian   27th December 2005
02:25:19 AM

Hi Peter You don't need to ask permission to be a Rodriguez fan!! And there is definitely no age restriction (at either end!). And if you want to know the South African connection, browse around Cheers Brian

  Entry #944. 
   Peter pjb865(at) 26th December 2005
04:17:00 PM

I am fairly new to the net, and have only just thought to look up Mr Sixto Rodrigues. I saw him in Sydney, Australia between 1980 and 1983
took a classical music loving girl-friend, who was appropriately impressed. I can't believe the Man is not rich, he deserves to be. What the hell is the S.African connection? To the Rhodesian guy-I was there in '62-loved it. Hate to do this to you good folks, but I am 65; my 55 y.o. neighbour loves The Man too. Is that O.K.?

  Entry #943. 
   Gary Brown scruffy_bluff(at) 25th December 2005
03:18:48 PM

We're ruff and we're tuff and we come from The Bluff. Merry xmas to everyone out there. Got Cold Fact playing in the background as I type, "Like Janis" to be exact. You make i'll break it.

  Entry #942. 
   Anonymous   25th December 2005
03:14:25 PM

Hey anonymous, my dads name is Pete not piet, forgiven though, yes I am Pete and Bab's son, just spent xmas day with them, they're cool. gotta love cyber world mate contact me at scruffy_bluff(at) Happy happy to one and all.....

  Entry #941. 
   malc   24th December 2005
08:05:07 PM

Wishing all a very happy xmas and a prosperous New Year. I was inducted into the army in 73.Being a white Rhodesian aged 19 and indoctrinated to think of myself as superior to other classes or breeds of human being,I was a very willing inductee and,was looking forward to the fight.On the very first day,a friend introduced me to COLD FACT.The lyrics bit into my mindset and changed everything. Whithin a couple of weeks,I realised the futility and stupidity of the war. And adopted a very uncooperative attitude.Consequently I, was saved from both myself and the machinations of the regime.Taking the lyrics as a personal message of warning and inspiration helped me.Thank You Sixto rodriguez.

  Entry #940. 
   Anonymous   24th December 2005
02:51:53 AM

Gary howzit ekse Bluff ou

  Entry #939. 
   dave southall southie_dead(at) 24th December 2005
01:00:53 AM

it's christmas eve 2005 and i was pissing around on my 26 year old sons computer when i finally tracked this web site down i have been a devoted fan and disciple of rodriguez for over 30 yrs both my 29+26 yr old sons can recite the lyrics(poetry) of this giant of music PS: even my grandkids can sing along such is the depth of his magical music influence and philosophical outpourings to more than a generation of australians

  Entry #938. 
   Anonymous   23rd December 2005
10:57:28 AM

Thanks Brian fiddled around and got it, patience pays, thanks again

  Entry #937. 
   Brian   23rd December 2005
10:50:37 AM

Hi Anon email me at brian(at) and I will try explain, though if you don't have a fast internet connection, I really don't recommend it... Brian

  Entry #936. 
   Anonymous   23rd December 2005
04:15:18 AM

Brian, help how do I get it up on the screen, what do i punch in, i am a beginner don't understand much about computers, please help

  Entry #935. 
   Brian brian(at) 22nd December 2005
12:28:30 PM

The movie 'Looking For Jesus' which is a fictional story based on the amazing tale of Rodriguez and his South African fanbase is available to download at This Quicktime movie file is 55MB in size, so not to be tackled with a dial-up connection! Cheers Brian

  Entry #934. 
   Glenn Coggin coggy52(at) 22nd December 2005
10:51:19 AM

Happy Christmas to Brian, Sugar, Eva, everyone I met at the gig in London,and have spoken to throughout the year due to this fantastic site
and to Rodriguez, thanks for a great year and I hope you and your family have a lovely holiday and an awesome 2006! Love and peace to all xx

  Entry #933. 
   Eva   21st December 2005
02:28:20 PM

Wishing you all a joyous holiday season and great blessings in the new year! Love Eva

  Entry #932. 
   Anonymous   09th December 2005
02:18:20 AM

Gary are u Babs and Piets Gary, if so howzit Bluff ou

  Entry #931. 
   Gary Brown scruffy_bluff(at) 08th December 2005
12:19:22 PM

He sure did play in London and I was gutted to miss it, went to Edinburgh that weekend. I grew up on The Bluff in Durban, South Africa listening to The Man and getting stoned, well not much has changed except the price of the herb. The tunes just get better the more you listen to them. I sure hope he tours again soon. Keep it cool guys and girls..

  Entry #930. 
   daggajoe daggajoe1(at) 07th December 2005
08:32:14 AM


  Entry #929. 
   anonymous (matt)   06th December 2005
09:36:18 PM


  Entry #928. 
   Anonymous   06th December 2005
09:33:04 PM

  Entry #927. 
   Deanna theview(at) 05th December 2005
11:01:11 PM

Bless you anonymous..... is there any way to confirm this???..... I grew up In Jamaica and that is where I first bought his record, he was very popular there.... I live in Canada now and I know that there are a whole lot of people in North America who would love to see him tour on this continent.

  Entry #926. 
   Anonymous   05th December 2005
10:58:06 PM


  Entry #925. 
   Anonymous   05th December 2005
10:47:37 PM


  Entry #924. 
   Deanna theview(at) 05th December 2005
09:37:20 PM

My favorite album of all time..... my son who was just a little boy in the 70's when I used to play this record obsessively (and knew how much I wanted to have these songs again) tracked down this site for me.... I am so happy. Can this man ever be persuaded to tour again.... I would do anything to see him perform. My son shares my love of this music and we would travel to wherever to see Rodriguez...... wish I knew when he did S.A. ...... would have been there for sure.... get Rodriguez on the road again and make millions happy!!!!!!

  Entry #923. 
   Daniel Smith   04th December 2005
06:23:00 AM

I'm in Australia and I'm 15. My mum listens to Him all the time and she showed me and I love his music. it is so soothing and melodic. I had never heard of him prior to this time and I wondered why not

  Entry #922. 
   spa spa(at) 28th November 2005
08:20:50 PM

I know its listed as "The mocking court jester claims there is no proven cure" but I always thought mocking court "gesture" made more sense as a "court jester" seems out of place

  Entry #921. 
   Sam   28th November 2005
01:56:04 AM

It sucks that I wasn't even born when he last toured in Australia, Rodriguez have your people get in contact with some other important people and organise a rad tour for us! Yeh...That's pretty much all I've got to say. Jake my drinking glass is better than yours.

  Entry #920. 
   Naked Jake   28th November 2005
01:55:34 AM

Do you want me to show you my gun?

  Entry #919. 
   Sam   28th November 2005
01:53:57 AM

It sucks that I wasn't even born when he last toured in Australia, Rodriguez have your people get in contact with some other important people and organise a rad tour for us! Yeh...That's pretty much all I've got to say. Jake my drinking glass is better than yours.

  Entry #918. 
   Naked Jake fothermucker4life(at) 28th November 2005
01:48:41 AM

When the fuck is he coming back to Australia?

  Entry #917. 
   Ricky ricky_drabsch(at) 27th November 2005
04:16:41 PM

I first heard sugarman on the radio, is was released as the last song on a dance compilation about 5 years ago and loved the song. Three years later my friend played em a rodriguez CD, I didnt know who rodriguez was but I remebered sugarman, who could forget?!?!?!?!?! Fell in love with the CD, found The first two albums on vinyl now! and always spreading rodriguez love. WHEN IS HE COMING TO AUSTRALIA AGAIN? DAMN SOON I HOPE!

  Entry #916. 
   Coenie Kukkuk wbvd(at) 22nd November 2005
05:20:46 AM

JUST OUT : see new crit on show on
and great pics. Thanks Toast!

  Entry #915. 
   Coenie Kukkuk wbvd(at) 21st November 2005
04:38:43 PM

By the way, the search results on Google are now as follows: 1,890,000 for Rodriguez Cold fact. !!!! One last question
was it through his tour that his daughter Eva met and married a South African??

  Entry #914. 
   Coenie Kukkuk wbvd(at) 21st November 2005
04:00:47 PM

By the way, I hope he is now getting his royalties???

  Entry #913. 
   Coenie Kukkuk wbvd(at) 21st November 2005
03:06:43 PM

Thank you for the site and thank you for bringing Rodriguez back to us! One of the most profound periods in my life (1989
1996) happened with 'Cold fact' playing in the background.

  Entry #912. 
   Cozzie   20th November 2005
11:45:16 PM

My Dad says Rodriguez played in Launceston, Tasmania. He thinks it was in 1981 at the Princess Theatre most likely on a Thursday. It isn't on the tour list of 1981 so I'm not sure. Does anybody know anything about this concert?

  Entry #911. 
   martin glitter(at) 11th November 2005
01:11:06 PM

Well, religion always narrows the point of view
for good or bad is not the point of discussion. I just love his music and don't care what other people do with his songs. That's the cool thing about art: everybody can see it form a diffrent point of view.

  Entry #910. 
   martin glitter(at) 10th November 2005
12:45:03 AM

Karaoke: I see that differently. Music needs to be reinterpretated for staying in peoples lifes and Karaoke is just for many people an entertaining way of a personal reinterpretation of a song they like. Rodriguez' music is not religion and should be taken with a pinch of salt too.

  Entry #909. 
   Nophs   01st November 2005
07:04:58 AM

No words will do jastice to his music, to his lyrics. one of the greatest gift to the world. I wish we could meet.

  Entry #908. 
   Johan   31st October 2005
12:06:05 PM

You just don't get music like his these days. Rodriguez forever.

  Entry #907. 
   Chris Denyer maiabrittany(at) 30th October 2005
03:59:13 AM

Hi all- I have a 200gram vinyl version of Cold Fact which I believe was a limited (600) run. I am trying to trace info on this version.Can anyone help? Chris

  Entry #906. 
   Robyn Robyn10(at) 28th October 2005
04:34:16 PM

I discovered this site by accident today; I was driving with a friend talking music & I shrieked you 'haven't heard of Rodriguez, everyone knows Rodriguez' & I embarked on a sing-song of cold fact tunes
she didn't know Rodriguez! But of course she didn't, she's not Sefrican... I have shed tears discovering this site tonight; what memories, what memories of a time so long ago & a happy, happy, beautiful time in the south african sun, the future so open & beautiful & promising; what inspirations I got & how much I have to thank this man & his music for: moulding who I am today... I've ordered myself & my friend the cd & I've finished shedding my melancholic tears
hey, I REALLY believed the man shot himself on stage, bedonnered! Who started that rumour anyway man? Thank you for an awesome experience tonight, looking out for the next london gig!!!! xxx

  Entry #905. 
   Lani   22nd October 2005
06:26:56 PM

I am so glad I found this website! I dicovered Rodriguez while living for a short time in Australia and got back to the states and no one knew his music. Huge fan now.

  Entry #904. 
   Lani bouwer   22nd October 2005
06:26:47 PM

I am so glad I found this website! I dicovered Rodriguez while living for a short time in Australia and got back to the states and no one knew his music. Huge fan now.

  Entry #903. 
   Mick intergaze31(at) 22nd October 2005
05:59:29 AM

Hi all.....Any news at all on an Australian tour? Whispers?

  Entry #902. 
   Glenn Coggin coggy52(at) 20th October 2005
09:32:32 AM

Just to say, the audience at the front were having a fantastic time at the Forum on the Saturday + there was plenty of room. I'm not knocking anyone here, but people complaing about the talking at the back maybe could have moved forward a bit? I wouldn't have wanted to stand further back & not heard it. I agree that it's a shame people come and talk through it
if they can afford 25 a ticket to come and not watch maybe they can send me a few pounds too! lol! The show was fantastic. Rodriguez was on top form and the band were great too. Okay, maybe the sound could have been improved
but you'll NEVER hear better songs anywhere!! And to top it all, I can walk round in a Rodriguez tee-shirt now! Doesn't get much cooler than that. (by the way, I've asked before but if anyone has a copy of Looking For Jesus or Dead Men Don't Tour I'd love to have a copy? Or maybe they could be brought out on DVD somehow?
would certainly sell!) Cheers
Glenn coggy52(at)

  Entry #901. 
   Darin   20th October 2005
09:00:53 AM

Hi Jason, unfortunatly the Black Eyed Susans dibanded a couple years ago! They had an album out called "Back stabbers and money grabbers" in 1998 which contained the song "Hate street dialog" (which my Dad wrote for Rodriguez) in that heavy rock version! Here is a review from back in the days Hope that helped you in a way! Cheers Darin

  Entry #900. 
   jason xgrinda(at) 20th October 2005
03:02:50 AM

Hi there all! I am a great fan of Rodriguez. I am a South African now living in Ireland and unfortunately could not make his gig. When I was back in SA (roundabout '98) I once saw this band called Black Eyed Susan who did such a raunchy rendition of Hate Street Dialogue in ALberton. I was just wondering if anyone could tell me back home whether they released an album or whether they still exist because they were very impresive on stage. Anyway great site. Thanks Jason

  Entry #899. 
   jason xgrinda(at) 20th October 2005
02:35:13 AM

Hi there all! I am a great fan of Rodriguez. I am a South African now living in Ireland and unfortunately could not make his gig. When I was back in SA (roundabout '98) I once saw this band called Black Eyed Susan who did such a raunchy rendition of Hate Street Dialogue in ALberton. I was just wondering if anyone could tell me back home whether they released an album or whether they still exist because they were very impresive on stage. Anyway great site. Thanks Jason

  Entry #898. 
   Frazer   18th October 2005
05:32:46 PM

i first heard the man 2 years ago whilst backpacking in south africa nd now cant get enough. Cant believe i missed him in London last week, is there anywhere to check where he is playing? and how can i get hold of some more music?

  Entry #897. 
   Jaco jacomail(at) 17th October 2005
01:46:58 AM

I'm 26 and have been listening to Rodriguez for almost 13 years now, ever since a friend and I discovered a copy of Cold Fact in an old garage. Just listened to him last week on the 13th October in Jo'burg at Bassline performing live for the first time.More than a musician to me- truly a Legend. Does anyone know where to get hold of the movie "looking for Jesus?"

  Entry #896. 
   Amanda andro69(at) 16th October 2005
10:43:27 PM

I have heard strong rumors from a good source that rodreguez is coming to australia can you comfirm this

  Entry #895. 
   Daniel spiralprojections(at) 16th October 2005
12:29:18 PM

For so many Years "Rod" played the world, he ment so much for alot of poeple"the some of you that do not know him" wake up!!! Had my cam at the Forum gig in Londen the phodies came out so cool!Would like to send it! You are the Best!! Kind Regards Daniel...

  Entry #894. 
   Tara Nicholls   15th October 2005
03:24:05 PM

Sorry, forgot to add my e-mail address madmussouk(at) Many thanks

  Entry #893. 
   Tara Nicholls madmussouk(at) 15th October 2005
03:22:30 PM

Went to see "the man" himself in London 8th Oct. WOW!! What a night.... Anyone know where i can get a copy of "dead men don't tour" and "looking for jesus" Please email me and let me know. Would be greatly appriciated.

  Entry #892. 
   Leah   15th October 2005
04:55:30 AM

I think my mom and dad are official Rodriguez fans. They went to the concert on saturday night in London, then went to the after party.They play the album every hour of every day if they can. They visit this website every day and soon I am expecting life- size posters on every wall! I am 12 my sisters are 9 & 6 and my brother is 4. My favorite song is "Forget it." My sister (9) likes "Gommarah." And she says it is true that the rich couldn't be rich with out the poor. My other sister (6) likes "I wonder." My brother (4) dances the whole way through. So Mr Rodriguez we are also growing up and loving your music. Come back to London because mom and dad promised us we could see you.

  Entry #891. 
   Brian brian(at) 15th October 2005
02:31:47 AM

All the remastered Rodriguez CDs, including the new 'Best Of' are now available from Sugar Music... 'Live Fact' (recorded in South Africa in March 1998) is also available on special order. Click on the banner at the top of this page or go to: Brian

  Entry #890. 
   Shawn   14th October 2005
02:12:17 PM

Your comments are very true Jenny, but a mans hard work and dedication also deserves the recognition of his fans and his peers.A man from such a humble beginning always strives to better and endear himself to others, to show our appreciation of what he has given to us, this would be appropriate. Basically it would be to show our "love" for his work,not to him.?? Any way it was just a thought. :-)

  Entry #889. 
   jenny jenny17(at) 14th October 2005
11:11:51 AM

Rodriguez is such a humble man I am sure that the hall of fame would not worry him tpp much, to have him in your memories and heart as a fan would mean a lot more to him, he is after all a very spiritual man, materialistic things dont worry him, just listen to the words of his songs he tells you that all the time. You dont have to be down on black and white to be loved and famous.

  Entry #888. 
   Shawn sbishop(at) 14th October 2005
08:35:57 AM

That is great...but what about THE Rock and Roll Hall of Fame,if you get enough people to sign the petition it can be done. His music deserves Cheers

  Entry #887. 
   Shawn sbishop(at) 14th October 2005
08:32:30 AM

That is great...but what about THE Rock and Roll Hall of Fame,if you get enough people to sign the petition it can be done. His music deserves Cheers

  Entry #886. 
   Shawn sbishop(at) 14th October 2005
08:08:17 AM

Just an addendum to my previous rambling, maybe when Rodriguez travels his "roadies" can get his fans to sign a petition to get him into the Rock n Roll hall of fame??, it can then be sent to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation 1290 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10104 or an online petition can be set up at Cheers

  Entry #885. 
   John   14th October 2005
08:07:08 AM

Shawn, Rodriguez is already in the South African Rock of Fame. See

  Entry #884. 
   Shawn sbishop(at) 14th October 2005
07:49:19 AM

Support Act ..was excellent, I think her name was Lauren Lavine??..Was fanatastic to see Rodriguez live after having grown up with his music ringing in my ears.Most of my teenage memories came flooding back, from first loves,to late nights sitting chatting with friends,to stuff I cant mention on this forum. I really enjoyed the show (pity about the sound though..plenty feedback?). I think he is a living legend and there must be serious effort to have him inducted in to the "Rock 'n Roll" hall of fame,along side the likes of Bob Dylan,and Bob Marley,they are/were social commentators of the time and he deserves the recognition. His music is timeless, and much appreciated, and by the age span in the crowd last night it was evident that his music is timeless and very relevant to today. What an Awesome evening!!!! Iolanda & Shawn

  Entry #883. 
   Anonymous   14th October 2005
03:29:16 AM

Last night at BaseLine... was just incredible... I got 2 kisses on each cheek, then he signed my T-shirt... "Wendy, I love you, Rodriguez" with the infamous peace sign... Thanks Roddy, love you always

  Entry #882. 
   jenny jenny17(at) 13th October 2005
07:10:45 AM

Jenny We are South Africans living in England, grew up on Rodriguez went to the concert 8th, was amazing, pity some of the crowd were so rude though and spent all night with their backs to the man, shouting to one another on the top of their voices, why did they bother,I wanted to tell them to SHUT UP. They really spoilt my evening the selfish idiot, especially the fat girl who thought she was a hippie jingling here bells on her scarf all night, what an idiot, next time stay away and dont spoil other people fun. Anyway we loved the show hope he comes back again soon.

  Entry #881. 
   Just The Facts   13th October 2005
06:43:34 AM

V. Pity you couldn't get to the Saturday night gig. I was at both and the sound was much better second time around (although there was still room for improvement). I agree with you about the fans yacking, especially with the quality of the sound. But as you say it was great justing seeing him play, and that's all that mattered.

  Entry #880. 
   Sourcer   13th October 2005
05:20:35 AM

Will see you tonite, Sixto!

  Entry #879. 
   V.   13th October 2005
04:46:30 AM

I really enjoyed Rods performance at the Forum in London on Friday night. It's a pity that the audience seemed to take it all so for granted. I could hardly beleive that a lot of the audience actually had their back to the man for most of the show! There seems to be some sort of cultural divide going on with S.African audiences. Why go to see a gig and then spend the entire show yacking with your friends? I had been waiting my whole life to see these songs performed live, but could hardly make out a word over the dirge. Although I must admit the sound crew were shocking, I have heard louder performances from buskers on the underground. Towards the end of the show I could take no more and made my way to the exit with a heavy heart, knowing I would never hear 'sugarman' live. I was close to screaming 'Shut the f... up, I can't hear the guy singing!'. On the way out I asked one of the security team if I could take a poster on my way out, and we got chatting. This was fortunate as I was invited upstairs to see out the end of the show. Heaven. No more than a dozen people in the huge upstairs area. Sounded great up there too. So...Rodriguez 10/10. South african 'fans', 4/10. Forum security guy 10/10. Sound engineers 5/10. Not quite what I was hoping for but hey I got to see (and HEAR) Sixto Rodriguez live, and that my friends, is something I will NEVER forget.

  Entry #878. 
   Anonymous   13th October 2005
03:15:34 AM

Whoops Johnny
wrong Forum mate! It's a place in London.

  Entry #877. 
   Steve Nuwar stevenuwar1979(at) 12th October 2005
11:32:23 AM

I am one of those rare English kids that was brought up on Rodriguez. My older friend Steve Ranson first gave me a CD of Cold Fact (with Jane S Piddy as the last track). I always thought the lyrics were much more human than anything Dylan ever wrote. I finally got to see the man at the Forum and was suprised to see the whole SA contingent of London there! Good on you for having such good taste! Loved his version of 'Rollin' Stone', sung along to all other tracks like a madman, but gutted he didn't play 'Like Jnais', 'Jane S Piddy', 'Cause' or 'Sandrevan Lullaby.' Still, didn't the man look cool?!

  Entry #876. 
   Johnny From Boksburg   11th October 2005
12:23:44 PM

Hey You ous Youse said that Rod Reeks was going to be at the Forum on Fry day and Satter Day Nights so I sat by my computer looking at this page all Fry Day night and the hole of Satter day (as I no he is from America so he lives in a different time) but he never rocked up on this page. Can youse tell me what the problem was.

  Entry #875. 
   Brian brianpash(at) 11th October 2005
11:20:26 AM

Hi, Saturday nights show was absolutely mind blowing, and the icing on the cake was shaking hands with the man himself after the gig. If anyone out there by any chance knows where i can get a video or DVD of the documentary "Looking For Jesus" & "Dead Men Don’t Tour" PLEASE PLEASE email me brianpash(at)

  Entry #874. 
   Sugar   11th October 2005
10:24:32 AM

For all Rodriguez's Johannesburg fans, there are still a few tickets left for Thursday night's one-off concert at the Bassline in Newtown
tickets at Computicket. Read a great review of the London Concerts by John Samson at

  Entry #873. 
   martin glitter(at) 11th October 2005
07:17:39 AM

I've been told via mail to spread the follwing words: Australia MAY be next. Im holding thumbs for down under.

  Entry #872. 
   Ivan Myers ivanem(at) 11th October 2005
04:49:22 AM

Its not fair! When is he going to do a gig in New Zealand and Australia?

  Entry #871. 
   Julie j.neuhoff(at) 11th October 2005
03:20:49 AM

oops, I meant to say "Saturday night was so amazing!!!" hee hee

  Entry #870. 
   Julie j.neuhoff(at) 11th October 2005
03:18:07 AM

Studying for 3 exams this week I was tempted to go to Rodriguez, but thought, no, you need to pass this time. Then a Kiwi friend of mine, who just knew I was dying to go made it all happen. Rodriguez played in SA for the first time in 1998 or so and I Was gutted it was sold out, Saturday night I was amazing, and so special. I hope that Rodriguez enjoyed it as much as we did, he almost looked surprised that we knew the words to his songs! Here I am in the exam hall waiting for it to start and still buzzing! Grant
thanks Mister. Rodriguez
Awesome, man, thanks for your time!!!

  Entry #869. 
   Nicholas Njcwilkinson(at) 11th October 2005
03:04:33 AM

Hi Regan, my email is Njcwilkinson(at) I would love to hear from you.

  Entry #868. 
   shan2x xiao2x_shan2x(at) 11th October 2005
02:49:45 AM

hi! im shan2x and im from the philippines.. actually ive never heard any rodriguez songs but im amazed with his story, for me his really one unsung musical hero.. ive seen the "looking for jesus" movie and im hooked up with his music, but the problem is i cant find any of his albums here in the philippines.. do you guys know any sites that can give me full free mp3 downloads of his music? please help me.. thanks!

  Entry #867. 
   REGAN   10th October 2005
09:24:34 PM

hi nick its regan whats your number... or email

  Entry #866. 
   Nicholas Njcwilkinson(at) 10th October 2005
03:35:45 PM

The concert in London on Saturday was a memorable occasion. REGAN, if you read this, please get in touch as we didn't get to chat for long. Nick (the English guy)

  Entry #865. 
   Tamara Jardine tamara.jardine(at) 10th October 2005
11:09:09 AM

I was one of the most luckies people at the concert on Friday the 7th October, I got to a hug from a legend and had him sing "Happy Birthday" to me!!!! Rodriquez you are brilliant and Thank you for making my birthday the best i have ever had!!!!! Suger Thanks again for making it all possible!!! P.S Will there be pics on the webpage from the concert of the 7th and 8th? XXXXX

  Entry #864. 
   Richard taylor_rich(at) 10th October 2005
09:15:33 AM

Hi Does anyone know where i can get hold of the movies/documentary on DVD
"Looking For Jesus" and "Dead Men Don’t Tour" Rgsd Richard taylor_rich(at)

  Entry #863. 
   Justin 10th October 2005
07:46:13 AM

WOW it was the greatest cvoncet i have ever been to, the man's voice has not changed over the last 20 years, does anybodt know if there will be a release of the tour footage?? love to get a copy, all i gotto say is thank you sooooooo much from another saffa fan peace out

  Entry #862. 
   Glenn Coggin coggy52(at) 10th October 2005
06:51:04 AM

What an amzing night! Saturday was just the weirdest thing ever. Apart from the concert being awesome, (still can't believe it happened!), just talking to other fans made it all real for me. I've listened to Rodriguez for 25 years, (after copying Cold Fact from a girl who grew up in SA), but until finding this wonderful site hadn't spoken to anyone else who'd heard of Rodriguez. The gig was packed with South Africans, Aussies, and I spoke to a lad from Rhodesia, but not as many English. The most amazing part of the whole night was travelling back on the tube afterwards
with a whole carriage of the train singing Sugarman!!! Crazy surreal situation! I'll never forget it. I hope Rodriguez enjoyed playing the gig as much as we all enjoyed listening
and I hope he comes back very soon. Nice to see so much activity on the forum too! Cheers Glenn

  Entry #861. 
   amanda   10th October 2005
06:34:53 AM

How cool is Rodriguez !!! So lucky to have met the great man after the concert and hang out with him, he is so humble, peaceful and enigmatic !! Mrs Rodiguez you are sooo lovely too. It was magic, he is magic. The love that was ever present that night was really something special, he so inspires it, doesnt' he .....

  Entry #860. 
   RM, SW19 RM(at) 10th October 2005
05:29:50 AM

If you missed the concerts this weekend… UNLUGGY! It was superb! Please, oh please come back soon! Catch The Man singing "This is not a song it's an outburst
AKA, The establishment blues" on (of all places) BBC Radio 4’s “Loose Ends”: Click on “listen to the latest edition” (you’ll need RealOne Player). Skip to 32 seconds into the show.

  Entry #859. 
   Malc woodmanyana(at) 10th October 2005
05:26:54 AM

I was also lucky enough to meet the man whom, I think deserves alot of respect and praise for what can only have been, at times really hard work. Sugarman we all thank you and hope that your satisfaction is as complete as any of us and hopefully
even more so!! Once more would be nice and if ever I can help just ask! all the best Malc

  Entry #858. 
   Sarah Sullivan luvalux(at) 10th October 2005
05:23:18 AM

Mr Rod"God"riguez
Thank you so much for two fantastic, long awaited performances
I came to both shows on Friday and Saturday and, after a lot of begging, got to see you afterwards both times. What a privilege after all these years of trying desperately to find your material
no easy task! You kindly signed the picture of you which my daughter drew. It was great to meet you and your wife for drinks after the show. Jade, Todd, Harry, Brian, Sherylynn Andrew, and Gary all had the best time of their lives. You gave us all a great, great night that will be imprinted in our hearts for a very long time. Thanks to Robin of Champion Tours
You made it happen for me! Thank you Rod"God"riguez – please come back to London again soon! God bless and safe journey. From one of your very best fans……Sarah Sullivan – London 7th & 8th October 2005 .

  Entry #857. 
   Jason Kirk Blankenaar jblankenaar(at) 10th October 2005
04:31:33 AM

This guy is a living legend, Saturdays concert was 1 not too be missed- yes you guys all know who attended the gigs over the weekend in London. I hope that you get all the rewards that have been owed to you for so long now MR RODRIGUES as you have touched so many of us for the past 30 years (and hopefully a for another millennium) Rock on Man!!!

  Entry #856. 
   Brett Howell contact(at) 10th October 2005
04:11:23 AM

Saturday evening 8th October at the Forum in London was incredibly. Your humble integrity shone with such brightness and we were blown away. I am deeply touched and would like to thank you Mr Rodriguez for your music and inspiration. All the best! Brett Howell

  Entry #855. 
   Owen O'Connor oconnor_100(at) 10th October 2005
02:46:31 AM

Kicking off with "I wonder"
couldn't really ask for more. Genuine poet
thanks for the good memories.

  Entry #854. 
   phil waring phil(at) 10th October 2005
01:57:42 AM

Blew me away, took me back to the seventies in Botswana Rodriguez you are the best kept secret,Go well. maff cat.

  Entry #853. 
   martin glitter(at) 10th October 2005
12:45:02 AM

It was just great in London. It was worth every penny. And I am pleased to see that Rodriguez made it again to the next generation of Fans. Lots of the croud was under 30 years old. Good work old Rodriguez fans, good work Rodriguez.

  Entry #852. 
   malc woodmanyana(at) 09th October 2005
06:29:05 PM

Thank you very much for last night
the experience of a lifetime. Never to be forgotten.Sixto we wish you the best in all things to come. From Malc(soldier)Jackie(the cheekygirl)and Derek(conflictions in lyrics)

  Entry #851. 
   Nick Wilkinson Njcwilkinson(at) 09th October 2005
03:29:23 PM

Fantastic concert, we were lucky enough to get into the after party (my brother in law knows one of his security) and got to talk to the man and his family. What a night... I hope he comes back soon. Nick

  Entry #850. 
   Mike dentalfear(at) 09th October 2005
02:00:41 PM

I have a South African cousin who gave me a copy of 'Cold Fact' about 12 years ago. Have been listening to Rodriguez ever since. I'm a dentist and regularly play his CDs for my patients who invariably ask why they have never heard this great music before. Flew down from Scotland to go to the Friday night gig- it was fantastic. Thanks Sixto, we hope to see you back in the UK again soon. Mike

  Entry #849. 
   Craig McCartney scorpnov78(at) 09th October 2005
01:04:16 PM

Thank you so much RODEY, I couldnt have asked for a better concert. I arrived at 4 on Sat afternoon for your concert but it was all worth while to meet you, even though I was the last to see you. Pitty I wasnt aloud a camera in the venue to get a good photo of you, till the next time we meet... ( Craig with the cool shirt ) PS: when ever your in Aus, SA or UK give us an email.

  Entry #848. 
   Brian brian(at) 09th October 2005
08:57:33 AM

Hi Skinku Yeah, we would love some images to add to the website... Thanks... Brian

  Entry #847. 
   Skinku   09th October 2005
08:51:36 AM

Oh we took some images and a few short movies, was wondering if would like some copies?

  Entry #846. 
   Skinku   09th October 2005
08:43:53 AM

Forum was indeed splendid, only had the hits Cd's and didn't seem to know half the tunes? I am guessing he has new material? Crowd was exceptional seeming to comprise of happy drinking South African and Australians. The atmosphere was fantastic. I was expecting a more mellow show to be honest, but his band were pretty good, although I just wished he played a couple of tunes acoustically. Rodriguez himself was masterfull, his voice is still amazing and his interchanges with crowd, although a bit of a murmur, were funny. Well this Skinku is a happy boy.

  Entry #845. 
   Tracey traceyintheuk(at) 09th October 2005
08:02:11 AM

What a treat to see him live!!!! If anyone knows how to get a dvd of the night or got some good digital pics please email me traceyintheuk(at) I was too far back for my pics to be real good :(

  Entry #844. 
   Jessica and Lisa missjhogan(at) 09th October 2005
07:34:58 AM

Awesome is an understatement, and so would be any other words we try to use to describe it. The room was completely filled with love and adoration for this genuis of a songwriter. He was a barstard though. He knew exactly what he was doing by leaving out Sugar man till the encore, but the thing is he didn't need to. We would have begged for more even if he'd played every song six times already. Fill your cup.

  Entry #843. 
   Kim, London q8kc(at) 09th October 2005
07:31:24 AM

I've waited since the early 70s for this. Went to the Forum last night not knowing what to expect. He was everything I hoped he would be and the memories of Varsity in Durban came flooding back. The crowd were spectacular and desperate to show their appreciation. You've done it now Rodriquez
played London
come back again real soon. We'll all be there again.

  Entry #842. 
   Nicky queennicks(at) 09th October 2005
07:10:09 AM

Saw the man last night and he didn't fail to impress! If anyone knows where to get a dvd of the performance, please share the love on queennicks(at)

  Entry #841. 
   Blue   09th October 2005
07:01:59 AM

You're my Boy !!

  Entry #840. 
   richard richard.paterson4(at) 08th October 2005
08:25:17 PM

awesome. the man stepped up and delivered

  Entry #839. 
   Max xpoferens(at) 08th October 2005
05:32:47 AM

Rodriguez u rock man!

  Entry #838. 
   martin glitter(at) 07th October 2005
09:26:41 AM

OK, I've got my plane ticket and I am ready to take off to London tomorrow and to see the saturday concert. London will be after those two concerts a different place
a better place. Finally some proper musical education for this island.

  Entry #837. 
   Amanda   07th October 2005
07:53:41 AM

Mat, it is countdown time....Rodriguez plays tonight and tomorrow night (i'll be there tomorrow night). Someone has to rally for a concert down under ! Who??? I'm an aussie living in london and how cool is it that one of my legends of all time will be before my eyes playing the music I love !! never thought it would happen... hooray for the pilgrimage of travel and a bigger cheer for Rodriguez !

  Entry #836. 
   mat   07th October 2005
05:22:31 AM


  Entry #835. 
   frances brackley francesbrackley(at) 07th October 2005
03:57:23 AM

hello disaster. i have my 2 tickets for the forum tonight, but am all bunged up with a cold. can anyone do an exchange for tomorrow night?? frances

  Entry #834. 
   Sean Ames sames22(at) 06th October 2005
06:42:56 PM

RODRIGUEZ FOLLOWING IN THE USA, NEW YORK METRO AREA. My family and I came across the sounds of Jesus Rodriguez about a 3 months ago on vacation in the British Virgin Islands. As luck would have it our two crew members were South African. Towards the end of the holiday week we were getting tired of the everyday music. Our captain went over to his ipod and played Rodriguez over the boat's sound system. After about 15 minutes my brother and I looked at each other and agreed that this was some great music we were hearing, and we fell in love with it. Since we have been home we have introduced the sounds to all our friends. All our friends love the music, and have been looking to buy CD's. One of my friends just ordered and received COLD FACT on Vinyl. The tunes and lyrics are unbelievable and it's a blessing and a curse that this music is unheard of by so few.

  Entry #833. 
   Kimayne Rudman kimaynerudman(at) 06th October 2005
08:26:46 AM

I still can't believe I am going to go and see my legend live and this all being tomorrow night, there is no way I can describe it and I must say you will be one of my fondest memories to take back of London in South Africa...... I LOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEE YOU

  Entry #832. 
   Simon Groll scroll_troll(at) 05th October 2005
02:34:52 AM

As previously posted, i video recorded his 4 song set at CDWherehouse, it has come out very well, email me at scroll_troll(at) if you're interested

  Entry #831. 
   Frantz Barosy frantzbarosy(at) 03rd October 2005
02:30:39 PM

What about New York? I'd love hear Rodriguez play Central Park's Summerstage.

  Entry #830. 
   Anonymous   03rd October 2005
03:41:01 AM

Can't wait 'til Saturday! The set list looks fantastic. "You'd Like To Admit It" is a hell of a song, & plenty of Cold Fact on there too. Good choice of covers (Like A Rolling Stone
wow!) Hoping to meet Rodriguez and shake his hand, but it will be cool just to be surrounded by so many fans! Thanks for coming to England Rodriguez
you're very welcome here anytime you feel like dropping in! Glenn

  Entry #829. 
   eskimo joe joeski956(at) 01st October 2005
03:42:39 AM

why is the man not coming australia there are pleanty of fans here to!!

  Entry #828. 
   Simon Groll scroll_troll(at) 30th September 2005
06:38:23 PM

V&A CDWhereHouse Tomorrow, 2PM. Free Entry -- Best of Rodriguez released in stores For a DVD of tomorrow's (1 Oct) gig email me on scroll_troll(at)

  Entry #827. 
   Tony Fernandes bernadette(at) 29th September 2005
01:54:53 PM

A big welcome home to cape Town to the greatest musician that has ever lived. I stopped listening to the Beatles years ago but your music will endure forever maestro!!

  Entry #826. 
   Durban durban-shot(at) 29th September 2005
12:59:37 PM

hey peeps, hopefully somebody can tell me if there are any tour dates in germany...??? want to meet my hero live. please holla back a german dude called durban

  Entry #825. 
   Sugarmusic   29th September 2005
10:05:55 AM

RODRIGUEZ TO PLAY EXTRA CONCERTS IN CAPE TOWN AND JOHANNESBURG Due to a phenomenal demand for tickets for the current Rodriguez International Tour, 206 Productions and Sugar Music have announced that extra South African dates have been added to the current Rodriguez CD Launch schedule. Rodriguez will be performing a series of concerts in Cape Town before heading off for his first two concerts in London which will take place on Friday 7th October and Saturday 8th October at The Forum in Kentish Town. The promoters have now announced that Rodriguez will be playing an extra free concert in Cape Town at The Compact Disc Wherehouse at the V&A Waterfront on Saturday 1st October at 2pm. The promoters have also announced that Rodriguez will now be returning to South Africa, after the London concerts, to perform an additional concert in Johannesburg at The Baseline in Newtown on Thursday 13th October. Tickets for this extra Johannesburg concert will be on sale at Computicket. Prior to that, Rodriguez will also now be performing the extra free concert in Cape Town in addition to the three concerts already planned. Those three Cape Town concerts
two at the Independent Armchair Theatre in Observatory in Cape Town on Thursday 29th September and Sunday 2nd October, and one at The Dorp Street Theatre in Stellenbosch on Saturday 1st October
were all sold out very quickly, so the promoters have added the Free Concert which will allow the many disappointed Cape Town fans the opportunity to see the Detroit legend live in concert. Tickets for the two London concerts have been selling out just as quickly with many of Rodriguez' South African, Australian and New Zealand fans being based in London. Rodriguez will be accompanied at all these concerts by The Blue Coins, a three-piece band, comprising Sean Ou Tim (drums), Sasha Sonnbichler (guitar) and David Broido (bass). The 2005 Rodriguez tour is to launch his new CD compilation, 'Sugarman: The Best Of Rodriguez', which is being released in South Africa by PT Music, the independent SA label which has already released Rodriguez' two studio albums, 1970's 'Cold Fact' and 1972's 'Coming From Reality' aka 'After The Fact'. PT Music also recently released new remastered versions of both those albums. 'Sugarman: The Best Of Rodriguez' features 17 tracks drawn mostly from those two albums, plus three songs that only appeared on the previous 'Best Of Rodriguez' collection including the original 1967 version of the song, 'I'll Slip Away'. Tickets for the London concerts are available c/o the Ticket hotline (London 24 hrs)
0870 060 3777 Tickets are also now on sale at the Jazz Cafe and Astoria. For info about the London concerts please email: mailto:clem(at) For all info about Rodriguez
past, present and future, please consult the official Rodriguez website at For more information please contact: 206 Productions: Josh Georgiou and Alan Freeman Phone: (011) 728-8417 Mailto:debbie(at) Sugar Music: Stephen Segerman W (021) 423-7635 mailto:sugar(at)

  Entry #824. 
   keine nombre keinenombre(at) 27th September 2005
11:26:53 PM

hello, 18 months ago attempted via BMG and a SA promoter to get in touch with sixto rodriguez re touring australia. starting all over again, both musically and politically it's about time he came down here. i''m currently ringing sony/bmg to establish contact and try to make this happen, as well as e-mailing right here. well my e-mail address is right there
hope to get things arranged asap! kei.

  Entry #823. 
   Anonymous   27th September 2005
08:22:25 AM

i am so happy to be seeing sixto in london. i still cant beleive it is true. and at the forum no less!

  Entry #822. 
   Tamara tamara.jardine(at) 26th September 2005
09:04:04 AM

I was in a pub on friday and was gobsmacked to see a poster advertising a concert in London on the 7th October, which is my 24th Birthday and up until Friday had no clue what i was going to do but all i can say is i am so excited i feel like a 4 year old on christmas eve...... I missed your concert in South Africa but am glad to be able to attend here....

  Entry #821. 
   Ashley Sturcke royalblue(at) 25th September 2005
02:44:50 AM

Rodriguez was a 'part of the furniture' during my social life of the late 70's and early 80's. His music is something that you just keep coming back to. It has a wonderful grounding quality. It is honest, raw, real music from an understated observer of his times. I am very pleased to hear (in 2005) that the man has kept his roots, and yet has more music to offer. I look forward to renewing my appreciation of Rodriguez's music!

  Entry #820. 
   Brian brian(at) 24th September 2005
12:52:47 AM

Full info on the new compilation CD, 'Sugarman: The Best Of Rodriguez' has now been added to this website including the full "Director's Cut" sleeve notes which had to be edited to fit into the CD booklet. Click on "back to the home page" link at the top of the page. Brian

  Entry #819. 
   Sammie 23rd September 2005
10:23:40 AM

Can anyone help me, can I get this beautiful music from my teenage years on DD's now and for my MP3 player?? Where in Oz and/or how ? my email sambucca_04(at) When / where can we see this guy play in Oz soon ??

  Entry #818. 
   justin 19th September 2005
11:01:07 AM

City blues
no more
so amped when i found out the ''man'' will be doing it live again, had the privelage to watch him in green point staduim cape town, the madness has not stopped cause now i get to c him again, 1 time........... been listening to Rodriguez since i was 7 and still pump his music today, played a big part in my youth.. LEGEND

  Entry #817. 
   Ashleigh asetonrogers(at) 16th September 2005
03:45:33 AM

Just browing around looking for Rodigues info on the internet. I'd been told he wasn't popular anywhere else except in SA and Zim, but I'm astounded at how little info on him there really is! He was a household name in my family
my dad got the Cold Fact album in Rhodesia in the late 70's. Anyway the reason for my rejeuvinated interest in the man, is that my boyfriend Michael Whitehead AKA Jim Neversink (cd currently available in South Africa) is to be opening for him in London at the beginning of next month (8,9 Oct '05). What an honour!!

  Entry #816. 
   Anonymous   15th September 2005
06:58:17 AM

I found out about you about a year ago from a boyfriend at the time, and I have loved your music ever since! I am in Newfoundland, Canada, and I wish you would come to Canada for a visit. We love your music!!

  Entry #815. 
   Jane O'Donovan Janehill15(at) 09th September 2005
04:37:46 PM

I spent my teens listening to you, went abroad, lost you, have searched for you for years and today, I found you. Bliss, thought I imagined your music.

  Entry #814. 
   Suzie suziem1961(at) 08th September 2005
06:17:55 PM

oh yes! please come back to australia, sixto! we love you...

  Entry #813. 
   Paul   07th September 2005
02:09:46 AM

would love to see Sixto coming back to SA. That would be nice too.

  Entry #812. 
   pete angry_young_n_poor(at) 03rd September 2005
01:57:53 PM

please come to sydney, can play at the basement..its perfect!!!!!!

  Entry #811. 
   Craig McCartney scorpnov78(at) 02nd September 2005
12:42:15 PM

I cant believe that the MAN is coming to London, I watched Rodriguez in Durban on his SA tour, it was awsome. Listen to the man he knows what he is talking about (singing). SEE YOU ALL ON SAT 8TH OCTOBER!!! IF NOT GET TICKETS FOR FRIDAY!!!

  Entry #810. 
   wolf schmidt seniorlobo(at) 01st September 2005
10:29:44 AM

love the music, the lyrics, the sound, there are fans in germany! wanna come play?

  Entry #809. 
   Anonymous   01st September 2005
08:00:15 AM

Today is a beautiful Day...why because i just found out Rod is coming to london town. Thankyou !! Can't wait, only I wish my Mum back home in Oz could be with me. Hopefully he thinks about touring oz again cause i know it would be a packed out show there.

  Entry #808. 
   Kimayne Rudman kimaynerudman(at) 31st August 2005
08:45:00 AM

You can not believe how you made my day when I saw the ad that you were coming to London, being a South African, I know who you are and I know that you ROCK, esp. my world and allot of your songs mean allot to me, those of you who don't know about this leggend are SAD!!!!!!!!!!!

  Entry #807. 
   sugar lady sandjcampkin(at) 30th August 2005
04:59:35 AM

Yeah oh my god come to AUSTRALIA please please umong my friends and family alone there will be heaps of fans!!!!!!!!!!!! Shall we start a petition???? C'mon you can play with midnight oil!!!

  Entry #806. 
   sugar lady sandjcampkin(at) 30th August 2005
04:58:12 AM

Yeah oh my god come to AUSTRALIA please please umong my friends and family alone there will be heaps of fans!!!!!!!!!!!! Shall we start a petition???? C'mon you can play with midnight oil!!!

  Entry #805. 
   MATT   29th August 2005
01:14:37 AM


  Entry #804. 
   Martin glitter(at) 28th August 2005
07:16:31 AM

Great stuff, the London thing. I came home from holidays and had an e-mail about the gigs in London in my mail box. Of cours my wife and I fly from Switzerland over to London to see one show.

  Entry #803. 
   Sugar   25th August 2005
12:30:55 AM

Press Release August 05 RODRIGUEZ TO LAUNCH NEW CD WITH CONCERTS IN CAPE TOWN AND LONDON 206 Productions, Sugar Music and PT Music are proud to announce that Rodriguez will be launching his new CD compilation, ‘Sugarman: The Best Of Rodriguez’, with a series of live concerts in Cape Town and London in late September and early October. Rodriguez will be accompanied at these four concerts by a three-piece band comprising Sean Ou Tim (drums), Sascha Sonnbichler (guitar) and David Broido (bass). Rodriguez and the band will first play two exclusive CD launch concerts at the Independent Armchair Theatre in Observatory in Cape Town on Thursday 29 September and Sunday 2 October. The following week Rodriguez and his band will perform two live dates in London at The Kentish Town and Forum on Friday 7th October and Saturday 8th October. Support acts for all these gigs will be announced shortly. Tickets for the Cape Town concerts are R120 each and are limited to 250 per show. In order to apply for tickets, please email The Independent Armchair Theatre (info(at) Please include your full name, ID Number and phone number on the email. Only two tickets are available per application. Tickets for the London concerts are available c/o the Ticket hotline (London 24 hrs)
0870 060 3777 Tickets are also now on sale at the Jazz Cafe and Astoria, there is no booking fee if you pay cash. For info about the London concerts please email: mailto:clem(at) ‘Sugarman: The Best Of Rodriguez’ is being released in South Africa by PT Music, the independent SA label which has already released Rodriguez’ two studio albums, 1970’s ‘Cold Fact’ and 1972’s ‘Coming From Reality’ aka ‘After The Fact’. PT Music also recently released new remastered versions of both those albums. ‘Sugarman: The Best Of Rodriguez’ features 17 tracks mostly drawn from those two albums, plus three songs that only appeared on the previous ‘Best Of Rodriguez’ collection, and the extremely rare 1967 single version of ‘I’ll Slip Away’ which was originally credited to Rod Riguez. For all info about Rodriguez – past, present and future, please consult the official Rodriguez website at For more information please contact: 206 Productions: Josh Georgiou and Alan Freeman Phone: (011) 728-8417 Mailto:debbie(at) The Independent Armchair Theatre: Gil Hockman Phone 021 447 1514 Mailto:info(at) Sugar Music: Stephen Segerman W (021) 423-7635 mailto:sugar(at)

  Entry #802. 
   Sue Larkin   18th August 2005
12:54:36 AM

"Sugar Man, won't you hurry, cause we just can't wait to see you in London"

  Entry #801. 
   Jeff   18th August 2005
12:53:53 AM

WOW!!!!!! Rodriguez live in London!!! A dream come true My tickets are booked.

  Entry #800. 
   Glenn Coggin coggy52(at) 13th August 2005
12:03:25 PM

Hi Just booked my tickets. Going Saturday! Bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sugar man, won't you hurry 'Cos I'm tired of these scenes For a blue coin won't you bring back All those colors to my dreams. Bring back the colours Rodriguez. Hope you have a great time in England. Cheers!

  Entry #799. 
   CJ   13th August 2005
11:37:08 AM

"If there was a word, but magic's absurd I'd make one dream come true" Looks like a dream is coming true at last for Rodriguez fans in London!!! Now what about us downunder?

  Entry #798. 
   Gina   13th August 2005
07:25:20 AM

Tickets Now on sale at Jazz Cafe and Astoria
No booking fee if you pay cash. Going both nights
anyone else got tickets yet?

  Entry #797. 
   Brian brian(at) 12th August 2005
11:35:33 AM

Rodriguez in London, 7th & 8th October 2005. Ticket hotline (24 hrs)
0870 060 3777 Info: clem(at)

  Entry #796. 
   Glenn Coggin coggy52(at) 12th August 2005
10:31:26 AM


  Entry #795. 
   richard   12th August 2005
05:20:35 AM

UK Gigs YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Sugar,, Brian, Are you coming over? The Man is coming to town!!! I've been waiting 15 Years for these concerts. Thank you.

  Entry #794. 
   Sugar   12th August 2005
01:16:48 AM

BREAKING NEWS!!!! Rodriguez will be performing his first ever live concerts in London at the Kentish Town and Forum on Friday 7th and Saturday 8th October. Ticket prices and where you can buy them, as well as all other details about this eagerly-awaited tour, to follow as soon as available.

  Entry #793. 
   Brian   11th August 2005
12:40:12 PM

re: One World link... there was a problem with the link from the banner above, but it is fixed now... Brian

  Entry #792. 
   Glenn Coggin coggy52(at) 11th August 2005
06:53:05 AM

Hi Paul Click on the link at the top of this page. It's really straight forward from there. I got all mine through One World and they were great. Well, they found me in the north of England
so can't be bad eh! By the way, I've almost sussed out "I Think Of You" for the chords section. Got the verse, just a couple of chords in the chorus I'm not sure of yet, but I'll find time (I hope) to suss it soon. Hi Ellie & all other UK fans too. Any whispers of a UK gig/tour yet Sugar? Cheers

  Entry #791. 
   Ellie elin_beman(at) 11th August 2005
05:33:32 AM

We may be few and far between, but there are some Rodriguez fans in the UK!

  Entry #790. 
   Martin glitter(at) 11th August 2005
04:22:30 AM

Hello everybody! Even in little old Switzerland is a bunch of Rodriguez fans around. That happens when one travels too often in southern africa with friends and finally brings with a wonderuful south african wife owning Rodriguez records home.

  Entry #789. 
10:01:25 PM


  Entry #788. 
   Laurie hill-billys(at) 05th August 2005
05:39:50 AM

Hey guys came accross the cold fact album 20 years ago and have long since lost it (stolen) but never forgotten it. Found the site with the words, lyrics etc and would love a copy. Anyone know of anywhere in NZ I can get a copy Cheers

  Entry #787. 
   Kate kwalter(at) 04th August 2005
12:05:42 PM

I can not tell you how thrilled and excited I am, to finally after all these years, be able to replace my cold fact LP. I cannot wait to play it to my boyfriend who is English and has never heard it. Boy is he in for a treat! What I can't understand is how such a LEGEND can be so unknown to the rest of world! My life would not be the same without Rodriguez. Thanks for your time!

  Entry #786. 
   frances brackley francesbrackley(at) 02nd August 2005
05:58:18 AM

hi just found this gem just telling someone that i didn't know where he had gone. i am another aussie, living in london would love to see rodriguez perform live here. fantastic

  Entry #785. 
   Andrew Plowright andrewplowright(at) 02nd August 2005
02:43:57 AM

G'day, Another Aussie. I found your website a few years ago (it was in another form) but something inspired me to catch up today... we need another Ausie tour. I am ready, willing and able to get the ball rolling if necessary. Please write me if it is at all possible, as I really want to make it happen. Thanks for a great site. Andrew P Port Macquarie & Sydney

  Entry #784. 
   Brian   01st August 2005
08:08:26 AM

Remastered 'Cold Fact' should be released within the next month or so... to be followed by the remastered 'After The Fact/Coming From Reality' and a new "best of" titled 'Sugarman
The Best Of Rodriguez'. Brian

  Entry #783. 
   james maddison JEMSFIRE(at) 29th July 2005
10:51:36 PM

so what do you does an hispanic yank become an iconic figure in australia and south africa.............totally bizarre!!!!!!! forget about the cold fact that he is practically unknown in his homeland............even more bizarre!!!!!! ok forget all that ok. i run a venue in london.....full of aussies and saffers.......we all grew up listening to your music and being inspired,sad,happy and just downright fucking impressed.any chance of a show mate? we can discuss details..hey we will even all emigrate to detroit if we can help your cause ok!!!!!!!! its a straight swap do us a show in london.....we all move to detroit!!!!!!! please pass this to the man. cheers james

  Entry #782. 
   Baltazar Ray baltazarray(at) 29th July 2005
12:39:55 PM

I just want to thank Glenn Coggin for the wonderful chords. I'm back playing Sixto's songs again! Great help, Glenn. Ray

  Entry #781. 
   Richard   27th July 2005
01:48:08 PM

Hello Brian, when is the remastered Cold Fact being released? still waiting fo the UK tour!!

  Entry #780. 
   Floyd Duncan floyd_duncan(at) 27th July 2005
12:23:28 AM

I never knew that Rodriguez was a bit of a rarity I gre up accepting him in the same way I accepted The Beatles or John Lee Hooker as stuff that everybody knew. I'm 20 now (2005) and I have my father to thank for Rodriguez. Going through his tape collection 3 years back I found a copy of Alive and claimed it as my own it's just that much better and stronger than Cold Fact. If anybody out there has an unwanted/extra copy of Alive in the LP format or knows where to source one then please email me and perhaps something could be arranged.

  Entry #779. 
   Baltazar Ray baltazarray(at) 26th July 2005
08:11:50 PM

Sixto Rodriguez was a big hit too, in the Philippines way back in the 70s during my college days. "I think of you" and "To whom it May Concern" were the popular tunes. I even know the guitar chords then. Here in NYC, I was lucky to get the "Coming From Reality" album from a flea market. The same album, as I found out later, were selling for 70 bucks at an obscure music store at Saint Mark's Place. I'm back playing my guitar and thanks to this site. Great work. And I'm glad to know Sixto is still alive and has this "underground" and sincere fans. Thanks Sixto for the songs. Hopefully, you'll be playing here in NY. I will have to check this site for any announcement. Anyway, does anyone know where to get "I Think of you" guitar chords? Thanks again, and more power to you Sixto! Baltazar Ray

  Entry #778. 
   tomo   26th July 2005
03:35:51 PM

just like to hello to all u rodriquez fans out there, i only heard of him this year a friend of mine brought his album into work, he had heard someone playing it in a shop in manchester,england and got a copy of it . and the rest is history. this guy rocks what an inpiration to people cool lyrics, i cant stop playing it and have pased it onto all my freinds and i'm starting to learn some off songs on my guitar form the lyrics on this cool site, so big thanks everyone for placeing them on there.

  Entry #777. 
   mr. fine wine finewine(at) 26th July 2005
12:16:49 AM

hello! i'm a dj based in the u.s. and am putting on a show in detroit on 2 september that will feature live performances by RODRIGUEZ, CODY BLACK, NATHANIEL MAYER, BLACK MERDA, and FUGI. e-mail for details: finewine(at)

  Entry #776. 
   Brian brian(at) 24th July 2005
06:45:56 AM

'Cold Fact' has been remastered by Keith Forsyth of Digisol Masters and released by PT Music in South Africa. Sounds stunning!! Brian

  Entry #775. 
   Kirsten kgellie(at) 23rd July 2005
07:49:41 AM

Hi to all the wonderful contributors to this site, and fellow Rodriguez fans, from a couple of fans here in Australia! Just wanted to let you know that my partner CB is busy turning all he can on to the music of the great man. He runs a music shop and gets asked if he "has got anything good?" "Ever heard of Rodriguez?" he asks. Sadly, the answer is invariably "No", but this means an opportunity to spread the word... and it's working! Wish he would tour here...

  Entry #774. 
   Stevo jhairy(at) 22nd July 2005
03:57:57 AM

GREAT SITE!!!This is the ultimate Rodriguez fan location, I for one know a lot more about the man, have access to more of his tabs and corrected some misinformation that I have recieved (although it did create that air of mysticism) by the way who was his bass player and what happened to him?

  Entry #773. 
   Glenn Coggin coggy52(at) 12th July 2005
10:37:41 AM

Hi Amanda Not sure when Rodriguez will come to UK. Not through lack of interest over here though. I'm sure Sugar (his manager) will sort gigs if he gets the nod from Rod (cool song title eh
Nod From Rod!) Great site isn't it! Fantastic to find all this stuff on the net. Glad you like the chords. Hope they were ok? If you play guitar, maybe click on my link above and let me know if the transcriptions are easy enough to understand? All the best Glenn

  Entry #772. 
   Anonymous   12th July 2005
07:45:20 AM

Hi Ali...Glenn and anyone else tuned in How do we get news to Rod to ask if he would grace us with a concert? How cool would that be..... Thanks for the chords Glenn, I was so excited when i came across this site that i rang my mum in australia as she was the one who got me listening to Rod originally. She still loves his music. keep it real Amanda

  Entry #771. 
   Anonymous   12th July 2005
07:39:19 AM

  Entry #770. 
   steve krakow plasticcw(at) 11th July 2005
12:22:38 PM

not sure if this is the correct place to ask, but how can i get in touch with Rodriguez? I'd like to see if he can play my music festival in Chicago in November?

  Entry #769. 
   Brian   10th July 2005
01:02:55 PM

Happy birthday Rodriguez... "The sun is shining, as it's always done" Brian

  Entry #768. 
   Chris the_porra(at) 08th July 2005
01:16:47 PM

Rodriguez Rules!! Can someone please put some bass tabs for his songs on the site. thanks

  Entry #767. 
   Glenn Coggin coggy52(at) 08th July 2005
09:57:15 AM

Hi Ali Yeah, it's great to chat with other fans. We could all meet up at the Concert!! (not that one's been arranged yet, but I'm sure Sugar will do his best?) Hope anyone using the chords I transcribed are finding the songs ok to play? Any problems let me know? Other thing
we need some new Rodriguez material! Can't keep that talent away from us. Must be a way? See ya Glenn

  Entry #766. 
   Ali   07th July 2005
05:51:37 PM

He is so amazing! Any other UK fans around?!

  Entry #765. 
   amanda irelandes amandairelandes7(at) 27th June 2005
06:37:44 AM

Wow...i have half heartedly attempted to find Roddy baby on the web (cause i hate sifting through the web etc etc etc, plus lack of web access in the past) and when suddenly i stumbled across this site I was over swept with a fan of Rodriguez you will understand my enthusiasm, cause I and many before and ongoing have had the absolute pleasure in losing oneself in his genius....Thanks so much Rodriguez...ohhh and yeah i have also been one subject to such rumours of his death and demise and to find out he is living and rockiing on in life is beauty to my ears. If anyone else is reading this and wants to contact me as one fan to another well please do my heaad a have a little rod fan club...if i meet you and were on the subject of music and Rod will undoubtedly get a mention from me and you respond with positive affirmation ...well you are someone i can relate to...x Amanda ps all i know is listening to Rod's music makes me want to strive to be a better person.

  Entry #764. 
   Gilbert-ou   16th June 2005
08:42:16 AM

Yeah, Rodriguez lived in Brazil and played for that famous Brazilian football team of the Seventies alongside Pele, even scoring the winning goal in that 4-1 World Cup win over Italy....or was that Carlos Alberto....sorry, what number is this???

  Entry #763. 
   Rita de Cassia da Rocha rita(at) 15th June 2005
01:30:44 PM

Did Rodriguez actually live in Brazil for some time, back in the seventies?

  Entry #762. 
   Anonymous   14th June 2005
11:58:09 PM

  Entry #761. 
   Darin djh(at) 09th June 2005
08:02:21 AM

(at)Mordoch Hallo Mordoch, die Rodriguez CD "Cold Fact" gibt es als CD bei kostet 22,90€ oder als Vinyl Limited Edition 14,99! Greetings (ebenfalls aus Germany), Darin j. Harvey (whose father wrote "Hate Street Dialog" and "Gomorra" for the "Cold Fact" Album)

  Entry #760. 
   Rita de Cassia da Rocha rita(at) 08th June 2005
03:29:05 PM

Brian, sorry to bother you, but I don't seem to order the CD because there's an error in the site server.

  Entry #759. 
   Rita de Cassia da Rocha rita(at) 08th June 2005
11:44:22 AM

Thanks, Brian!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Entry #758. 
   Brian   08th June 2005
11:13:46 AM

Hi Rita 'After The Fact/Coming From Reality' is the CD you need... go to and click on "buy CDs"...

  Entry #757. 
   Rita de Cassia da Rocha rita(at) 07th June 2005
02:31:22 PM

I want to order the CD that has the song I Think Of You, but I'm a little confused. Which one is it? Also, I don't want live recording. Thanks in advance.

  Entry #756. 
   Alex alexanderroche(at) 05th June 2005
01:25:08 AM

Yes he is brilliant and well worth shouting about.

  Entry #755. 
   MATT LUCKIE   31st May 2005
06:59:57 AM


  Entry #754. 
   Andreas andreas_fischer(at) 28th May 2005
10:09:31 PM

Yebo, I was wondering if anyone can tell me where or how to get Rodriguez merchandise!?! I would be more than happy for an information!!! To answer the question of all the others: You can order Rodriguez CD's! Just follow this Link: One World delivers internationally as well as domestically! (The link is also in this Website's Buy CDs section!!!) You can get the following albums there: Cold Fact Cold Fact/Best Of After The Fact
Coming From Reality Live In South Africa There are also two streaming WAV files available for download at: Song Titles: I Wonder Advice to Smokey Robinson (I just found all these things by wondering around on this page a bit! It really is a great page!!! All the facts about Rodriguez anyone would hope to find!) Cheers from Durban / South Africa Enjoy lilstening...

  Entry #753. 
   mordoch mordoch(at) 28th May 2005
06:14:21 PM

Hi, i do not know Rodriguez very well, but I listened to the sond "sugarman" covered by David Holmes on his album "come get it I got it". But I don't know where to buy Rodriguez' albums in europe, or even where to listen to the original songs. I'm very interesten in the Best Of Album, but as I said, I don't know where to get it. Does someone have an idea about that in europe? Or could someone perhaps send me some seconds of Rodriguez' songs as an mp3, so I can get an idea of the original sound? Greetings from Germany, mordoch

  Entry #752. 
   Anonymous   27th May 2005
02:45:15 PM

  Entry #751. 
   Mark marklucas(at) 27th May 2005
09:47:44 AM

Experienced Rodirguez for the first time about 12 years ago driving through the NW of Australia, no idea where I was, who I was with, what I was doing, but the music was good! Sugar Man summed up the moment and ever since the whole album has been an anthem for life. Never stop being a fan and would love to know where and when I could meet and listen to the man in person. Powderfinger have tatste in who they cover, inner city blues, low key.

  Entry #750. 
   Brian   26th May 2005
10:42:35 AM

Rodriguez CDs, including 'Live Fact' can be found by clicking on "back to the home page" at the top of this page, and then click "Buy CDs"...

  Entry #749. 
   Paul joeski956(at) 26th May 2005
08:27:15 AM

hey my friend said that theer is a cold fact live is this true how do i get my hands on it

  Entry #748. 
   Bernd schnappinger(at) 24th May 2005
09:08:39 AM

Heard his music for the first time at a friend (Michael Menhorn) in the early 70's in Munich (Germany). "Sugarman" was also an insider tip for visitors of legendary Discotheque "Sugar Shack" in Munich in those days and allegedly there were only 3 album copies existing in Munich. We had to lend them and produce tapes in order to enjoy this very special music. It still is a favourite song (and album) among my friends. Best music I ever heard!

  Entry #747. 
   bobby benson_tester(at) 22nd May 2005
03:17:11 PM

im a big fan and would love to see rodriguez play in the UK. This amazing music eventually got back to me from a friend of a friend in SA. Its the best stuff ive heard forever!! glastonbury festival would be a great place for him to play!! bobby, liverpool. UK

  Entry #746. 
   Devin   18th May 2005
04:08:31 AM

this is to clare keegan : dude you are not alone! i LOVE rodriguez and im 15 he is a genius

  Entry #745. 
   Devin   18th May 2005
03:45:36 AM

hi! rodruegus is a songf writing GENIUS!!!!!!!!!he made me wanna live again

  Entry #744. 
   Jonny ziggypotts(at) 16th May 2005
06:58:53 PM

HEY JAKE I have three copies of Cold Fact on vinyl, and my girlfriend thinks that's a little too much. So make me an offer. I live in NZ

  Entry #743. 
   Joseph von Westphalen west1stern(at) 15th May 2005
01:14:25 AM

Hi & Help I became a Rodriguez-Fan last night within half a minute (quite fast for someone who is about as old as Rodriguez). Being in the finish of writing a novel with time for absolutely nothing else in these days
except some music to give me power, I looked for some new covers of Marvin Gaye's famous tough-making funk-standard INNNER CITY BLUES –so I came in touch with Rodriguez and his different but similar titled song – heard this voice and this way to sing, which reminded me without knowing anything about this man, to John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Jose Feliciano. Some minutes later (some long minutes, for google knows some more people in this world with the name RODRIGUEZ) i had a first stroll through the glorious homepage and could read I was not alone with my musical connotation. It seems to be no problem to order the CD COLD FACT via amazon here in Germany (the problem is: it will not take 2 days as normally but 4 weeks till this object of my desire will reach me here). But how to get the CD COMING FROM REALITY / AFTER THE FACT??? I read on the Homepage about the Songs of this CD – which makes my longing for these songs almost unbearable. Has anyone an idea, how to get the music to Munich town? Is there any possibility to send the songs as mp3-files, to download them, paying by Visa – or changing against ultra-rare Bob-Dylan-files or whatever? Via Computer would bring the stuff faster to me (waiting and longing is okay, but not if you're writing a novel). The CD AT HIS BEST is available via amazon – but there are obviously 6 songs identical with COLD FACTS and only 2 from COMING FROM REALITY / AFTER THE FACT By the way: for me as an author the story of Rodriguez would be a lovely plot for a novel. Joseph

  Entry #742. 
   banjo   12th May 2005
06:53:22 PM

hey rory i like your stuff man

  Entry #741. 
   rory   12th May 2005
06:52:40 PM

Hi i heard this music when i was about 15 and loved it from the first time i heard it and havent stop loving since!!

  Entry #740. 
   Glenn Coggin coggy52(at) 04th May 2005
08:11:27 AM

Hi all If anyone has had a go at playing the songs in the "chords" section of the site using the transcriptions I sent in, please let me have any comments? e.g. If I haven't explained one very well, etc. (or just say "Hi") I've sent 3 more in recently, so hopefully they'll be up there too. By the way, has anyone got any rare Rodriguez stuff for sale? Would love a ticket to Mr Flood's party (again!) xx

  Entry #739. 
   Clare Keegan s3061605(at) 28th April 2005
02:40:53 AM

I'm only 14 years old and probably the only person of my age group to know about and respect Jesus Rodriguez. This still does not change the fact that I think he is the grooviest singer/songwriter of all time. I can't tell you how influential he has been on me. My most favourite song of all time remains Jane.S.Piddy!!!

  Entry #738. 
   peter mellor angry_young_n_poor(at) 26th April 2005
06:59:25 AM

I first heard rodriguez when i was about 3 or mum would put on sugarman when i went to bed... im 19 now and i was in a vinyl store and i remembered the was only a dollar so i picked it up... and ill never forget the hairs standing on the back of my neck when i heard that sweet voice again... i played it to my mum and she cried...quite is the best music i have ever heard... im into punk rock..and heavy shit...but id pass all that up to hear a rodriguez track....i wish i could shake his hand...

  Entry #737. 
   ant ant_deb(at) 22nd April 2005
04:09:33 AM

my email is ant_deb(at)

  Entry #736. 
   ant ant_deb(at) 22nd April 2005
02:40:59 AM

i am desperately looking for a way to contact rodriguez, a fan club , e mail adress or agent as we are desperately trying to bring him out again to south africa call me 0722883749

  Entry #735. 
   Jake   20th April 2005
06:00:35 AM

Hey all, does anyone know where in Melbourne Australia I'd find a Rodriguez album on vinyl?

  Entry #734. 
   graeme   16th April 2005
09:39:07 PM

I have been crying. I saw the short film that mnet has on (Looking for Jesus). Then I found this website from the credits. This is a part of my life I never thought that I could find again. Thank you, Sugarman, thank you Sixto. I live in the frozen norh now, but I remember the sun.

  Entry #733. 
   Anonymous   15th April 2005
01:31:42 AM

Right on Luke! I reckon you've named the big three in Cat, Bob and the Man. For many Aussies around my age Rodriguez was our Bob Dylan. Todays 15 year olds don't have anyone to "sing" them REAL life, instead they get rich men pushing fools pushing anger, hate, sex, horror -total selfishness. Even the "noncomformist", "protest" singers are the product of the money establishment. Sorry, I'm getting too................................

  Entry #732. 
   Luke lukalux(at) 14th April 2005
07:52:43 PM

The reason I have 'googled' for Rodriguez is I heard a rumour he is a moari from New Zealand who moved to the States as a child, obviously that was just a rumour. But, I am absolutely shocked to find out that he is not a ballad singing mega-star in the States. I always had a mental picture that Rodiguez, Dylan and Cat Stevens all smoked dope together; maybe shared a wife or two and took turns in babysitting their kids. From the age of four years I was given the 'serious' priveledge of carefully placing my fathers vinyl on the record player and turning up the volume. I am sure that Rodriguez was one of the first albums I played (and maybe 'puff the magic dragon'). I continued to listen to 'Cold Hard Fact' until my early teens. Many years later I convinced my father to give me all his vinyl and realised that he must have had 'Cold Hard Fact' on tape this whole time (memory is not be trusted at the age of 4). I heard the whole album at a friends place in 1998 and couldn't stop thinking about it. Last year (2004) I bought a vinyl copy and cant stop playing it. I now have 'At His Best' aswell. Rodriguez is a master of singer songwriting and has managed to transend time. His messages are as potent and important now, in this conservative climate, as ever before. His music has always been an enigmatic and classically American voice, to me. Unfortunately this was not the case for Americans. I hope one day that Rodriguez is as well known in the States as in Australia and South Africa; that Cat Stevens is allowed back into his home country and that Bob Dylan never dies (he's not dead yet is he?). Australia.

  Entry #731. 
   boothie boothie60(at) 13th April 2005
02:45:29 PM

Been listening to the man himself for the past 2 years. Can anyone help me find 'street boy' guitar tab. Great site by the way,

  Entry #730. 
   Marty goggenfurty(at)hotmail,com 12th April 2005
03:11:47 AM

In '84 I read a reveue of a Restaurant in Christchurch, NewZealand, called 'Pancake Palace'. They mentioned that there was a chap called 'Jesus' who strumed the guitar,sung and set the ambience of the Black& White tiled interior. In '86 I shifted to ChristChurch and saw a old flyer on a shop advertising Rodriguez, playing in NZ ('85?). Later (1990+) I heard 'ColdFact' being played in a Leatherware shop on Manchester st (on record), asked who it was. and found Jesus.. I like the version of 'Sugerman' by 'Sophie Ellis Bexter' in '2003?. If yah like this record you may like 'J D Blackfoot's - 'The Song of Crazy Horse' Its a 'Concept Album', it has one song on side 1, several on 2, all different. It was made in NZ, and was Record of the year in '74. Hes a American Indian, Blackfoot.

  Entry #729. 
   greg kandiann(at) 12th April 2005
02:24:33 AM

i can't really explain to you all how much the music of "jesus" Rodriguez has influenced in my life. When i was fifteen the echoes of "street boy" in the back of my mind was what brought me home from the streets late at nights. his songs that were a rightful damnation of an injust, greedy society and the tragedy inflicted upon the victims helped form me into a better person when i could have been one of those victims instead. i'm forty now and the weight of his lyrics still move me emotionaly and intellectually. i have just one Rodriguez regret. When i was eighteen, i and three mates went to a music festival at stroud in rural australia (NSW}. the festival was called tanelorn and rodriguez was featured to perform. this was the last of the real big "alternative" festival. ie. hippies nudity,outlaw bikie gangs,nudity,no alcohol (except the bikies) no meat,hare krishnas,ananda marga,nudity, a place you could sign up to fight in el salvorda (freak out), nudity, marijuana,lsd,and nudity. we were by far the youngest adults" out of about 30,000 truly weird people, we were still in high school it really was our "woodstock" moment.which brings us to the one rodriguez regret.we were walking past the VIP enclosure when mr rodriguez exits a van about 30 m away, and unbelievably looks over and makes eye contact with us and waves! me and my mates absoluetly worshipped the guy and we're all to starstruck to wave back! i truly regret that moment to this day. incidently he performed late at night and at first it wasn't the best. he apologised that it had been so long since he had played those songs.then the crowd began to sing, 30.000 people all knew the words. it was special.(then billy thorpe and the aztecs played LOUD-wow,aussies know what i mean}or was that the night after? {blame mary j.) anyway, thanks for the music.

  Entry #728. 
   Matthew patpro(at) 11th April 2005
01:38:21 PM

i started listening to rodriguez last year and i dig it! i know most of my friends think or will think it`s "old people`s" music (i`m 16),but as rodriguez says in his song (the establishment blues) "well, frankly i couldn`t care less." the main reasons for this letter is that i wanted to say rodriguez is a legend and that he should come back to mossel bay, garden route, south africa and play again because i missed the last one which my parents went to go see.cheers.

  Entry #727. 
   Money joeski956(at) 10th April 2005
06:00:52 AM

I Think a tour of australia would be a grand idea there always seems to be a new audence of listners that relate to the lryics. maybe even he should be come a citizen and run for prime minister, this country need change i smell reveloution. hah

  Entry #726. 
   Dangerwoman   09th April 2005
11:07:56 AM

Dunno if you read this, JR, but just in case you do... thanks =)

  Entry #725. 
   Dangerwoman chowes(at) 09th April 2005
11:04:43 AM

Lots of questions but no answers here... I have also spent many hours listening to Rodriguez over a period of more than 20 years
24 to be exact. I Wonder was the first I heard, Sandrevan Lullaby is my favourite now. Nice to say something about him somewhere
everyone seems to know him but ....

  Entry #724. 
   Adele swanepoel(at) 02nd April 2005
07:01:19 AM

Have a bet with one of my friends: Rodriguez is still alive, isn't he? Can't find anything to the contrary.

  Entry #723. 
   Madeleine mrontgen(at) 30th March 2005
08:08:03 AM

It would be a GREAT idea of Rodriguez toured the UK, there are millions of South African fans over here and I for one would love it. How do I get in contact with the MAN himself?

  Entry #722. 
   Glenn Coggin coggy52(at) 21st March 2005
04:09:49 AM

Hi all Does anyone out there have an audience recording of a Rodriguez gig? I know the live albums contain most of the songs but I'd love to hear some of the cover versions etc that are mentioned in the gig reviews. Hopefully at some time there may be a live DVD of a gig (?) and/or a concert in England. So if anyone does have a recording would you please let me know & I'll happily pay costs etc. The other thing is, does anyone have a video copy of any Rodriguez stuff? Dead Men Don't Tour, etc. Can't get any of that stuff over here. And here's one for Rodriguez (cos I know he reads the forum)
Keep happy, keep healthy & keep rockin! You are the man!

  Entry #721. 
   MCROACH mcroach7(at) 15th March 2005
06:47:41 PM

Does anybody know if there will be an Australian tour in the next couple of years as more young Austrialians would benefit from listerning to THE MAN KNOWN AS RODRIGUEZ as the lyrics are pure.

  Entry #720. 
   Christine jhayward(at) 12th March 2005
07:12:06 AM

As I write this, my 14 year old son is listening to "I Wonder"
finally a young man with brains. I have been trying to get my kids to listen to Rodriguez for so long. I started listening over 30 years ago as a "surfie chick" at Greenmount, Qld, Aus. He has been the most underrated musician and songwriter in my living days. I was listening to Powderfinger and their recording of the song _ How did they do that? Maybe they could arrange a Rodriguez concert in Australia. My Kids love Powderfinger, I like them too but Rodriguez does it better. Who can get him touring?

  Entry #719. 
   jon mjjj(at) 11th March 2005
12:14:34 AM

when or will there ever be any new rodriguez material

  Entry #718. 
   Guy Benneworth guybenneworth(at) 09th March 2005
02:40:56 PM

I once spent an entire summer sitting in a caravan listening to Cold Fact over and over again with some great friends. Needless to say, it was the best summer of my life! The way his music reminds me perfectly of that time makes it so special and its great to find other people who feel the same way. Great web site, keep it up.

  Entry #717. 
   Glenn Coggin coggy52(at) 07th March 2005
05:07:05 AM

If I had to choose one line from a Rodriguez lyric that speaks volumes in just a few words it would be: "Public gets irate but forget the vote date" There are many beautiful songs on Coming From Reality, but the anger & frustration of the Cold Fact album does it for me. There's so much shit being caused by politicians that many people seem to be getting apathetic towards voting & trying to change things. GET RODRIGUEZ IN THE WHITE HOUSE!

  Entry #716. 
   aLan alan(at) 07th March 2005
12:39:28 AM

hey rodriguez, i know you take this all in your stride. you're the greatest man. i stand up on your music. thankx again. keep building.... aLan

  Entry #715. 
   Brian   02nd March 2005
09:31:45 AM

'I Wonder' been written before AIDS just shows you what a prophet Rodriguez actually is! And I've been a fan for over 30 years and I'm still trying to fathom out the meanings to a lot of his songs, but this is the line that hits me every time: "Were you tortured by your own thirst In those pleasures that you seek That made you Tom the curious That makes you James the weak?" He knows my soul, man...

  Entry #714. 
   Me too!   02nd March 2005
03:21:19 AM

Well done Joe Moor. I was fed up with that message from Pedro too! Maybe he could do a write up for the site about what all the Rodriguez songs are about? I'd love to know, cos I've only been into Rodriguez for the past 30 years (not 30 hours!) I Wonder would be fantastic for the AIDS campaign
unless Pedro could write a more suitable one of course!

  Entry #713. 
   Joe Moor   01st March 2005
10:58:50 PM

I was reading Pedro's message below.... One day he's never heard of Rodriguez, the next day he has, and is suddenly an expert on the subject passing opinions about "what the song was written about and you cant just try and add extra meaning when its not there" Many think that although there was no AIDS in the early-'70's, the line "I wonder how many times you've had sex, and I wonder do you care who'll be next" is spot on for an anti-AIDS campaign. But they better make sure that Pedro okays it before it goes out, don't want to upset this new Rodriguez fan! Doos!

  Entry #712. 
   Pedro kerpe554(at) 27th February 2005
03:44:16 AM

Holey Moley! Discovered Rodriguez for the first time yesterday. It's so good, ive been listening to it constantly. But i think it would be cheesy to use 'i wonder' in an aids campaign. Thats not what the song was written about and you cant just try and add extra meaning when its not there. it would be like using johnny cash's 'ring of fire' in a haemorhoid commercial (except not as funny). im not saying I wonder isn't an unbelieveably good song. Peter New Zealand 19

  Entry #711. 
   Glenn Coggin coggy52(at) 20th February 2005
05:45:06 AM

Hi Joe If you read my e-mail to Roddy Quinn, below, you'll see that I did ask him why Rodriguez wasn't included in the first place. He didn't seem to have an answer for that one!

  Entry #710. 
   Joe Moor   20th February 2005
12:26:01 AM

Maybe ask Roddy Quinn why Rodriguez wasn't invited in the first place?

  Entry #709. 
   Glenn   18th February 2005
08:47:58 AM

Just got this back. I'll try to give him a nudge to make sure Rodriguez plays it next year! That gives him 9 months to sort it out. Sounds like this year's a no-go though. Pleased I got a response though: Dear Glenn Thank you for your email. The line-up for this concert was confirmed approximately 3 months ago and unfortunately we don't have any additional positions available on the bill. Bets wishes Roddy

  Entry #708. 
   steve forbes flashforbes 18th February 2005
05:06:44 AM

I would like to know if/when Rod is playing around Europe again
i live in Bournemouth England. Great music, great, does Rod ever hang out with Leonard cohen

  Entry #707. 
   Brian   16th February 2005
09:31:49 AM

Just a reminder of why "I Wonder" is the perfect Aids Campaign song: I wonder how many times you've been had And I wonder how many plans have gone bad I wonder how many times you had sex I wonder do you know who'll be next I wonder l wonder wonder I do I wonder about the love you can't find And I wonder about the loneliness that's mine I wonder how much going have you got And I wonder about your friends that are not I wonder I wonder I wonder I do I wonder about the tears in children's eyes And I wonder about the soldier that dies I wonder will this hatred ever end I wonder and worry my friend I wonder I wonder wonder don't you? I wonder how many times you been had And I wonder how many dreams have gone bad I wonder how many times you've had sex And I wonder do you care who'll be next I wonder I wonder wonder I do ... and this was written in 1969!!! Rodriguez is truly a Poet and a Prophet.

  Entry #706. 
   Glenn Coggin coggy52(at) 16th February 2005
02:01:52 AM

I've just sent the following e-mail to Roddy Quinn, but I don't suppose I'll get a response. The more he gets better
so get typing folks! Dear Mr Quinn I have been following the news about the 46664 gig with great interest,and am very shocked to hear of your response to requests to include Sixto Rodriguez in the line-up for the gig. The man is a legend in South Africa, not to mention his following in Australia, New Zealand, England etc. Given the timescale of the organisation of the gig, and the time remaining before the concert, is there no way he could be added to the artists playing? I'm sure you want the concert to be as sucessful as possible. Rodriguez would certainly give your cause a lot of well deserved publicity,(and draw a very large crowd!). I would be very interested to hear your reasons for not including him and look forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely Glenn Coggin coggy52(at)

  Entry #705. 
   Phillip   15th February 2005
11:20:23 PM

I'm shocked!! I cannot believe that Real Concerts never considered Rodriguez for either of the 46664 concerts and then turned him down when he offered to appear!! I am going to email Real Concerts to protest and suggest that anyone who would like to do so as well, can email Real Concerts and Roddy Quinn at mailto:Real(at)

  Entry #704. 
   A Spokesperson   15th February 2005
11:10:27 PM

Rodriguez was neither considered nor invited to the first '46664' concert at Greenpoint Stadium in 2004. Like many others we felt his presence at such a prestigious media event would have been great for all concerned. We were again hopeful that Rodriguez would be invited to the second, upcoming '46664' concert, but once again he was overlooked. So we first established that Rodriguez was keen and available to participate in the '46664' concert at Fancourt before contacting the promoters, Real Concerts, to ask them to consider including Rodriguez on the bill. We were told to contact Roddy Quinn, head of Real Concerts, but efforts to achieve this proved fruitless as our calls were not returned. We tried speaking to a number of other people at Real Concerts but were always told to speak to Roddy Quinn himself, which still proved to be impossible. So we were forced to explain to Kim, a receptionist (!) at Real Concerts, that we were trying to get Rodriguez on to the bill as he felt he would really like to add his contribution to Nelson Mandela's very worthy AIDS cause. Kim called us back to tell us that the "line-up was completed" and that Rodriguez's services were not required. Seeing as there was, at that stage, still over 5 weeks to go to the concert, and each artist only plays one or two songs, we found it strange that Real Concerts were not interested in adding someone to the bill who is an adored living legend both in South Africa and overseas and whose name on the bill would be sure to bring many more fans to the '46664' concert. Added to that is the growing feeling that 'I Wonder' would work well as an anti-AIDS song for the '46664' cause. We know that there cannot be a promoter on the planet who would turn down Rodriguez for any concert, let alone in South Africa, so we are all baffled by the response from Roddy Quinn and Real Concerts. Was this a business or personal decision??? Either way, unless good sense prevails, Rodriguez will not be at the '46664' concert, which is REALly bad news for all. Sis man!!

  Entry #703. 
   Jeffrey Luge Holdip oluge(at) 14th February 2005
10:32:45 PM

How can one get in contact with Sixto. I am interested in having him record a version of his Silver Words. I was going to use Ken Boothe but after finding out that Sixto was writer for this song, it would be great to get him to do it. I live in Toronto, which is only 4 hours away from Detroit. I have produced a Dub album in 2000 "The Luge Sessions". I am also Nelly Furtado's live sound engineer. I hope someone can help me track him down and see if he would be interested. Thank You

  Entry #702. 
   Jeffrey Luge Holdip oluge(at) 14th February 2005
10:31:39 PM

How can one get in contact with Sixto. I am interested in having him record a version of his Silver Words. I was going to use Ken Boothe but after finding out that Sixto was writer for this song, it would be great to get him to do it. I live in Toronto, which is only 4 hours away from Detroit. I have produced a Dub album in 2000 "The Luge Sessions". I am also Nelly Furtado's live sound engineer. I hope someone can help me track him down and see if he would be interested. Thank You

  Entry #701. 
   Dave Smith   13th February 2005
12:11:40 AM

The 46664 concerts are being promoted by Real Concerts and Roddy Quinn, a SA company who will definitely want to have Rodriguez at the concert. I'm sure they will invite Rodriguez if they have not already. I love Linn's idea of using 'I Wonder' as the theme tune for 46664!!

  Entry #700. 
   Linn   12th February 2005
01:51:21 AM

'I Wonder' is the perfect AIDS Awareness song... and the final verse has the line: "And I wonder DO YOU CARE who'll be next?". Surely this could be the ideal campaign song for 46664. Rodriguez on worldwide TV? Yes!! But the concert promoters probably haven't even thought of it! Has anybody at actually contacted the promoters?

  Entry #699. 
   Brendan   11th February 2005
10:39:54 AM

I haven't seen much news about the concert, so maybe Rodriguez will be there. Just Jinger will be at the concert so maybe they can bring Rodriguez onstage to join them for their version of Sugarman like they did when in 1998 in Joburg.

  Entry #698. 
   Thelma   11th February 2005
10:37:23 AM

I would definitely go to the 46664 concert at Fancourt if Rodriguez is going to be there. I saw him last year in August in Mossel Bay and he was fantastic!

  Entry #697. 
   Lester Banks   11th February 2005
12:43:09 AM

Hi, Does anyone have any idea why Rodriguez is not appearing on the upcoming '46664' AIDS Awareness concert happening at Fancourt in George on March 19 ??? I was at the first '46664' concert at Greenpoint Stadium and thought that Rodriguez would have been a great addition to that line-up. There was someone on that bill called Abdel Wright, who did a great solo song, who I've never heard of before or since...imagine if that had been Rodriguez on worldwide TV singing 'Sugar Man' or 'I Wonder'. I also heard that the Rodriguez song 'I Wonder' has been linked to a few US AIDS Awarenes TV commercials ("I wonder how many times you've sex and I wonder do you know who'll be next" being the obvious line). Rodriguez has family living on the Garden Route and has a huge local following there, as in most of South Africa. He played 3 sold-out concerts on the Garden Route last August, so I would think that his presence on the '46664' bill in that area would help to raise the profile of this important concert and bring many more fans through the gates. I haven't yet seen Rodriguez's name linked to the concert, but I also haven't seen any news about the final line-up for the concert. So I'm still hoping that Rodriguez will be on it. Anyone got any info on this?

  Entry #696. 
   Glenn Coggin coggy52(at) 06th February 2005
02:56:59 PM

Hi all This article is 3 or 4 years old & you might have already seen it, but I thought I'd add the link incase you haven't Well done Brian, you're doing a great job with this site
thanks from all us punters! And if Rodriguez is reading this message
hope you do get a new album out (we're all waiting & hoping!) Cheers

  Entry #695. 
   callaghan yves.marchon(at) 01st February 2005
06:23:52 AM

I discovered jesus rodriguez album cold fact last summer from a friend of mine. I listen to it all the time now. I am making a movie in europe and I was wonder how I could get the rights for 1 or 2 songs? Since the album is only released in south africa... someone knows anything about the label? thank you dave

  Entry #694. 
   Gareth Evans   28th January 2005
07:45:54 AM

I grew up believing the guy was dead, I sat listening to him the whole trip on the "Trans Karoo" (only tape I had then). Then I saw him live in Durban. All I can say THANK YOU for all the good times we had listening to your music and THANK YOU FOR YOUR MUSIC.

  Entry #693. 
   Glenn (again) coggy52(at) 26th January 2005
03:33:10 PM

I've just seen a copy of Cold Fact on E-Bay (white cover). It's at 10 & says "mint" condition. Four days left to bid. See ya!

  Entry #692. 
   Glenn Coggin coggy52(at) 26th January 2005
05:38:35 AM

Hi Jonathan I haven't got the cd with me at the office & I can't remember what key it's in
but I'll send Brian a transcription for the site later today, and I'll e-mail you a copy direct.

  Entry #691. 
   Jonathan Kerley jonathan.kerley(at) 24th January 2005
11:38:54 PM

Does anyone have the chords to Inner City Blues ? Just can't get it right. Powderfinger run 3 guitars, one sounds like it has a capo. I have only heard their cover of the song, so not sure if the original is straight out or with a capo. Looking forward to purchasing some Rodriquez CD's.

  Entry #690. 
   Daniel Roth DanielJRoth(at) 24th January 2005
02:59:25 PM

Hey there, I live in Detroit, and returned home recently after spending some time in Bloemfontein where I discovered Rodriguez. I saw him yesterday, getting off a bus a half a block from my house. He seems to be a very private man, maybe a bit depressed. Wearing all black he sort of apeared out of the mists and returned to them without notice. Amazing story he has, and if I do speak to him I will mention the cares from all of his fans. He is not dead!!! He looks well, skinny and fit. I will write more when I actually talk to him. Funny that I want his music on CD but cannot get it w/o importing it. Good tidings

  Entry #689. 
   Liz Lane liz.lane3(at) 24th January 2005
04:57:34 AM

Oh I feel a bit foolish now because I've just gone to the home page and found all the gen. I obviously entered the message board by another route. Cheers Liz

  Entry #688. 
   Liz Lane liz.lane3(at) 24th January 2005
04:50:32 AM

Where can we access information on Rodriguez himself
i.e. where did he live, where was he born does he really have any living family and how and where did he die etc... I am and have been a fan for many years
in SA now living in the UK I find no-one knows of him. But I am amazed to see an earlier visitor saying he is not known in the US. Can anyone fill in the details please?

  Entry #687. 
   Alex alexanderroche(at) 22nd January 2005
10:03:39 PM

This Easter at Byron Bay (Australia) there will be the 16th annual East Coast Roots & Blues Festival. It would be nice if you were there. I remember your concert at the Regent (Sydney) 1979, when you broke a string and seemed bemused that there were people there to come on stage restring your guitar and returned it to you. 26 years later, like your music, that memory endures. Please if not this year, next, try to get to the East Coast Roots & Blues Festival. 30 years of riding on your music. Thanks Alex.

  Entry #686. 
   Andries andrieso(at) 22nd January 2005
08:55:29 AM

Hi there, please note that you can purchase brand new Rodriguez vinyl through AudioNut, Johannesburg. Have a look at the web site for the details. The new pressings are super, pressed in the USA on the Sussex label.

  Entry #685. 
   Ross, Brisbane ross242(at) 11th January 2005
09:11:40 AM

Can't believe you are alive! So glad you are still enjoying success, with song like yours it's Inevitable. Betterb late then never! I hope you can make it to australia in 2005, I know for a fact Brisbane has a hundreds that will be there. I am in a singer song writer in a brisbane band and would love to help organise a tour.

  Entry #684. 
   Sharon New Zealand 10th January 2005
10:25:14 PM

oh boy! at last I have modern technology and I can find something on this man. Where in New Zealand can I buy Rodriguez music and song books or can I be the New Zealand agent,lol.

  Entry #683. 
   Glenn coggy52(at) 06th January 2005
03:58:15 PM

Hi again Brian Sorry to be a pain & hog the message board! I've sent the chords to "You'd Like To Admit It" to your e-mail address at the foot of this page if you'd like to use that one. I've worked it out & played along & I think it's spot on to the record. If you don't receive them for any reason, send me a reply to my link & I'll attach it to that. All the best Glenn

  Entry #682. 
   Brian   06th January 2005
07:46:50 AM

Hi Glenn Just wishful thinking about a new album I'm afraid... I've removed that info now to avoid confusion... And if people send me chords for 'After The Fact' I'll gladly put them up... Cheers Brian

  Entry #681. 
   Glenn coggy52(at) 04th January 2005
02:58:50 PM

Hi Brian Just looking at the "What's new" section. In the piece about record/cd sleeves, what's that one with "new album" about. Is there one in the making? Hope I haven't missed something? Hoping to get some chords to you for the secons album fairly soon. Would be great to have some of those tabs on the site. Keep up the great work Glenn

  Entry #680. 
   Michael bio2000(at) 29th December 2004
12:15:04 AM

Hi all, Just a query. I have an original Rodriguez album
Cold Fact. Is this a rare item? The album is over 30 years old, and was purchased in Melbourne, Australia. Its in good condition
plays prefectly (doesn't jump or scratched) Is it worth anything to a collector or maybe e-bay ?

  Entry #679. 
   George figjamone(at) 26th December 2004
06:11:08 PM

In the 1970's I was only a teenager when i first heard "cold Fact" and decided I wanted this album for the rest of my life. I am now 43 years old and I still listen to cold Fact as much as I can. The reason I listen to it so much is because I keep thinking that each song is his way of showing people how his city lives. I can imagine him walking down the street and writing songs about what he sees or who he talks to. This album makes me think that I should be more aware of people and sites around my city. I live in Melbourne Australia

  Entry #678. 
   Garth Jack anglozuluyank(at) 18th December 2004
06:04:15 PM

I had to steal your CD's off my sister. I'm a South African who has lived in the US about 6 years... As you know no one knows Rodriguez here, I have to introduce them to you. Hence on my last visit to South Africa i had to slip "After The Fact", and "Cold Fact" into my bags. Thanks

  Entry #677. 
   Glenn Coggin coggy52(at) 13th December 2004
08:35:54 AM

Have you heard of It's a recording label where the artist has control over what's released etc. Tom Waits is on it amongst others. Maybe that would be a way of getting some new songs recorded/released? Love the other albums but a new one would be fantastic! No probs about the chord
thanks for changing it. Glenn

  Entry #676. 
   Banana Peels rooster100per(at) 12th December 2004
07:07:22 PM

Rodriguez is an absoulute music legend todays crap music doesnot even compare.

  Entry #675. 
   Brian brian(at) 12th December 2004
01:11:15 AM

Hi Glenn Just the original sheet music and that D should be a B, so I've corrected it... thanks... Brian

  Entry #674. 
   Glenn Coggin coggy52(at) 09th December 2004
04:34:12 AM

Hi all I've just been playing some of the songs using the chords on the site. There's a chord that isn't right on Establishment Blues. On the last line of each verse the D should be a B7 (or just B if you struggle?). It sounds much better played like that. Don't know whether it'll get changed on the site? If you read this Rodriguez, send me an e-mail & say "hi", it would be great to hear from you after being a big fan for years. Have a lovely Christmas everyone + a very peaceful New Year. xxxxxxx

  Entry #673. 
   Danie Danie.virgologistics(at) 29th November 2004
07:57:25 AM

Hi , Listened to Rodriques during the 70's while in the SADF. Like all the order blokes I played the songs over and over again. Heared he was dead , saw him on stage , but was disappointed when he didn't rock up for an appointment at CD Warehouse in Cape Town. Hope to see him next time around.

  Entry #672. 
   Pete Ross lapjross(at) 27th November 2004
08:20:11 PM

Is there any MIDI FILES available online? If so. where could I find them?.

  Entry #671. 
   Dave Wrigley wrigleydave(at) 25th November 2004
10:37:29 PM

Hi people , its funny after reading this to see that Rodriguez was bigger overseas than in his own country of america when most muscians head to america to become famous , i had no idea of this situation until i stumbled upon this great website , me and my friends here in sydney have been listening to his music since the late seventies , i have a vast record collection that spans 3 decades of artist and i still consider Rodriguez to be my favourite , maybe it was his honest interpretation that alot of americans didnt like who knows , i now see that i didnt know much about the man after looking at this sight , i always pictured him to be wandering around in the desert of mexico very mystical , anyway was wondering if anyone had the chords to sugarman i have rich mans hoax and hate street dialogue worked out if anyone wants a copy ,cheers

  Entry #670. 
   Ryan Donald loveryder(at) 24th November 2004
12:14:15 PM

hi i live in the usa origanally from south africa your music is a huge part in the sountrack of my life! detroit has awsome music comming out of there still today will you play here if so where?

  Entry #669. 
   Anonymous   24th November 2004
12:12:14 PM

  Entry #668. 
   Jem sprjer002(at) 21st November 2004
05:32:29 PM

Im a student and recently heard Rodriguez for the first time at a mates place. I found the lyrics so insightful, so relevant to life and social interaction. His depictions of human behaviour and the motivation behind it is inspiring...Thanks for an awesome site

  Entry #667. 
   Lynne LynneTaljaard(at) 21st November 2004
02:44:08 AM

First heard the Cold Fact Album (then LP) at the age of 17 (1975) and loved it. I now have the CD as well as my LP and thoroughly enjoy his music. I agree with all that his music is timeless. It is so great to wander back down memory lane when listening to his music. I live in CT and am sad to say that I missed his concert and I will keep an eye on this website to see if he comes back for some more concerts which I definately will not miss. Thanks for a great website
KEEP IT UP!!! 21st November 2004

  Entry #666. 
   aLan   17th November 2004
06:42:04 AM

Rodriguez, you're great! I can't wait for the whole world to discover you.... I have no doubt that it's going to happen... soon. Look forward to meeting. with Love...

  Entry #665. 
   DEBBIE THORNTON info(at) 11th November 2004
05:14:14 AM

The first time I listened to Rodriguez was as a 17/18 year old in 1979 in Tasmania Australia with friends. I was instantly mesmerised by the poet's lyrics and the supporting instrumentals were mind blowing. 25 years later as a 41 year old (still going on 18) I appreciate his music just as much, if not more. My life is undergoing somewhat of a seachange recently, and I find myself getting out his old LP's and cold fact CD, and taking myself away to some mystical magical place. A place that we all find in our souls when we listen to the Master. Come visit Australia soon!

  Entry #664. 
   MATT LUCKIE   07th November 2004
02:59:23 AM


  Entry #663. 
   Anonymous   07th November 2004
02:50:44 AM

  Entry #662. 
   Rudolf thedarkoverlord(at) 06th November 2004
05:51:12 AM

Anyone know the Chords for silver words? I think its one of the best love songs ever!

  Entry #661. 
   stephen tamla162000(at) 27th October 2004
04:00:42 AM

please come to melbourne australia and do some concerts it would be great

  Entry #660. 
   Brian brian(at) 26th October 2004
02:56:43 PM

Hi Durban The E-Bay LP mentioned below is the 1979 Australian re-issue on the Blue Goose label. Brian

  Entry #659. 
   Durban durban-shot(at) 25th October 2004
05:25:56 PM

Hey guys its me again ;) Anybody knows if its a tour planned through out germany? Theres a statly growing crowed here who wanna see him live on stage!!!! And also can anbody tell me if this LP is an original pressing or only an re-.?? Heres the link which shows the LP on ebay i mean -> Greetings from a german dude

  Entry #658. 
   nevada cornwell nevada1972(at) 18th October 2004
01:21:57 AM

First listened to Rodriguez when i was 15 in 1987. Have continued to be facinated by his music ever since. I truly beleive it was the reason that i became a social worker. I have never heard someone produce music with such a strong social feel. His music teaches people to live and learn about real life. I am always passing copies of his music to social work freinds who become instantly addicted to his music. Will be a fan forever to this timeless music.

  Entry #657. 
   grante gstibbard(at) 13th October 2004
12:10:02 AM


  Entry #656. 
   Simon simon_hodgson98(at) 07th October 2004
08:04:35 PM

Hi Guys, Only just learnt of Rodriguez here in Australia recently. Great music. Would anyone here be kind enough to send me the chords or tablature for Inner City Blues? Would be very grateful. Kindest regards A new Rodriguez fan.

  Entry #655. 
   KATH jh2005kd(at) 03rd October 2004
02:58:19 PM

I was at the gig in SA in 1998, at the villiage green in durban, a great time was had by all, i have now been livingin london for the past sevral years and none of the english peeps i have met here have heard of the ledgend, im totally insensed!! So i have gone around lending out my cold fact album to as many people as i can, and the comments coming back from my mates is great, one of my mates owns a south african bar in west london, and we play the c.d there all the time.. it just has such awsome memories of our teenage years... I WONDER if he'll tour SA again? he would still sell out venues there.. The dudes a ledgend

  Entry #654. 
   Jon Flynn jon(at) 02nd October 2004
05:05:26 PM

Well, seems that Rodriguez has made it back Stateside ! I have been livin gin NYC for 2 years now and brought my SA bought Rodriguez CD's with me !!! I have now got a troupe of friends preaching the word of Rodriguez to eberyone they know and then some ! At my local downtown Brooklyn Bar, watch out for Rodriguez blasting out to the early hours of the morning ! Now if we can only get the man to TOUR USA as well as good ol' ZA !!! DANKIE BOETIE !!!!!!!!!!!

  Entry #653. 
   Leigh Campbell lee_mal_man(at) 28th September 2004
07:57:03 AM

Good to find this web site , bin listening to Rodriguez since early 70,s,I have 2 albums a bit worst for ware but I still play them, Cold Fact /Comeing from Reality.Had three but sold one years ago, hope he tours Australia again.

  Entry #652. 
   Brian brian(at) 26th September 2004
03:55:17 AM

Hi Jake Special offer at Sugar Music
buy 'All The Facts'
'Cold Fact', 'After The Fact' and 'Live Fact' for a special discounted price. All 3 CDs also available separately. Visit or click on the ad on the top left of this webpage.

  Entry #651. 
   jake sexy_mullet(at) 24th September 2004
06:51:40 AM

were can i buy a rodriguez albem i herd surgerman on david holmes
come get it, but im from the uk and cant seem to get hold of eny rodriguez albems. please help me

  Entry #650. 
   El Presidente   23rd September 2004
05:49:43 AM

Respect to Rodriguez. Just sitting here listening to Sundrevan Lullaby. Thanks for you time.

  Entry #649. 
   matt   23rd September 2004
01:30:01 AM

Without a doubt the most fantastic artist! to all the people that i treat with his music, i am still to find a person who is not touched by his work.

  Entry #648. 
   Bananna Peels roosterseiyan(at) 22nd September 2004
10:27:02 PM

Love Rodriguez any one know a good site to listen to his tunes i got one of his albums on tape and love his style

  Entry #647. 
   Tony bernadette(at) 19th September 2004
01:18:31 PM

Can anyone let me know what the latest is on Rodriguez? When is he touring in S A again? The world's greatest musical genius!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Entry #646. 
   Lorena lorena(at) 16th September 2004
11:49:24 PM

I have been a fan for 25 years! My brother introduced him to me when i was 15 years old. I now have a 17 year old daughter who also loves Rodriguez! She is flatting now and while talking to her on the phone one day, she said to me ... 'are you playing Rodriguez!' Yep I said. She said , " Im on my way over!" Then just the other day I went to the shop before heading to work and Rodriguez was blasting out of some guys truck! I had never known anyone else to play him, except for family! So I tracked down the fella who belonged to the truck. I Told him he was skating on thin ice! "what he said" I said to him " I told my daughter I'd marry the man who loves Rodriguez as much as me!" He laughed and said" Cold Facts" Absolutely i said!. Thanks Rodriguez , you dont know it, but we've been best friends for a long time now. Lorena New Zealand

  Entry #645. 
mbennett(at) 16th September 2004
06:51:30 AM

I have been listening to 'Cold Fact' the last couple of days driving to work, hey, what memories ! I played it in the office and the response was impressive ! Everyone knows you here, you inspired a friend to play the guitar, another to get through their teenage years, perhaps your contribution to the 'liberation' of South Africa can never be measured but doubtless will be far greater than anyone can imagine. Sorry to have missed your tour in August, perhaps next time. There is a great venue in the Groot Marico Bosveld, lots of local musicians, some people believe the soul of Africa resides here. Love and peace

  Entry #644. 
   Durban durban-shot(at) 13th September 2004
04:55:53 PM

Hey Rodriguez addicted ppl Maybe some of u guys can help me further because i`m looking for any rodriguez album on vinyl (its was awsome an original pressing). I can`t find non on any posted sites (Amazon,HMV or Sugar Music). I was very greatful for any respons... THX Maybe some of u can give me a link where i can get it!!!

  Entry #643. 
   Amy D amydohnt(at) 11th September 2004
12:48:34 AM

For those of you in australia- Powderfinger has just released a live double album, and they cover Inner city Blues on disc two. They have done a pretty good job of it too. check it out!!

  Entry #642. 
   wayne & jesse wayno(at) 09th September 2004
07:17:32 PM

Hi there, haven't met you as such, but know all your music. Rodriguez please say hi to nicki for us. we know her from long back. we signed our wedding registry on her verandah up in rondevlei. thanks man

  Entry #641. 
   Brian   03rd September 2004
01:13:42 PM

Special offer at Sugar Music
buy 'All The Facts'
'Cold Fact', 'After The Fact' and 'Live Fact' for a special discounted price. All 3 CDs also available separately. Visit or click on the ad on the top left of this webpage.

  Entry #640. 
   Joe M yyz668(at) 31st August 2004
11:13:34 AM

I live in the UK now, grew up in Joburg. It is most gratifying to discover that Both Rodrigues and Shawn Phillips
icons in Africa, rejected in their own countries
have been re-discovered and subsequently toured our broken country. Perhaps there a lesson here? Thank you, Sixto, for the small handful of songs that never grow old. Joe.

  Entry #639. 
   Bobby bobbhughes(at) 28th August 2004
07:44:21 AM

Thank you Rodriguez You've been with me every step of my life

  Entry #638. 
   Brian brian(at) 22nd August 2004
01:37:03 PM

Hi Brian Take a look here... Is this the one you are talking about? Cheers Brian

  Entry #637. 
   brian brianpash(at) 21st August 2004
07:55:19 AM

Why does your site not cover the UK release of his coming from reality album, after all it is has the most interesting sleeve with its cut out gatefold. PS Any word on any UK gigs?

  Entry #636. 
   Anonymous   17th August 2004
12:24:46 PM

Thanks for the info Sugar(lucky man!) do you know if Sixto has any plans to play in the UK? best regards Richard

  Entry #635. 
   Sugar   17th August 2004
12:43:57 AM

Rodriguez played three sold-out concerts on the Garden Route in the Southern Cape this past weekend. His band for these concerts was Graeme Sindall (lead guitar), Heath Sindall (drums), and Neil Ford (bass). The first gig was at The Barnyard in Mossel Bay on Friday 13th August followed by two concerts on Saturday 14th August at Beyond The Moon in Hoekwil in the Wilderness. Rodriguez was in top form and played three lengthy sets which included many of his best-known songs off 'Cold Fact' like the compulsory 'Sugar Man', 'I Wonder', 'Inner City Blues', and 'Rich Folks Hoax' alongside rarer tracks like 'Street Boy', 'Can't Get Away', and many off the 'After The Fact/Coming From Reality' album. But it was the cover versions sprinkled into these sets that caused just as much interest. Rodriguez made songs like Etta James' 'At Last', The Beatles' 'All My Loving' and 'Daytripper', and the Stones 'Satisfaction' all his own. Rodriguez also covered Midnight Oil's 'Redneck Wonderland', Sinatra's 'I Got You Under My Skin' and an obscure song from Judy Garland called 'I'm Going To Live' Rodriguez, now 62, is in great shape and enjoyed playing these gigs with his new, young band from the area. At this stage no more SA gigs are lined up for this visit, but plans are underway for more SA gigs of this low-key nature in the near future.

  Entry #634. 
   Steve   15th August 2004
04:56:36 AM

How can we get the concert footage filmed for the docu 98?The shows were filmed and it would be great to watch the somgs complete, not edited with talking!I was at the Carousel show and would love to have a copy on video.He was great.

  Entry #633. 
   Donna-Marie Bronkhorst
Hamilton, New Zealand
dbronkhorst(at) 13th August 2004
01:16:54 AM

I can't believe I am missing out on seeing you again. I caught your last concert in PE and it was absolutely awesome, especially meeting you after the show, I just couldn't get off that high for a couple of months after that. I was no longer just "halfway up the stairs". It was so surreal, meeting someone who's music I had loved and listened to for over 2 decades, and this man was not only talking to me but took me by the hand, stood up (anyone who was at the show knows that we were told you would be signing ONLY) and there we were, chatting away like old friends. My most prized possession is my "personalized" signed copy of "At his Best". You asked me where I got it & what was my favourite track, I said the un-edited version of Sandrevan Lullaby, you asked me if I knew about it and what it was about. It turns out my alltime favourite song "Halfway up the stairs" is also the first song you ever wrote. Congratulations on the birth of you grandchild and I hope you have a wonderfull time back in South Africa, now I miss it even more knowing you are there. PLEASE visit New Zealand someday, I believe you have many fans here, but none as lucky as I who have met you!

  Entry #632. 
   Robert   12th August 2004
05:50:28 PM

Hi Im from Vienna,Austria and I wanted to thank you for this site and Rodriguez for his music. Its been with me since 1973 or 74 (when I heard it the first time) even I didnt know who he was or even the name of the man behind this wonderful songs. Its great to find out all about him after so many years of uncertainity.

  Entry #631. 
   brian   12th August 2004
01:58:12 AM

An mp3 of the rare Rodriguez track 'Street Boy' which is not on 'Cold Fact' or 'After The Fact' is now available at MWeb...

  Entry #630. 
   ....and you think I'm curious coggy52(at) 10th August 2004
08:05:10 AM

While we're on the subject, who's Mrs. Annie Johnson?

  Entry #629. 
   Justin 123harry(at) 09th August 2004
08:03:51 PM

Just a lyrics question
from Cause, who is Molly McDonald? As in "they'll take their bonus pay to Molly McDonald" Anybody know? Cheers

  Entry #628. 
   Brian brian(at) 07th August 2004
04:57:19 AM

The Sugarman visits Sugar at Sugar Music... I've added some photos to this website of Rodriguez's surprise visit to Sugar Music/Mabu Vinyl on Friday 30th July. Visit or click on "back to home page" above and go to "What's New"... Cheers Brian

  Entry #627. 
   Glenn coggy52(at) 04th August 2004
10:23:00 AM

Hi there Rodriguez! Been listening to Coming From Reality & Live Fact. Aw man. These songs are beautiful. Is there no way you can get past the shit caused by record companies & get some more songs to us? Good luck with the Garden Route gigs & most importantly, congratulations on the birth of your grandchild! (took my kids camping last week, & my daughter (aged 7) asked me to put your songs on all week
she says you're "cool!") Keep happy

  Entry #626. 
   mark webb thewebbs51(at) 03rd August 2004
01:45:27 PM

I remember listening to cold fact throughout my teenage years in Zimbabwe, I couldn't believe it when i got to the Uk and he was relatively unknown. Their loss i say. My brother who resides in Sedgefield will hopefully be conducting a phone interview for his free newspaper 'The Edge' that serves Sedgefield and Wilderness. Go on down and see him... you know his name well... he's everything you read, he's got it to sell! (ok so the last line doesn't really work because it's a free paper but there you go!) Anytime you think of coming to the UK Rodriguez, please let me know. M

  Entry #625. 
   The Huletts Reporter   03rd August 2004
01:27:46 PM

There have been numerous Rodriguez sightings in the Southern Cape since he arrived for his sojourn in the Wilderness a week or so ago. Rodriguez has hooked up with, of all things, a 'Rodriguez' tribute band called Garden Route (cause that's where they come from), and will be appearing with them at his upcoming gigs in the Wilderness (Monday 9th Aug
Women's Day and on Saturday 14th August at Back oF The Moon) and in Mossel Bay (Friday 13th August at the Barnyard). Book now because those shows are almost sold out... There is talk of some possible Cape Town dates after those gigs
watch this space. Rodriguez was also spotted at Mabu Vinyl, the music shop in central Cape Town, last Friday afternoon, and then later at Caprice in Camps Bays, and then in Hout Bay where he attended the 10th Anniversary celebrations of Rainbow Promotions, the company that handled his first tour to South Africa in 1998. So Rodriguez is hanging out in the Cape .... keep your eyes and ears open. And, as always, he sends his best to all his friends and fans all over the world...

  Entry #624. 
   rebel   03rd August 2004
12:21:53 PM

Does anybody know what he means with "jumpers" in his song sugarman when he sings"jumpers, coke, sweet mary jane"???

  Entry #623. 
   Richard   03rd August 2004
12:12:35 PM

Does anyone know the concert dates? R

  Entry #622. 
   Richard   03rd August 2004
12:09:17 PM

  Entry #621. 
   Max maxz(at) 03rd August 2004
07:30:00 AM


  Entry #620. 
   Trev roadhousemedia2004(at) 22nd July 2004
07:24:12 AM

I was introduced to Rodriguez be a close friend of mine from SA. I had never heard him before but now I think he was the best sound to come out of the late sixties and early seventies. I think that its a great shame he didn't become popular in the US but as the same time this has aided him by only becoming popular to a small minority of real people who respect and enjoy real music. A true legend...

  Entry #619. 
   Jonny gadflytony(at) 22nd July 2004
04:09:41 AM

He's playing live? I wish he'd come to New Zealand. I really do. Does anyone know how I can get a copy of 'Dead Men Don't Tour?'. I edit the music section of a magazine in New Zealand and want to do a small piece on 'Cold Fact' in the next couple of months (I'd really like to put him on the cover) and would love to see some footage, other than the 'I Wonder' clip from this website.

  Entry #618. 
09:16:06 AM

We saw Rodriguez live at a show in Otjiwarongo this past week, and he is still amazing!!!!!

  Entry #617. 
   Glenn coggy52(at) 21st July 2004
06:01:02 AM

Hi Sandra I've been a massive fan of you Dad for 25 years. Only just discovered all this stuff on the internet
amazing. I got an e-mail from Steven Segerman the other day. Glad to hear your Dad is well & still keen to make music. I Live in England so for a lot of years all I had were the rumours (yuk!). Do you still have any items for sale? I play guitar locally & play your Dad's songs, but probably couldn't afford one of his guitars? Do you still have anything to sell, or maybe something signed? Can't believe I'm writing to his daughter! Wierd!! (sorry
not you "Wierd!") Best wishes & look after him. Glenn Coggin

  Entry #616. 
   matt stampy34(at) 15th July 2004
08:13:18 PM


  Entry #615. 
   Glenn coggy52(at) 13th July 2004
08:35:58 AM

Hi again, Sorry about that
had to nip off to order Cold Fact, After The Fact & Live in SA. Where was I? Oh yeah. What a great thing it is to find Rodriguez after all these years. The songs get better with time. I sing & strum around Scarborough (England) and have sung "I Wonder" & "Sugarman" in my set. I always tell the story of Rodriguez. I'm sure if the record company at the time had done their job the whole story would be different. I'm not sure who runs this website, or if Rodriguez gets to read it? I do hope so. If you're reading it
"Hello Rodriguez! The man, the music, THE GENIUS!" I'll have to wait for the cd's to come & while I'm waiting I'll get my guitar out. Cya

  Entry #614. 
   joe joannemain(at) 12th July 2004
05:59:35 AM

hey happy birthday and a good year to you. cheers!!!

  Entry #613. 
   Ghostwriter   11th July 2004
10:26:24 AM

Rodriguez has been an complete inspiration for me musically, and I am astonished that he never became a real compercial success in the west. He is a genius.

  Entry #612. 
   Troubled Man - 11th July 2004
10:24:20 AM

Thankyou Rod for helping me understand why I shouldn't have abused my girlfriend...

  Entry #611. 
   Brian brian(at) 11th July 2004
08:49:10 AM

Hi A very happy birthday Rodriguez... I was one of those troopies who made it through my time in Namibia (then know as South West Africa), thanks to your music. I celebrated your birthday by playing 'Cold Fact' and then 'After The Fact' for myself and my teenage children, who are also big fans... Your music is truly timeless... Brian

  Entry #610. 
   SA Rock Digest Issue #257   11th July 2004
08:45:04 AM

RODRIGUEZ TO PLAY GIG IN NAM Rodriguez arrived in Windhoek from Detroit last Saturday and will be performing a one-off concert in a place called Otjiwarongo on Thursday 15 July. This concert forms part of the Cheetah National Arts Festival which is being held this week in this small Namibian town which is approximately 400kms from Windhoek The cult singer-songwriter, known for his albums ‘Cold Fact’ and ‘After The Fact’, celebrated his 62nd birthday last week and is looking forward to his first concert in Namibia. The organisers of the concert felt that Rodriguez was the ideal choice for this festival as his music loomed very large in the minds of many of the South African soldiers who spent time in Namibia during the border wars of the ‘70’s and the ‘80’s. It has been said that Rodriguez’ music was to the war in Namibia what Jimi Hendrix’s music was to the soldiers in Vietnam. Rodriguez will be travelling on to South Africa following the Namibiam concert, but (to date) no SA concerts have been pencilled in for the artist’s SA visit, although discussions are underway for a possible third SA tour in late 2004 or early 2005. Rodriguez’ two studio albums, ‘Cold Fact’ and ‘After The Fact’, were recently reissued with full liner notes and new packaging and those albums, as well as the ‘Live Fact’ album (recorded during Rodriguez’ first tour to SA in 1998) are currently available online at (or click on banner above). Air Namibia has designed special packages from South Africa including air fare, car hire and accommodation at the Festival. Contact details for the Cheetah National Arts Festival are: Tel: (067) 30 1216; Fax: (067) 30 1202 E-mail: mailto:artworks(at) Website:

  Entry #609. 
   Marc cornyweeper(at) 10th July 2004
03:30:27 PM

Im only 18, and when I heard Rodriguez for the first when i was about 13, it was Just Ginger... Then a few years down the line I find out that it wasnt JJ but somone else. Then I found a Rodriguez CD and now Rodriguez is the best music my ears have ever had the privilege to hear. Sugar Man by Just Ginger is one thing, by Rodriguez is an emotional Xperiance. :) Just my two cents and just wanna say Rodriguez can make a bad day a good day. I know ill make my children listen to this. Also, I consider myself very lucky that I got to see him live at Woodstock and the best thing in the world would be if Rodriguez could play in South Africa again, soon very soon :).

  Entry #608. 
   Richard   10th July 2004
04:52:51 AM

Happy Birthday Sixto, Would be great to see you play London this year

  Entry #607. 
   Jannie janmaree(at) 10th July 2004
04:17:59 AM

Hallo everyone. The paragraph below was copied from this website: "Nothing more was heard from him, and nobody seemed to know where he was, or if he was even still alive. His appeal continued and Cold Fact sold steadily through the years. He was "found" again in 1997 thanks to the internet and the perserverance of some die-hard fans, namely Craig Bartholomew and Stephen "Sugar" Segerman." May I now ask: What happened to the royalties earned by his record/CD sales, as well as from radio broadcasts? Did he actually receive it? May his music live forever.

  Entry #606. 
   Willemiek trueworks04(at) 09th July 2004
07:52:05 AM

Dear Rodriguez, I already want to wish you a happy birthday. All the best for you and your lovely family. I hope this year will bring you lots of love, luck and happiness. And I hope we'll meet again....... Thank you for the music, it keeps me going.

  Entry #605. 
   joe joannemain(at) 09th July 2004
05:26:09 AM

hey this is joe, the kidnapper. just saying hi and trying to contact you. hope all is well

  Entry #604. 
   Glenn coggy52(at) 08th July 2004
08:34:41 AM

I had a friend a about 25 years ago. She grew up in South Africa. She brought Cold Fact back with her & it blew us all away. Couldn't find out anything about Rodriguez over here in England, no one I knew had heard of him, and my friend moved away (with her LP!). Computers may not be good for many things, but finding Rodriguez at last is unbelievable. Need to get some CDs ordered now. Bye everyone.

  Entry #603. 
   Ray rainbowboksburg(at) 08th July 2004
04:39:01 AM

I have been a fan of Rodrigues for about 20 years!!! My kids grew up on the music. I made them listen until they too became fans!! Would love to see Rodrigues LIVE in SA again!!

  Entry #602. 
   Mick mhiltonwood(at) 06th July 2004
07:26:25 PM

Great site! I recall searching for Rodriguez a few years ago and finding nothing, but your site provides much info. I knew Rodriguez was obscure in his native USA but not that he was so popular in southern Africa, it seems as much so as he is in Australia. Aus band "Stella one eleven" did a cover of "Only good for conversation" a few years ago, Does anyone else know of any recorded covers?

  Entry #601. 
   Linda Kansa kansa_l(at) 06th July 2004
09:50:42 AM

I am the "Linda" mentioned in Eva Kodriguez Koller's e-mails from 1997 or 1998. I was married to Heikki of "Heikki's Suburbia Bus Tour", recorded by Rodriguez and referred to in Eva's memories. I left the Detroit area for nearly 26 years, and subsequently,I lost track of Rodriguez's career. I now reside in a suburb of Detroit, and am wondering if anyone can bring me up to date on his whereabouts? I sense from what I've read that he may be in South Africa or somewhere abroad. Hope to hear something from someone out there....!

  Entry #600. 
   llama   03rd July 2004
11:25:42 PM

I've been into Rodriguez since my Uncle first played it to me on his yacht in Wollongong harbour in the mid 70's! one word: Timeless! thanks :)

  Entry #599. 
   Sam   02nd July 2004
07:27:39 AM

Thanks for the Website. Rodriguez is one of the few musicians who breaks all class barriers. I've heard him played in the houses of the rich and in the shelters of the downtrodden. It's no wonder he wasn't popular in America..... It's amazing to learn the facts of his history and sad to think I to believed him to be dead. Look out Australia I'm now armed with the facts and shall be telling all and sundry. I beleive it is a mark of the Man that he not only sought to help the people of this world through his music but that he also did so in such a practical way as his social work etc. I always loved you b4 Rodriguez but now I truly respect you as well, you're a true legend. Please come back to Oz.

  Entry #598. 
   nils nervous_nils(at) 28th June 2004
01:08:14 PM

Rodriguez is amazing...i play the "At His Best" album at the shop i work at and no one,i repeat NO ONE EVER has not asked what great musician this is...but sad as it is he is not known at all over here in Germany and it's hard to find his music as well...

  Entry #597. 
   Sam slubbe(at) 28th June 2004
06:04:25 AM

Hi Ya all... I love Rodriguez, his music is thought provoking and wonderful melody. I would love it if he toured the UK or SA again, any future dates for concerts please, loads of fans would come. Sam UK
Southampton Ex Durbanite

  Entry #596. 
   shafs roshan23(at) 20th June 2004
07:36:44 PM

Come back to South Africa PLEEEEEEEEZ !!!! it will b a sellout once again all the young uns here need ur music ur albums still doin well shafs june 2004 fan 4 life !!!! god bless u and urs

  Entry #595. 
   Rita Britz valhotel(at) 13th June 2004
10:38:10 AM

When will Rodriguez be coming to SA again? We are planning a magical music festival at the village of Val (population 28). So, what do you think? There could be a Peace Train running from Johannesburg station to Val. Please contact me soon!! It would be great if we could have Cat Stevens + Rodruguez on the same Peace Train to the village where Ghandi was detained during his peace march. Ag man, do come and visit us some time and witness this undiscovered part of South Africa

  Entry #594. 
   Alan R alanrrobertson(at) 09th June 2004
03:17:13 AM

When Sugarman was really big in SA during the 70's we knew all the lyrics of every song. He was bigger than Bob Dylyn then or David Gray is now (in the UK). My LP's have been stored too long in the loft, but on passing through Joburg Intnl airport I bought the CD last month. What Fabulous memories it brings back -my favorite music of all time. Just wish I could see him live --- anyone got any details of live performances.

  Entry #593. 
   David rbd150015(at) 04th June 2004
06:20:00 AM

i come from a family of 7 kids and growing up in south africa there are many stories to tell but rodriquez's music was an inspiration to us all ;the concert in cape town was duidelik and who ever says his music is deppresing must listen closer fan for life david cape town south africa

  Entry #592. 
   derrien jean-yves.derrien(at) 03rd June 2004
08:00:46 AM

sorry.i am one poor french guy with poor english.but the last week i discoverd the real great singer...sixto...thanks for the beautifull discovery...

  Entry #591. 
   CobraSkA post in here 29th May 2004
12:48:36 PM

To all my dudes all over the globe!!! Big up to the author of this page,THX!! I,ve found a LP from rodriguez during a journey through europe in a nice little record store an soon felt in love with. Take care, a german dude called Cobra

  Entry #590. 
   Neville artworks(at) 28th May 2004
02:27:57 AM

To all the fans of Rodriguez: He is doing a concert this year at the Cheetah National Arts Festival of Namibia. The Festival takes place from 15 to 17 July 2004 and his concert is 17 July. One show only in Otjiwarongo, Namibia. For those who wish to come Air Namibia is offering special packages from South Africa, England, America and Germany. These packages include return flights, car rental from Avis and accommodation. For more information see our website at or contact us at this e-mail address or telephone us at + 264 67 30 3885 We'll be happy to see you at the show. Neville

  Entry #589. 
   Adam Burnett adam(at) 27th May 2004
07:39:50 PM

Greetings, I posted once before & got no reply, so here we go again. I am curious if anyone can tell me who to contact regarding gaining copyright permissions to record a cover version of "Sugarman" on my self-produced demo. My name is Adam Burnett and I am a solo-artist completing work on a demo album written, performed and produced by myself. I would love to include "Sugarman" played by myself (not sampled), and I would like to know if I need permission to do so. If so, any advice and/or help in acheiving that permission or reaching the right person would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for your time, -Adam Burnett

  Entry #588. 
   Riki riki(at) 26th May 2004
06:58:52 AM

Rodriguez is THE best music for chilling with a beer. Hope he does some more stuff. PS: there are a lot of fans in South Africa, a concert would do well!!

  Entry #587. 
   Corné cornelourens(at) 22nd May 2004
02:25:01 AM

Hi Sandra, I'm a great fan of your dad since I was 10 and that was 28 years ago! I'm really interested in memorabillia you may have, especially posters, pictures or photo's signed by the legend. Do you have a list of items? Is it possible to scan/e mail such items with approx. size and suggested price? I am not a collector of anything and have no experience in such dealings but if their ever was something worth collecting, it would be something from your dad. His contribution made through his lyrics to people of my generation is more than many guess. He simply was the Pied Piper of our generation and many followed where his lyrics pointed. I would be happy for you to retain my details so that such memorabillia do not get lost. Best Regards Corné Lourens

  Entry #586. 
   Lawrence Sheed lawrence(at) 21st May 2004
06:31:23 AM

Listening to sugar man and trying to persuade my friends to play it with their guitar. In Shanghai, China.

  Entry #585. 
   teddy   19th May 2004
05:13:04 PM

huge fan from israel!

  Entry #584. 
   James axa(at) 15th May 2004
09:23:09 PM

Hi Sandra I would love to be able to purchase pretty much anything that belongs to the great man, send me an email at axa(at) please. Brian should be able to vouch for me Thanks and God bless

  Entry #583. 
   Trueworks trueworks04(at) 14th May 2004
04:25:39 AM

Trueworks again! Can anyone help us by telling where we can find Craig Bartholomew. We would like to contact him for the Rodriguez documentary. Thanks for your help, Willemiek & Sabine

  Entry #582. 
   Anonymous   14th May 2004
04:24:38 AM

Trueworks again! Can anyone help us by telling where we can find Craig Bartholomew. We would like to contact him for the Rodriguez documentary. Thanks for your help, Willemiek & Sabine

  Entry #581. 
   Rach   12th May 2004
01:51:35 PM

these beats rule, first heard R on extreme tv and i've been in love ever since ciao x

  Entry #580. 
   Jimmy Jaroca camp_zero(at) 11th May 2004
04:54:37 PM

Cool site! I grew up in Zimbabwe with this music. Now I'm in south Texas. I still have a cassette -- it's old but it still works. Just listened to it last night sitting outside -- warm night and cold beer. Good therapy. Went online today, typed in "the priest is preaching from a shallow grave" and look what I found. Very cool. Rodriguez -- thanks for the tunes. (ps. I thought you were dead... sorry).

  Entry #579. 
   Rory Geraghty geraghtyrory(at) 11th May 2004
07:15:28 AM

Hello Sandra, My name is Rory Geraghty I live in the Republic of Ireland and am a HUGE HUGE HUGE Rodriguez fan (a rare species in Ireland!) Just after reading your entry on the forum and was very excited to hear that your father is still writng music and hope to God that he gets the opportunity to get it down in a studio. I am presently studying art in Ireland but am hoping to travel over to Detroit this summer on a student Visa (once I've gained employment as terms of the visa) Like I said I am a big Rodriguez fan and so would be greatly interested in buying any of his posessions that you are considering selling, also does your Father still play any gigs around Detroit as I would LOVE to see him live at some stage during the summer. You can e-mail me at Ruadhri81(at) hope to hear from you! with all my love and thanks to your Father for the amazing music! God Bless! Rory

  Entry #578. 
   Kevin hockeykevin17(at) 10th May 2004
08:22:07 PM

Hi Sandra, I would consider purchasing one of Rodriguez's guitars, if that would help you out. Please e-mail me at hockeykevin17(at) and let me know what you have and for how much and maybe we can work something out.

  Entry #577. 
   Brian brian(at) 09th May 2004
07:31:45 AM

Hi Heidi Don't feel embarrased, we were all new on the web once... I used to print hard copies of webpages I liked, because I didn't know you could save them on your hard drive!! True! And James, I've got a T-Shirt for sale... I'll contact you directly... Brian

  Entry #576. 
   James axa(at) 08th May 2004
08:46:09 PM

Does anyone still have a t-shirt of the type sold at the first Rodriguez concert in Cape Town ? I am looking for a large size, as mine was stolen. Will pay good $$$ for it
that's right
I will pay you in US$, and for shipping

  Entry #575. 
   Heidi heidibanas(at) 07th May 2004
10:51:03 PM

Thankyou to Brian & Riverman, I'm still getting used to all of this computer jazz which is new to me. I feel a bit silly now but at least i know. Cheers

  Entry #574. 
   Brian   07th May 2004
03:09:04 PM

Message for Heidi... email addresses never start with "www", only websites... So try mailing: trueworks04(at)

  Entry #573. 
   riverman riverman_99(at) 07th May 2004
07:38:42 AM

HEIDI, HEIDI, HEIDI..... check the email addy for trueworks again. I think you've written it down incorrectly. it's: trueworks04(at)

  Entry #572. 
   riverman riverman_99(at) 07th May 2004
07:35:04 AM

I just received my Cold Fact CD from Amazon. I feel like I'm back in South Africa chillin' in my buddy's basement, drinking a Castle Lager and talking about "chicks" again. Boy, who'd think driving around Cleland Ohio in rush hour traffic could bring back such memories??!!??

  Entry #571. 
   Heidi heidibanas(at) 05th May 2004
09:25:50 PM

This is for Willemiek about the rodriguez doc your making i have tried to email you at www.trueworks(at) but i can't seem to send a email to you can you please confirm if its the right address or email me at www.heidibanas(at) Thanks Heidi

  Entry #570. 
   sandra Rrodriguez-Kennedy http://www.sugarman. org/forum.html 05th May 2004
05:07:59 PM

Hello to everyone around the world how exciting it is that so many love my dad and his music. He really is a unique dad. last week, he helped me clean my laundry room which was a big mess He helped me do dozens of loads of laundry. how many fathers do that? There is new music , Ive heard it,and it is my hope that someone trustworthy and honest will get my dad in the studio and not rip him off again. you cant keep a good man down , Even though some have tried he continues to persevere ., He is extremely intelligent wise and insightful and very alternative. beats being typical anyway this is my first e mail EVER . take care And to those who owe my dad money, you know who you areRemember your promises Ok I do. thanks for logging on to this site . Ive got the most Rodriguez s stuff old gutairs, Gold/Platnum albums ,Cds ,albums Pictures, posters, Hats,etc Im considering selling them Im a bit hard up for money. anyone interested? Srk.

  Entry #569. 
   trueworks trueworks04(at) 05th May 2004
05:53:04 AM

To all Rodriguez fans worldwide: a documentary on Sixto Rodriguez is on it's way! My name is Willemiek Kluijfhout and I'm a Dutch filmmaker. At this moment I'm producing a documentary about Rodriguez. For this I'm still looking for Rodriguez fans worldwide. What are your memories, where did you hear the music for the first time, what does Rodriguez mean to you?,etc. Please mail us your comment at trueworks04(at), thanks, Willemiek & Sabine

  Entry #568. 
   Michael smithpawn(at) 05th May 2004
03:18:05 AM

Hi everyone, I'm hoping to get the guitar tab for "silver words" any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

  Entry #567. 
   David klat1970331(at) 29th April 2004
01:31:46 AM

I first discovered Rodriguez back in 1990.I became friends with a guy who had a one man band and he was playing Sugar man...and he really did the song justice...An avid guitarist myself I often play Rodriguez songs to people who have never heard the music...everyone who listens becomes hooked....It is timeless music to me and one day,if I'm lucky,he will come to Australia.

  Entry #566. 
   Brian brian(at) 27th April 2004
06:22:19 AM

Hey Tobi (see below) Cold Fact vinyl and CDs available at

  Entry #565. 
   Brian brian(at) 27th April 2004
06:22:19 AM

Hey Tobi (see below) Cold Fact vinyl and CDs available at

  Entry #564. 
   tobi pibot(at) 26th April 2004
08:23:13 AM

hey people... plz can anyone tell me if it is possible to obtain records in europe (other than to look second hand...)?? i the internet, and it was impossible to find anything. ebay, of course, does not offer anything, too. just drop me a short email if you will.. thx in advance tobi

  Entry #563. 
   Don Sweeto   23rd April 2004
11:42:40 PM

Hey Pamela (see entry below)
instead of searching for Rodriguez dowmloads, why not do the right thing and buy his albums online??

  Entry #562. 
   pamela columbianbubblegum(at) 22nd April 2004
05:46:01 AM

hi, Im trying to download as much of Rodriguez's music as i can but am having lots of difficullty.Can anyone tell me the best way to downlaod all of his music?(or where to go) thanks pamela

  Entry #561. 
   Kevin hockeykevin17(at) 21st April 2004
02:10:59 PM

I am so glad I found this site! I inherited the "Cold Fact" album from a family friend in 1979. The instant I listened to it, I was hooked. I learned to play the drums by banging along with a couple of his songs, most notably, "Only Good For Conversation". I tried in all of the bands that I played in over the years to cover some of Sixto's music, but sadly, no one else in any of the groups I played in shared my enjoyment. I always wondered (wonder I did. Sorry, couldn't resist) what happened to Sixto and why he was more celebrated here in the USA? It is an interesting story that he had to leave his homeland to become famous. I only wish I could see him perform in the States. Sixto, if you ever get a chance to visit or play in Northern Nevada, look me up. I'll play drums for you any time!

  Entry #560. 
   Corné cornelourens(at) 17th April 2004
12:22:57 AM

I greatly admire Rodriguez and his music, no, hold him in awe. A true poet and someone who, unknowingly, maintained the sanity of thousands of young South Africans by giving his honest, unadulterated view of socio political issues at the time(70's and 80's). I missed his concert in 1998 and hope to see him back in SA. To echo Neal's message, please let me know should he plan to come back.

  Entry #559. 
   Neal neal_thc(at) 14th April 2004
02:48:27 PM

I had the privlage of going to a live fact concert in a small town call strand and it was awsome to be 3 metres from a legand that i had been listening to since i was 15 so it would be great to go to another, if anyone has info on if and when he will be coming back to cape town please let me know.

  Entry #558. 
   Brian brian(at) 11th April 2004
01:33:36 AM

Sugar Music is the name of a music store run by Sugar Segerman (who was instrumental in rediscovering Rodriguez) which sells Rodriguez CDs and LPs online and from a shop in Cape Town. Please click on the banner for Sugar Music above for more info, or visit Also judging by a number of the comments on this message board a lot of people don't seem to realise that this forum is actually part of the largest Rodriguez archive website in the world. Everything you need to know (well, almost) can be found by browsing around (or click on "[back to home page]") above. Brian ( webmaster)

  Entry #557. 
   vicki rvheycox(at) 10th April 2004
08:45:36 AM

where do I find SugarMusic, I've looked for years and only foud "Rodriguez
at his best" album. Good music like this is way to hard to find, someone should put more effort into driving his albums into the here and now. His music will live on forever.

  Entry #556. 
   Scott Ellercamp scott.ellercamp(at) 09th April 2004
07:39:17 PM

G'day all... I've been wondering for several years what has happened to Rodriguez and still I'm uncertain; is this great folk-hero still alive?... It's great to finally read some stuff of his life and influences. I saw him play here in Newcastle (Australia) in '79 and have played his songs since first workng out Jane S Piddy in 72 but have always held him as a mystery in the back of my consciousness (akin to John Lennon in influence and importance) ever since. OK so i can assume from the latest citings here listed that he still lives... Is he contactable? Is he performing music still? Is he touring? I know there is such a following here that he would draw a good crowd of mixed audience at whatever venue he chose given adequate publicity.

  Entry #555. 
   Brian btrian(at) 09th April 2004
01:34:59 AM

Hi Still Wondering Read the FAQ page at where all your questions are answered... Brian

  Entry #554. 
   Kevin Carhart kevin(at) 08th April 2004
04:01:12 PM

hi devotees... no news or anything, just passing through :)

  Entry #553. 
   still wondering aiden(at) 08th April 2004
09:01:15 AM

How did it come to be that everybody assumed his name was Jesus? Who started that? Did anyone ask him what he thought about all the mythology surrounding him?

  Entry #552. 
   Brian brian(at) 03rd April 2004
02:59:43 AM

Female-fronted Oz-rockers Stella One Eleven have covered 'Only Good For Conversation' and 'Sugar Man'. More info is here: BTW does anyone else think the opening riff of 'Conversation' by Rodriguez sounds like Deep Purple's 'Smoke On The Water'? Brian

  Entry #551. 
   Kelly kellyattwater(at) 02nd April 2004
03:35:28 AM

A friend of mine played me Rodriguez in 2000 and i've only just managed to find and ship a copy of 'cold fact' from SA. It was worth the wait..... I can't believe such an amazing artist has gone undetected by the music industry in the Uk for so long!!!

  Entry #550. 
   Amy queen_amymai(at) 01st April 2004
03:45:11 AM

The band Stella One Eleven do a cover of the rodriguez song- only good for conversation, i came across it when searching for the original- i much prefer the original but thought i would mention it just as a point of interest.

  Entry #549. 
   Brian Currin brian(at) 31st March 2004
01:02:07 AM

'I THINK OF YOU' Susan Cowsill of the Cowsills (The Cowsills recorded an excellent version of "Hair" in 1969), covered Rodriguez's 'I Think Of You' in 1977. It was released on the flip-side of 'The Next Time That I See You' on the Warner Bros label.

  Entry #548. 
   juletrip emory(at) 29th March 2004
05:19:31 AM

psyhcedelic academy antiworld brixton LONDON

  Entry #547. 
   Andrew whitewatersky(at) 22nd March 2004
11:25:26 PM

Hi, Is anyone aware of any live footage of Rodriguez? I'd love to see a live show. Please contact me. I am in Sydney Australia and have live footage of many Aussie bands that I have filmed. I will trade if anyone has some live Rodriguez video or audio. Thanks Andrew

  Entry #546. 
   zwa concepts(at) 22nd March 2004
04:24:56 PM

rodriguez rulez looking 4 this place called sambro so i can register my hot shit then the world is minez group is called african concepts live afro-hop u iz legendary mfwethu my folks still talk bout sieng u live like u gave then freedom in a time when even your shit was analysed long live

  Entry #545. 
   newson enjeyi(at) 22nd March 2004
05:24:49 AM

hi, i'm from melbourne, australia and an avid 70's music fan. only recently did i discover that rodriguez was behind some of the music that i listen to. one real favourite of mine is the song "i think of you", which was covered by a female singer in the 70's. can anybody please tell me the name of the lady who sang that rodriguez classic. cheers, newson

  Entry #544. 
   juletrip emory(at) 21st March 2004
07:09:58 AM

antiworld London---liquid connective--for crystal visions --one world -one love -peace -jul

  Entry #543. 
   juletrip emory(at) 21st March 2004
07:08:46 AM

antiworld London

  Entry #542. 
   Colin Watt colinwatt(at) 18th March 2004
03:05:05 AM

Brilliant website! I have been living in England for 6 years after leaving South Africa
I cannot believe that such fantastic music is relatively unknown here!!! I had to get Cold Fact shipped from SA. Maybe one day the British will be able to appreciate Rodriguez, his poetry, his views and his music. Keep on going.

  Entry #541. 
   matt haywood matt00haywood(at) 11th March 2004
03:36:54 AM

thankyou for a wonderful website.i started my career in the music business in sa in 1968 and altho' i worked for teal and then satbel ,i was always a big fan.and now 36 years later i have my own record company in dubai uae. you could say it's been one helluva trip. thanx once again.....or as the song goes,i wonder how many times!!!!!!!

  Entry #540. 
   Tarryn lgrundy(at)worldonline 03rd March 2004
11:50:23 AM

hi, i'm currently doing a project on the fab Rodriguez and i can't wait to tell my classmates about the him. i'm in std 9, and first heard his music when i was 13. he is THE BEST!!! get as many people possible to hear his awesome word- they won't regret hearing it! thanx

  Entry #539. 
   Heidi heidibanas(at) 27th February 2004
11:14:58 PM

Hi, Rodriguez is a unbelievable man of words, im 24 and only found his music when i meet my boyfriend in melbourne, his parents had listen to it 3 years ago and WOW! Every thing about his use of words and the tone to the tune of his songs make me so happy that i have discoverd him. Does anyone out their know any one els with the same type of style? Thanks

  Entry #538. 
   Ben springbok(at) 26th February 2004
03:51:49 AM

Hi I’ve been very surprised to find vinyl copies of the Cold Fact LP. I bought 2 copies of the 1974 SA release over a period of a month in the Cape Town area. I paid R8.00 and R5.00 respectively for them. And both are in a very good condition. I heard Rodriguez the first time while doing military service at Grahamstown in 1985. Someone in our platoon played Cold Fact constantly. The lyrics were a real eye-opener though. Until then I’d never heard anything like that before. And it was only years later that I think I saw the actual LP cover for the first time. What really amazed me was reading that others heard the album in the army for the first time as far back as the early 70’s. How was it possible that people heard it only in the army over all those years? Thanks for a great site that brings back a lot of memories. Ben Badenhorst Cape Town

  Entry #537. 
   Adam Burnett adam(at) 25th February 2004
05:57:17 PM

Greetings, I am curious if anyone can tell me who to contact regarding gaining copyright permissions to record a cover version of "Sugarman" on my self-produced demo. My name is Adam Burnett and I am a solo-artist completing work on a demo album written, performed and produced by myself. I would love to include "Sugarman" played by myself (not sampled), and I would like to know if I need permission to do so. If so, any advice and/or help in acheiving that permission or reaching the right person would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for your time, -Adam Burnett

  Entry #536. 
   tony giblet(at) 13th February 2004
07:59:21 PM

does anyone know where to get midi files of cold fact off the net??????????

  Entry #535. 
   Brian brian(at) 03rd February 2004
10:36:57 AM

Chords are here... Brian

  Entry #534. 
   Anonymous   02nd February 2004
05:04:21 PM

gosh atlast my search has enden. its taken me ages to finally find stuff of the web bout rodriguez. (yeah that could also be due to the colour of my hair) anyways i just wanted to say thank you so much for the music. i grew up with it playing in the house all the time as my father was a huge fan. unfortunatly i haven't had the chance to see the man live yet as i moved to londen from south africa just before his tour. but hey fingers crossed maybe there'll be some uk gigs soon ... hint hint.. once again thank you

  Entry #533. 
   Anonymous   01st February 2004
07:47:55 PM

Did I read somewhere herein that there are Guitar CHORDS somewhere on this forum? I couldn't find them so if someone could LINK me to them I would be most grateful.. Jeremy Swanson Ottawa, Canada (ex Cape Town)

  Entry #532. 
   Neville artworks(at) 28th January 2004
09:29:16 AM

We are seriously trying to contact Rodriquez for a Concert/Concert Tour to Namibia, Africa. Please if someone knows how to contact him or his agents, please let us have the details. Neville

  Entry #531. 
   Bob   25th January 2004
04:39:10 PM

I was convinced Rodriquez was a young man, recording in the nineties, doing a postmodern, cynical version of the sixties music of Bob Dylan and others. I a pleasently surprised to read all this. He was far ahead of his time.

  Entry #530. 
   Freddie Alingod (at) 24th January 2004
04:40:47 AM

Thanks to you guys. My search have ended. Been looking for Sixtos' "Coming Into Reality", and others which I use to play in Manila as a DJ. His songs kept my feet on the ground during those days.Thanks Sixto. God Bless!

  Entry #529. 
   Frank moulin_x(at) 21st January 2004
10:08:42 AM

Hi all, Have reasently found a wonderful remix of 'Cause. It is a very beautiful indeed. I you are interested let me know and I will try and track it down for you. Frank

  Entry #528. 
   Karl kkarljovan(at) 14th January 2004
03:23:45 PM

Excellent web site finally answering all the questions I heard Cold Fact on vinyl when I was 14, 1989 to be exact, and was so inspired learned to play the guitar and have not put it down since. Cold Fact is an absolute masterpiece as is Coming From Reality with it’s brilliant string arrangements. I believe this was recorded near London’s Holland Park, “a few blocks up from me.” It is amazing to see how far the music has come purely on its own strength after all these years. This just shows the true brilliance with which they were written. Why the rest of the world never got to hear these tunes is hard to fathom. Fortunately I had the privilege to see the man in concert in Durban ’97 and some friends of mine were lucky enough to meet him playing at a Halloween Gig in Detroit. Rodriguez thanks for the words, inspiration and music. Hope to see a few shows in London sometime.

  Entry #527. 
   Julia   12th January 2004
04:06:13 AM

I had a stop in SA in 1993-94 and heard there first of Rodriguez... I'm from Iceland and had no idea he was unheard of anywhere outside SA. I still remember the song sugar man although I havent heard it in 10 years.

  Entry #526. 
   Kevin L.A. kevinmcreynolds4(at) 04th January 2004
05:48:31 PM

Hey Kenny KDO, I am an ex SA DJ living in Los Angeles and only recently discovered how unknown Rodriguez is in the states. A bunch of us were talking about Rodriguez and I pulled up a copy so we could all reminisce. I have two teenage kids who are into music and stuff here in LA and when they heard Cold Fact they really tuned in and now their friends are gettin into it. Seems a relief from constant hip hop...I think there is an opportunity here.... Cheers for now Kevin LA

  Entry #525. 
   Red Espiritu redespiri2(at) 04th January 2004
04:33:55 PM

For a very long time, I have been searching for Sixto Rodriguez's album "Coming From Reality" which I had back in the '70's growing up in the Philippines. Thanks to this site, I obtained information and was able to secure one. The songs bring back a lot of youthful memories. God bless to the purveyors of this site and to the man SixRod!!!

  Entry #524. 
   stephen bunn stephenbunn(at) 04th January 2004
10:07:17 AM

i have been trying to find the chords for can't get away does anybody know them as i want to play it on my guitar if you can help please post them or email them to me thanks

  Entry #523. 
   Richard   24th December 2003
06:27:49 AM

Thanks Konny, best wishes to you and all your family. Would be great to see Rodriguez come over and play in London next year. Now that would be a great Xmas present!

  Entry #522. 
   Konny Rodriguez   23rd December 2003
12:51:00 PM

Hello, all, Rodriguez asked me to log in for him to wish all of his fans and their families a safe and happy holiday and a healthy and prosperous new year. He appreciates all of your good wishes and wanted to make sure you know that he's getting your messages. Peace!

  Entry #521. 
   M ,Eason Goggenfurty(at) 20th December 2003
11:19:18 PM

I first heard of him in about '91, heard the record in a shop in CHCH, NZ. Started walking to the closest record store. Was he in NZ about '84?, I seen to remember a mention, Something to do with a restraunt called Pancake Palace, it was done out with black &white tiles. It was just before I went to Chch for work. I have several copys (tape, LP, CD.) If you like the music you might also like, J,D,Blackfoot, The song of Crazyhorse. Concept album on one side, the other side has several unforgetable songs. A few other albums too. Singalongs campfire guitar.

  Entry #520. 
   paulisdead   08th December 2003
01:04:56 AM

I just recently got a copy of 'Coming From Reality' on cassette for $1 (The Powerworks edition
best bargain of the year!). It's a real shame that his recording career was cut so short. 'Coming From Reality' is just as tight an album as 'Cold Fact'. I've still got 'Heikki's Suburbia Bus Tour' in my head, it's a shame it hasn't been recorded live because it really rocks! Easily a 4 1/2 out 5 for me. Also on the subject of Rodriguez live, is there any word of him coming back to Australia? I thought he would have last year when 'Sugarman' by the Free Association, started to get radio play on JJJ.

  Entry #519. 
   John   05th December 2003
07:46:33 AM

'After the Fact', 'At His Best' and 'Live Fact' are now available at HMV in Oxford Street London

  Entry #518. 
   rachael wright weggie68(at) 01st December 2003
02:11:56 AM

I own all of rodriguez albums i play them every weekend when im at home and when things get on top of me it just takes one song to make me realise that im rich compared to others, i wish that he would tour just one more time in australia my wish is to have him over for dinner then i would die in peace.

  Entry #517. 
   mike mike_p64(at) 28th November 2003
12:59:45 AM

We own After the Fact on vinyl and only recently realised how wonderful he is.I bought it at a record shop in Australia for $5.

  Entry #516. 
   Musical Bear   22nd November 2003
01:57:36 AM

Original Article from: the latest single from david holmes’s hip hop/funk collective sees them cover sixto rodriguez’s classic account of the allure of herbal and chemical confectionary. the resurrection of this iconic but largely under-appreciated 70s folk singer is now long overdue. this dylanesque song about waiting to score gets the hip hop treatment from the association’s band, with their singer petra jean philipson more than doing justice to the original’s plaintive vocal. the ‘original mix’ on the a side preserves rodriguez’s memorable guitar lick and reproduces some of his eerie psychedelic effects, which suggest the edgy uncertainty of waiting for your man. in an age obsessed with popping pills, pharmaceutical and otherwise, this version of ‘sugarman’ sounds better than ever. masta g

  Entry #515. 
   Anonymous   22nd November 2003
01:56:03 AM

  Entry #514. 
   annali annali.smith(at) 20th November 2003
03:43:22 PM

I wasn't even born when Rodriguez sang his songs. but when I was fourteen( and that was only five years ago) my dad gave me one of his old Rodriguez vinyls. At first I didn't understand his music. Being too young to understand it back then I dismissed it as old fashioned. But three years later I listenend to it again and somehow the lyrics became more clear. And today I'm a die hard fan of this legend of music. You can mention his name along the greats of music such as Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohan. But you can never pin him down. He is a myth to us and we will never fully understand this complex human being. Out of every answer a new question is born. I'm just glad I never threw away that vinyl. This site is great! Thanx to all the effort you guys have put in. ann

  Entry #513. 
   Mandrake42 jrayes42(at) 15th November 2003
03:56:47 PM

Cool. What a great site. I heard Rodriguez on vinyl years ago and then finally bought the CD when I found it years later. Some fucker has stolen it since but its great that I can get his music again from somewhere. So thanks for your time, And you can thank me for mine, And after thats said forget it! ;)

  Entry #512. 
   vince bin2lnbak(at) 14th November 2003
08:28:06 PM

These are words that have helped me "scoff at the prophet's omen that said I woould live to learn. that you can't get away from it" I HAVE! THANKS DIXTO

  Entry #511. 
   Brute Force brutesforce(at) 10th November 2003
10:57:16 PM

In the article on Rodriguez, Mail & Guardian, Friday 20th February 1998,photographer Hal Wilson is mentioned. If it's the same Hal Wilson photographer from NYC who once photographed me, I'm trying to to locate him. Would you or anyone in the Forum have any info to help? Thank you. brutesforce(at)

  Entry #510. 
   kenny,aka dj KDO kendo101(at) 10th November 2003
04:23:47 PM

having spent or mis-spent my youth(however you look at it)in a poor white outskirt of johannesburg kapin buttons and listenin to rodriguez one of my 2 gods (the other being the mighty bob nesta marley i was thrilled to find this site having gone through the rave years its clear to see where my influences (roots) lie. i am a dj and am interested in doing a remix of innercity blues of which the immortal words "and you tell me that this is where its at " still haunt the there anyone else that thinks the UKmarket would lap this up.

  Entry #509. 
   Stephen Pope epops(at) 10th November 2003
01:46:32 AM

I have two regrets,not seeing Credence in Melbourne in 1972 (Mum would'nt let me) And not seeing Rodriguez in 1979. I live in hope for a second chance.

  Entry #508. 
   Sugar   03rd November 2003
08:14:05 AM

Here is the NME review of Free Association's 'Sugarman' single (30th August edition of the NME). It runs as follows: "Almost certainly the only single released this week with oboes in it, and bloody funky it is too, especially when a 69-year-old man (fact!) starts rapping at the end. There's a whiff of artfully-shredded low-slung jeans and amateurishly-prepared spliffs about the whole thing, but sometimes you just have to give in to those funky oboes. But then, you don't need us to tell you that". For the record, Rodriguez is not 69 years old...yet!

  Entry #507. 
   evan   03rd November 2003
01:02:44 AM

when is he going to come to auz again????

  Entry #506. 
   Anonymous   31st October 2003
07:04:54 PM

to chris, yes the song is out of key the second translation is in the correct key but the wrong chord struckture, so get your cappo out on to G use the 1st translation and you got it. ps thank you rodrigues for providing many happy smokin memories>

  Entry #505. 
   Anonymous harrietseatter(at) 25th October 2003
06:23:29 PM

i would love to see sixto live, will he be touring again? xx

  Entry #504. 
   BB and Dad   25th October 2003
09:46:17 AM

Thank you SO MUCH for brilliant chords! Great web page.

  Entry #503. 
   Chris   18th October 2003
07:59:01 AM

well after figuring out that the tabs for Rodriguez's song were rite under my nose! ive started to try and play Sugarman but it doesnt sound quite rite? does any one in here play guitar? cus im wondering if Rodriguez uses a Capo? ive never had the chance to see him perform live so i have no idea? can anyone help me out?

  Entry #502. 
   Chris   16th October 2003
07:06:48 PM

damnit im a FOOL! there already on this Amazing website! sorry for wasting time and space :p

  Entry #501. 
   Chris hippy_elf(at) 16th October 2003
07:05:18 PM

hey everyone im a new but BIG fan of Rodriguez but i wanted to find out if anyone knows where to gets Tabs for his music? as i play guitar and would really like to play some of his stuff.

  Entry #500. 
   gregor mdgab(at) 16th October 2003
06:01:56 PM

Hi Rodriguez forum...Found another cover version of a Sixto song
"Jane S. Piddy"
on an obscure Australian CD by a duo called Mick 'Didge' & Olsen. The first guy plays didgeridoo and the second acoustic guitar. On their 2001 recording the last track (if you don't count the 'hidden' one) on the CD is a haunting version of Jane S. They don't use the didge on it, but they've slowed down the arrangement and have layered acoustic guitars with a beautiful cello motif. Worth checking out if you can find it. This is what they say about the track (taken from the inside sleeve) - "jesus rodriguez was a shadowy artist of the 60's...he came, he recorded, he the 70's he was re-discovered, then forgotten again...this has to be one of his most accomplished & powerful songs, & a fitting end to take us out..." You can find out more about the CD and the duo at their recording label's website <>. Thanxs fer yer time.

  Entry #499. 
   plexus03 verbal03(at) 14th October 2003
04:15:19 AM

by the way the catalogue number is sxbs 7012.

  Entry #498. 
   plexus03 Verbal03(at) 14th October 2003
04:09:26 AM

i have a copy of rodriguez "coming from reality" on vynal. i heard this might be worth something is this true?

  Entry #497. 
   glenn glennlmiller(at) 25th September 2003
09:07:02 AM

hi all, just wandered by again, has Rodriguez ever written any philosophy (other than in his music) peace and love to all, glenn ^.^/,,

  Entry #496. 
   Anonymous   24th September 2003
08:08:00 AM

  Entry #495. 
   Anonymous   24th September 2003
08:07:59 AM

  Entry #494. 
   me and my best girlfriend meandmybestgirl(at) 24th September 2003
08:07:57 AM

We love you

  Entry #493. 
   Brian   20th September 2003
08:43:40 AM

Download mp3 of Amanda Strydom's version of 'Rich Folks Hoax' at:

  Entry #492. 
   John   12th September 2003
10:51:06 AM

Vinyl copy of After The Fact is currently being sold on for anyone who's interested. (Bid at time of writing this 4.99) And yes Brian, I think the opening riff on the Chilly Gonzalez mix does sound like Another One Bites the Dust

  Entry #491. 
   The Rod Reporter   12th September 2003
12:01:07 AM

RARE RODRIGUEZ FILM GETS EXCLUSIVE FLIGHTING ON DSTV ‘Looking For Jesus’, the South African short feature film that covers the story of the late-‘90’s search for Rodriguez and his subsequent SA tour, will get an exclusive South African television screening on the Movie Magic Channel 5 on DSTV on Tuesday night, September 16, at 11:20PM (23h20). The 23-minute feature, which was filmed in Johannesburg in 2002, was directed by Justin Cohen and produced by Tyrone Lipman. The two Johannesburg film students wrote the script and shot the film on a very small budget. ‘Looking For Jesus’ stars SA actors and features original Rodriguez music on the soundtrack. The film has received limited screenings including at the recent Short Film Festival at the Cinema Nouveau in Rosebank, and is also slated for possible inclusion in the upcoming Motor City Film Festival in Detroit. ‘Looking For Jesus’
Movie Magic Channel 5 on DSTV on Tuesday night, September 16, at 11:20PM (23h20).

  Entry #490. 
   Brian brian(at) 07th September 2003
02:50:04 PM

Does anybody else whose heard the Chilly Gonzalez remix of Free Association's 'Sugar Man' think the opening riff sounds like 'Another One Bites The Dust'?

  Entry #489. 
   Brian brian(at) 07th September 2003
02:47:07 PM

While the UK seems in the grip of 'Sugar Man' fever, I hauled out my copy of 'Live Fact' and gave a listen to the live encore version of 'Sugar Man' featuring the Big Sky band. I'd forgotten what a cool version this actually was and then all the memories of that 1998 tour came flooding back... meeting the original Sugar Man and seeing him perform... he really did bring the answers that made my questions disappear. Brian

  Entry #488. 
   The Rod Reporter...   07th September 2003
10:01:36 AM

The Free Association
Sugarman The Free Association have recorded an amazing version of Rodriguez's seminal 'Sugarman', the obscure 1968 song unearthed by David Holmes last year on the hugely-praised 'Come Get It, I Got It' compilation. It will be released on August 8th on 13Amp Records through Mercury. Rodriguez's original stands as a unique and spooky tale of life devoted to excess and waiting for your man, underpinned by a sense of regret and loss expressed through its spectral musical stylings. "I bought [Rodriguez's album] 'Cold Fact' six years ago for $100 just to get hold of 'Sugarman'", says Holmes. "I put it on 'Come Get It, I Got It' and people loved it, and because of the exposure it got, Rodriguez got in touch and said he was alive and well and working as a labourer in Detroit... He'd never made a cent out of 'Sugarman', and really wanted to re-do it with us. So, we booked a studio in New York and Rodriguez drove down from Detroit because he didn't want to risk taking his guitar on an airplane. We recorded the strings with the guy who did the original recordings for 'Sergeant Peppers', and the percussion was played on a Heineken tin tray and a chest expander!" So on this updated version trombones parp, guitars are picked, FX spiral out of control, and above it all Petra Jean Phillipson shows why she's one of the best vocal finds of recent years. Better yet, backing vocals are by Rodriguez himself (now 69 years old). Also available are mixes by Chilly Gonzales replete with gonzo rap about Sugar Puffs, assorted sweet stuff and a familiar walking bassline and a filthy electro epic mix from Maurice Fulton. David and the Free Association have taken the elegantly wasted skeletal form of 'Sugarman' and spun it into the kind of lopsided leftfield pop which just might turn into the feel-bad hit of the Summer. Altogether now: "Silver magic ships, you carry / Jumpers, coke, sweet Mary Jane". Catch them live at V2003.

  Entry #487. 
   brian brian(at) 06th September 2003
03:11:09 AM

Scans of the Original Sheet Music for Rodriguez Sugar Man are here:

  Entry #486. 
   david dbcasino(at) 05th September 2003
06:04:31 PM

went out today to my local h.m.v.(im u.k. based)and found plenty of copies of the new version of sugarman. its got 4 versions on it with 2 well mixed up dance versions.......well worth a listen if you can find it!

  Entry #485. 
   Brian   05th September 2003
02:10:50 AM

The Free Association's acclaimed, eponymous debut album is being re-released with two new tracks on September 15th to mark label 13 Amp's final transfer from Ministry of Sound to Mercury Records. On delete since Ministry's large scale withdrawal from artist development last Autumn, 'The Free Association' has nonetheless been building a loyal hardcore fanbase, thanks largely to David Holmes and the other Free Associates tireless live schedule throughout the first half of this year. Now the album comes replete with the band's unassailable rendition of Rodriguez's 1968 stone-cold classic psych-ballad, 'Sugarman'
itself a single to be released on September 1
plus a complete re-reading of one of the album's most striking compositions, ' Wooden Heart'. From

  Entry #484. 
   Bruce brucewill66(at) 02nd September 2003
08:46:40 AM

Just wanted to bring my question back to the top
I'm sure I read Rodriguez may visit the UK this year...anyone know anything? All advice gratefully received. Thx

  Entry #483. 
   Dimestore Liam CWPro2(at) 02nd September 2003
05:03:55 AM

This is great! Rodriguez is my homeboy... it is always cool to see other Detroit musicians doing well, maybe mostly 'cause I'm not but that's another story. When Rodriguez told me a couple of years ago that he had just gotten back from touring SA, I assumed that he had just gotten a distribution deal or something after years of scuffling around the Cass Corridor (i.e. home!). I had no idea he was a major music legend in several countries... Anyway, I just scammed a copy of his best of album, and of course I love it... After all, I worshipped Leonard Cohen growing up, and Rodriguez is more or less Detroit's answer to Montreal...Oh yeah, before I forget, Rodriguez, man, if you read this, next time the jug of wine is on me & I promise I won't get to wasted to play again...hahaha

  Entry #482. 
   Kristina fidipur(at) 02nd September 2003
12:20:32 AM

I just wanted to say great web site (well done). I have been a Rodriguez fan for years (with my well worn copy of Cold Fact)& wanted to get some more info about him because i'm playing some songs off it this week as a part of a Race, Gender and Class University course (Flinders Uni South Australia).

  Entry #481. 
   Brian   30th August 2003
04:28:47 AM, 11th August 2003 David Holmes' habit of rooting around in dusty old crates yielded a gem when he picked up an original Rodriguez album, 'Cold Fact', which contained the track 'Sugarman'. This remake features the sultry vocals of Petra Jean Phillipson, with Rodriguez (now 69 years old) [actually 61] himself on backing vocals. It's a track well-suited to be sung by one who has lived a life of ups and downs. Rodriguez's voice echoes the lessons of the past and Phillipson infuses the track with emotion way beyond her years. Lazily picked guitars are laid out over loose, bluesy beats laced with sci-fi FX that add an unearthly feel to the track. Gonzales turns in a mad hip-hop version, rapping on about Sugar Puffs and getting a bit crazy. Maurice Foulton dives into leftfield electronic territory for a deep, funky workout. The Free Association has truly breathed new life into the track. The music, if not the man, has aged well. 8/10

  Entry #480. 
   Brian brian(at) 30th August 2003
03:49:31 AM

DAILY TELEGRAPH, LONDON, 28th August 2003 Success is sweet for the Sugar Man Ben Thompson on the singer-songwriter who became a celebrity
without knowing about it. A new single out next week is the title page to a compelling story of artistic virtue ultimately rewarded. Spanning five decades and almost as many continents, it's a story that leads from the hippie underground of the 1960s to a 21st century building site in Detroit, via the war-torn border country of apartheid South Africa. As recorded by the Free Association, the group created by Belfast-born DJ and "Ocean's Eleven" soundtrack composer David Holmes, "Sugar Man" is a woozy slab of symphonic pop. At first, the addictive chorus of "Silver magic ships, you carry/jumpers, coke, sweet mary jane" suggests a common-or-garden drug mantra, but the tune twists and turns into unexpected shapes of regret and foreboding, which elevate it far above the average hymn to chemical indulgence. The growl backing vocals come from the song's author, the enigmatic and extravagantly talented singer-songwriter Sixto Rodriguez, whose superb 1968 [actually 1969] original featured on last year's acclaimed Holmes compilation "Come Get It, I Got It". 'We didn't think of this as a cover version, more as a means of bringing attention to the original,' insists Holmes (who had paid $100 for his copy of the album it came from). 'That was why we had to have Sixto on the track, even though he insisted on driving to New York to record it because he didn't want to risk taking his guitar on the plane.' Rodriguez was born the sixth child (hence that distinctive first name) of a poor Mexican-American family, in Michigan in 1942. "Cold Fact" and "After The Fact", the brace of albums he recorded for Buddah Records' offshoot Sussex in the late 60s, stand among the very finest work of that illustrious musical era (and are surely due a long overdue UK CD reissue). A righteous cynicism to match Bob Dylan at his best, the Beatles' melodious sense of mischief and a witty, discursive vocal style that was all his own- Rodriguez, it seemed, had it all. Everything, that is, except commercial success. Even as his career was drawing to a premature close in America, Rodriguez's unique brand of anti-establishment cool ('This system's gonna fall soon/ to an angry young tune') began to find a ready audience overseas. First in Australasia and then in South Africa, where his wry hedonistic lyrics struck a particular chord with that land's often forgotten counter-culture. 'For the guys who had to go and fight on the border in the 70s,' explains South African super-fan Stephen Segerman (who was one of them). 'Rodriguez was to South African soldiers what Hendrix was to the Americans in Vietnam.' Unbeknown to the man himself (by that time working on a building site in Detroit), Rodriguez's legend continued to grow throughout the 80s and 90s until his daughter Eva idly typed in the family name on the internet and was shocked to discover a website (co-founded by Segerman) called "The Great Rodriguez Hunt"
'expressing this great interest in my father's music,' his other daughter Regan remembers, 'but thinking he was dead.' Two triumphant South African stadium tours, a live album and a TV documentary, resonantly called "Dead Men Don't Tour" followed. Admirably unfazed by swapping obscurity in his homeland for rock messiah in a country he had never visited, Rodriguez enjoyed seeing his face staring back at him from every telegraph pole in Johannesburg, then returned to his $10-an-hour labouring job in Detroit. It is here that I finally got to talk to Rodriguez on the telephone. After an impassioned discourse from the impact of drugs on Coleridge's "Rime Of The Ancient Mariner" to how much he enjoyed seeing Nirvana play live, he came to a philosophical conclusion, 'Life ain't chronological,' he said. 'Some older people appear to be younger and some younger people appear to be older: that's the gist of it.' "Sugar Man" is release by 13 Amp/Mercury on Monday [1st September 2003].

  Entry #479. 
   kate   26th August 2003
05:31:53 AM

the great thing about rod is that i used to listen as a child when my mom played him and now shes gone i have my own vinyl. i now know that we had something in common cos his music is about an ideology
it takes a cerytain kind of person to appreciate it. genius!!!!!!!!!!

  Entry #478. 
   Sugar   24th August 2003
02:46:42 AM

'SUGAR MAN' RETURNS David Homes and the Free Association have just released a new version of the Rodriguez classic, 'Sugar Man', featuring backing vocals by Rodriguez. The song was recorded in New York in April 2003 by David Holmes and Rodriguez, who drove in from Detroit especially for the sessions. The original version of 'Sugar Man' was the opening track on David Holmes' 2003 compilation 'Come Get It I Got It'. David Holmes is the iconic UK music producer behind the group The Free Association; a string of cool, compilation albums ('Come Get It I Got It', 'Bow Down To The Exit Sign', 'The Film's Crap, Let's Slash The Seats', 'Let's Get Killed'); and the soundtracks for recent movies like 'Ocean's Eleven', 'Out Of Sight', 'Analyze That', 'Buffalo Soldiers', and 'Stander' (the upcoming bio-pic about the South African bank-robbing, rogue cop). This new remake features the sultry vocals of the Free Association's lead vocalist, Petra Jean Phillipson, with Rodriguez himself on backing vocals. The single release also features two other remixes
the first is "an electro disco epic" by the well-known New York City House DJ, Maurice Fulton. The second is a crazier hip hop version by Gonzalez, with a monologue about "sugar puffs" and the like. The single will be officially released on September 1 by Mercury Records, but has already been picking up plenty of radio play in the UK.

  Entry #477. 
   Anonymous   23rd August 2003
04:04:54 PM

u will always too sweet for most to swallow!

  Entry #476. 
   graham l latemanrocks(at) 23rd August 2003
04:53:05 AM

great site :) caught him in .. 79 was it ?.. brisbane australia.. definately one of my fondest memories in music..never saw anyone play guitar with an orchestra behind them. I still have all the first release vinyls tucked away and now will have to grab some cd's..take care all

  Entry #475. 
   johann claassen midian1(at) 22nd August 2003
02:32:12 PM

One hell of a singer and a poet.I can listen hours to this man.Maybe my son can help Stu out with the chord/tabs.Keep up the good work!

  Entry #474. 
   Stu stuartj(at) 18th August 2003
12:15:02 AM

Hey Guys, Massive Rodriguez fan here! Anyone know where I can get all the chords/tabs for the Album (At his best): I've got the majority but I really would like these!! Inner City Blues Can't Get Away I'll Slip Away Street Boy Cause Thx if anyone can help me!! Stu

  Entry #473. 
   Jonny ziggypotts(at) 16th August 2003
01:45:05 AM

Found found found. Can't believe there are so many Rodriguez fans in the world. This guy is certainly the real deal. Anyone want to loan me the South African CD? And is the man himself available for interviews?

  Entry #472. 
   mike   15th August 2003
08:17:06 AM

rodriguez and his music is pure genious. is there a posablity of him coming over to the uk. I would do anything to see him in concert.

  Entry #471. 
   Bailey bailey.lombard(at) 15th August 2003
01:00:45 AM

Hi, I am a 23 year old woman that lives in Johannesburg South Africa
Rod....your music is pure ecstacy....absolutely love it....When will Rod be coming to tour South Africa???????

  Entry #470. 
   Bruce dont_bother_replying(at) 13th August 2003
08:16:10 AM

Is Rodriguez touring the UK in 2003?

  Entry #469. 
   zoltan bodnar bodnar_1(at) 09th August 2003
10:20:41 AM

Hope you're well. 10/8/2003 Just want to say that your songs make a difference of these days of madness and over-indulgence of "busyness", where not many gives a damn thing about the truth. keep well and thank you. zoltan the misslead caveman/

  Entry #468. 
   chris chrismockett(at) 08th August 2003
07:28:30 AM

Great site just to let you no on my cold fact lp the label on the lp is back to front so side a is really side b and visa versa i WONDER if any bodies else lp is the same

  Entry #467. 
   chris chrismockett(at) 08th August 2003
07:25:32 AM

  Entry #466. 
   Richard   07th August 2003
11:47:35 AM

Hello The link above gives more info about the Free Association Sugarman cover London awaits the real sugerman!!

  Entry #465. 
   Richard   07th August 2003
11:47:23 AM Hello The link above gives more info about the Free Association Sugarman cover London awaits the real sugerman!!

  Entry #464. 
   kenny kmcbcd(at) 04th August 2003
03:37:40 PM

Just heard a brilliant version of sugerman by a band called Free Association on saturdays Jonathan Ross show on bbc radio two here in the UK.It is about to be released in the next few weeks and is definately worth checking out.

  Entry #463. 
   Ziggy Aka Chris chrisbuhr(at) 01st August 2003
08:38:31 AM

Happy Birthday M8. bit late but then i always am. Hope u had a good one. Get ya ass over to the UK. Were waiting.

  Entry #462. 
   Heikkinen   27th July 2003
02:55:32 AM

Hey everyone... i'm 22 and live in finland... my dad past away when i was 4, and beside photo's, his music is one of the only connections i have to him. from what i understand, he got the lp coldfact when backpacking in the US. I play it a bit. i love it. my grandmother only a few months ago heard me playing it and said how often my father played it. I've just now found this site, and am looking to buy his other CD's. i've just noticed about Heikki's suburbia bus tour... which is quite strange... if this Heikki was estonian, it is likely that he shared my name : Heikkinen. quite odd.

  Entry #461. 
   greg nugent greg.nugent(at) 25th July 2003
02:32:28 AM

Hi; Just found this web site after all these years ; I'm trying to get hold of a copy of the video broadcast that was screened in SA last year ; will pay whatever ,or can can anyone let me know who to contact . Greg

  Entry #460. 
   ALAIN GONZALES   22nd July 2003
05:16:55 AM

Hello and Happy birthday a little late to Mr Rodriguez. Not only Cold Fact is part of my body in the same respect as an arm or a leg , but in reading all these messages I am happy to see I'm not the only one. Thanks again for everything. Alain Gonzales France

  Entry #459. 
   qix fullquid(at) 22nd July 2003
04:38:38 AM

Finally a site i can relate with.Ihave been a Rodriguez fan since the early eighties and am blown away to have finally found what i have been searching for all these years....christ i,ve been tired of these scenes.

  Entry #458. 
   Anonymous   21st July 2003
05:12:08 PM

. . . and you think I'm curious. Dig it.

  Entry #457. 
   Brian brian(at) 16th July 2003
04:52:28 PM

Sugarman music sheets are here:

  Entry #456. 
   Aaron Allen aaronallenband(at) 14th July 2003
10:45:29 AM

Ive been listening to Rodriguez for years, ever since i found the two albums in my dads vinyl collection. "thanks for your time" Rodriguez To "Warren" down there on the message board below, you can buy the albums everywhere here in Australia, just keep an eye out. Does anyone know the chords to "Sugarman" ... my band is very keen to play it... email me....Aaron

  Entry #455. 
   Sugar   10th July 2003
09:58:52 AM

Happy Birthday Rodriguez!

  Entry #454. 
   John   10th July 2003
07:22:36 AM

Happy Birthday Sixto.

  Entry #453. 
   Richard   10th July 2003
07:19:19 AM

Sixto , Happy Birthday, Still the best Come and play in London soon Richard

  Entry #452. 
   brian brian(at) 10th July 2003
04:43:14 AM

Happy Birthday for today the 10th July Rodriguez. Your music has seen me through many ups and downs over the years... I wish you and your music a very long life. Brian your webmaster and friend

  Entry #451. 
   Sam Bailey acrylmixmedia(at) 09th July 2003
12:42:13 AM

Hello fellow Rodriguez fans!Glad to have found you! I just thought one of you might know where I could get a copy of Silver Words on vinyl....I know it sounds impossible but I had one until only very recently when a nasty flatmate put a big scratch right through my fave track
you guessed it
Silver Words. Of course I would settle for CD but the crackles etc of vinyl really made it. Any Clues? Sam Bailey

  Entry #450. 
   Warren hotone1(at) 08th July 2003
05:00:07 AM

I want to know if your albums will be realeased in Australia?eg, Eg,Coming to reality

  Entry #449. 
   Warren hotone1(at) 08th July 2003
04:58:08 AM

  Entry #448. 
   jonathan guerilla_films(at) 02nd July 2003
12:38:44 AM

it looks like rodriguez may have a new record deal...stop by my site and get the info at: keep up the great work!

  Entry #447. 
   adam discozendo(at) 30th June 2003
09:17:04 PM

Sweet Action.... I know everyone here has probably said it all, but I have been blown away. I am a folk/punk :0) musician here in Austin Tx... I dont know if there are is any additional (maybe more recent) music of MR. Rodriguez... I just cant seem to get enough... Sixto you said you read this board if you would please contact me at discozendo(at) I would love to communicate with you... Thanks for the beautifully real music....

  Entry #446. 
   Konny   19th June 2003
10:00:32 AM

FYI, Music Fans: Rodriguez does not and has never done heroin! He does music!

  Entry #445. 
   Anthony Peyper anthony_peyper(at) 16th June 2003
03:42:19 AM

Been living in Ireland (originally from Cape Town) for nearly 2 years-strange how nobody knows Rodriguez here. Well I just found "Cold Fact" to my surprise in a CD store & bought it right away. Going through your web site has really taken me on a trip down memory lane. His music is awesome. So many memories relived with each song i hear...It's Brilliant.

  Entry #444. 
   random bruce_inger(at) 15th June 2003
10:27:22 PM

Back in October 1-5 1981 I attended the Tanelorn Concert/Festival up near Newcastle in New South Wales Australia. I remember they flew Rodriguez in specially by helicopter to perform. But unfortunately when he got on stage he was so off his face (possibly on heroin??) that all he could do was mumble into the microphone. After a couple of minutes he was dragged offstage <grin> Please don't get me wrong I'm actually a big fan of his and have both Cold Fact and Coming From Reality on vinyl. I sometimes wish he would record more songs.

  Entry #443. 
   digger   12th June 2003
11:52:10 PM

According to issue 3 of BANG! (uk rock zine), Rodriguez has teamed up with DJ/Producer David Holmes and his funk noise band Free Association for a remake of Sugarman. Whilst I can't imagine how the original could be improved, Holmes work has never failed to surprise and impress me. Look for the single sometime in July on 13 Amp (BEWARE: the label is infamous for delays)

  Entry #442. 
   Tomas mrpoon(at) 10th June 2003
09:34:22 AM

Im really glad i found this site... Been looking for Rodriguez album/s for a few years now, got Cold Fact. Its great. Also saw that he played i Sweden/stockholm in 1998... Grrr, missed it. Hope he comes again!!

  Entry #441. 
   pete petecompo(at) 08th June 2003
04:58:29 PM

argh PLEASE HELP ! i need coming from reality on vinyl

  Entry #440. 
   Andre hermanusar(at) 08th June 2003
02:37:50 AM

Hello, I am an avid listener of Rods music, for many years now
since I play guitar I would like to know if there is anyone out there who has the chords to songs that is not on this site notably Climb up on my Music. Many thanks

  Entry #439. 
   Bevan Shroomz02(at) 06th June 2003
04:06:46 PM

Rodriguez Is A G.O.D!!!!!HE Totaly 17 and love he's music that should tell u somthing the RODRIGUEZ spirit lives on in every one and will never die...RODRIGUEZ-PARA SIEMPRE When Will i ever be able to meet Him...I'll Do Anything to meet the Man..If Any one has the COLD FACT South African Tour on Tape or DVD please Mail ME THANK ME FOR MY TIME AND I'LL THANK YOU FOR YOURS Gracias

  Entry #438. 
   Yana Dimitrova yana_a(at) 05th June 2003
06:29:44 AM

airline ticket cheap

  Entry #437. 
   niels lazarus(at) 30th May 2003
05:24:28 PM

Rodriguez rocks, and thank goodness he's alive. come check out another great South African band Lazarus at have a good one.

  Entry #436. 
   Chris chrisbuhr(at) 24th May 2003
06:15:58 AM

Roriguez, you helpep me carry on ty.

  Entry #435. 
   Mark Sugarman sugarman(at) 22nd May 2003
09:55:38 AM

The first time I heard 'Sugarman' was at a party when I was about 16-17. (nearly 42 now) I thought I was tripping. (may well have been.) I enquired about the music, and then bought 'Cold Fact' the next day. (cassette, as there were no cds yet.) It went a long, long way to helping me think and feel that I had a 'cool' name; and not a really embarrassing one. Pretty much up until then I had always been teased about my surname and couldn't have imagined a worse one. (I can now!) These days I even pronounce my name differently, ie sugar-man instead of sugarman. It is probably obvious how proud I am now to have/share this surname. Without doubt that single song changed my self-image forever. His music changed me forever.

  Entry #434. 
   kimberley joebracone(at) 19th May 2003
03:09:35 PM

does tweak (the s.a punk rock group) have a web page? please let me know i'm really interested in them and enjoy their music! please help!

  Entry #433. 
   Anonymous   17th May 2003
09:38:57 PM

do you remember hartenbos mossel bay south africa. let me know when you are returning to us. tel 6908301 after 6pm.

  Entry #432. 
   Ian Skeet ianskeet(at) 04th May 2003
06:49:17 AM

It's unbelievable that Rodriguez never made it in his home country and elsewhere. Cold Fact along with Marley tapes had a great impact on my youth in Cape Town. I would love to know how he became so well promoted in SA? Who first pushed the album or is it just a cultural oddity that he became so big in South Africa (other of course that the music is fantastic).

  Entry #431. 
   Del Boy driftingfish(at) 19th April 2003
11:55:30 PM

Hi guys. Has anybody out there got any strumming suggestions for the chords to Jesus Rodriguez songs as given on this site. I can remember how he sings but sort of lost touch with the accompaniment. I would be grateful for any help. Just mail me on email provided. I've got loads of traditional country blues tab if anyone is interested. (Big Bill Broonzy, Skip James, Robert Johnson e.t.c) Thanking you in anticipation.

  Entry #430. 
   hey seus?   19th April 2003
02:01:58 AM

jesus is so real.

  Entry #429. 
   leefinch leefinch2002(at) 17th April 2003
03:06:17 PM

Stumbled across rodriguez, whilst travelling in SA, was wowed by his music, brought the CD back to the UK all my friends love it, I play his songs when performing with my band and people love it, so he needs to be comng to UK for a show

  Entry #428. 
   pandora1249 pandora1249(at) 12th April 2003
08:06:23 AM

I'd also like to know if he is ever going to do another tour down under, as I'm sure would hundreds of other fans

  Entry #427. 
   Adrian Kirsten adriaan(at) 05th April 2003
02:30:48 PM

In a world where our entire social cultures are being determined by the so called "reality", it is necesary, almost vital for someone to bring us back to what is really and truly important: Life. He takes us out of our current situations, and brings us into a new world, one where nothing is important, and where no deadliens lay. We are free within his world. Wow! adrian Kirsten pretoria

  Entry #426. 
   Jacob bravado(at) 02nd April 2003
04:09:05 AM

What can I say... this man changed my life, the way I think, act, eat, sleep, talk and listen. No wonder he was called jesus... hell maybe he is. Maybe he came around to see how us earthlings are doing. Saw that we were not doing great and decided to write us a few songs to make us feel better...

  Entry #425. 
   william wwduncan(at) 01st April 2003
05:17:24 AM

First heard him when i was 16 , im 42 now and have still not heard anyone that sounds better.I feel like I know him. This man is gold. Elizabeth Downs, South Australia

  Entry #424. 
   Vagabond Music vagaondmusic(at) 01st April 2003
03:05:15 AM

RODRIGUEZ (Vagabond Music) The mythical and extremely rare "bridging" album of cover versions that Rodriguez recorded in the early 70s is finally getting a CD release today (1st April 2003). Titled 'Between The Facts' and featuring versions of Pat Boone's 'April Love' and Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers' 'Why Do Fools Fall In Love' amongst it's 12 tracks. Rodriguez also re-recorded 'Rich Folks Hoax' for this album which is a must for every Rodriguez fan and/or lovers of covers of golden oldies. Available from all good CD stores (and maybe even some bad ones). Listen to a sampler at

  Entry #423. 
   Adrian Kirsten adriaan(at) 31st March 2003
03:26:19 AM

Here is to one of the greatest singers in the world. Not only is he a singer, but also a legend. It is vital to our youth that he once again should visit South Africa!!!! As a 17 year old guy, I think he's music will re-awake our youth who must one day rule the world. We are going dull, and boring, and lifeless. Our "Modern civilized society" is a pathetic joke of intelligent life on earth. It is time to discard the modern life and head back to the mind, and all the hidden wonders in it, that is sooo marvellously potrayed by mister RODRIQUEZ. Thank you dude, you are the best ever!

  Entry #422. 
   Jamie jfriel1(at) 30th March 2003
01:32:40 PM

At least most of you out there had a name for this genius!!! Whilst leaving a Kibbutz in 1993 I found an old recorded cassette under a cupboard but it had no name on it. I popped it into my walkman and was mesmorized by music for the first time in my life. I travelled through deserts and around the Middle-East listening to his superb lyrics and never failed to be blissed out by his tunes. I have spent the last decade (on and off) trying to find out who was responsible for such superb sounds. I tried everyone, everything, including Radio Stations but to no avail. My frustration was enormous, dead ends all the time, when I described Sixto's style and quality I kept getting "Its Neil Young" and "Bob Dylan" (with respect they could only fantasise about producing an album like "Cold Fact"). I am so glad to find people out there with similar admiration for "The Man" and equally overjoyed that he is now getting the credit he deserves. I have no doubt that he is the most under-rated artist in the history of music. I'm off to HMV to purchase "Cold Fact" and anything else he's produced. Long live Sixto.

  Entry #421. 
   Terry Opie terryspecimen(at) 29th March 2003
10:42:28 PM

I found cold fact in my dad's record collection about 8yrs ago, from the first listen I was blown away. Since then I have got about 15 different people into his music, and there friends have caught on also. Smoking a joint and listening to Rod is the best relaxation a person could do...

  Entry #420. 
   Louise nikcamp28(at) 25th March 2003
11:13:52 PM

I would like to know if "The Man" is ever coming Down Under again. It's been 22 years since his last concert. His fans would go rank ! If anyone knows, please post.

  Entry #419. 
   Louise nikcamp28(at) 25th March 2003
10:54:18 PM

I was addicted to hard drugs for a couple of years....Rodriguez became a part of my daily ritual. I don't play him often anymore, but he is forever impregnated in my mind, just as my addiction is. Always there, always waiting....and whenever I hear him, all those memories come springing back like I can smell the substance. His music will be eternally etched within me.

  Entry #418. 
   Silver Surfer silversurfer(at) 21st March 2003
03:18:14 AM

Listen to mp3s of 'Sugar Man', 'I Wonder' and the extremely rare 1967 single b-side 'You'd Like To Admit It' (credited to Rod Riguez) at 100s of South African rock, metal, pop, jazz, kwaito, hip hop, electronica, boeremusiek, reggae, blues, punk and folk mp3s are available at

  Entry #417. 
   paul MICHELLE 19th March 2003
09:38:09 AM

  Entry #416. 
   Tommy Ryan tommyryan74(at) 11th March 2003
11:19:29 PM

I have re-recorded Sugarman. I'd like to know who I speak to about getting permission to release it. Who is the publishing company. No expense has been spared in its production. This is not a two-bit demo that will waste anyone's time. Please contact me on the email address supplied.

  Entry #415. 
   Tariq tariqsimon(at) 02nd March 2003
03:32:38 AM

To those of you searching for material from Rodriguez, you can purchase "Cold Fact" and a few other albums on cd from HMV recordshops, they deliver too. Hope this helps. 02/03/03

  Entry #414. 
   Brian brian(at) 01st March 2003
05:07:01 AM

Buy Rodriguez CDs by clicking on the One World Banner above

  Entry #413. 
   brian brian(at) 25th February 2003
10:00:54 PM

All the info on buying CDs is here:

  Entry #412. 
   Micha micharamsay(at) 24th February 2003
05:47:49 PM

Where oh where can I get any copy (cd, mp3, or anything) of Cold Fact, After the Fact, or any other Rodriguez? I live in the UK but will happily order from anywhere!

  Entry #411. 
   Ian Jennings vicferrari4(at) 23rd February 2003
05:35:42 AM

Hi everyone. Just came across your site whilst searching for Pete Saunders, ex. keyboard player with Dexys Midnight Runners. I am in touch with former members of Dexys who have asked about Pete's whereabouts. I would be grateful if anyone could give me a contact ad/phone no./email etc for Pete. Best Wishes Ian J

  Entry #410. 
   holly hollyjthomas(at) 15th February 2003
02:53:26 PM

you make me smile when I listen to you! I have never been compelled to be in touch with any artist before. I am quite a lazy bugger so it means a great deal x take it easy x peace

  Entry #409. 
   nicolas joubertnicolas(at) 09th February 2003
05:17:20 AM

hello everybody, this is my first time here on this site. I have been in love with this man music since childhood, I have been traveling for 3 years all over and to my discust nobody knows this legend. I whent to his consert a few years ago in sa and it was just so cool to see the old man still has it .

  Entry #408. 
   Ken doyley1000(at) 04th February 2003
01:01:43 AM

hi just found this site after wondering what had happened to rod. I recently bought a cd of cold fact to replace the vinyl that i have listened to for many years. I first got into rodriguez in 1984 whilst a 17 yo in an inner city rehab for alcohol and drug addiction. It was a very poignant album for me at that time and remains so. Just like to thank rod for the music and would love to see you tour australia again.Thats a cold fact.

  Entry #407. 
   derek derekk(at) 28th January 2003
08:17:38 AM

We are arranging a ex-pat South African music festival in Ghent, Belgium ,and in London in July 2003 .Does anyone think there might an interest in asking Rodriguez to play at such festivals ,and if so HOW DO WE CONTACT HIS MANAGER?!

  Entry #406. 
   Anonymous   19th January 2003
04:01:10 AM

Hello, Anyone out there who have the guitar chords for Rods... Climb up on my Music. e-mail = hermanusar(at) Many thanks

  Entry #405. 
   Andre hermanusar(at) 18th January 2003
11:46:25 AM

Hello, Anyone out there who have the guitar chords for Rods Climb up on my Music. Much appreciated.

  Entry #404. 
   schlarb . 18th January 2003
07:18:13 AM

Great music, in a great era.Finally a site that gives more answers to less questions.

  Entry #403. 
   Vagabond   17th January 2003
12:42:26 PM

All the info on which CDs are available and where to buy them is right here:

  Entry #402. 
   javamaniac we874534u(at) 17th January 2003
03:56:44 AM

I missed the tour in South Africa, and I was there, no excuses. However I would dearly love to get hold of some tapes or CD's, I suppose they don't produce LP's anymore, and I don't have a player either, which works out quite well too. Being in Belgium I assume it is going to take a miracle to get hold of, and miracles happen everyday. So if anyone knows if there is a company pressing Rodriguez let me know please. And I am sure that there are literally millions of people that want another tour in South Africa, and Europe! So lets see it soon! the follower

  Entry #401. 
   tony anthonywilcox(at) 15th January 2003
05:25:43 PM

I got to know his music while staying at hostels while travelling around europe (quite a while ago)- I heard a tape, of a tape of a tape...etc, and I was hooked. My copy gave in a long time ago. A friend found the cold facts LP a few years back, but we have lost touch, so the songs are only a beautiful soundtrack to those days. If anyone can help and let me know where I can get a tape/LP/CD from it would be so good. Please help...thanks for your time...

  Entry #400. 
   ashim ashim_magician(at) 13th January 2003
11:54:34 AM

hi iam ashim sadegh momtaz in from iran plz give me music &books&pictur thank you bay

  Entry #399. 
   Michael Turner 12th January 2003
04:25:50 PM

I have just found this site. I used to live in South Africa, which is where I discovered Rodriguez, The Smiths, Depeche Mode amongst others. Everyone I talk to has never heard of Rodriguez, except if they are South African! Brilliant site, looking forward to reading through it. The box said "Requires Windows 95 or better." So I installed LINUX

  Entry #398. 
   little moe nmoliverau(at) 10th January 2003
06:22:13 AM

at last. have found the best rodriquez site. have been a fan for a long time, since discovering him through my older brother many moons ago. especially love a most disgusting song, street boy ( which i sing to my sons) and establishment blues. like to hear from other fans. peace for all.

  Entry #397. 
   graham lewis grahamlewis007(at) 08th January 2003
02:49:11 PM

i am from the uk and my cousin made me listen to rodriguez. i think his songs are excellent but cannot find anywhere in the uk to buy the cd's. can anyone help? please email me with any answers. thanks graham

  Entry #396. 
   Carlos Garcia poples(at) 07th January 2003
10:50:40 PM

I'd like to make a correction if I may, regarding the statement (talking about the Sugar Man sample in Nas's You're Da Man) :"for anyone who has never heard ‘Sugar Man’ before, to mis-hear the words "sugar man" as "you’re da man"." What we hear is really "you're the man". Large Professor (The producer of the song, hence the one who used the sample). What he did was cut "you're the" from the lines "Sugar man, you're the answer that makes my question disappear" and the "man" from any "sugar man" heard in the song. Just thought I should clear that out. The song's great if your a (true) rap fan. By the way, due to some sample hunting, I found out about this song and I absolutely love it. I am now looking for more Rodriguez songs and the more I find them the more I become a fan.

  Entry #395. 
   Daniel medda jackdanielsan(at) 07th January 2003
07:58:04 AM

I have two different copies of "cold fact" one black with orange and purples and another with the exactly the same songs but a different coloured cover,more plain !! both original LP's I am from Australia so one could be an aussie release. Has anyone seen this b4 ?? did he or his company bring out 2 different types of releases ?? It really spun me out any way !! I don't know much about Rodriguez except for his music, As a matter of fact until today I thought he was a blind Mexican who had died years ago and who's music lives on with only a handful of people !!!

  Entry #394. 
   Daniel medda jackdanielsan(at) 07th January 2003
07:37:59 AM

I have been a massive Rodriguez fan for years. My girlfriend used to play his music alot. And I fell in love with his magical music. Now-a-days I have Cold fact,coming from reality, and his best of album,on LP and CD and I know all the words to most of his music off by heart !! There are times were I HAVE to sing his music out loud. It makes me feel sad and happy but all 'round good !! It's good to know he's still alive !! I would love to tell him how much he has inspired my art and my heart !!!

  Entry #393. 
   Richard and Jennifer R_Hamilton250(at) 06th January 2003
10:07:11 AM

I am exteremely interested in contacting the man, My wife and I spent an evening with him and his family in his hotel in Durban on his 98 tour, I know he remembers us because my wife gave him a beautifull crystal as a keep-sake and we promised to keep in touch ... We are now living in the UK and would very much like to speak to and chat with him! Please could someone help me out with his personal email address or ask him to contact me at mine!! Peace and good will for the festive seasons to Him and His beautifull family!! LOVE YOU !!

  Entry #392. 
   Lorias plaittwisher(at) 01st January 2003
06:51:22 PM

I hope he sees these posts and gets a charge out of them. I found my Cold Fact in Lake Charles, LA in 1974? I listened at my friends house there. Since then I have looked for a copy in every single record store I entered for the next 20 years. I only found a few songs on the now defunct napster from one of the UK guys. Hope to have my own copies of the music soonest. And how did that album get to Lake Charles... the world will never know. Thanks for the music. And thanks to Larry Johnson for the Cold Fact moment./

  Entry #391. 
   VICKY READ THIS luvablerogue(at) 26th December 2002
10:41:57 AM

Desperately seeking Vicky formerly of LEICESTER, England If you had a top floor flat at Fosse Road Central, in Leicester UK, between 1977-1980. Dated a dancer(name withheld) with the biggest afro in town listened to RODRIGUEZ, went to the Freewheelers Club, had a best friend called Rita who dated Ever. !!YOU NEED TO GET IN TOUCH NOW!! Someone is trying to locate you Email:luvablerogue(at)

  Entry #390. 
   Desperately seeking Vicky (formerly of LEICESTER , UK   26th December 2002
10:33:30 AM

If you had a top floor flat at Fosse Road Central, Leicester UK, between 1977-1980. Dated a dancer with the biggest afro in town listened to RODRIGUEZ, went to the Freewheelers Club, had a best friend called Rita who dated Ever. !!YOU NEED TO GET IN TOUCH NOW!!

  Entry #389. 
   Tariq Simon tariqsimon(at) 26th December 2002
10:19:13 AM

I was introduced to Rodriguez in 1978 by my girlfriend at the time Vicky. Vicky played the album 'Cold fact' whose lyrics I've just located (26/12/02) thru your site. This music touched my soul so much so, that the lyrics "A monkey in silk" and "Don't be inane, there's no-one to blame" have remained embedded in my heart. I just want to thank: YOU Guyz for making this phenomenal website..Rodriguez for guiding me thru the stuff (Good & bad) that makes up life, when I felt like quitting, I'm still here. And finally, Vicky for turning me on to Rodriguez. "You'll never know what you did for me, I won't ever forget you and I pray that one day soon we'll meet again so that I can tell you what a special person you are" I've just been checkin out some of the messages that entlightened others have sent in and it's obvious to me that there are alot of people touched by the man's (Rodrigeuz) music right here in the UK. If there is a gig let it be in Scotland. I've always wanted to visit. Perhaps I could locate Vicky at a gig via the pa system or electronic notice board, either way I'd really like to see Rodriguez. So please keep us informed. If I hear of a gig I will inform this site and also forward details to each member. We can make it happen... Happy New Year Can anyone send any info on where I can pick up the album Cold Fact in the East Midlands, UK. Email: tariqsimon(at)

  Entry #388. 
   Anonymous   22nd December 2002
09:36:04 PM

  Entry #387. 
   Stuart stuart.hillis(at) 19th December 2002
04:30:10 PM

Oops. Nearly forgot: Merry, Merry Christmas to all you beautiful people. x

  Entry #386. 
   Stuart stuart.hillis(at) 19th December 2002
04:24:28 PM

Yep. RE; below
Red House Painters are well worth a visit for your ears. Songs for a Blue Guitar is the album to hunt out
still no Rodriguez tho . . . Dig it

  Entry #385. 
   Anonymous   19th December 2002
04:21:26 PM

  Entry #384. 
   smog1974 lasty74(at) 17th December 2002
08:13:57 AM

There i was chopping away in the restaurants kitchen prepping food for the evening rush.I was listening to Red House Painters (check em out-recommended)oblivious to the world outside. The mellow,almost depressing,relaxing,beauty of RHP soothing my brain and chilling my soul. Out of the blue i was disturbed when a collegue of mine entered the kitchen "what are you listening too" he said with a sarcastic smirk on his face"where not at a funeral" he suggested " I WONDER why you dont smile much lately "forgetting i was knackered after working 12 hour shifts for the last 12 days," I know someone who is right up your street"he said leave it to me. Next day my kitchen buddy was bright and early. As i arrived to work i could hear this beautiful sound coming from the kitchen, the sound drew me in,suckin me in like a pace got faster.i needed to get to that kitchen,that sound.Who is that? i shouted in excitement,chills running up and down my spine,JESUS RODRIGUEZ, my friend announced, longtime dead,Oh my god that is beautiful. Pete, handed me a tape of Rodriguez-At His Best, here i was in a frenzy of excitement needing to find out more and more about this amazing man. Through the day we constantly played the album over and over, and Pete told me stories about how Rodriguez killed himself while recording his 2nd album in the late 60's.I mean it easy to believe when you hear the lyrics. That lunch time i went to see a friend (at) his record store like i did everyday. Being a massive fan of music and not really knowing to many people in sunny Australia were i had arrived a few months earlier from England, The record store was a cool place to hangout and make friends. In i RUSHED "have you 'heard this" i said waving the cassette above my head, W'eve had his cd's in the shop for a while now" i ran over to the R section and there they were two gleaming cd's Rodriguez-At His Best & Cold Fact,15 ozzy $ each, with a nice discount it was the best 20 bucks i had ever spent. Eddie, the record shop owner laughed at the thought that i had been coming to his store for the last 2 months and must have missed them everyday"never judge a book/album by its cover he said. I constantly played the cd's, Pete,my kitchen mate, was a 32 year old, well travelled Kiwi at the time 1n 1993,he had got into Rodriguez while backpacking. At the time in 1993 i was 18 years old and along way from home.Rodriguez helped me through the tough home sick times that laid ahead. In 1993 i tried looking up Rodriguez on the internet, but had know luck..i even suggested going finding out information myself..i needed to know the truth.My myth was that he had recorded one album, Cold Fact, and had killed himself while making the follow up, therefore he did not have enough tracks for the 2nd album. This is why they released At his Best. How wrong was i ! From your brilliant website i have found out a treasure chest of information on this great man, you truly have done a wonderful job and im glad you put the wheels in motion in finding the truth about this man. His name was never Jesus, He had more albums which i now gladly own,and best of all he wasnt dead. I am now back in England due to personal reasons and have passed on many copies of the albums to friends (on the basis they buy the albums if they liked them-dont wanna do Mr Rodriguez out of any money)I can honestly say not one friend( and i have passed it on to around 25 )have not liked them. The music even helped one friend of mine battle through cancer.These albums are like scars or a comfort blanket that i will carry through life, through goodtimes and bad..they sooth..these are the soundtrack of my life. Thank you website for the hardwork, Thank you Rodriguez for your brilliance,Thank You Pete for the introduction(u r a great man a true big bro)Thank you Eddie for selling me the albums $20, My Friends thank me for my introduction and there all gonna be happy (at) christmas, when there Coming from Reality-After the fact cd's arrive through their Chimneys. Thank you One World for providing the (latest?)cds. We need you in England now Rodriguez..Im sure between us we can rustle up a P.A System, a venue and you can always stay at my house? see you soon

  Entry #383. 
   Craig c.bell(at) 13th December 2002
08:08:35 AM

Hey Got into Rodriguez a number of years ago but have only ever managed to get copies of albums. Doesnt seem to be anywhere that seels them here in the UK. Anyone got any ideas where you can pick him up, also is there a chance of a concert here in London? Any info would be awesome.

  Entry #382. 
   Richard richardwadsworth(at) 11th December 2002
02:08:36 AM

Great site. Where can more info be found about the London gig?

  Entry #381. 
   Hannah Hannah(at) 08th December 2002
07:03:15 PM

Really got into Rodriguez when I lived in South Africa for three years.....then I moved back to Scotland and over time forgot of his existence. Then today whilst in HMV in Glasgow, they played that David Holmes CD (never heard of him until now) and I had to ask the assistant what album was playing. Since coming home I've been surfing the net for Rodriguez.... The memories are flooding back! What a boost!

  Entry #380. 
   Khalil A Esat kae274(at) 03rd December 2002
12:37:45 PM

I was a fan of Rodriguez many years ago in Rhodesia. I was stunned to learn that he was relatively unknown here in the States. I have been trying to find a website that caaries downloadable versions of his music. Getting actual records is like searching for the Holy Grail. Any suggestions?

  Entry #379. 
   Surfking yoozgotballs(at) 03rd December 2002
05:50:57 AM

We have to find out about the London gig! Any updates.

  Entry #378. 
   Jonno   03rd December 2002
03:10:38 AM

So many good memories, First heard it being played in my sisters bedroom in the early 70's & have always kept a copy of Cold Fact
Record, Tape & now CD..

  Entry #377. 
   Halzi halzi(at) 02nd December 2002
11:07:49 AM

Listen to it for the 1st time in 1980 in Capetown, brought it back to Glasgow,got married then Divorced and she took Cold Fact, After the fact and the greatest hits and the cat !. Good to see it on the HMV website..

  Entry #376. 
   Davey yourebarred(at) 01st December 2002
07:59:44 PM

whats this about a `london gig?

  Entry #375. 
   Arty Tron artytron(at) 29th November 2002
09:41:52 PM

I first heard of Rodriguez approximately thirty years or so ago. I must have been thirteen or fourteen years of age at the time and walked into a record store called Archie’s and Jughead’s in the heart of Melbourne city (Australia). I was in the store and they were playing the Cold Fact album – the music just hit me by surprise. Who or what was I listening to? I had to ask, the guys just pointed to the two or three hundred Cold Fact albums lined up in rows on the floor of the shop that they had just brought in from the US. I picked a copy and started to read the lyrics that was included – it was the sort of anti-establishment music that a working class kid like me had to have. Both my parents were factory workers and I lived in the inner city slums of Brunswick. I knew Rodriguez was singing and he was singing for me. I had to have the album but I did not have enough money. So I caught the tram home and scraped up the $5.99 for the record. But to buy the album would mean that I would not have any money for the tram fair so I got on my bicycle and rode all the way into the city during peak hour traffic and bought a copy. I went home and played, played and played it until I could clearly hear all the songs in my head. Even at that time 30 years ago when I purchased the album I was told that Rodriguez was dead. I still have the Cold Fact (white cover) album in my collection, though I do not have a turntable to play it on any more but hey I was there to help spread the word about Rodriguez and to help foster the myth. Yes
I climbed up on the music and it did set me free!!!

  Entry #374. 
   Stuart   29th November 2002
04:52:24 PM

To reiterate
Come on with the London gig. (My butterfy wings are now very happily settled Brian!)

  Entry #373. 
   Davey yourebarred(at) 24th November 2002
10:09:13 PM

I heard of Rodriguez from a friend who had a tape of a tape of a tape of a .....(thanks Terry). We'd sit round a have a few and listen to the wonderful Cold Fact. It changed my life in the end. We kept him to ourselves though, so you can imagine I nearly fell off my chair when i heard Sugarman in a pub here in Glasgow back in July! Bought the 'Come Get It I Got It' mix and found the remarkable Muddy Waters Electric Mud too. So cheers to Terence, David Holmes,Brian, all of you and obviously Rodriguez himself. Come up to Scotland if you can, big man, we'll show you a party!

  Entry #372. 
   Paulie ppaulie(at) 21st November 2002
11:17:11 PM

Did you know? The 'Sugarman' track appeared recently on a complation by David Holmes (Come Get It I Got It) exposing Rodrigues to a generation of nightclubbers. Excellent music to come down to.. Anyway because of this, Sugarman received national air play in Australia for several weeks on TripleJ (

  Entry #371. 
   Jessa jblades21(at) 21st November 2002
08:15:28 PM

i'm a canadian who listened to Rodriguez while backpacking around east and southern Africa...when i got back home i couldn't find the cd anywhere and no one had heard of him..i ordered Cold Facts off of e-bay (starting to panic when i was rejected by 5 cd stores in Vancouver) Rodriguez going to be touring in the next couple of years? and why doesn't the rest of the world (or at least north america) know about him? what's the deal?

  Entry #370. 
   Leonard Clifford Lucycliff(at) 20th November 2002
06:47:40 AM

I was fortunate in being exposed to the music of this gifted individual as a teenager. It allowed me to develope an ear & a mind that I beleive has been enlightend for all eternity through this rich experience. I was present at the Sydney 81 concert & I recall it with great fondness . I have seen Princes walking on the Earth & servants on horses ( King Solomon )Book of Proverbs ( Holy Little Books ) greek meaning " bible " Thank You Rodrigues , John 17 ; 3

  Entry #369. 
   Linda linda_eser(at) 20th November 2002
02:12:14 AM

I grew up with Rodrigues' Cold Fact in my Namibian home. Nothing can and will ever beat this great musician at least not in my home. These songs are engraved well into my heart, mind and soul. It runs in the blood. I am living in Israel today and it's an unexplainable happyness that comes over me hearing my toddlers singing "Forget it" or "Inner City Blues". I have succeeded it passing Rodrigues on to them. Most played CD in our home. It brings back fond memories. Brian and Sugar,please organize a tour or a show soon!! I cannot imagine, but hope that I will have the oppertunity to see this great artist live on stage.I'd probably faint from excitement!! Should this happen anyone on here please let me know!!OK

  Entry #368. 
   Axa axa(at) 19th November 2002
09:24:34 PM

I am looking for the tour tshirt sold during the first Sa tour. Forget what the largest size was- XXL ? Since I have moved to USA, I am willing to pay top $$$ for it, and pay for thr shipping. Let me know by email if you have one to sell axa(at)

  Entry #367. 
   Richard   19th November 2002
07:08:13 AM

Hello Brian/ Sugar Still no sign of the London dates any more news? regards ps. check the latest Mojo
Rodriguez's Sugarman is included in their top 100 drug related tracks
fame at last

  Entry #366. 
   fearghal lee fearghallee(at) 18th November 2002
03:03:46 PM

I have recently become a listerner to the music of Rodriguez and was wondering who I could contact to bring this mans spirit to my home country of Ireland.I would be very grateful for any info regarding booking rodrigues for a tour(2 dates,1 in dublin and 1 in cork). go raibh ma agut

  Entry #365. 
   janman air(at) 14th November 2002
06:32:44 AM

greetings everyone 8) send the man over to london
plenty of SouthAfricans here. Would really brighten up the uk weather shituation. music is life and life is music. ciao

  Entry #364. 
   Marlis fuschia59(at) 10th November 2002
10:56:39 PM

I am an American in my 40's and had never heard Rodriguez until last year. My niece married a gentleman from South Africa and he turned me on to him. I have since purchased his CDs and have been making everyone I know listen to him, and so far there have been no complaints. I recently met a guy who had grown up in Detroit and had never heard him. I think it is kind of sad that he is so unknown here in America.

  Entry #363. 
   Stuba stuartj(at) 08th November 2002
02:28:52 AM

Anyway of hauling Rod's butt over here to tour Australia? Sure would kill to see him
I am a bit Qurious!!

  Entry #362. 
   Davo RUXPrienced(at) 01st November 2002
03:35:50 AM

I was first introduced to Cold Fact in the mid-seventies, a rebellious American youth living in Sydney. I can remember being floored by the quality, the genius and the magic of each and every track. I've since moved back to San Francisco and long ago misplaced my copy of the album, all but forgotten over the years, until I came across it at an online record store. I immediately ordered two CDs, and "wondered" if the music would still hold my interest after the passage of so much time. Too often we go back and listen to music we haven't heard since youth and are disappointed, wondering what all the fuss was about. The CDs arrived today, and I've just now finished listening to those 12 songs again (twice) and if anything, they sound even better. Mr. Rodriguez, you refer to yourself as "just an average guy with average talent"; but these recordings belie that claim. Your blending of guitar, rhythms and lyrics are hauntingly beautiful, there's a magic that comes through this music that never fails to make me cry, then and now. I hope that one day I will have the opportunity to see and hear you live, if only to be able to add my hands to the applause. Thank you for showing a troubled kid that he wasn't alone after all. And all these years later, thank you for bringing back all those colors to my dreams.

  Entry #361. 
   Dan Lord forecastclothingnottingham(at) 24th October 2002
10:24:02 PM

Please let me speak to Rodriguez on the Email. we are all hoping for a night in England. We can get a place for you to play easily. At the moment we all of us listen to your albums and for you to hold a couple of talks or somthing along those lines either way your presence would be most appreciated!!!!!!! Please contact soon yours faithfully Dan

  Entry #360. 
   Greg gregwright(at) 23rd October 2002
08:18:20 PM

Introduced to the musical artistry of Rodriguez circa 1975, many subsequent months were consumed trying to source a copy of Cold fact. One of my mates was fortunate enoughh to "procure" his sister's copy, hence my introduction. Eventually we managed to track down original pressings on vinyl from the USA of both Cold Fact and Coming From Reality (of which we were unaware). Coming Prom Reality still takes pride of place in my collection. Some years later I was elated to learn that contrary to the rumours Rodriguez was alive, and a tour including Sydney, Australia was book. Should Rodriguez ever read this posting, thank you for a thoroughly entertaining evening and the opportunity to "Climb Upon My Music"! Once again, many thanks.

  Entry #359. 
   Tao angelscanlon(at) 20th October 2002
02:46:01 PM

I would love to collect all of Rodriguez's albums (CDs/cassettes), which I know is almost impossible. And any of his sourvenirs (posters, etc). Should anyone be interested to sell, or know of where I can get them, please email me at angelscanlon(at)

  Entry #358. 
   Angel angelscanlon(at) 20th October 2002
01:58:56 PM

I am from Singapore. I have yet met anyone from my country who knows or have heard of Rodriguez. I first heard his song "Sugarman" 8 years ago...when I was backpacking in Thailand, in a tribe on the high mountains of Chiangrai. A village girl had received an old tape recorder and a few dubbed cassettes as gifts, which one of them contained the song, and she was playing it. I tried looking on the cassette cover for the name of the song and artist, but was not written. For 6 years, I kept humming the tune in my head, not knowing the title of the song nor who sang it. On my first day at work in Oct 2000, I heard someone humming the very familiar tune! I was at last able to find out about the song! That's how this person and I got to know each other very immediately. When this person told me the title and artist, I still could not find it anywhere in Singapore. Months later, he bought me the CD from the Internet. Cold Fact was the first album he ever owned, so it really meant something to him. Now 2 years later, this man and I are happily married and we just had a 3-mth-old daughter. Mr Rodriguez, I just want to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH. The lyrics may be painful to the heart, but your music has brought much love to mankind. Lastly, PLEASE PLEASE let me know when and where if there's gonna be a concert. I will travel the world just to see Rodriguez perform.

  Entry #357. 
   Brian brian(at) 15th October 2002
06:52:33 AM will take you to the new re-issue of 'Cold Fact' as well as 'Live Fact' (South Africa 1998). And 'After The Fact' is coming soon... 'At His Best' is at and other online stores like CDNow, HMV, etc as well, I'm sure... There is also the possibility of a new 'Best of' compilation from PT Music sometime in the new year...

  Entry #356. 
   Duffy njduffin(at) 15th October 2002
06:17:50 AM

I'm in the UK and have posted before. Can anyone tell me where the best on-line place/store is to pick up the new remastered Cold Fact cd and At His Best. Cheers. Duffy

  Entry #355. 
   Anonymous   09th October 2002
09:00:52 PM

Hi Sixto...happy birthday from Pete Saunders........your keyboard player from a year ago....hope you are well and you got paid for the tour!.....amazing looking back at it thanks for having me on board I've a good feeling that things are going to work out for you.....good luck mate

  Entry #354. 
   Paula   07th October 2002
06:31:24 AM

Oh my God, I am so happy to have found this website and to know the Great Rodriguez is alive and well! And that I can get CDs of his music. I had his 2 albums Cold Fact and At his best on vinyl , bought 20 years ago, but lost them and have been trying to find out how to get hold of his music for years now.

  Entry #353. 
   Mike Tuer tuer(at) 06th October 2002
09:12:37 PM

Does anyone know where I can write him or send a message to him?

  Entry #352. 
   the metcalfe sisters gemsquash(at) 05th October 2002
12:59:46 PM


  Entry #351. 
   buddha pointbreakspy(at) 03rd October 2002
03:59:38 AM

I am a 33 year old from Australia, I play Guitar and came accross this website looking for his chords & lyrics, if there is a transcription to 'cause' could someone let me know. And wouldn't it be great to see him live in Australia.... a large influence on many musicians here! Buddha

  Entry #350. 
   Thom from Australia THE_FUNK_SO_BROTHER(at) 01st October 2002
06:54:27 AM

Hey everyone, My name's Thom Im from Australia and totally agree with Luke the baker, in saying that Sixto must visit the land down under! Me and my friends are only 16 and yet every party we have ends the night with Rodriguesz! PLEEEEEEEEEEZE VISIT US!!! Thom

  Entry #349. 
   Thom from Australia THE_FUNK_SO_BROTHER(at) 01st October 2002
06:53:41 AM

Hey everyone, My name's Thom Im from Australia and totally agree with Luke the baker, in saying that Sixto must visit the land down under! Me and my friends are only 16 and yet every party we have ends the night with Rodriguesz! PLEEEEEEEEEEZE VISIT US!!! Thom

  Entry #348. 
   luke the baker from australia luketiller(at) 27th September 2002
09:55:44 PM

Dear Rodriguez and esteemed fans, it is such a great thrill to me to see that this brilliant, beautiful music lives on, and still manages to touch people in a way only the truth can. I heard about this web site on australian radio, at about 2.30 in the morning and the reponse from the listeners was amazing. People rang from all over the country(its a national show) with stories of concerts and memories of small rooms, much smoke and the music. there is still a huge following here in australia, even in the youth of today, (Im only 28, and have been a fan for over ten years.) to sum up my thoughts please tour our hallowed shores again, bring back those floating tones to our country and blow away a whole new generation. Thanx to all who have read this message, and believe in the power of music. AND THANK YOU SIXTO FOR PROVING IT!!!!!!!!

  Entry #347. 
   Dave B   25th September 2002
02:40:44 PM

To the other Rodriguez fans in London: My best fantasy music night out would be Rodriguez playing the Kashmir Klub. Someone make it happen please! D

  Entry #346. 
   Duane Fogwell citizenduane(at) 24th September 2002
01:11:22 AM

hi there. I am a film student at the Victorian Collage of the Arts and want to know how i could get permission to use 'Sugar Man' in a short student film. Any Ideas? Duane

  Entry #345. 
   costner   18th September 2002
10:56:54 AM

Please post SCANS of the booklet & tray card of the new 2002 SA 'Cold Fact' CD! Were the Sussex album tapes RE-mastered for that project? The 1980's Australian 'Cold Fact' CD could use a sonic up-grade!

  Entry #344. 
   richard   16th September 2002
05:05:04 AM

For all fans in London. I was in HMV Oxford Street yesterday and Cold Fact was blasting out of the PA . It's now on sale in store for 11.99 along with At His Best. For some reason it is in the easy listening section!! Sixto, get yourself over here for a gig or two soon best wishes

  Entry #343. 
   willemiek willemiek(at) 14th September 2002
02:58:07 PM

This is amazing, that Rodriguez is still alive. I have a very old tape, as a present from a South-African girl in Australia. That was 12 years ago. It is taped over again and again......cause no one in The Netherlands seems to know Rodriguez and no where I could buy a cd. I heard from a south-african who knew him that he dead of an overdose. Today for the millionst time somebody asked me what the tape was I was playing and I told again that it was Rodriguez and that he was long time dead and unknown and tonight I wondered and looked his name up on the internet....and there he is...still alive and many stories like mine. So I want to say: he has fans in Holland, Amsterdam too.

  Entry #342. 
   Dave Taggart i4stix(at) 14th September 2002
02:49:20 AM

I saw Rodriguez play in Sydney on his first tour and in Lismore (New South Wales) on the second tour. The first gig was very slick (not complaining though), while the second one was much more intimate and he was wasted! So was the audience! Even after all this time, the memories of each gig are exceptionally strong; such is the power of his talent. I've been to bucket-loads of gigs, but I rate these ones in the top five. A mega-talent
where are all the unreleased demo tapes? Bye, Dave.

  Entry #341. 
   Jim Clews   05th September 2002
07:38:07 AM

I re-discovered Rodriguez thanks to David Holmes' compilation. My friends in South Africa used to play his music back in the 80's, so I hadn't heard it since then. I've now ordered "Cold Fact" and "Best of" from the web and eagerly await their arrival. Nice site by the way, it de-bunked a few myths for me
The rumours I heard was he'd died, but wrote all his songs in prison...

  Entry #340. 
   Also on Amazon 29th August 2002
11:40:56 PM

**** (Stars) The Power & Variety of Detroit's IMPACT Records! May 18, 2001 Reviewer: A music fan from Bourne, Florida As a hard-core collector of Sixto D. Rodriguez, I was astonished to find his "I'll Slip Away" on Collectables' "Best Of Impact" CD. Rodriguez later generated the classic "Cold Fact" LP on Sussex, but it all started on Impact. This CD contains, pop, soul and solid Garage Rock--and I don't mean maybe! I particularly enjoy The Sixpence cuts. All in all, an essential piece of music history!

  Entry #339. 
   mike b. bagley1(at) 29th August 2002
03:16:53 PM

it's great to see that david holmes added your song to his compilation cd. keep going strong.....

  Entry #338. 
   Brian brian(at) 29th August 2002
02:42:45 AM

I found this review on and thought I would reprint it here: **** (5 stars) Cold Fact
Rodriguez Thank You Linda., July 31, 2002 Reviewer: Jack Rogan from New Zealand. When I was 17 a girl gave me a mix tape. She was South African, and there was some really interesting stuff on it. The most immediately stunning track was a song from this album called "I Wonder". This is one of the best albums ever, no two ways about it. Please buy this, it's so cheap, really. Do you really want to wait for a chance encounter with a South African? Do yourself a favour. I wish I could rate this higher. Jack Rogan

  Entry #337. 
   Rick Tan richard(at) 26th August 2002
10:26:52 AM

Soory, forgot to give the above info. Rick

  Entry #336. 
   Anonymous   26th August 2002
10:25:41 AM

Wow! I am so glad I found this site. I have always wondered what happened to the man and his music. It figured in a large part of my life in London. A girlfriend gave the album " Coming from Reality" to me and I was struck down. Its apity that hios recordings are so difficult to get hold of but I'll try to get them on order from a good independent record shop that I know. I am v3ery happy that Rodriguez is well from all accounts-one of the greatest unsing heroes of the music world.Just to put things in perspective, I am 60 yrs. old,that's how long it has been. Keep well R. Rick from London

  Entry #335. 
   Lee Coolie   23rd August 2002
02:24:40 PM

Discussing the COLD FACT album, MOJO says: "Despite a favourable review in Billboard, the album never troubled its charts." But the album's 4 Star Review, Billboard April 18, 1970, was not really "favourable." Actually a bare listing, the "review" only consisted of four stars, the artist's name, the album title, label and release number. NO descriptive text or comments whatsoever. Since Jerry Schollenberger's IMPACT RECORDS site has established Billboard's COLD FACTS, some dedicated Rod researcher should now dig up the LP review from Cash Box magazine.

  Entry #334. 
   billy wwduncan(at) 23rd August 2002
11:33:52 AM

could anybody let me know what type and brand of guitar sixto plays (this guy can wash my car anytime he wants)

  Entry #333. 
   Lenny   21st August 2002
12:53:20 AM

And so it came to pass that the Cult Of Rod began to spread, not only in the Tri-nations areas, but in Europe, Asia, Britain, and ultimately and unstoppably, in the USA. As we read in J's message below, the citizens of his Hometown, even those who have not yet heard his music, have begun to understand who that cool, lone Detroit dude actually is! A real case of Mr Mojo's Risin...

  Entry #332. 
   J allenjohn1(at) 15th August 2002
05:11:14 PM

Detroit is a very strange place- It is a technically a "large" city, but that is only if you include its massive, sprawling suburbs. The actual "downtown" (where I have lived for about eight years) is closer to an industrial ghost town than anything else. This being the case, you really end up knowing, or at least recognizing everyone who lives here. So it really blew my mind when a friend showed me the mojo article- I instantly recognized Mr. Rodriguez, though I never knew him by his name, as someone I had always noticed whenever I saw him around town. He definitly has a presence- I always wondered who this cat with the pointy shoes, sunglasses, and a guitar case on his back was. Discovering that "that cool dude" is, dang!, actually an international "star" who has made some really classic music, well, it made me very happy. I would love to get ahold of his music on lp or 45- if anyone has anything available, for sale or trade, please get in touch.

  Entry #331. 
   JAY jbrodrick(at) 13th August 2002
06:04:26 PM

I've been trying to find a copy of a single that was released in 1977. The song is "I think of you" and was recorded by susan cowsill. Does anybody know where I could find one?

  Entry #330. 
   macky michael.hugentobler(at) 13th August 2002
01:55:35 PM

help. i need somebody, help! I am desperately looking for a copy of 'after the fact' and 'coming from reality'. money is not important as long as i can pay it. thanx in advance. macky.

  Entry #329. 
   billy wwduncan(at) 13th August 2002
07:17:09 AM

i have been getting into this mans music since early 80s. have had plenty of bong sessions to his music. still doing it for me after all this time.still remember driving into town with an overloaded car all pissed and all singing "i wonder' over and over because it was the only one we all new the words to. needless to say my little cassette has had its day, i do have two of each of his cds and all on vinyl but their a bit scratchy now. would love to meet the man, if he could read this message board i would let him know the best times of my life usually involved his music. he seems so have the recipes for my happiness . thank you

  Entry #328. 
   QUINTUS QOOS555(at)HOTMAIL.COM 13th August 2002
03:10:03 AM

Quisy just jinger suck, they took something good and fucked it up so if you see Rodriquez as that chanced you life forget about j.j.

  Entry #327. 
   Trace tradle(at) 10th August 2002
12:37:09 AM

Wow I am ecstatic to have found this site. I am Australian and remember finding Rodriguez in my teens. I knew all the words and played Cold Fact over and over. I moved on but often thought of him but years went by and i never heard him or saw his music anywhere. Then 2 years ago I got online and searched, still found nothing. Gave up for a while then the other day I searched again, tried Kazaa and to my delight found about 10 songs. Am playing them now and I cant tell you how they make me feel. What an unreal going back in time. I'm so glad he was never over exposed but also glad to see that I wasn't the only one in love with him. Thanks for this great siteand may he live forever. Only music that can really take me back. Trace.

  Entry #326. 
   TONY MARTIN sliderules(at) 04th August 2002
07:36:43 AM

I am guitarist/singer songwriter Based in Sydney Australia and I have a show that I do called the ACOUSTIC REVOLUTION, singing all the classic songs from singer/songwriters such as Cat Stevens, Bob Dylan James Taylor and so on, but my most requested song ever is I WONDER by Rodriguez, WOW! it's amazing the impact that song and his music for that matter has on people. I remember back in the early 70's when I bought my first RODRIGUEZ album AT HIS BEST and I have been hooked ever since. As I was prepairing for the ACOUSTIC REVOLUTION SHOW I wanted to find out as much as a could about each artist and up until now I knew nothing about the man himself, so for that I thank you and will come back again and again, CHEERS, TONY MARTIN.

  Entry #325. 
   Chris bigcurbs(at) 04th August 2002
07:04:04 AM

I bought a copy of "Coming from Reality" (American release)in a used record store in Townsville Australia in 1989 for the sum of 12 Australian dollars. I still have it in my collection but don't play it anymore because I don't have a record player. (CD's have all but killed the medium) I was introduced to Rodriguez by fellow university students in the late 80's and have continued to enjoy and spread the good word of Rodriguez. When initially introduced to Rodriguez my friends had "Cold Fact" "Coming from Reality" and "At His Best". I am only now realising how lucky I was to have been exposed to it so long ago given the recent hype (for some) surrounding his recordings. Cheers.

  Entry #324. 
   Brian brian(at) 02nd August 2002
05:07:36 AM

To Stefan from Sweden: Rodriguez did actually tour Sweden... in 1998... see here for more details Also I recommend the new South African re-issue of Cold Fact over the Australian one as the SA one has up-to-date sleeve notes and info, etc... of course maybe you should buy both as the Oz one has a white cover, while the SA one has a black cover!

  Entry #323. 
   Stefan Hasselblad (Sweden) hasselblad(at) 02nd August 2002
04:05:44 AM

I purchased a the vinyl -Coming from Reality in -71 and thought I was the only one in the world that had discovered this great artist. Having surfed the web for info on the artist in vain, I gave up a few years ago. -Coming from Reality is a true masterpiece that has been an integral part of my and my friends youth, and still has relevance and often spinns my turntable. I was astound by the fact that The Man truly still exists, and has a huge following in South Africa! -Cold Fact I,ve never heard of, I thougt "Reality" was his only recording. Thanks to Mojo I found your excellent site, and will get a copy of Cold Fact from CDNOW right away! Wow, something to look forward to! Rodriguez: you have a couple of fans in Sweden, please schedule a gig up here in the north!

  Entry #322. 
   Rodriguez Information Centre info(at) 02nd August 2002
03:58:37 AM

OK... the brand new re-issue of 'Cold Fact' is now available at One World. This CD has been re-issued by PT Music in South Africa and the website was strongly involved with rectifying a number of errors and omissions that had been repeated over the years. To purchase just cut and paste this URL into your web browser: Or click above on [Back to the home page] and then click on the One World logo. 'Live Fact', which was recorded live in South Africa in March 1998 is also available at One World. And... the very elusive 'After the Fact (Coming From Reality)' will be on One World in the next few weeks...

  Entry #321. 
   candy candwich(at) 01st August 2002
08:05:55 PM

any idea of rodriguez playing u.s dates? :)

  Entry #320. 
   Jon jonsut(at) 01st August 2002
09:48:02 AM

cheers for the website. i've bought 'at his best', and it's the best thing i've bought for years. now i must feed this new addiction...the HMV website is selling 'cold fact', but where can i get hold of 'after the fact / coming from reality' and 'live fact'? any tips of suitable websites? or, dare i say it, anyone willing to burn me a CD / make me a mini-disc?? keep up the website, and all the best to Rodriguez.

  Entry #319. 
   C.D, Burns   01st August 2002
04:29:25 AM

Quisy...Just Jinger's official website is as follows Cheers, CD

  Entry #318. 
   Brian brian(at) 01st August 2002
02:55:54 AM

Just Jinger info and discography at: Brian

  Entry #317. 
   C.D. Burns   31st July 2002
09:41:53 PM

uncle joe, if you want it on vinyl, try eBay. A factory sealed album went off just a week or so ago for $US37.75 If you don't particularly want it on vinyl, the CD can be picked up quite readily. Cheers CD

  Entry #316. 
   uncle joe joedbc(at) 31st July 2002
10:13:03 AM

by the way, im in london england <joedbc(at)>

  Entry #315. 
   uncle joe joedbc(at) 31st July 2002
10:12:07 AM

please,please,please can someone help me find a copy of cold fact on vinyl. i've searched for ever, and i can't find anyone who wants to sell a copy. i need help.............i'm an addict! uncle

  Entry #314. 
   Quisy   31st July 2002
09:29:32 AM

The Band "Just Ginger" covered a song fom Rodriguez (Sugar man) and I need some Information about the Band....

  Entry #313. 
   Quisy   31st July 2002
09:25:19 AM

Does anybody know the band "Just Ginger"?

  Entry #312. 
   Gazz gazz(at) 30th July 2002
08:50:03 AM

I wonder if anyone can help me with the guitar chords to "INNER CITY BLUES" My e- mail is gazz(at) I have most of the other songs chords from this site but please if anyone can help me with the chords for "INNER CITY BLUES " I will really appreciate it... Later............ GAZZ.....................

  Entry #311. 
   david dbcasino(at) 27th July 2002
10:17:07 PM

went to a big outdoor concert in dublin,ireland, on friday night featuring paul weller.on my way in was shocked to hear "sugar man" being was off the david holmes cd but shows that its getting airplay out there!paul weller has played some big venus this summer so im wondering where else its been played and how many people have heard it now?

  Entry #310. 
   Yara   26th July 2002
06:17:24 PM

Im a big fan!!!!!!!! Finally found something about Rodriguez!!!! THANK YOU... Big Kiss From Angola, Namibia and Portugal. Yara...

  Entry #309. 
   Neil Neil_46(at) 16th July 2002
03:54:46 PM

im from england and i heard sixto on a mix album sugarman i thought it was soo great and i had to find out more bout him this sites great, i really wanna buy some of hisstuff on vinly but no were sells it ive looked everywere can anyone help???

  Entry #308. 
   Brian brian(at) 16th July 2002
02:19:34 PM

Rodriguez in Mojo magazine: The Tim Forster article on Rodriguez originally written in January 2001 has at last appeared in the lastest issue of the UK music magazine MOJO. Read this article here: At last a major music mag recognizes what we've known all along... that Rodriguez is THE MAN... I wonder who will be next? Rolling Stone, maybe... A big thank you to John Samson for this info...

  Entry #307. 
   Brian brian(at) 16th July 2002
01:25:15 PM

COLD FACT ON CD It is with great pleasure that we announce the news that South African record label PT Music have secured the rights to the Sussex back-catalogue which includes both 'Cold Fact' and 'After The Fact' (aka 'Coming From Reality'). This is really great news as 'Cold Fact' has only been available on Australian import (the one with the white cover) since Universal Music South Africa decided to stop pressing this classic album in September 1999. 'After The Fact' was only ever released on CD in South Africa and has long been out of print and impossible to find. These new re-issues will include lyrics, sleeve-notes and pictures. A number of errors and omissions that have been repeated over the years have now been corrected, thanks to the website, Mike Theodore ('Cold Fact' producer) and Rodriguez himself. CDs will be available online from OneWorld within the next few weeks.

  Entry #306. 
   Mike ms(at) 16th July 2002
05:04:39 AM

Heard 'Sugarman' for the first time on the new David Holmes CD 'Come Get it, I got it' and was blown away
it's the best track on a superb compliation. All my friends are talking about it and we're now tracking down all Rodriguez music!!!

  Entry #305. 
   Chanell chanell_h(at) 15th July 2002
05:52:18 PM

Hi just popped in to say happy 60th birthday, I know it is a little late (but rather late than never). I was born in SA and now live in Germany, it took me ages to find the Cold fact CD here in Germany, because my ex still has the record, your music brings back great memories, Thank you. All the best

  Entry #304. 
   Christine   10th July 2002
08:59:28 PM

Duffy, Go to <> They have a couple of Rodriguez CDs available. C.

  Entry #303. 
   Duffy duffy(at) 10th July 2002
09:38:26 AM

Happy birthday! Isn't it so depressing that you cannot buy a single Rodriuez cd in the UK. I have tried everything these past couple of weeks and nothing happened. I tried HMV on-line and gave up in the end waiting... :(

  Entry #302. 
   Christine   09th July 2002
06:02:33 PM

Happy 60th birthday. I didn't even know it was your birthday, yet by strange coincidence I bought my first Rodriguez album less than a fortnight ago. I first heard your music about 3yrs ago, a friend had an old tape of Cold Fact on a week long car trip. We didn't have many tapes on that trip so I got to know the album very well! Thank you for the music.

  Entry #301. 
   André andre403(at) 09th July 2002
02:28:30 PM

Sixto, happy 60th birthday! Thank you so much for the inspired music and lyrics I first heard 16 years ago and inspired me to write non-compromise original poetry of my own. It would be a dream for us South Africans, if you could record an album of new songs here amongst the people who love and respect you and would never rip you off! You are a man of true humility and spirit. Thanks for never compromising who you truly are. Kind regards...André

  Entry #300. 
   John   09th July 2002
12:46:48 PM

Happy Birthday Sixto

  Entry #299. 
   Kev kevin.pomroy' 09th July 2002
11:21:06 AM

Happy Birthday sir, Thanks for the music, thanks for the lyrics, Thanks for your time.

  Entry #298. 
   Richard   09th July 2002
11:12:14 AM

Happy Birthday Sixto!!!! Please come and play in London

  Entry #297. 
   SA Rock Digest Special Rodriguez Edition   09th July 2002
09:41:03 AM

This week's issue of the weekly SA Rock Digest newsletter (issue number 162) is a special edition dedicated to Rodriguez, in honour of his 60th Birthday on Wednesday July 10. It was compiled by Brian Currin, in association with the official website, and has a rare MP3, news of the upcoming SA re-releases of 'Cold Fact' and 'Coming From Reality', an updated history, birthday messages from some unusual sources, and a lot more other new info. You can find this special edition online at: or at:

  Entry #296. 
   Darin J. Harvey harvey(at) 09th July 2002
09:19:28 AM

Happy Birthday Sixto! Wish you many more happy, healthy, and fulfilled years! And I really wish you get the chance to record another inspire album! Greatings from Mannheim, Germany Darin J. Harvey

  Entry #295. 
   Amber kathdra(at) 09th July 2002
06:59:44 AM

I thought it was going to be another wintery, cold & boring day in class but, the light was, that my Media teacher, Steve Segerman (Sugar), was teaching me so i was SAVED! He told us a story about his nick name "Sugarman" which he was givern in the early 70's by commune mates. This nickname linked him to one of Rodriguez'es songs. Steve went on a crusade to find the man who wrote "Sugarman" and found him! In Detroit! He met the legend and found out all the info which was missing and that we all (in South Africa) never dreamt of knowing! for e.g. Rodriguez WAS alive and very much kicking! I found this story truly inspirational! because in the end he searched for what he was looking for, found it! "Rodriguez", and enlightened those who did'nt know the background of this encredible songwriter! People like me.. Rodriguez! Happy Birthday !! have a great day!!! Amber xx

  Entry #294. 
   Lino linom(at) 08th July 2002
02:13:16 AM

A very happy birthday, with many good things up ahead for you. It's unreal how 22 years have gone by, from the first time I heard cold fact while in the Force on the Angolan operational area. There was hardly a day that the Cold Fact could not be be heard amongst the tents in camp. Whenever I listen to Cold Fact, I remember it like yesterday, good times, dear ones lost, and one dear person singing about it all, as if he knew we were there, trying to make sense of it all ......

  Entry #293. 
   Kat T kittykat2509(at) 07th July 2002
11:19:54 PM

Happy 60th Birthday Rodriguez!!! Listening to your music and lyrics made me want to pick up my guitar again. A true inspiration. x x x

  Entry #292. 
   Alec Bozas abozas(at) 07th July 2002
03:11:39 PM

Many Happy Returns Young Man. Thanks for the good music, the memories and the superb gig in Durban last year. How about a new disc for your fans? Wishing you and yours health, happiness and good things. Cheers Alec

  Entry #291.   07th July 2002
12:26:11 PM

A BIRTHDAY MESSAGE FROM RODRIGUEZ TO HIS FANS Every time I hear about the messages being posted on the "" forum, I am filled with amazement and gratitude at their sincerity and genuineness. Your stories touch me deeply, and I would like nothing more than to visit each of the countries they represent. Music and writing are my life, but I never dreamed that what I had to say would garner so much recognition. I am heartily impressed and ever grateful and wish much peace and happiness to all of the fans, worldwide. I don't think I will ever be able to express what your recognition has meant to me. Sixto Rodriguez, Detroit, Michigan

  Entry #290. 
   Brian vagabond(at) 07th July 2002
12:06:49 PM

Listen to an extremely rare Rodriguez song, 'You'd Like To Admit It' at

  Entry #289. 
   Gary W Harvey   07th July 2002
12:05:05 PM

Happy Birthday Sixto!!!! Gary W. Harvey (co-composer of 'Hate Street Dialogue' and 'Gommorah')

  Entry #288. 
   Mike Theodore   07th July 2002
12:03:19 PM

Happy Birthday Senr Rodriguez. Where have the last 30 years flown? I hope we can do the 3rd album sometime soon. As always there is magic in the golden words. Mike Theodore Cold Fact producer

  Entry #287. 
   Dallas Takitimu Stragorius(at) 06th July 2002
03:56:39 AM

First of all, Happy 60th for the 10th of July, Mr Sugarman! My sister first got me into Rodriguez years ago; I don't remember where 'Cold Fact' appeared from, but it's poignant lyrics and sardonic wit have caused it to be a classic for some time now! I remember hearing a rumor that when he made his first million, he shot himself on stage! Mmmmmm..... Has Rodriguez ever toured New Zealand? I wonder.... Anyhow, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Rodders! Keep me up feeling blue ;) Dallas Bristol,UK (Via New Zealand)

  Entry #286. 
   Alex rooney eekitseck(at) 02nd July 2002
05:44:31 PM

Hi Rodriguez reminds me of the time i lived in south africa,bringing back some really great memories of my late teens early twenties. "I wonder" was a great track, i was amazed to find it online also "sugar man , gommorah", inner city blues" just hearing them made me think back and remember , jeez that was all of at least 20 yrs ago, i'm now 40 ! Well done rodriguez you really must have made some impression on me ! By the way m8 if you read this HAPPY BITHDAY!

  Entry #285. 
   Brian brian(at) 02nd July 2002
10:19:53 AM

Hi Rodriguez Fans Rodriguez celebrates his 60th birthday on the 10th July. Please post your birthday wishes here on this forum for Rodriguez to read. Also you can subscribe to the SA Rock Digest at as Issue #162 on the 8th July will be dedicated to the Man, and will include a special MP3 for downloading and hopefully some news on CD re-issues of Cold Fact and After The Fact... Brian

  Entry #284. 
   steve brennan angelilly66(at) 01st July 2002
03:43:12 AM

im totally dumb founded to find this a rodriguez fan of way back and love he's music, over the years my LP's just have worn away and its been so hard to find people with hes hits i am so excited now ive found this site keep up the good work and if you ever leave send me ya e-mail to let me know were you go plllzsssss im 42 years old male from sydney australia and rodriguez rocks

  Entry #283. 
   caithlin meave meavesongs(at) 25th June 2002
06:57:10 PM

i grew up with roriguez i only sing two cover songs in my repertoire Silver Words is one of them i came here looking to check that i had the right lyrics i don't have that album-sadly the feeling in that song is so gentle,so sweet another side to this man

  Entry #282. 
   Anonymous   24th June 2002
10:01:49 AM

Hey I just got the david holmes CD and now I really really want to get hold of some Sixto Rodriguez. Is there any on CD? bd253(at)

  Entry #281. 
   tom forbes xejon(at) 23rd June 2002
08:39:33 AM

my mother used to play rodriguez all the time when i was a kid. i think she has "At His Best" on LP. His music is warm, filling, and he is a brilliant song writer. I rediscovered my mum's LP a couple of years ago, but never had much opportunity to play it. I just picked up "Cold Fact" a few days ago and i am in love already. I'm incredibly surprised to learn that he wasn't very popular in the US. He is fantastic, what were they thinking?! tom the curious

  Entry #280. 
   tom bertlennox(at) 20th June 2002
03:55:12 PM

in 1976, muirkirk, scotland, a friend and i 'picked up'a second-hand album ( at a cattle show! ) called 'coming from reality' by some guy called has always been most inspirational to both of us as 'now musicians',but he has always remained a mystery. until now. what a great site. but the question still remains. how did that album ever arrive here in scotland? i plan to locate more material now.

  Entry #279. 
   Steve Ross N\A 20th June 2002
12:27:42 AM

Rodriguez Has influenced me musically and in my thinking from the first time i heard his extraordinarily original and captivating sound. He is up there with Bob Dylan in song writing ability & his albums will play over and over again through out history, on ya Jesus, you rock mate. Steve Ross, Qld, Australia

  Entry #278. 
   David & Linda Brzezinski dlbrzez(at) 16th June 2002
02:06:24 PM

Linda and I lived in Detroit down by Wayne State University in the 1970's and I was very tuned into the music scene there. I was immediately awestruck by my first exposure to Sixto Rodriguez's performances in the bars about town. He has a charisma and sound that still haunts me and the songs touched my heart. I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with him one cold night in an empty bar off Woodward when he asked if I would like to play a song with him. I was not a personal friend, so I was surprised when I heard he had left for Australia, where his records were selling. I knew it was true, however, when we got a postcard of a Kangaroo from Australia with no message or return address. I never heard from him again, so I figured he had settled down there. So, just yesterday I was listening to my vinyl copy of Cold Fact and I decided to see if he had made it big in Australia. What I found was this web site. Thank you, guys, for letting people know what a fine artist, musician and poet Sixto Rodriguez is. I recommend all of his stuff to anyone who loves music and poetry. Dave

  Entry #277. 
   Michael MacDonald mmacd76(at) 15th June 2002
01:05:23 AM

Hi, I was in a bar in the East village in New York last night, and Sugar Man was played and I was totally shocked. So I asked the bar tender how he came across the tune and he advised me that it is part of a compilation by Irish DJ David Holmes. A couple of years ago I was fortunate enough to meet some guy's from South Africa who were living in London and we would sit in the garden drinking beers and listening to the dulcet tones of Rodriguez. I never managed to get a copy of Cold Fact but was however able to down load Sugarman from the web site Morpheus. The funny thing is that my friends from South Africa were under the impression the Rodriguez was pan bread (cockney rhyming slang for dead !)As was the bar tender in New York. So i just wanted to say thank you for the thouroughly comprehensive site that is dedicated to the man and the music of Sixto Rodriguez. Are'nt we extremley lucky to be alive and able to listen to such beautiful music. Thank you from one happy Scotsman !

  Entry #276. 
   Brian vagabond(at) 13th June 2002
03:59:12 PM

Hi You can mail me on vagabond(at) while I figure out what is wrong with my contact form...

  Entry #275. 
   Dave yourebarred(at) 13th June 2002
11:32:33 AM

Could the webmaster Brian please contact me, the contact page is down or something.Thanks.

  Entry #274. 
   Dave yourebarred(at) 13th June 2002
11:30:16 AM

Love the site, love the man, love the music.

  Entry #273. 
   Dave yourebarred 13th June 2002
11:29:35 AM

  Entry #272. 
   Anonymous   11th June 2002
03:26:30 AM

Found on Ebay today : RODRIGUEZ-COLD FACT-VINYL LP-SEALED Item # 881836405 Music:CDs, Records, & Tapes:Records:33 RPM/LPs:Pop Currently US $9.99 First bid US $9.99 Quantity 1 # of bids 0 bid history Time left 5 days, 13 hours + Location ELMWOOD PARK,N.J. Country/Region United States /New York Started Jun-06-02 14:35:57 PDT mail this auction to a friend Ends Jun-16-02 14:35:57 PDT watch this item

  Entry #271. 
   me again(michelle) karmacoma_666(at) 31st May 2002
04:22:12 AM

please please come to new zealand im sure you will enjoy this country as much as i enjoy listerning to you music

  Entry #270. 
   michelle alexandre karmacoma_666(at) 31st May 2002
03:41:52 AM

rodrigues cold fact is a a great wind down cd but still giving me facts to think you r a great influence from michelle in christchurch new zealand

  Entry #269. 
   charlene curly42_1999(at) 31st May 2002
01:30:56 AM

Wow, what a great site to get into. I grew up just out side of Detroit, still singing I wonder in my head. I live in upstate new york and no one understand that detoit music up here.........

  Entry #268. 
   Kristian krispytw(at) 27th May 2002
12:05:02 AM

Thank you David holmes. I am from England but have just moved to Sydney Australia. Being from the U.K. i have been ignorant of the all mighty Rodriguez. i work in a record shop, a few weeks ago we recived the new David Holmes album "come get it i got it". I put it on in the shop and the first track comes on...SUGAR MAN, i had a god damb orgasum, it was one of the best things i have heard in all my 24 years of inhabiting this planet.My store now will never go long with out 'Cold fact' or 'at his best' in stock and i have also made sure that all my friends have a copy. Rodriguez, where have you been all my life.. i love you. Just found the web sites and am very excited about finding out as mutch as i can about the man. Mr Rodriguez, i hope you will ture Australia again, soon, and as a semi professional photographer i would love to take a picture of you. The cool thing is though, that because the man never went main streem out side S.A. people will be discovering the greatness of his music for years to come. Love your work man, hope to hear more about you in things to come. Kristian

  Entry #267. 
   Stuart stuart.hillis(at) 26th May 2002
04:30:42 PM

Hey Brian and friends
been away for a while. Sugar, is it too crazy idea to approach a recognized label with reams of this forum and open their eyes to buy the rites and re-print some albums? In the UK alone, their is a strong following to warrant it, and that's just the people who already know the score. Has it been tried? I'll do some shouting with your permission . . .

  Entry #266. 
   Brian   26th May 2002
02:56:25 PM

Please note that Swing Like A Metronome and Proud Heart are not by Sixto Rodriguez, but by some other artist(s) called Rodriguez...

  Entry #265. 
   Brian brian(at) 26th May 2002
09:29:42 AM

-------------------------------------- RODRIGUEZ CDs
The Current Situation -------------------------------------- This info is subject to change without notice (hopefully!) COLD FACT (1970) only the Australian pressing (with the white cover) is currently available. Amazon and HMV online both carry it. Available in most CD stores in South Africa for about R170. COMING FROM REALITY (1971) / AFTER THE FACT (1976) South African pressing out of print and impossible to find. No other pressing exists. AT HIS BEST (1977) Australian CD from 1986 (which includes 3 songs not on 'Cold Fact' or 'After The Fact') can be found online at Amazon and HMV and in some CD stores in South Africa. THE BEST OF RODRIGUEZ (1982) South African version of 'At His Best', but with more tracks, is out of print. Impossible to find. LIVE FACT (Live In South Africa) (1998) Released by SonyMusic SA, this CD can be found in almost all CD shops in South Africa and online from One World NOT available on Amazon or HMV. ALIVE (Live in Australia 1979) (1981) Never released on CD. More info on all these albums at: And then there's the very rare seven single from 1967 when he was known as Rod Riguez, but that's another story... watch this space.

  Entry #264. 
   essy estelle.simpson(at) 24th May 2002
09:38:14 AM

I'm looking for Cold Fact and After The Fact on cd. Can anyone tell me where I can buy these in the UK 'cos I've searched quite a few sites and shops and can't find anyplace that sells them. I can't believe how so few people in the UK know of this wonderful music. Its been such an influence in my life, so many good memories. I looked on the One World site but they only seem to have his Live Fact cd. Any help will be appreciated!

  Entry #263. 
   Sugar sugar(at) 23rd May 2002
12:34:58 AM

This may sound a little strange, but I'm looking for Craig Bartholomew. Will the great Rodriguez musicologist dETective, please phone (or email) home (me)

  Entry #262. 
   geoff starling babyfinger81(at) 18th May 2002
03:53:32 AM

hi from australia! managed to get a cd of the best of rodriguez imported from s.a. to england (secondhand) off ebay. was wondering on how to get hold of coming from reality/after the fact also on cd? have a original sussex copy (lp obviously!)coming from usa. any information greatly appreciated!

  Entry #261. 
   mark   14th May 2002
06:38:06 AM

can anyone please tell me if rodriguez is going to tour australia ? there were rumours about a tour but i have not heard anything more about it

  Entry #260. 
   Duffy n2d4(at) 10th May 2002
07:10:40 PM

Hi everyone, I too have just heard Sugarman and I was mezmerised! Does anyone know where I can get any Rodriguez cds in the UK?I'm gonna be after some stuff from Rodriguez like a dog with a bone...

  Entry #259. 
   Dirk Knobel dirkk(at) 10th May 2002
12:59:38 PM

My hat's off to you for setting up this site, in tribute to a musician who richly deserves all the recognition and accolades in the world. It's unbelievable how little recognition Sixto Rodriguez has achieved in N. America. To me, he's an absolute icon, and formed a big part of my adolescent life in South Africa. When I first met my wife, she and all her friends knew his music, and wherever you went, somebody had Cold Fact. His music triggers memories of parties and the social scene of the seventies in Durban, where everybody knew and loved his music, it had a genuine cult following. I sold most of my records when I emigrated, thinking I'd easily find copies of Cold Fact and Coming from Reality, in N America. Wow, was I wrong. I was directed to the Latino music section at music stores, and nobody had heard of Rodriguez. At the time, I didn't know his first name, but I'd ask "Haven't you heard of Sugar Man, Establishment Blues?!". No, what planet are you from? I've since found Cold Fact, available on import from OZ, and play it when I want to feel young again! It's really sad that he's not well known here, and I think N Americans missed out on a real treasure, right under their noses! To Sixto Rodriguez, my wife and I would like to say, Thanks for your time, and thanks for all the great times!! Dirk and Gwen Knobel, Colorado, USA.

  Entry #258. 
   Mark mhenke66(at) 08th May 2002
05:16:12 AM

Hi I got in touch with *THE* music back in '83 in Namibia when a good friend and shoolteachear gave me a place 2 stay, after i got chucked out of bordingshool. Many things have changed since then... i am wheelchair bound, living in germany... when i hear Rodriguez it takes me back *better days*

  Entry #257. 
   Brian brian(at) 02nd May 2002
04:24:30 PM

Hi The Climb Up On My Music website has now got its own domain:- Long live Rodriguez, who turns 60 in July...

  Entry #256. 
   ken oath   01st May 2002
03:13:03 AM

almost everyone i know has a copy of cold fact and treasures it.. love your work sixto

  Entry #255. 
   glenn glennlmiller(at) 27th April 2002
10:46:30 PM

I was introduced to this guy's music back in 92 by a friend at the time that had a music shop. He said 'I got somethin' you might like glenn, listen to this...' Like was too small a word. i love this guy. (thanks for your music rodriguez, it touches my heart)

  Entry #254. 
   sicily   22nd April 2002
11:49:38 PM


  Entry #253. 
   Brewer brewdougbrew(at) 22nd April 2002
06:21:50 PM

I just got my ears on Cold Fact and then I got my Burner on it. Athens GA is lovin' the Detroit man and the rest of the country will too soon enough. The internet will free your world wide musical restraints.

  Entry #252. 
   Denise the Lady denisethelady(at) 16th April 2002
03:03:07 PM

Please please could someone let me know where I can get hold of 'After The Fact' in the UK.....

  Entry #251. 
   the shadow   12th April 2002
03:50:59 PM

Just heard 'sugarman' on the new David Holmes LP, and wondered what other Rodriquez tracks were wortha listen?

  Entry #250. 
   Davey Ray Moor   07th April 2002
04:55:54 PM

I am a marginal cult musician myself, and thought I'd go on the record and say what huge fans me and my band, Cousteau, are of the great man's work.... I think that it is deeply unjust that he is not represented on any cult catalogues, but I reckon its only a matter of time until the world picks up on him, much the same as happened for Nick Drake, or Terry Callier. I hope he reads this forum some time and enyoys the long-overdue attention. Secret shiny and new!!!

  Entry #249. 
   cleo cleosong(at) 06th April 2002
01:09:32 PM

Can anyone tell me where to buy "The Best of Rodriguez"? I the OneWorld website, but they don't have this particular one. I live in the United States. Thanks!

  Entry #248. 
   snapirealism snapirealism(at) 01st April 2002
06:32:55 AM

7 years ago in india i stumbled upon a copy of cold fact , it was my soundtrack for a beautiful journey , the highpoint of it was being in the water with a girl from argentina and singing her "i wonder" and then she recognized it and said "rodriguez ?" and we just started dancing together between the waves like two long lost brothers... and now in these crazy deadly days here in israel , rodriguez started playing in my head again , the tape i had was long gone , so i went to the net to see what i can find ,and i found this site , and some of the songs scattered here and there. so thank god (and al gore...) for the internet and thanx for your time.

  Entry #247. 
   joanna joannaransley(at) 29th March 2002
07:16:50 AM

How happy am I to find this site !?!?!? I have a copy of Cold Fact that I used to plan incessently (to everybody's annoyance after the first 100 times!) at the Inland Motel Ayres Rock. The hotel was damaged by a truck driver who demolished it with his truck killing 6 people
one of the only things not damaged? You got it
Cold Fact. That was in 1984 and its looking very frail now and I need to get a new copy. I am now in New Hampshire USA and hope I can find one !!!!

  Entry #246. 
   Kenny kmcbcd(at) 23rd March 2002
02:54:52 AM

Can anybody tell where I might find the bass tab for I Wonder.If anybody in the UK is looking for Cold Fact,they can find it online at HMV.

  Entry #245. 
   Andrew raver123(at) 20th March 2002
08:13:22 PM

What are the chances of Rodriguez coming to Melbourne Victoria Australia? Dose anyone know his contacts? If you do, please mail me with Rodriguez in the subject.

  Entry #244. 
   henthorne henthorne(at) 20th March 2002
06:20:38 AM

I have been a fan of cold fact since I first heard the lines "thanks for your time and you can thank me for mine and after that's said forget it" Is it really true that Rodriguez is alive?

  Entry #243. 
   Wingman wingman(at) 19th March 2002
04:25:06 AM

Wigg, I've news for you, My copy of cold fact has been in Bavaria for about 3 years, and occasionally entertaining the neighbours. I occassionally strum out a song or two of his when I play my guitar at parties and gettogethers and it gets difficult explaining where the songs come from.

  Entry #242. 
   Brian brian(at) 15th March 2002
05:30:01 AM

I discovered that HMV in Oz <> have At His Best and Cold Fact available to buy online as well as all the Stella One Eleven CDs and CD singles... Stella 1-11 are an Oz band that covers Only Good For Conversation and Sugar Man... happy hunting... Brian

  Entry #241. 
   wigg robertwick(at) 15th March 2002
04:14:17 AM

I got the CD Cold Fact today from a friend in SA. Its like listening to an old friend. Strange. A new old sound for Lower bavaria, germany.

  Entry #240. 
   Anonymous   14th March 2002
05:11:53 AM

The Guvnor , sheer majestical class! Thanks for your time and then you can thank me for mine and after ....................

  Entry #239. 
   dm everythingfades1(at) 13th March 2002
11:28:43 AM

18 m uk, stumbled accross this guy looking for a punk band. a mellow version of bob dylan. looking through previous messages it seems a little futile to ask, but i shall anyway: does anyone know any mail order companies offering ''at his best'' in the UK?

  Entry #238. 
   Anonymous   10th March 2002
05:16:23 PM

Man, so, so cool to see so many people diggin it. Sugar (I know you'll read this) isn't it a beautiful thing? The nuclear family you mention continues to explode. amen.

  Entry #237. 
   Anonymous   10th March 2002
05:14:03 PM

  Entry #236. 
   uno bobby slobnoxious(at) 08th March 2002
05:24:55 AM

next step angry young tune -patrik fitzgerald ...the very best of:anagram CD PUNK 31 The Rodriguez of punk-great accoustic poetry listen to ragged generation(for real)

  Entry #235. 
   robert slobnoxious(at) 07th March 2002
03:08:32 AM

yes well, i've been listen to rodriguez since about 1975. my favorite used to be streetboy, but now i'm houseman. they released a live 1979-80 album in aussie land big come back tour. here's chords for hate street dialoogue Dm, F , G , Bb, A (verses) Refrain-Dm

  Entry #234. 
   Anonymous   04th March 2002
06:37:42 PM

  Entry #233. 
   Karen kolliwog(at) 04th March 2002
12:30:13 PM

It was really strange when no-one I knew, knew who Rodriguez was. I'd say, "you HAVE to know who Rodriguez is" and then continue to sing his songs in the hope to jog someone's memory. No such luck in England or Australia
I couldn't get it anywhere! Since I brought it back from SA(to London) and been playing it at home, my flatmates dig it! None of us can understand how he never made it in his time!!! Anyway, anyone out there know where to get hold of some more of his stuff, if he has any? e-mail: kolliwog(at)

  Entry #232. 
   Ian Nicholson innicholson(at) 03rd March 2002
03:36:46 PM

Discovered Jesus in Malawi in June 1996, and bought my first copy of Cold Fact in SA that year. Jesus became my travelling partner for the rest of my world trip and gave me great comfort in his words of wisdom regarding relationships. He soon found himself being requested at every hostal I stayed in from SA to Austarlia to Thailand and now is played at every chilling out night I have with friends. One day i will busk on the streets of London and with his permission keep the songs alive and timeless. Music is the reward!

  Entry #231. 
   kelvin garner kelvin(at) 02nd March 2002
06:47:27 AM

by the way i'm only 19 years old.

  Entry #230. 
   kelvin garner kelvin(at) 02nd March 2002
06:43:20 AM

i have been hooked on Rodriguez since i first heard Cold Fact a few years ago. i have Cold Fact and At his best. i live in australia and i want to know where i can get any other albums or singles. none of the music stores know who he is, much like the rest of the world. can someone help me please?

  Entry #229. 
   Stuart stuart.hillis(at) 25th February 2002
03:15:50 PM

Sugar, great to see Mr Holmes spreading the word
now there is a man who knows the score. It's coming . . . the world is gonna fall soon, to an angry young tune.

  Entry #228. 
   Brian brian(at) 24th February 2002
12:58:41 PM

‘SUGAR MAN’ IS GETTING AROUND There have been two major sightings of the classic Rodriguez song ‘Sugar Man’ on the international music landscape over the past few weeks. The first is the unaccredited appearance of both the song’s melody line, and a sample of Rodriguez singing the words "sugar man", on the track ‘You’re De Man’ off ‘Stillmatic’, the latest album by US rap star, Nas. In the context of the song’s chorus, it is easy for anyone who has never heard ‘Sugar Man’ before, to mis-hear the words "sugar man" as "you’re da man". However no credit has been given to Rodriguez (the song’s composer) or to Interior Music (the song’s publishers) on the album’s sleeve, so it is unlikely that these samples were licensed for usage on this album. If that is the situation, then Rodriguez and Interior Music could be looking at a claim along the lines of that which cost UK group The Verve a bundle, when they used an obscure Stones/Loog Oldham sample for their ‘Bittersweet Symphony’ mega-hit. ‘Stillmatic’ is currently sitting at No. 11 on the Billboard Album charts, having racked up sales of over a million copies in the past eight weeks. Across the pond (as they say), ‘Sugar Man’ has been selected by UK music man David Holmes, to open his upcoming CD collection of ‘60’s and ‘70’s cult classics, due for a UK release next month. Holmes recently worked on the soundtrack for the remake of the Rat Pack flick, ‘Oceans Eleven’, starring George Clooney (Holmes also compiled the soundtrack for the Clooney/Jennifer Lopez film ‘Out Of Sight’). Holmes will be releasing this new mix album, entitled 'Come Get It I Got It’, on March 25th in the UK. The album is his second officially released "live" mix album, and will be available through his 13 AMP record label. This album has already been mentioned in articles in the NME (with full tracklisting), and in The Face magazine, where the song ‘Sugar Man’ got a special mention and a Dylan comparison. Holmes’ previous compilation album from 2000, titled ‘Bow Down To The Exit Sign’, was described as "a mixed cassette tape made by someone who has the coolest record collection". So the Rodriguez word is spreading, even in his hometown of Detroit, where a recent unexpected live appearance at a local street party, brought him closer to the general attention of that city’s music media and fans. A possible trip to London for some live performances is being considered, and this new exposure could see that happening later this year. Interest in Rodriguez in the UK and Europe has been growing steadily over the past few years, always helped no doubt by the many South African and Australians currently living in London and other major Euro centres. Yet the strange fact is that the ‘Cold Fact’ CD is still only available, anywhere in the world, as an Australian import on the Blue Goose label. That’s also quite "Nas-ty", don’t you think ? -- Stephen Segerman, SA Rock Digest Issue #144, 25th February 2002

  Entry #227. 
   steve davies stevedavies01(at) 20th February 2002
06:24:28 AM

Been into this legend for about 15 years with a ropy cassette copy of i think cold fact . a mate found me a vinyl copy of coming from reality on sussex after i had turned him on to him and he had got everything as usual(thanx simon).He found this site and i could not resist asking about poss of him touring the uk.Judging from this site and the cult uk following he could do very well. please advise!!! I would do everything to be there lets start a petition cheers keep up the good work until Wales beat the Boks again

  Entry #226. 
   Anonymous   18th February 2002
03:01:40 PM

Blessed are all that dig it. Believe the Magic.

  Entry #225. 
   Kim mannik888(at) 12th February 2002
08:22:22 AM

Many years forgotten
Happened upon this site (Great)
Managed to get Cold Fact from Amazon (Speechless)
Now searching for After the Fact
Missed the opportunity to see him Live
Wherever he performs next I will be there
Love from Belgium

  Entry #224. 
   mark ofaa65(at) 09th February 2002
05:45:11 AM

Can anybody tell me if rodriguez is going to tour Australia ? i have heard romours about a tour and im hoping it is going to happen. thanks mark

  Entry #223. 
   Adriaan Kruger akruger(at) 06th February 2002
06:09:48 AM

Baie dankie Sugar Segermann and Brian, for finding Rodriguez and creating this website.Even now that we know he's alive etc.the mystical clouds around Rodriguez and his music, is for me, still present to this day. This brings me to someone I'm looking for. It is Vickus Uys,who in 1977 introduced me to Sixto's music, while doing military service in 2SAI ,Walvisbay. Vickus was from one of the west-coast harbour towns like Lamberts Bay, or further south. Phone Adriaan at 00264 61 811285536 or 00264 61 2912481 (w)

  Entry #222. 
   Naomi nomesr(at) 01st February 2002
10:37:07 AM

Hi, sadly I don't live in Dublin (re. David Brown's message!) but I'd really love a copy of 'cold fact' on CD, vinyl or cassette. I heard it in a traveller's hostel in 1997 and have been looking for it ever since. Only just had idea of finding website. My email is nomesr(at) I can't believe such a tremendous album is as totally unavailable as it seems. What's the world coming to? Love to all fans out there xxxxxxxxxx

  Entry #221. 
   Mardig Mardig(at) 28th January 2002
09:42:21 AM

Hi Everybody, I am also a Sixto fan. Does anyone know an internet site where I can buy the "Best of Ridriguez?" My email is 'Mardig(at)' Thanks 28th Jan 2002

  Entry #220. 
   david brown dbcasino(at) 25th January 2002
04:50:34 PM

if anybody nearby is looking ive just found 10 copies of cold fact on c.d. in hmv record store in grafton street,dublin,ireland.its the australian version with the white cover.cant remember the price but its not expensive!

  Entry #219. 
   neville barrett nevillebarrett(at) 25th January 2002
05:12:15 AM

My name is nev and it was 1986 when I first heard this wonderfull voice and music on my friends stereo. My friend Rod told me this singer was the best. How right he was. From that moment on his music and words have made me feel good about life. I cant thank Ray enough for bring Sixto into my life. out of all my Cds and Vinyls Rodriguez is the one I still treasure and keep close. I am still kicking myself for not picking up his Rodriguez Alive Vinyl album back when it first come out. If anyone can put me onto a copy it would be appreciated. This site is the best, i didn't relise there was so much information about this legend available. Well Done. I am very interested in listening to After the Fact album, until tonight I never new existed.In fact i am interested in all his album so if you can get it i would be interested in hearing from you, Vinyl or Cd or Tape. Cheers goes to the man who will live with me until I die. I will always spead your words to everyone I meet. If your ever in Townsville Australia Just call and i am at your service. You are a real legend and will live forever. Cheers Mate!

  Entry #218. 
   S. Patel   08th January 2002
03:52:12 PM

Thank you Sugar!

  Entry #217. 
   Sugar   08th January 2002
01:27:44 AM

In reply to the two requests below
'Swing Like A Metronome' is by a band called Rodriguez, but has no connection with Sixto Rodriguez; and 'The Planet' is not by him either.

  Entry #216. 
   steve J   07th January 2002
05:40:58 PM

I'm looking for a piece of music for a friend called "the Planet" apparently by Rodriguez . have i got the correct Rodriguez and if so where can i get ? your help please ?

  Entry #215. 
   S. Patel sanjivp62(at) 07th January 2002
04:50:15 PM

Does anyone know if the cd "swing like a metronome"
available at Amazon
is by our Rodriguez or some other Rodriguez? P.s. Thank you Brian for your lead.

  Entry #214. 
   Rory Geraghty geraghtyrory(at) 07th January 2002
01:26:01 PM

hello rodriguez fans my name is rory, i am 20 years old and live in manchester, england. When i was 18 i wanted to get away from home and set off on an adventure which took me to the baleric islands off the spanish coast, where i had the time off my life, meeting various and interesting people from all over the world. I ended up working in a bar where i played the violin along with a guitar player named Martin Pollard, a great musician, who once we became great freinds gave me two cds, the only two cds he ever had and so ment a great deal to him, one was his own cd, and the other 'cold fact' by Rodriguez who I like so many people had never heard of, however in didn't take me long to adore his music. I really aprechiate your website as it is so hard to find out any information about rodriguez, especially in england (i wasn't even aware there was other rodriguez cds out there until i saw this website and now can't wait to hear 'after the fact') I still find it amazing that his music has travelled so far just through freinds passing it on and word of mouth. and to Sixto Rodriguez, your music is the soundtrank to my greatest memories. thank you for the music, still the greatest drug on earth and hopefully someday i'll have the honour of hearing you play live. god bless.

  Entry #213. 
   stan pogozelski stchpogo(at) 05th January 2002
12:43:58 PM

Thrilled to see you web site, and still listenening to your music

  Entry #212. 
   Brian brian(at) 04th January 2002
07:25:54 AM

"The best of Rodriguez" is currently out-of-print, but the Australian "At His Best" (which has less tracks) is available from Brian

  Entry #211. 
   S. Patel sanjivp62(at) 03rd January 2002
04:23:23 AM

Does anyone know an internet site where I can buy the "Best of Ridriguez?"

  Entry #210. 
   Michelle remruleok(at) 31st December 2001
03:58:08 PM

Hi all I've started a website dedicated to lyrical poets and Rodrigues has to be one of my all time favourites. If you are interested in posting to it, please let me know the web site address is:

  Entry #209. 
   Jim axa(at) 30th December 2001
07:33:01 PM

Hey Rodriguez fans. I was lucky enough to be living in Cape Town when Rodriguez played at the Bellville Velodrome. To me, Rodriguez is a god, and you can imagine how p'd off I was when a few days after the concert, some miserable sonofa.... stole the souvenir shirt I bought while at the concert. Anyway, I am desperate to get one in my grubby paws, so anybody out there who is willing to part with their XXL shirt, lemme know, and I will pay in US$
for shipping as well. You stand to make a packet, especially if youare in SA
lemme know !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Entry #208. 
   Konny   27th December 2001
09:12:53 AM

What a very nice message, Matthew! I will print this out and make sure Rodriguez sees it. The owner of the coffee shop, Davor, received a Rodriguez t-shirt (from the last SA tour) for Christmas! He was quite enthused! I'm sure we'll cross paths again. Take care! Peace to you and yours! Konny P.S.: I'm always in touch, Sugar. All is well with us, and I hope with you and yours! K

  Entry #207. 
   Anonymous   27th December 2001
12:17:53 AM

  Entry #206. 
   Tiaan Barnard barnardc(at) 23rd December 2001
03:14:30 PM


  Entry #205. 
   Matthew Smith   20th December 2001
10:26:20 PM

Nice Rodriguez site! I first became aware of Rodriguez through Australian singer Simon Bonney. I played in Simon's band and his British tour manager had a tape of 'Cold Fact' and I kept listening to it saying "man, it sounds like he's singing about Detroit!", which is where I live. Later I found vinyl copies of both LP's and the single "I'll Slip Away" and became a huge fan. Anyway, another visiting Australian passed through town and struck up a conversation with a girl in a coffee shop who happens to be Rodriguez' daughter! So the next day I learned that Rodriguez lives in Detroit, and subsequently discovered that a lot of people I know have known him for years but had never seen or heard his records. I've met him many times since and he's a groovy cat, and I've even seen him perform here. Just one time, at Detroit's 4th st. fair, a more or less unannounced performance, where he got up with his guitar and played an absolutely amazing acoustic set. He played for about ! 25 minutes and stunned the audience, most of whom knew him and had never heard him sing. It was a wild moment in the neighborhood. This was a couple years ago. Since then, 'Cold Fact' has become well known amongst Detroit's musicians and hipsters. The general public remains uninformed. It's like having Bob Dylan living down the street from you, know what I mean? -Matthew Smith(Volebeats, Outrageous Cherry, etc.)

  Entry #204. 
   Eric Sawyer tomthumb(at) 11th December 2001
04:43:23 PM

However it was that he came on back to us out of the ether of the mystery that still lingers. I have no conclusion to all this. Only that it has not caused me pain or joy to see him. Just relief. That someone who shared so intimately about his feelings, in a age of the Cold Facts was always for me the ultimate story of his courage....To listen to his words in the mid-seventies and the way we learned every word, and hung on every thought....gave us courage to believe in the possibility of something better aboard the magic ship......My message is just Thanks for your time...and I will thankyou for mine. In brief Brother Rodriguez....yours songs I song before crowds since 1987...and they hung on every word...when others did not believe that there was another album called After the Fact...well actually I never saw the cover...I had this tape and I copied out every word though some were not that clear and sung them....and then when all legend said you were dead there you were before us ...a really nice guy...and really sweet and full of heart and naughtiness and fun....Well, boet as we South Africans say Go for the Gap my China.....You have only begun to scratch the surface in this world...look at Bob Dylan how he still carries a bright torch before a world in Darkness.. I love you and thankyou for the years May yours be filled with Sonshine. In JC eric.

  Entry #203. 
   Anonymous   09th December 2001
10:37:30 PM

My name is Donna and I am from Australia. My heart still skips a beat when I hear Sandrevan Lullaby. Its funny, after all these years listening to Rodriguez on and off his music still gives me a warm feeling inside. It brings so many good and bad memories from the 70s. I was a teen heroin addict for 6 years and REALLY the only times I was at peace was when I was listening to Rodriguez music. He helped me through my grieving from my friends drug overdoses, his music was there for me with my own personal problems, Rodriguez was with me through all my pain and sorrow. But above all he was there with me when I got off drugs and married and had my 2 beautiful boys. Rodriguez(apart from Stevie Nicks) is the only man I WANT to listen to when I am alone! HE UNDERSTANDS! And Im sure alot of people out there would agree with me! I saw Rodriguez in I think about 1979 at the Regent? Theatre in Sydney, Australia and it was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Yes, he stalled and went into his own little world a couple of times, BUT didnt we all back then. We all had the same problem, but Hey we survived and learned and that is all that matters, and the fact that Rodriguez you are alive and never left us ,only went away for awhile. If you are reading this my only wish is I could meet you one day and thank you personally for always being there for me. I live in the Whitsundays Queensland,(Great Barrier Reef) at a place called AIRLIE BEACH.,where you are heard in every bar, home, on the beach, and your music is played by every local band up here, so I hope you could make it here for a concert. I live here with my son who is 15 and your fan, and most of the people here are from down south who are from the 60s -70s and know your songs by heart. Take care and you are still very much loved. My email address is belladonna_61(at) PEACE TO YOU! ps I would be rapt if I could hear from you? thanks

  Entry #202. 
   Bryan chepa19(at) 28th November 2001
10:21:09 PM

I am so Glad I discovered Rodriguez's music. Its such a revelation to me. I was in Australia's Sunshine Coast about a month ago chilling with a friend who has an amazing Record Collection. He pulled out COLD FACT and for the next half an hour or so, I was absolutely mesmerised by what I heard. The voice, the words and the music. Man, I was in Nirvana. I found the CD version a few weeks later and have been listening to it non stop since then. Also glad to have discovered this site which corrected the info I had that he was dead. I'm glad he aint cos he just maybe might come to Australia. If you are reading this Rodriguez...I just want to say THANK YOU... Bryan Sydney, Australia

  Entry #201. 
   leon leonpottas(at) 27th November 2001
06:44:50 PM

bleddy oulik hoor! ps. thanx vir die kitaar drukke,sulke goed is skaars

  Entry #200. 
   Pa gumphrey(at) 22nd November 2001
12:32:29 AM

I bought my first copy of Cold Fact (US vinyl) early 1971 from a small record shop in Newcastle Australia. I had never heard of Rodriguez till then and the shop often had a small rack of interesting imports which I occasionally sampled (despite a pittance of an income at the time). The album, from memory, opened up to display lyrics etc. It had a little surface damage but I played it to death. When I found another copy (re-release) a year or so later, surface condition perfect, I sold my original copy for a princely sum as it was very difficult to get (about $40 Aust. 1972) At about the same time, I found a copy of another of R's albums, Coming From Reality which I also thrashed. In the late '70s I saw R at a concert in Newcastle (Civic Theatre
I think that I still have the ticket buts somwhere) The concert was a real buzz, seeing R after so many years of listening to and loving his hard hitting social comment on the establishment and the plight of Hispanics in the US. I shouted out a request at the concert, Heiky's Suburbia, and R actually replied that he 'only sang his own songs' which confused me as he was credited as the writer on 'Coming From Reality'. Maybe he didn't hear me correctly. Well I'd love to see him again if he's comin' Down Under and allow my children and wife to experience his excellence. Cheers Rodriguez for the years of listening pleasure you've given me. Pa (Newcastle) PS. R had a considerable cult following in Australia, esp in the early '70s, so if you are looking for copies of his original vinyls, Australia might be a place to start (I've still got Cold Fact and Coming From Reality vinyls as well as a compilation album which has a couple of previous unreleased songs and a couple of CDs.

  Entry #199. 
   alec, 4th   14th November 2001
04:24:38 AM

by the way, does anybody know about the group 'pachuco' from 1976 released on capitol records-? mail to 59to1(at) thank you :-))

  Entry #198. 
   alec, 3rd   14th November 2001
04:00:26 AM

dear sixto rodriguez, okay, so many people have written in such warm words about how they were introduced to your music, so i will do: it was in 1975, when i was in my favourite discothec, and the d.j., who at that time influenced my rock-music taste a lot (and it was no damage, as you will see), he played 'sugarman'
it was a disco with rockmusic!
and 2 other titles from the 'cold fact'-album. fine slow-tempo music, originally better to listen to at home. the voice (your voice) felt so warm and going to my heart and also the music (still is) was so friendly and (in a very positive way) unexcited simple. later, i learned the words from the backtext of the album, but how to get at that time? in munich where i've lived at that time it costed 100 us$ !! but in ca. '76 it was published i think on charly records and i bought 'cold fact' and the sidney concert album. 5 years later i went to berlin, had no money, and i sold these records among others, but i ever regretted this.... so, i'm still loving your style of playing the music, even if it might changed through the years (did it so much?), i wish you that you will share the same jokes as you did at that time....and some more all the best for you, alexander

  Entry #197. 
   alec, 2nd 59to1(at) 14th November 2001
03:28:55 AM

once again, is s.r. doing a concert-tour throughout germany-? this would make me quite happy! :-)))

  Entry #196. 
   alec kroupa 59to1(at) 14th November 2001
03:25:09 AM

hi, everybody i've had the 'cold fact' and the sidney concert lp about 20 years ago but sold them......unfortunately..... for god sake i've taped a few pieces (rich folks hoax, sugarman and 3 others, but this is not enough-! so since a few years i'm trying to get the music back --> who can help me in finding/getting vinyls? please mail to : 59to1(at) (berlin,germany)

  Entry #195. 
   Anna Gerber AnnaGerber(at) 11th November 2001
05:28:21 AM

Has anyone heard any further news about an Australian tour?

  Entry #194. 
   Ian iannel(at) 05th November 2001
07:11:45 PM

Where can I buy the CD's? Prefer online, even MP3 if possible. Amazingly, all the sites are in SA !

  Entry #193. 
   Frances Brackley francesbrackley(at) 31st October 2001
08:15:46 AM

been trying to track this man and his misic down for years. are we ever likely to see you in the u.k?

  Entry #192. 
   Pete Bufo poit42(at) 31st October 2001
06:07:09 AM

Big Fan Am I! I still play '76 Australian vinyl release of 'Cold Fact' on community radio. If ever you read this Mr. Rodriguez. Thanks for the music. If you tour Australia and you need a guitarist or bass player, give me a bell. Cheers

  Entry #191. 
   Gil gilan777(at) 30th October 2001
12:26:52 AM

I cannot believe that after so many years, I finally found news, references, lyrics and even myths and other things about this amazing musician. I have been looking for ANY kind of media that would bring back the memories of the feelings I had when listening to this man's music. It is a pity that he has not been upthere with people like Bob Marley and other legends when his music, the feeling in his music, his lyrics, and the melancoly and unique touch when singing those tunes. Three songs: I think of you, Started out so nice and Silver words, gave a memorable background to one of the relationships that I considered most special in my life. Never again, after that relationship ended I was able to listen to that beautiful music again. Now, hopefully I will have the chance to and to know a little bit more about the person where all that magic came from. Rodriguez, continue to grow in other people's life, with your music, and dont' disappoint those who feel good with what you do and is so special. Stay sober and continue the magic.

  Entry #190. 
   christine   27th October 2001
11:58:08 PM

hi i'm also a lifelong fan of rodriguez. i was introduced to him by my father when i was a little kid. i don't remember how old. but i just remember the music. it was beautiful and eerie to me. my dad loved it (cold fact) and played it over and over again, especially after my mum and him got divorced. so i connect the music from cold fact with my father's sadness of divorce. i bought a copy for myself a couple of years ago because i always loved the music and have just only recently REALLY listened to the words. wow, no wonder my dad loved him! all i can say is thanks dad for introducing an amazing artist and instilling his social values from such a young age. i'm also hoping that my daughter will do/feel the same.

  Entry #189. 
   adam adsy24(at) 25th October 2001
06:43:12 PM

i really do like rodriguez alot, his music brings out so many emotions in me, and for some reason i feel for him ,you know like he's had a hard life and probably seen some bad shit. i've listened to Cold Fact for about 7 years and it can still make me cry........

  Entry #188. 
   Axa axa(at) 24th October 2001
07:48:18 PM

Hey all Was at the first Rodriguez concert in Cape Town. All that can be said has
the man is a god
that night was the culmination of my entire life as a musiclover. Now
at the concert I bought a Rodriguez tour t-shirt. Shortly after, some motherf#$%er stole it off my washing line....anyay, I really want another- if you know where I can get one, I would gladly pay good $$$ for it
I am living in USA now. Please email me on axa(at) if you can help out
I would pay well, and for courier. Remember, the $ buys a lot of rands !!!!

  Entry #187. 
   Ranx rankin(at) 17th October 2001
08:57:24 PM

aidan, I'd love to see the music for 'Cause'. I recently rediscovered Rodriguez by accident, and have been looking high and low for his music ,which is how I found this place :-) Glad to hear he is still doing his thing.

  Entry #186. 
   aidan woopyak(at) 08th October 2001
11:18:23 PM

Looking for information from anyone on the song '"Cause". I'm studying music at uni in townsville,Australia and am perfroming this song for a singing subject. Currently transcribing the guitar part, note for note, and will post it to this site when finished. I've figured out the obvious meanings of the song but would really appreciate any ideas,information. Long live the great man, now I know he's still alive!!!

  Entry #185. 
   Anonymous   04th October 2001
01:48:34 PM

no one would care what he drank or smoked if he could still do his job after.....lets face it he couldn't even do most disgusting song....he had the words on a music stand and couldn't read them the sober performances were so much better than the stoned /drunk ones ...the band was having to make up for the fact that he's forgotten half his songs and the first concert was 38 minutes long because his so called friends got him stoned/drunk

  Entry #184. 
   Htd   03rd October 2001
07:10:06 AM

Be in Australia, man, and i WILL be there!

  Entry #183. 
   Bap tumelo83(at) 02nd October 2001
09:53:39 AM

Welcome to South Africa Roddy. Ur music is power man
keep it up.

  Entry #182. 
   Lino linom(at) 02nd October 2001
05:26:14 AM

Gail and Ant, I didn't mean it in a negative way towards the band, what I mean is that Rodriguez comes across a shy sort of person, the band are truly a briliant band in their own right. People react different to liquor, some agressive, some funny, some foolish, some abit more outspoken. I doubt whether he intended to insult the other brilliant musicians, just sort of felt uneasy and throught having a couple of shots in, able to say what he normally wouldn't if sober. Just think a bit about many of us that first heard his music in very turbulent time in our lives, the Army. Everything happened so quick, young straight out of school, dumped with many different cultures in camp, forced to shave even "bum-fluff", propagated with racial/cultural discrimatory ideologies of the past regime and all sorts of things, marched to church on a Sunday and told to pray, then off we went to the operational area for long stretches. Thats when I for the first time tried to make sense of what was going on, as did many others. The days were long, the mosquitos, the cheap beer, the evening fires, the hang-overs, the longing for home, the sadness of broken new friendships as we were split up and some that lost their lives in this sensless war, and there was Rodriguez singing about all these things. Nobody was there to understand except family and friends back home and an unheard of Rodriguez. I doubt whether any had known who Rodriguez was before we heard Cold Fact. I'm sure there are many that relate to my explanation as to why today, many years later hold this person in the highest esteem, whether he is sober or whatever, a beautiful human being with a real soul, Rodriguez. So maybe you can see why some of us didn't mind Rodriguez being abit pissed. I mean look at the 3 Arts, the place is a shit-house compared to what it once was. Such a landmark theater with amazing acoustics, a prim and proper performance and that good back-up band no longer fit in such a venue. It was a very special theater with fond memories with a legendary person, that justified it for me. In conclusion, it is unfortunate that the Fri perfomance turned out that way for some, sure, it's no example for growing children, the smoking, drink. I'm sure he can turn out a studio type performance. Then again, look at what that brutal system exposed us youngsters to. I think he is after so many years since Cold Fact surfaced, completely overwhelmed with the cult following he has come to know. Thats what makes him so special, he put out that music back in 1969 for the sake of it, just as he and others such as John Lennon saw it. He also speaks about how nice the people are here, casualy strolling out of his Hotel and wondering down Sea Point main road absorbing the cultures. For many others, well not that we agree with the harsh realities of life, but this is life, a "Concrete Cold Fact....."

  Entry #181. 
   Gail brewhouse(at) 01st October 2001
07:47:51 AM

I was desperately disappointed by Rodriguez on Fri.21 at the 3 Arts, being a "bit pissed" is one thing but he was so out of it it was embarassing
his band, who were brilliant were so uncomfortable that it made watching the show an unpleasant experience. He mumbled/forgot his words at one stage and was swaying and staggering, he unplugged himself in error and had to wait for assistance
we watched the first few numbers and then sat in the foyer drinking overpriced beer and drowining our sorrows ! We did stick our heads in to see if he'd sobered up some
but it seemed to get worse
at one stage I believe the band left the stage because he was abusive to them. It's really not showing us, his adoring audience any respect when we paid good money to see our hero perform live, the least he could've done is stay sober till after the show. I still adore his music but am a bitterly disappointed fan.What really surprised me is that there was so little bad press regarding the Friday performance.(The fact that he was smoking splifs with the young audience up front, my son included !!! probably didn't help his performance !!) In retrospect, the band so so brilliant would've paid the same price to watch and jol with them all night !

  Entry #180. 
   Ant Tidewater(at) 01st October 2001
07:18:40 AM

Unlike Lino,I thought that the band was really HOT! The keyboards weren't "windgat" at all
but really smooth and flowing. The brass was absolutely outstanding, especially the guy in the dark T shirt (talking 1st Durban concert here). The guitar work during the "warm-up" fitted in perfectly with the piano
typical 40's or 50's style of playing that we haven't heard here. Although Rodriques himself was amazing and the man we'd come to see, his band could fill a large bar every night of the week for a month on their own. Very professional bunch. Judging from the comments, perhaps the CT shows were early in the tour and perhaps the band has become more polished. Certainly if I could have got tickets, I would have seen both shows in Durban!

  Entry #179. 
   elmez   01st October 2001
04:19:45 AM

Lino, Craig, Sweet Mary Jane, I think we talk the same talk! Like your thinking!! Would it not be great if we could get Rodriques to come and play in a smokey little bar, small audience, lotS of good stuff going around the room, sea crashing outside
i got the feeling he wanted to make contact with PEOPLE in the audience, none of this big smooth rock star nonsense for Sixto. (And yes, i also thought the keyboard player was windgat) And then we can all get smashed together,
stuff the rest of the uppity establishment.

  Entry #178. 
   Anonymous   01st October 2001
04:11:31 AM

  Entry #177. 
   Sweet Mary Jane   29th September 2001
04:30:58 PM

Me again
just wanted to tell you that it was while I was living in Namibia during 1997 that we heard Rodriguez was still alive!!!!! Everybody always said he died of a drug overdose, so I always thought that it was so sad because he could never make music again.Man, was I wrong! Remember he has a lot of fans in Namibia too! Love you Rodriguez SMJ

  Entry #176. 
   Sweet Mary Jane atlantic(at) 29th September 2001
04:09:11 PM

One of my all time heroes
Rodriguez! He is right up there with Bob they think wonderful things ....the rest of us can only dream of those things....its sooo uplifting. Rodriguez, why dont you come stay in South Africa, its a great place to be ! I imagine you staying in a stone house on a secluded beach. Just playing all those songs and many more Love you Rodriguez SMJ

  Entry #175. 
   Bonnie Kittenbonnie(at) 29th September 2001
03:23:35 PM

Hi.your kitten back home is missing you its been a long time hope everything is ok . is australia still on or what ??????? please contact a.s.a.p.

  Entry #174. 
   synonymous   28th September 2001
07:55:38 AM

Rodriguez interview on at

  Entry #173. 
   Craig craiglauren(at) 28th September 2001
07:42:42 AM

Why not a South African band backing this South African hero? Why are we still importing culture?

  Entry #172. 
   Lino linom(at) 28th September 2001
07:14:53 AM

Elmez, just reading your message, you've got it dead right and said it just as it is ! I was also at the Friday night Cape Town concert. With all respect to the band, I was actually getting rather irritated by them at the beginning, they were load and emphatic sort of, you know what I mean, the keyboard guy was a bit "wind-gat". The band themselves, they were glamorous and all that, too glitzzie. I was'nt expecting this big fanfare, cause I had an idea ofter hearing an earlier radio interview, thats not the mans style. They went on and on, three pieces I think before Rodriguez took the stage. If he was late, so what, myself and many others have waited 20 years to see him anyway. I'm sure he could have just simply walked in, the crowd would have raved, chat to us abit, pick up the guitar and start jamming. Thats it ! Yes, the magic was when he went solo, just him and the guitar, and just like you, I removed the first poster I came across outside the 3 Arts ! Note: I have recorded his radio interview on 4-track cassette. Should anyone want a copy, I could do that for your. linom(at)

  Entry #171. 
   Lino linom(at) 28th September 2001
03:56:04 AM

Don't know all the fuss is about the man being abit pissed. I mean the damn "System" forced thousands and thousands of us into the force, thousands of confused propagated youngsters. All we did up there on the border was get pissed and smoke, and it was he and the likes of Marley and Lennon that made some sense of it all. We saw Rodriguez in a rare pose, his presence and charisma was what it was all about. Reasurance that Rodriguez was a real living being then and now, the pose, the shades, the hat, the voice, the humble shy man. This was no fake, I reckon with all respect to the band, if he were to sit with us as we did one night on the Angolan border back in 1980/81, in the bush away from the tents in a small group, away from the tunes of Suzie Quatro and plastic pop, a fire, a pile of beers, maybe some herbal tranqualiser, right there in front of us, sitting on a discarded section of fallen tree strumming away, wow !! Come on, you ouens, you "Mindae-Flossie" awaiting" "Rat-pak" eating, "Bush-smarties" (malaria pills) scoffling, "Mosquito net" drapped, pot-bellied Oumanne", "Bos-oupas" know what i'm getting at ! Ja, those long hot "Balas-bak" days, slowly going "Bossies" !! Rodriguez was right there, as if to say: "It's ok my friend, it's just the Establishment Blues" ".... wonder about tears in childrens eyes And I wonder about the soldier that dies I wonder will this hatred ever end I wonder and worry my friend I wonder, I wonder ......." Thanks Rodrigues, we love you dearly ..... ".... I thank you for your time, and you can thank me for mine ..."

  Entry #170. 
   synonymous   28th September 2001
03:12:59 AM

Rodriguez interview on at

  Entry #169. 
   sugar man united   28th September 2001
03:11:46 AM

"Cause they told me everybody's got to pay their dues, And I explained that I had overpaid them" ('Cause') "And now the time has come to pass, and we are standing face to face to face, isn't this world a crazy place, and we are saving the best for last...What the world needs now is love sweet love..." Thank You Rodriguez! Thank You!

  Entry #168. 
   Anonymous   27th September 2001
04:17:46 AM

  Entry #167. 
   glen mrgmann(at) 25th September 2001
02:35:36 PM

Yes, the concert was not one of his best, "cape town", but who really cares, if you love the music and the lyrics and the vision you have of him, that should be enough, we all wanted to see one thing...."Rodriguez" The man, my own jesus, his words pulled me into and out of drugs, into and out of love, by the way he reads these messages now and again. Please I want him to come back to S.A. in a few years,"we cant all afford a ticket to detroit, " "hey sugar".... Sixto, We do love and care for you....

  Entry #166. 
   Sugar Free Man   25th September 2001
07:49:28 AM

Hey Baby...Hey Beautiful...Big City Romeos...What a line...Keep talking baby...Thanks for keeping me alive, for making me happen, for making me succeed...Hey Baby...Hay Baby...HeyBaby...........Hey Gorgeous..... ...who are all these people in my room?........I love you guys........Big Town Playboys......................I hear you...whats that song about anyway???????.......Sixto.thats my name

  Entry #165. 
   elmez Cape Town 25th September 2001
07:17:56 AM

The Friday night performance was a wee bit sloppy, but hey, sh*t happens! The more I think about it, the more I believe the band (although very good) did not fit his style. For me his real magic came through when it was just Rod and his guitar. I also scored a poster off the road side, and will celebrate his wisdom with my own personalised ritual...

  Entry #164. 
   Ruth ruthancer(at) 24th September 2001
04:38:06 PM

I eagerly anticipated my first Rodriguez concert. Unfortunately I went to the Friday night concert at the Three Arts in Cape Town on the 21 September. I was incredibly dissapointed that I only got a brief glimpse of Rodriguez's brilliance. I had fallen in love with the story of the rediscovery of this legend who seems so incredibly real and humble- unaware of the tremendous impact his music had made on so many people. Friday night though I saw a sad man. The alcohol robbed most of us of a once in a life time opportunity. I thought the band was superb- perhaps mismatched. I was surprised they managed to put up with the drunken abuse. I will always love the music
I'm just sorry I won't have magical memories of the live show.

  Entry #163. 
   Chris Grobler kriskreef(at)yahoo,com 24th September 2001
12:37:14 PM

Sorry that venue was the one in Pretoria called Bundu Inn.

  Entry #162. 
   Chris Grobler kriskreef(at) 24th September 2001
12:35:43 PM

We saw the show in Cape town 2 years ago and it was a RELIGIOUS experience!!! We saw it again 3 weeks ago in Pretoria at the ------------ I was totally disappointed
firstly because the marketing effort (or total lack thereof) caused only about 200 people to attend. (the venue owners expected 2500!) We were promised a 2 hour show and got just less than an hour from an obviously pissed Sixto that could hardly pronounce those beautifull lyrics that we all love and know so well. The band had to force the man back on stage to at least do "I wonder" What a total disappointment and a waste of time and money! If that is how Sixto is going to treat his only remaining fanbase
he will be better off fixing houses where he can be pissed at work
and leave our great schoolday memories of one of the greatest lyric writers INTACT. Kris Kreef

  Entry #161. 
   TOM tuco(at) 24th September 2001
02:34:42 AM


  Entry #160. 
   michelle   23rd September 2001
11:05:41 AM

not p.e. East london glen, "he did to much drugs in the 80's" it fried his mind a little Glen Wife Michelle

  Entry #159. 
   glen D mrgmann(at) 23rd September 2001
11:02:25 AM

Thank you Magnus Erickson "M.E.P."

  Entry #158. 
   glen D mrmann(at) 23rd September 2001
10:59:09 AM

This is rather sad, I the credit card, and it told me i should go speak to jesus at a sewer, cause my bank manager said it is non of his god damn business, in other words. The C/Card is maxed out, 1 round trip to Carnival city, and 3 tickets so far to the concerts. I'm trying to convince my credit card that it can afford a ticket to P.E. or Woodstock 3, I'll have to sell my soul to the devil, to go see my God, "rather ironic". To all in p.e., enjoy my personal jesus. Beware the Sixth child is coming. Thanx for the memories. glen

  Entry #157. 
   Anonymous   23rd September 2001
09:31:17 AM

J.C.(from an unmade bed) Short version: new style, new clothes, new band, but the same vibe echoing the same classic tunes.ROD IS GOD and the man is pleased to see you for a second coming. Long version: never had a toke from a more well-blessed blunt like the one i felt i had shared with everyone in the room.Scored your poster again from the side of the road and it will find its place right next to the last one, living forever in my memory as a tribute to a prophetic songwriter.Perhaps you're more comfortable this time around with the fame of your sound down here in the south, but that did'nt change the magic of a great performance. Thanks for your time, and you can thank me for the wine....forget it.And to think we'd measured you dead?!Love and gratitude-peace!

  Entry #156. 
   Natalia sugar(at) 23rd September 2001
07:52:11 AM

I went to see Rodriguez last night and he was awesome! I was in the front row and I was almost trampled went he came forward to shake people's hands but it was worth it! The greatest part was how he came out afterwards and signed autographs for everyone in the whole venue. What a guy!

  Entry #155. 
   Brian brian(at) 23rd September 2001
05:57:13 AM

Your'e a big man, Glen, in many ways... thanks for your message... The vibe in the crowd was fantastic last night... and I really enjoyed chatting to the people around me near the front... thanks for putting up with my very off-key singing!!

  Entry #154. 
   glen   23rd September 2001
05:46:43 AM

saterday show was fantastic, big time playboys are a fantastic band, just not with rodriguez, he struggles to keep time and they drown his voice out. Sugar said it best, "you come to see the man" and thats a concrete cold fact. Bag it man!!!!!

  Entry #153. 
   glen Damster Mrgmann(at) 23rd September 2001
05:42:34 AM

Shit, thats all i can say, I need to say sorry to Brian and sugar, I sent some rather nasty emails the other day, i dont often say sorry, being 6foot 3" and a harley rider, with the tatoos to boot. Brian and sugar it was as big a thrill to meet you as it was to meet my God, I stood outside like a die hard fan from 2o'clock in the afternoon, myself and the wife looking like a bunch of idiots, but i got to hear and meet my God, thanx for bringing him to us.

  Entry #152. 
   Brian brian(at) 22nd September 2001
05:59:44 PM

The second night in Cape Town was awesome... and a total contrast to the night before... well done to all concerned in getting the whole act together... I took some pics and should have them up on the site shortly. Rodriguez sat for ages after the gig signing autographs on ticket stubs, t-shirts, posters, etc and one on a pair of denims covering a very pretty butt... Long live Rodriguez

  Entry #151. 
   Tom the Curious angles1(at) 22nd September 2001
06:40:41 AM

Welcome back to Cape Town, man! It's been a long time
3 and a half years
since I saw you perform last in Bellville, and it blew my mind so high THEN that I didn't even know how to react when I heard you were playing here again. But after I scored a ticket with the same buds I went with last time, I knew I was in for an even headier experience
to say nothing of my friends who got passed sweet Mary Jane after her brief dance onstage with the Sugar Man... The music, like Sweet red wine, gets better with time. 'Purist' fans will think the brit swing ruined a classic brew, but maybe they should've gotten up to dance to Climb up on Rod's music
you've got to dance to swing, baby! I never would have expected such a team-up; I just hope you guys had as good a jam as everyone around me did. Watching Rod shake it up with some Brit lads on 3 saxes, keyboard, drums and double bass (RESPECT to the short guy!! Your bass may be bigger than you are but the sound was bigger still!)actually did justice to the amazing mix of sounds on Cold Fact and the rest. And hey
Big Sky hardly did a better job last time... Welcome to the Mother City, Big City Playboys. I heard Rodriguez play all my favourites of his. By request!!! What more could I ask for...?? A SOUTH AFRICAN ONSTAGE WITH HIM!!! He seemed pretty keen on the idea... Maybe someone will join him tonight, or on his next tour... THANK YOU for coming back! You rock! THANKS to everyone who was there and who made it happen! Viva Rodriguez... Long live and sing live! Peace and love from all the Cape Hippies. See you next tour...

  Entry #150. 
   Pete pete(at) 22nd September 2001
06:12:21 AM

Also saw the Friday show in Cape Town, and I agree with Chris on all aspects. The backing band was really excellent, and professional in the sense that they got through the show with some dignity left at the end. Unlike Rodriguez, who made a complete arsehole of himself. One would think he'd have a bit more respect for the one or two thousand people that came to support him on the night. Admittedly, I do believe that the backing band was not suited to the music, and the organisation of the concert sucked big time
who was the bumhead operating the lights and what was he high on? It's going to take me a long time to dissociate my memories of last night from the brilliant artist whose CDs lie on my shelf.

  Entry #149. 
   Chris Chris_rod(at) 22nd September 2001
04:32:32 AM

Saw the show at the three arts last night. The man was wasted
I mean drunk out of his skull. One should now when he announced this sad state of affairs after his first song as a "midnight confession": "I had a few drinks". There was such open animosity between him and the band that at one stage I thought they are going to end the show. He openly chastised the drummer and several times (I mean many many times) said: "I'm sorry about the sloppy performance, but hey I'm trying." Yeah, very trying. As with a lot of drunk people he often waffled on incoherently for long stretches, causing some in the audience to shout: "Shut up and play!" It was an inept and completely unprofessional performance. Drunk guys cannot keep proper time
I know from experience. Then again he is nobody in the USA and somebody here, a has been who still plays his music from 30 years ago. And draws a few thousand to his shows. I liked the band and new approaches and when they cooked it was awesome. When it clicked you felt you were truly in the presence of greatness. Well there goes hero of mine, sacrificing his ego on the altar of sex, drugs and rock-n-roll. At least he was too pissed to notice....

  Entry #148. 
   doug kelly   21st September 2001
06:37:26 AM

have been a fan since his first record which i bought. My children have inherited my love of Rodriguez we would all go to any concert in Australia. fan of 26yrs.

  Entry #147. 
   Anonymous   21st September 2001
06:22:06 AM

I saw the show Rodriguez did in South Africa last (was it about a year ago?) and had a fantastic time...perhaps one of the most memorable concerts I've been to. But, I have to get my dissapointment out about the latest concert... As a huge fan of Rodriguez, the concert at Carnival City was a double shock. Firstly, having to sit through the worst organised gig I have ever been to and secondly, watching an idol get wrecked by a pair of saxaphones and a flowery keyboardist. The organisation involved; a podium left on stage that wasn't used, left there it seems because nobody could've been bothered to move it. Lights that should have been directed at the performers, directed at the audience, blinding the left and right seats. Poorly set up PA system (it was loaded too high). And, the amplification of Rodriguez voice fluctuated up and down throughout the show. Rodriguez himself seemed anxious to get off the stage as quickly as possible, saying "Drive home safely" about half-way through. It was obvious the backing band did not know his music or his style. I doubt much practice took place before the show. The saddest part is that there are about 100 South African bands that could have done an excellent job. Why fly in a band from the UK that doesn't even fit the style of the main performer? I suspect somebody made a quick buck out of this quickly organised fiasco.

  Entry #146. 
   Anton anell(at) 21st September 2001
03:23:41 AM

Saw Rodriguez at the Strand last night. One of the all time greatest & a legend in South Africa. Brilliant. Thanks for your time, Sixto Rodriguez............. & please come again.

  Entry #145. 
   Rodney rodneyk(at) 20th September 2001
01:24:46 PM

I first heard Rodriguez's music in 1987. I was 14 then. I bought Cold Fact 7 years later while in 'varisty. Yesterday I saw Rodriguez live in Port Elizabeth. What an awesome experience. It was such an intimate experience with Rodriguez being so friendly and warm. I have been to a few concerts in my life- and this concert has been the highlight so far.

  Entry #144. 
   Brian brian(at)cd, 19th September 2001
03:19:55 AM

I've put up some photos on the Website from Mondays night gig in Mossel Bay... Or click on the "Climb Up..." link above right and go to "What's New"... Brian

  Entry #143. 
   Rain rainvictor(at) 19th September 2001
01:10:23 AM

Rodriguez you were awsome lastnite in PE !! What a concert! What a trip. Thank you for coming to PE. Ya take me away suger man.

  Entry #142. 
   Gill gilh(at) 18th September 2001
04:54:24 PM

Awesome concert in PE tonight. Thanks to all involved. Backing group outstanding, & Rodriguez
words are not enough
Thank you for your music!

  Entry #141. 
   Brian brian(at) 18th September 2001
01:06:53 PM

I was at Mossel Bay last night... what a wonderful evening! Rodriguez rocked the Whale Hall and despite comments to the contrary I think the new arrangements of Rod's stuff are stunning. The saxes really drive songs like Climb Up and Only Good For Conversation and that rock and roll medley (shake rattle & roll & hound dog, etc) was pure energy from the band and Rodriguez... A cover medley of Saving The Best For Last and What The World Needs Now Is Love was dedicated to the victims of last week's terrorist attacks... a very moving moment. Rodriguez sat and signed autographs until everybody had gone home... A great night in the company of great musicians... I will be putting some photos up on the website later this week.

  Entry #140. 
   ROLAND ROLAND(at)CISYSTEMS.CO.ZA 17th September 2001
05:54:46 AM


  Entry #139. 
   Marty redgrave(at) 14th September 2001
03:44:01 AM

Like Rod I am getting a bit worried about the lack of dates for Australia.Is it going to happen?Unlike many other people here I haven'tseen him before (I was 3 in 1979).As for the swing band, who cares I just want to see Rodriguez do his thing.

  Entry #138. 
   STEVE steve(at) 11th September 2001
03:59:10 PM

does anyone have guitar chords or tab worked out for rodriguez. I have a few songs down if anyone wants. jesus is coming. look busy

  Entry #137. 
   Rod rodloader(at) 11th September 2001
02:50:51 AM

I've been checking this site every day for the past few weeks, following the build up to the Rodriguez SA tour and waiting anxiously for news about his Australian tour dates. I must admit I'm a little disappointed to read in a couple of your reviews that he has an over-powering loud swing band accompanying him. Not his style at all. I can remember one of his first concerts in Sydney in '79, him sitting on his stool with his guitar, just as blown away by us as we were by him, with the audience warmly responding to every little thing he did, even just picking up a glass of water or simply smiling got a cheer. He was there, he was real. He doesn't need a big band behind him, he's a legend.

  Entry #136. 
   shazz shazz0628(at) 11th September 2001
02:23:30 AM

I geuss I phrased that wrong, no they arent awful, like you say they are in fact quite good, but really were not suited to Rodriguez's style. I agree that when he was on his own a bit of his real self came out, when he was not competing with the saxaphones. He will always be one of my favourites!!

  Entry #135. 
   cameron cameronmc(at) 10th September 2001
12:33:04 PM

please would someone let me know how do we get tickets for rodriguez concert in mossel bay as they tell me i cant get from the venue and our closest ticket outlet is port elizabeth which is a 3 hour drive. postage of tickets from ticket web will take 7 days i am told. please someone help. thanks.

  Entry #134. 
   Cat cathpear(at) 10th September 2001
06:42:34 AM

I saw Rodriguez at the Bundu Inn. I had a great time, but I think the organisers should seriously reconsider the use of the Big Time Playboys as his back-up. They're not awful as Shazz says, they're actually very good, but they take Rodriguez's sound down another avenue altogether
Rodriguez doing swing
I don't think so!!! I think we'd all like to see Rodriguez performing the genre of music we know him for, and it looked to me that he became flustered with the loud swing band booming his tunes out. The band also appeared to be fairly condescending
their attitude was somewhat that of "well, we'll be leading the show here". He's a fragile, creative and intense soul, and the loud swing band just doesn't belong on a Rodriguez stage. He's not being allowed to perform in a style he's most comfortable with, and that worries me. He was most relaxed and really shone on stage in the few moments he had to sing accompanied by only his guitar. The man is still a legend . . .

  Entry #133. 
   shazz shazz0628(at) 10th September 2001
03:48:04 AM

We saw Sat nights show at carnival city. The backing band was awfull and kept drowning rodriguez out. He didn't look too well to me, did anyone else notice this? His 1998 concert far outdid this one!! I am glad we are keeping him alive...........

  Entry #132. 
   Christa christa(at) 10th September 2001
02:34:55 AM

I missed the show at Bundu Inn last night because ticket web advertised the incorrect time
all fans who have tickets from ticketweb
please check your times! I am furious and want a refund or a transfer to the woodstock show on 29 september

  Entry #131. 
   greg gsrmp(at) 09th September 2001
11:53:09 AM

great show last night at carnival city, pity about the intrusive and overly loud band (particularly the saxophones)thanks for your time rodriguez

  Entry #130. 
   glen mrgmann(at) 09th September 2001
05:24:01 AM

Brian, where is he going to stay in cape town, we would like to act like fans are supposed too. thanx brian, for finding the man

  Entry #129. 
   Gary Da Silva gary.dasilva (at)getronics 09th September 2001
03:31:57 AM

He Rodriguez Saw your Show last night. Just remember you will always have a place to stay in South Africa. You are some how woven into who and what made us South African. Thanks for the great show. Take care of your self.

  Entry #128. 
   jose celdran joseceldran(at) 08th September 2001
09:41:39 AM

i was wondering where i could purchase the rodriguez cd "after the fact/coming from reality". it was not avaialble in the south african catalogue when i it out.

  Entry #127. 
   Brian brian(at) 07th September 2001
01:30:12 AM

Book for the Live Fact Tour 2001 at TicketWeb

  Entry #126. 
   tony stuart astuart(at) 07th September 2001
01:26:22 AM

I echo the wish to see Rod tour Oz again. I am kicking myself that I missed him on the two previous occasions. I have just come across his music courtesy of a South African guy presently living in North Carolina who sent me some tracks from the two 'Facts' CDs. I work with another former muso who shares my interest in rare music and he returned from lunch yesterday with a copy of 'Cold Fact' which he had found in the bargain bin of our local Grace Bros store. God knows how it and another copy got there. So add Chan and I to the list of concertgoers when The Tour happens.

  Entry #125. 
   Brian brian(at) 06th September 2001
09:17:16 AM

Rodriguez has arrived in South Africa!! Sugar met Rodriguez at the airport this afternoon and is with him at his Johannesburg hotel. Tomorrow he starts rehearsals with the Big Town Playboys from the UK.

  Entry #124. 
   Anonymous   06th September 2001
08:59:41 AM

Rodriguez 'almost' in SA,4190,2-16-61_1076253,00.html By Antoinette Pienaar, Johannesburg
Rodriguez has definitely not died, but he is late. Responding to enquiries on Wednesday ME Productions promoter said the folksinger had missed his flight to South Africa for the third time running. And to convince local journalists that it really was him, waiting for his flight to Johannesburg at the JF Kennedy airport, Rodriguez amazed them by singing I Wonder over his cellphone while an orchestra at the Westcliff hotel accompanied him. His somewhat haphazard flight plans cannot really be blamed on the organisers, but is in "the nature of the industry" Rodriguez explained over the phone. In at least one of his attempts he managed to reach the airport. The first time the "after effects of the pervious night's party prevented him from getting out of bed"
true to form, if one knows Rodriguez, the promoter explains in a statement. The next day the courier could not manage to wake him up to deliver his new flight ticket and the third time the aircraft developed technical problems. "Rodriguez lives the kind of life he sings about," is the explanation. "He is against the establishment, suffers hangovers now and again and takes little notice of bureaucracy and schedules." He was expected to board an aircraft last night and to arrive at the Johannesburg Airport on Thursday afternoon at 14:40. It appears the man is not used to the kind of hero's welcome he receives in South Africa. In the US he is relatively unknown, while he became a cult figure here in the 1970s and 1980s. When, in 1998, two South Africans discovered that he was alive and well, and not dead as rumours would have it, Rodriguez had stopped singing long ago. He did not even own a guitar and had to buy one to appear before huge audiences in South Africa. He was completely bowled over at his reception here. Rodriguez appears at Carnival City in Brakpan on Friday and Saturday and on Sunday afternoon at the Bundu Inn in Pretoria, before embarking on a country-wide tour.

  Entry #123. 
   Col Ferderer cferd(at) 03rd September 2001
05:45:22 AM

When is he coming down under???

  Entry #122. 
   Colin Germano amazingoz(at) 01st September 2001
11:20:05 AM

Colin Germano We want Rodriguez to come to Australia. Tell me how and I'll make it happen. Seriously seeking Sixto, Colin Germano:amazingoz(at)

  Entry #121. 
   shelley shelltocks(at) 29th August 2001
04:32:31 PM

I've just heard that the keyboard player Pete Saunders is playing with the bigtime playtime playboys on the rodruigez tour of SA he played with Dexy's Midnight Runners .Carmel he's great does anyone know if this is true

  Entry #120. 
   Stuart Hillis   28th August 2001
12:41:37 PM

There was rumour of a couple of days here in UK. London hopefully, please make it happen
he'd ram 'em in in England. Dig it

  Entry #119. 
   Brian brian(at) 26th August 2001
10:18:21 AM

Sorry no news on Australian tour yet... watch this space...

  Entry #118. 
   Rob rcubed88(at) 26th August 2001
08:51:35 AM

Any news yet on an Australian tour, Brian??

  Entry #117. 
   vanessa   23rd August 2001
04:32:17 PM

K! I know his bday now

  Entry #116. 
   vanessa cunninghamvanessa(at) 23rd August 2001
03:52:12 PM

when is RODRIQUEZ'S birthday & does he have a more direct e-mail address?

  Entry #115. 
   vanessa cunninghamvanessa(at) 23rd August 2001
03:47:44 PM

Hey!! It was amazing to see RODRIGUEZ live in Dbn, SA....Is he coming to london anytime soon? Id see him a million times if I could!!! And...We were on SA TV, in a interview about the concert, & it was recently shown on sa tv, But im in london now. Is there any way to see it on the internet?

  Entry #114. 
   Amanda alowjen(at) 22nd August 2001
05:29:03 AM

Is Rodriguez coming to Australia? When? Where?

  Entry #113. 
   Brian brian(at) 21st August 2001
11:18:29 AM

The Big Town Playboys will be backing Rodriguez on his SA tour. Some more info from their website: Big Joe Louis
Vocals, Guitar Ian Jennings
Double Bass Mark Morgan
Drums Wes Weston
Piano & Harp Dave Wilson
Guitar Nick Lunt
Baritone Sax Lee Badau
Tenor Sax Accolades: Eric Clapton: Support at the Royal Albert Hall on numerous occasions and support on European Tour, Music for the film "The Color of Money". Jeff Beck: Crazy Legs, a tribute album to Cliff Gallup, the first guitarist with Gene Vincent and the Bluecaps, plus support on European tour. Robbie Coltraine / Anne Dudley Film music for "The Pope must die". Robert Plant & Mick Fleetwood: Performing together on numerous gigs.

  Entry #112. 
   Brian brian(at) 21st August 2001
11:07:28 AM

Press Conference, The Westcliff Hotel Fri 07 JHB
Carnival City Sat 08 JHB
Carnival City Sun 09 PTA
Bundu Inn Wed 12 Pietersberg
Pintoburg Theatre Fri 14 Vereeniging
Rafterz Sat 15 Bloemfontein
Kallie Human Mon 17 Mossel Bay
Whale Hall Tue 18 Port Elizabeth
PE Tec Theatre Wed 19 Port Elizabeth
PE Tec Theatre Thurs 20 Stellenbosch
DF Malan Centre Fri 21 Cape Town
3 Arts Sat 22 Cape Town
3 Arts Wed 26 East London
Orient Theatre Thurs 27 BarGo
Durban Fri 28 BarGo
Durban Sat 29 JHB
Woodstock 3, Heidelberg Kloof, Heidelberg

  Entry #111. 
   Beth Hillary beth(at) 21st August 2001
06:53:29 AM

Hi all fans, MEP and Authentic Ideas are bringing Rodriguez back this September 2001! A full tour schedule will be posted soon
in the meantime please contact me with any queries... beth(at) Thanks!!

  Entry #110. 
   Brian brian(at) 20th August 2001
11:06:00 AM

SUGAR MAN RODRIGUEZ RETURNS TO SOUTH AFRICA ON A 16 DATE TOUR. Yes he's coming (again!!)... For more info click on the "Climb Up On My Music" link above and go to the "What's New" section...

  Entry #109. 
   Alain Gonzales agonzales08(at) 20th August 2001
07:56:46 AM

I was 15 in 1985 when my elder brother ( 8 years older ) made me listen to the Cold Fact album.It took about two or three roll-overs to get Rodriguez indelibly under my skin. I took it to my hostel in Villiersdorp and contaminated the place with it.I just want to say that without Rodriguez my youth memories will most probably be tarnished with grey. I tried getting some folk loving french freinds of mine interested in his music, but the task is harsh. I am persuaded that the Cold Fact album is in total harmony with the mentality that we had in South Africa for some complex reason( Apartheid,Censorship.) Anyways thank you a million times to Rodriguez for being around...............and after that's said.............. Alain from France

  Entry #108. 
   SIlver Surfer silversurfer(at) 18th August 2001
01:05:04 AM

Click on the Climb Up On My Music link above and then go to the "Music" section... there are a few MP3 files there under "sounds" including Sugar Man... enjoy!

  Entry #107. 
   shawn earth2ocean(at) 12th August 2001
02:37:12 PM

please can you tell me if there is a web-site where i can listen to the album cold fact, especially the song sugar man a response would be much apprciated

  Entry #106. 
   Anonymous   10th August 2001
07:45:29 AM


  Entry #105. 
   Brett falc(at) 10th August 2001
03:41:17 AM

What can I say to a man who has inspired me as much as Rodriguez has? How about happy 60th birthday for next july :) sorry I missed your 59th. Is it likely you'll be doing a Perth concert on your Australian tour?

  Entry #104. 
   Joe capt_goodvibes(at) 08th August 2001
04:17:09 AM

If anyone has, or knows where I can get the covers for Comming From Reality and Cold Fact could they let me know thank you

  Entry #103. 
   Dave daveg(at) 05th August 2001
04:01:07 AM

Wow, I'm rapt! Ever since search engines began I've been "searching" for Rodriguez. I'd given up till I was using Napster to fine some other material that I had on casette but was unavailable on CD. I thought, "hey what about Rodriguez?" I got Sugarman, or at least a minute and a half of it about 3 months ago, and I knew I needed more. I never did find this site on Yahoo or Alta Vista, but Google finally came through for me. I was too young to go to the concerts in Sydney, but I remember he sold out six gigs at the main venue, the Ent Cent I think, and was just huge. My old man and I had the tape (Cold Fact) on constant rotation in the VW van we used to drive around interstate to go to sailing regattas. I loved it. I've got vinyl of Comming from Realtiy and one other Album (Not cold fact or any others mentioned here) Maybe I'm not remembering correctly, I'll have to dig out the Vinyl and check. Was sure I had three albums!(CF on cassette) I'm into a pretty diverse range of music, but I think Rodriguez is simply awesome. Gotta buy the CD from SA!

  Entry #102. 
   Alan   29th July 2001
01:13:32 AM

When is Rodriguez coming to Australia??

  Entry #101. 
   big al   20th July 2001
11:03:33 AM

spreading the"cold fact" in Scotland .My pleasure.

  Entry #100. 
   James Sagert james_sagert(at) 20th July 2001
01:09:22 AM

Why don't ya do a a few shows in Melbourne Australia? We love you down here. You can play in Brunswick Street Fitzroy. Come down and suprise us we have not forgotten how good your stuff is. All the best to everyone Love James

  Entry #99. 
   Anonymous   19th July 2001
07:53:59 PM

"The Best" he's up there with Pink Floyd.

  Entry #98. 
   brett absolutsunrunner(at) 19th July 2001
07:47:41 PM

hey, My name is brett, I am 27 years old originally from South Africa but have been living in europe for the last three years. I just wanted to put my message in here, I saw Rodrigu

  Entry #97. 
   Tony FitzGerald tonyfitz(at) 19th July 2001
02:44:43 AM

Great Info Brian
The work of a true dedicated Rodriguez Fan. Me and my mate Terry Miller were at the unforgettable Dallas Brookes Hall performance in '79. Since then we have both married and had kids. We often take the kids outback camping on weekends and the trusty old "Cold Fact" gets a hell of beating both in the 4WD travelling and around the camp fire at night. All our children can reel off every lyric of every song. Terry's youngest, Rocklyn, who is ten years old is currently doing a school project on the life of Rodriguez. Your website has been fantastic for him. VIVA RODRIGUEZ!

  Entry #96. 
   Paula Els paels(at) 18th July 2001
08:45:49 AM

Hi their Mr. Rodriguez. Just wanne say HAPPY HAPPY! May the year that lies ahead seem like a excellent bottle of red wine, let it's sensual taste brighten up your moments and leave a wonderful after taste. Sunny South African fan!

  Entry #95. 
   Stuart Hillis   17th July 2001
08:41:12 AM

Hey enlightened people. This is just a little general greeting to all, especially to weary traveller Ernie after his Thailand/Malaysia experience. Also to J in London Town (you must have found this site by now!) Dig it.

  Entry #94. 
   Donna dbronkho(at) 17th July 2001
06:39:50 AM

A belated but sincere Happy Birthday to a musical Genius on his 59th Birthday
10 July 2001. I still can't believe I missed the best Concert(s) in the world ever, by what has to be the alltime greatest living Legend (now that we know you are alive that is). I heard so many strange stories about you and your albums but the one I remember most clearly was that you were going blind when you wrote "Cold Fact" and had only come to terms with it when you wrote "After the Fact". So much misinformation about someone S.A. grew to love. I grew up in East London (Slummies as it is affectionately known) and first heard "I Wonder" during the June / July School Holidays in 1980, then heard "After the Fact" 2 years later. I still have both on Tape, but replaced them with CD's as they were becoming a bit warped. Your CD's have never quite managed to gather dust but unfortunately my Sons and Husband do think I'm quite strange listening to music that is "so old" (don't think they'll ever get it or quite understand). "Now you sit there thinking, feeling insecure..." So many times I want to tell them "I've lived your dreams of youth...". It was like I was "Halfway up the stairs" all over again! Thanks for your time and you can thank me for mine, but none of us will ever forget YOU. Donna
Port Elizabeth (the Friendly / Windy City in Sunny South Africa)

  Entry #93. 
   MAlfaRK malfark(at) 16th July 2001
01:48:52 PM

1976...I was 15...Cold Fact left an indelible imprint on my subconscious. I knew every word of every song, and still do. I have been out of SA since '95 and so missed the concert in SA. Once I have the dates of the upcoming gigs, I will definitely make the trip from the Czech Republic to the show! Did someone say London?? Thanks for making a difference Rodriguez
you have changed lives.

  Entry #92. 
   Trish Trish Haye(at) 14th July 2001
02:09:31 PM

Hi Sugar, I hope I haven't put my foot in it.... BUT I think the rest of the world needs to know about Rodriguez, SO I have sent an e-mail to Oprah, suggesting they do their research and do a show on him
who knows how they will react, but maybe they'll do the research and dicover some magic. How many others out there think it's time that the rest of the world, and ESPECIALLY his compatriots get to hear this mans music? If you feel like I do, maybe you can also mail Oprah, or even Larry King, what a story! Belated birthday greetings Rodriguez. Sugar I hope you are enjoying every minute of being in Detroit.

  Entry #91. 
   glen damster mrgmann(at) 12th July 2001
12:21:58 PM

to the Sixth child, i'm about to have my first child and cant wait until he of she, grows up and knows all the words to songs she has never heard before, as happened to me. my sister droned sugarman into me when i was a toddler, the first time i heard you in the 80's i could sing along to most of your songs, so i will pleasantly torture my child the same way. with love as always glen ps, why should sugar and brian be the only one's to be able to speak to you, how about a email please, we know you a private person,but you are more important to us than any michael jackson, janet, wu tang clang, or britney email you have touched us in more ways than you can think..

  Entry #90. 
   riana rwiechers(at) 12th July 2001
03:15:09 AM

i was in london during '98 and thus had to miss rodriguez when he toured SA. but i saw the documentary of the tour on TV last week and have been "climbing up" all over again since. cold fact is back on the turntable and also back are all the memories that cold fact has been a soundtrack to since that summer holiday when i was 16. i could also sincerely name all the things fans have consistently been saying about his music, his words and the power of the music, but what i really want to know is WHEN will he tour SA and (especially) Cape Town again? i don't think i will rest knowing that most of my friends had seen him live while i had to make do with an hour on SABC 3. and, let me also make a belated birthday wish and a thank you to rodriguez
since seeing the program i have been time-travelling back to some of the best times of my life, and feeling your words all over again.

  Entry #89. 
   Silver Surfer   12th July 2001
12:46:35 AM

Cold Fact is a timeless album... I came out of a really screwed-up relationship a while ago and one of my main comforts was Cold Fact... and boy does Rodriguez ever understand! Songs like 'I Wonder', 'Crucify Your Mind', 'Jane S Piddy' ("you'll continue with your nose open wide") and of course 'Forget It' are still relevant and speak volumes about life and living... Thank you Rodriguez... can't wait to see you when you're here...

  Entry #88. 
   glen damster mrgmann(at) 11th July 2001
12:09:16 PM

Hope you had a great day, Sixth child. come soon we need you, your music has set so many of us free, glen

  Entry #87. 
   Rodriguez   10th July 2001
02:15:25 PM

We out the website, Sugar's here in Detroit from South Africa. He arrived at 11.00am from New York and showed me all these messages. We're taking a tour of Detroit as he's only in town for a few days so we're taking in the sights. An itinerary is being sent on South African and Australian dates and possibly some London dates. We'll contact you further, thank you again for the Birthday cheer! Kindest regards Rodriguez

  Entry #86. 
   Kenny kmcbcd(at) 10th July 2001
02:07:50 PM

Happy Birthday Rodriguez,hope you are fit and well and still writing great songs.Any chance of playing in Scotland in the near future?

  Entry #85. 
   Stuart Hillis stuarthillis(at) 10th July 2001
11:06:06 AM

Happy Birthday Jesus on 10/07 Remember: One day the world will fall to an angry young tune. Amen Love to all fans from me in England.

  Entry #84. 
   graham clarke grahamclarke(at) 10th July 2001
05:02:05 AM

I can't tell you what a thrill it was do discover this site. For years I thought I was the only one who was haunted by the Cold Fact album, which back in the early 70's was never off the turntable. I had long given up ever finding the album which got lost when I left South Africa many years ago. When I would ask in record shops in various cities around the world, the response was always the same. Even people who regard themselves as being experts had never even heard of him. Its still needs to be explained just why this album touched such a nerve particularly in South Africa. The fact that it was never played on the radio and only got passed around by word of mouth made one feel you were in on something of an almost underground nature. That together with the sixties sensibility towards sex and drugs made it very attractive in those restrictive times in S. Africa. By 1969 that sort of thing would have pretty routine for an American audience and may explain the total lack of interest that the album received in the US. Many young South Africans of those years, even the "cool" ones, were completely unaware of "Cold Fact". They simply had never been exposed to it. As is mentioned on the site Shawn Phillips too was also big amongst my friends. Another album which enjoyed similar cult status was P.P. Arnold's "Angel of the Morning". Objectively, I don't think "Cold Fact" is a classic, based on the music, lyrics or performance. The magic of the album is that it immediately transports you back to a time and place, long gone; when the world, South Africa and you yourself were very very different.

  Entry #83. 
   Everybody in Stellenbosch msmoore(at) 10th July 2001
03:16:19 AM

Happy birthday and many, many, many more !

  Entry #82. 
   Silver Surfer silversurfer(at) 10th July 2001
01:01:23 AM

"Climb up on my music and my songs will set you free" THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU oh, and a very happy birthday, Rodriguez

  Entry #81. 
   jerome jmausling(at) 09th July 2001
04:09:13 PM

Hi Rodriguez and all other fans of the man! Can we expect a brand new cd anytime in the future? New and old unreleased or even unrecorded numbers? It would be great to hear you address some modern social concerns in your poignant, sublime, subtle, no so subtle and direct way. You are a pet of the latter half of the 20th century and into the 21st God bless

  Entry #80. 
   glen damster mrgmann(at) 09th July 2001
03:44:19 PM

To the Sixth child, i bid you a happy birthday, i will be front row centre, at your concerts when you come back to cape town. have a great day on tuesday. lots of love from all. bag it man...

  Entry #79. 
   Brian brian(at) 09th July 2001
03:33:19 PM

Very best Birthday wishes, Rodriguez. Thanks for your time and you can thank me for mine... and we will NEVER forget it!

  Entry #78. 
   geoff jarrad_heaton(at) 09th July 2001
10:50:08 AM

hello from an australian sixto rodriguez fan.i'm chasing any information regarding the puchase of the "coming from reality" and "live fact" on the cd format.i currently have copies of "cold fact" on cd (also a few locatable vinyl copies in good to very good condition for anyone interested),a copy of "at his best" on cd,cassette and vinyl (very good to excellent condition complete with separate lyric sheet insert[other copies in similar condition also procurable])and two recent finds of "alive" on vinyl in excellent to near mint on the "Powderworks" label which appears to have taken over the rights by 1984 and another copy of same on the "Blue Goose Records" label (1981)in very good to excellent condition(ex radio station copies). i'm also chasing any memorabilia i.e. tour programmes,posters etc of this enigmatic willing to purchase or swap for any of the above. as a side note, the explanation i recieved for rodriguez's apparent disappearance, was from a record shop owner (after a inquiry to his discograghy) was that as a half mexican half north american indian, he desired to make enough money to buy some land so that he and some of his peoples could live on it. the 3 albums he released achieved this end and he gave up music, retiring to the land never to be heard from again. romantic but obviously incorrect in light of the information on this great site.Yet another misconception to add to the myth. Also whilst working on a mine site a few years ago i met a person who went to one of his concerts here in Australia (year unknown), claimed it to be the worst concert she'd ever been to despite liking his albums.She made mention of his apparent incoherence whilst on stage but it now appears to have been maybe his painful shyness alluded to on the liner notes of the "alive" lp. Any information regading my inquiry would be greatly appreciated. Please be assured ,i am an ardent fan, not a dealer!!!!!

  Entry #77. 
   Antoinette meiers(at) 08th July 2001
06:23:52 AM

Dear Rodriquez, We would like to wish you a very happy birthday on the 10th July. May all your wishes and dreams come true!! Thanks for all the years of great music!! Hope to see you soon. With All Our Love Your fans in Sunny S.A. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  Entry #76. 
   glen mrgmann(at) 07th July 2001
11:37:50 AM

ok, went to the concert bought the cds and have lost them in the many times ive moved, went to musica they only had cold fact, but only the ozzie version, the salesman started telling me about, the license agreement and emi, the cds and now R159,00 they were R59.00 what the hell going on, could sugar or anybody tell me what the hell is happening, please, cant get "coming from reality" or "the best of" come on guys get your act together.

  Entry #75. 
   Hans sfan(at) 07th July 2001
11:19:56 AM

Please, please, please more info about Rodriquez tour of South africa? When will he be in Cape Town? Missed him in '98, but luckily not the "Dead men don't tour" program. So, please, Brian, there MUST be a concert in the Western Cape. With old Tollies broken down it is good to know some things survived Stellies of the 70's . . .

  Entry #74. 
   Riaan   07th July 2001
09:02:41 AM

Could never find anyting 'bout the Man on the web, 'till I read the credits to the documentary. What a thrill! Is there any chance of posting some Rod midi files on the site? Would love to perform his songs. There is a medley (rich folks
forget it
i wonder)circulating, but no-one wants to share! Please!!

  Entry #73. 
   Quintus quintus3(at) 07th July 2001
08:00:56 AM

I first heard Rodriquez when a friend played it to me from there on it stuck.I'll never forget the way we sat and listen to Rodriquez, playing it over and over till we fell over or fell asleep.The thing I most appreciate about his music is the answers it has and still gives to me and I'll be thankfull for the rest of my life.My God bless and Rodriquez sing forever.Thanks for your time.

  Entry #72. 
   Johan meyerjw(at) 06th July 2001
04:32:52 PM

Simply unbelievable! I considered shooting myself for missing his '98 tour, glad I didn't if I see there might be another one. The USA sucks if they cannot appreciate The Man for his talent. What planet do those Yanks live on? Thanks to Brian and all the others for keeping him ALIVE!

  Entry #71. 
   Marius mariusdb(at) 06th July 2001
03:48:41 PM

Saw the concert on SABC, bough the CD the next day. Went home at 18:00 and finally thought my neighbours might have had enough of Live Fact at 21:30. Wondering who to listen to next, Dire Straits? Yazoo? Cat Stephens? Westlife? or might silence be best while the tunes of Rodrigues mill around in my head. One Fact is certain, tomorrow the neighbourhood will hear the Live Fact and will know what real music is all about. To an awesome, amazing and very talented man, three years have been too long, please come and visit your fans in South Africa again. We would like to keep you forever and will allow you to pop back into America to show your fellow countrymen the talent of a real musician.

  Entry #70. 
   Greg gregsander(at) 06th July 2001
09:35:43 AM

Never got to watch the concerts when he was here but watching the documentary last night was v. emotional. Quite incredible what the man can do with those lyrics
prophetic, wise and a reminder of a state of innocence now lost. Took me back to the days of youthful discovery when his sincere words cut through all society's facades.

  Entry #69. 
   steve tsspe(at) 06th July 2001
08:41:46 AM

Hi I must also just express my appreciation regarding the Rodriguez-documentary on TV3. Having also grown up with Rodriguez in the '70's, it was great to see the show. Unfortunately living in P.E. I did not even get to hear about his tour in '98. Please keep us posted to any possible forthcoming tours. Long live Rodriguez! Steve P.E.

  Entry #68. 
   Stephen sugar(at) 06th July 2001
07:22:48 AM

Hi All! It is Rodriguez's birthday on Tuesday July 10th. I have a gift-wrapped copy of the documentary (which was screened on SATV on Thursday) for him (thanks to Tonia), and will deliver it personally to him on behalf of his fans all around the world. Although the details and dates of his upcoming tour to SA and Australia are not fully available yet, they will be posted here as soon as we know. The tour will begin in SA and move to Australia over the month of August, about 10 dates in both countries. We are hopeful that some London dates will be added and, eventually, some dates in the US. So watch this space, Rodriguez is on his way... ...and the computer in Tower Records in New York still has no listing for him. Come on America, catch a wake up already!

  Entry #67. 
   bruce turbsky(at) 06th July 2001
06:45:58 AM

i read with interest that rodriguez may be going to south africa in august. this is all very well and good for those of you who live in south africa, but what about zimbabwe? isn't there any way that the promoters could stop him here overnight? you weren't the only ones who admired him since you were 12. any chance? bruce

  Entry #66. 
   Hilde-May msmoore(at) 06th July 2001
06:32:16 AM

Saw the show last night on 3. Forgot to tape it. If the video does come up for sale, please let us know a.s.a.p. Been listening since '75. Missed the '98 tour, thought it was a hoax, now money won't keep me away, if he comes back. PLEASE come back to S.A. Rodriguez !

  Entry #65. 
   BarrenCross barrencross(at) 06th July 2001
05:30:00 AM

Jeesh, Saw the show again on TV last night, and I gotta add my bit. Rodriguez rules. Screw the rest of the world, I always said that South-Africans know their shit. This is music that the USA can only dream about.

  Entry #64. 
   Johannes johannesa(at) 06th July 2001
04:59:27 AM

Man, what a legend this guy is! I saw the second show in Cape Town when he was here, and up to that point us die-hard fans were still a bit sceptical... him having died in so many gruesome ways (you all know the rumours: ranging from suicide to plane crashes). But when he walked up on that stage and said the first word... I get all emotional just thinking about it! And then the show on TV last night! When it was done my sister and I popped in one Rodriguez album after the other and just sat there taking it in... almost like listing to it for the first time. Excellent... If any of the Rodriguez family members read this, or the man himself (does he read this stuff?), please tell him that many a bottle of wine and good conversations have had his lyrics in the background, and that always made for a perfect time. Thank's... you really made us happy. I can't wait for his next tour.

  Entry #63. 
   Brian   06th July 2001
04:55:45 AM

Hi Wonderful to see this Forum flooded with messages after last nights TV documentary. This weeks issue of the SA Rock Digest (No 113, out on Sunday night) will be a special edition dedicated to the Sugar man himself, Rodriguez... subscribe at Long live Rodriguez... Brian

  Entry #62. 
   james   06th July 2001
03:48:44 AM

the "dead man dont tour" documentary was top notch, well done to those who made it. rodriguez is for many south africans a part of growing up and of course a legend.

  Entry #61. 
   justin justin(at) 06th July 2001
02:42:07 AM

just one more comment, if anyone ever, EVER, deserved a grammy,its rodriguez

  Entry #60. 
   justin justin(at) 06th July 2001
02:38:03 AM

i watched a show last night on tv about rodriguez' tour to sa , until then i thought he was dead.glad to hear that "ghandi with the guitar" is still alive and well. the world need more musicians like sixto. legend of all legends. justin

  Entry #59. 
   gill gillh(at) 05th July 2001
10:57:14 PM

Watched the "Dead Men don't Tour" special on TV last night. What a special man! Any chance of including Port Elizabeth on the coming tour? We might not be as big as some of the other venues, but we know good music when we hear it! Thanks to all concerned for the hard work in building this site & for bringing back some good memories.

  Entry #58. 
   Janet janet(at) 05th July 2001
05:09:35 PM

Have just spent emotional time with rodrigues, the question that always comes to mind is how come the rest of the world doesn't know this unbelievable artist, poet, wize partner and i worked in the okavango delta, botswana for a long while and always played rodriquez to the foreign clients(often americans)....they would always be spellbound by his talent and music and embarresed by the fact that he was often from their own did they not know of him...they couldn't get enough of his music...he is one of the great wonders of life....has anyone anyway of emailing him....i would be so greatful to share my appreciation of him directly to him

  Entry #57. 
   Len Dyer lend(at) 05th July 2001
04:31:09 PM

Hi, Great site
just enjoyed Rodriguez on T.V. Thanks for promoting this timeless image. Brings back many, many memories. Excelent. Just one question: Possibly a myth but with no foundation. We (Army guys) always believed Rodriguez was BLIND, at least technically blind!? Ever heard of that one before? Obviously my eyes were opened tonight. Please advise if any future concert is on the cards
late 2001. Once again THANK YOU...

  Entry #56. 
   Michael barralet(at) 05th July 2001
04:23:50 PM

Just saw "Dead Men don't Tour" on TV
brought back many good memories. Thanks for all the groundwork you guys did to find him and get him here. And thanks to Rodrigues for getting us through the seventies.

  Entry #55. 
   Clyde clydeo(at) 05th July 2001
04:18:33 PM

Just watched 'Dead Men Don't Tour'. Somebody has to explain to me how is it possible that someone so special can go through this world with a lower profile than a Britanny Spears.

  Entry #54. 
   Christie condor1(at) 05th July 2001
04:06:58 PM

I have just watched the "dead man don't tour" documentory on tv3 and it brought tears to my eyes hearing some of that wonderful music again. I hope to see him on his next tour. Thanks Rodriquez for being you and for a lot of inspiration.

  Entry #53. 
   Trish Trish Haye(at) 05th July 2001
04:03:46 PM

WOWEEE!!!! Thanks so much for tracking him down
watched the programme on sabc3 tonight and went down nostalgic lane of memories to my teenage years in the 70's! Thanks a million
just need to get some of the cd's now... Cheers Trish

  Entry #52. 
   Treman treman(at) 05th July 2001
04:01:30 PM

I have just watched the 'Dead Men Don't Tour' program on tv3 relating to the 1998 tour. I was lucky enough to go to the concerts in Jhb, Blues Room and Durban. Just seeing that all over again has welled up all those incredible feelings that I felt when I first discovered that the legend was alive and well and living in Detroit. To hear that he may be returning for another tour, and that we may get to witness one of the most wise and modest souls on stage again is an honour beyond belief. To Rodriguez: Thank you for your music, for the words that inspire countless generations to think for themselves across all barriers.

  Entry #51. 
   Seth sbrewer(at) 05th July 2001
12:12:04 AM

Any chances of a stop or two dozen in the US if enough hype can be generated? Or, how about just a gig in Detroit? I have a convoy ready to drive up from Kentucky. It sounds like Sixto's days are not done in the land of the lyrical. Thank the powers that be. I hope a reappearance and maybe more are not too far out of line with what sounds like something of a reclusive lifestyle he is living. I and a friend, new fans, would love to head north and meet Rodriguez for a meal and a conversation. If anyone reads this that might know about the feasibility of this, please contact me. Also, any John Prine fans? His tune "Jesus the Missing Years" is poetically fitting here. Cheers, Seth

  Entry #50. 
   Mindi minsin(at) 04th July 2001
09:49:50 PM

I am in the middle of cataloguing my record collection and needed to surf for the release date of Cold Fact. I ended up at this site and saw mention of a Rodriguez tour. Can you give me more details about it (if it hasn't already happened!) I am sure I saw Rodriguez on his Australian tour in 1979 (?) I think it was at "Dallas Brooks" Hall in Melbourne(?) I am a bit hazy about that!! I would love to see him perform again. Thanks Mindi (Melbourne Australia)

  Entry #49. 
   Regan (via Brian Currin) brian(at) 04th July 2001
08:27:35 AM

If all goes as planned Rodriguez will tour SA, Australia, and maybe make a stop in London. Let all interested parties know. I will send your greetings to my father and know that he is doing well and highly anticipating seeing your beautiful country again. Best Wishes, Regan Rodriguez

  Entry #48. 
   Richard richard.sands(at) 03rd July 2001
09:56:20 AM

Regan, Great news about the tour. Can't really afford to travel to SA or Aus. Any chance of a date or two in the UK? Sell Outs guaranteed. I wonder l wonder wonder I do

  Entry #47. 
   Brian brian(at) 02nd July 2001
03:13:08 PM

Hey Regan Great news about the upcoming tour... Rodriguez rocks the world... say "Hi" to your Dad from all of us...

  Entry #46. 
   Brian Currin vagabond(at) 02nd July 2001
03:11:17 PM

RODRIGUEZ ON SOUTH AFRICAN TELEVISION A listing in the July issue of TV Talk magazine confirms that the SABC will be giving a first public screening to the documentary based on the Rodriguez tour to South Africa in March 1998. 'Dead Men Don't Tour': The Rodriguez Story will be shown on Thursday July 5th on SABC 3 at 21:30, straight after 'Ripley's Believe It Or Not'! This one-hour documentary of the 1998 South African tour features concert footage interspersed with interviews, backstage antics and rehearsals. All the live footage was filmed at the concerts in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Durban as well as the more exclusive gig held at the Blues Room in Sandton to launch the 'Live Fact' CD. The soundtrack for the documentary is based on the 'Live Fact' CD, with video collages from the various performances. 'Live Fact' is available from For all Rodriguez news and info, visit 'The Great Rodriguez Website' and 'Climb Up On My Music' (Links above)

  Entry #45. 
   Regan (Detroit)   01st July 2001
01:38:48 PM

I wanted to let anyone interested know that I have from very good source that a Rodriguez Tour is in the works. Dates for South Africa and Australia are being set. Possibly August.

  Entry #44. 
   Stuart Hillis stuarthillis(at) 28th June 2001
09:20:48 AM

Rodriguez IS the man. . . one of the chosen few. Him/ Drake/ Lennon
all from the same church.

  Entry #43. 
   Ned Rakiposki enverrak(at) 22nd June 2001
08:43:28 AM

Rodrigues what can i say,a great socialising influence in my early teens. Since the first time I heard Sugarman back all them years ago I still get the goose bumps everytime i play his album.As for the lyrics they are just as appropriate today as they were when the songs were first released.

  Entry #42. 
   Bruce McPherson gratefulbru(at)yahoo 19th June 2001
07:22:42 AM

Good day to you all! I've only recently discovered Rodriguez and discovered what i've been missing all these years. I have only managed to source the "Best of" cd and would appreciate if any one can tell me how to get "Cold Fact" and "Coming from Reality" on cd. I ask this because i can not access certain pages on this web-site which contain this info. I live in Scotland which can make sourcing items like this quite tricky. Any help would be appreciated! Stay Human,have FUN, live long and prosper! Bru.

  Entry #41. 
   richard wallace jonah(at) 18th June 2001
09:16:41 AM

hi guys, chasing s.r. albums especially "LIVE in AUSTRALIA" can anyone help please regards Richard

  Entry #40. 
   JEFFSTER westonmusic(at) 30th May 2001
11:02:59 AM

Anyone with updated information should e-mail me at westonmusic(at) MUCH APPRECIATED THANKS

  Entry #39. 
   JEFFSTER westonmusic(at) 30th May 2001
11:00:20 AM

I've been listening and loving JR since my intro back in 1985. The poetic and prophetic impact his lyrics still have to this day are why his music is so well respected by music lovers. I was ecstatic when I discovered this web-site today. We need new updated information on JR's whereabouts and possible future tour plans. Can someone help us ??

  Entry #38. 
   Brett   26th May 2001
04:10:45 AM

Hello from N.Z.! I first discovered Rodriguez back in the late 70's when I purchased "Coming From Reality".Copies of all Rodriguez' albums can be found on vinyl in N.Z. in second-hand shops if you look hard enough. CD reissues are also to be found in music stores. Still, he is but a cult artist but sells steadily.

  Entry #37. 
   Vagabond vagabond(at) 18th May 2001
08:50:25 AM

Chords for Hate Street Dialogue are at:

  Entry #36. 
   rudi rudibarnard(at) 18th May 2001
08:23:38 AM

where can i find the tabs for 'hate street dialoque'

  Entry #35. 
   Kenny kmcbcd(at) 11th May 2001
03:59:40 PM

I have just bought a vinyl copy of Coming From Reality in mint condition after about 15 years of searching.I had just about given up hope of ever owning one.Thank God for the internet.I also have a spare vinyl copy of At His Best if anyone is interested in a trade.

  Entry #34. 
   dude   11th May 2001
04:39:30 AM

I love people who share different music experiences. Have you heard ______? Rodriguez is one of those you only hear of by word of mouth,or more appropriately by being at the right persons party, and so is Ernest Ranglin no words but wicked music, take the time to find. ENJOY!

  Entry #33. 
   Heinz rien_hoogendoorn(at) 03rd May 2001
08:04:20 AM

  Entry #32. 
   Cameron Kratzing kratz84(at) 01st May 2001
10:03:43 PM

Rodrigues realy touched my life, in ways i didnt even know. But i realy want to know, is he ever going to do a tour of Australia again? It would be so good to see him live.

  Entry #31. 
   brendan brendanlg 01st May 2001
01:40:47 AM

during the 70`s we heard SUGAR MAN played on the radio here in Brisbane Australia ,both of his albums were available, we have two vinyl of Cold Fact and one vinyl and one store bought cassette of Coming from Reality. 25 years later these albums so good it`s almost hard to believe,considering the budget it must have been recorded with, quality song`s quirky arrangements,delivered with the perfect vocal for the vibe of the material.his music is as good as any thing out there. Does this music have a following in the U.S. ?

  Entry #30. 
   brendan brendanlg 01st May 2001
01:38:40 AM

during the 70`s we heard SUGAR MAN played on the radio here in Brisbane Australia ,both of his albums were available, we have two vinyl of Cold Fact and one vinyl and one store bought cassette of Coming from Reality. 25 years later these albums so good it`s almost hard to believe,considering the budget it must have been recorded with, quality song`s quirky arrangements,delivered with the perfect vocal for the vibe of the material.his music is as good as any thing out there. Does this music have a following in the U.S. ?

  Entry #29. 
   brendan brendanlg 01st May 2001
01:35:05 AM

during the 70`s we heard SUGAR MAN played on the radio here in Brisbane Australia both of his albums were available we have two vinyl of cold fact and one vinyl and one store bought cassette of coming from reality. 25 years later these albums so good it`s almost hard to believe,considering the budget it must have been recorded with, quality song`s quirky arrangements,delivered with the perfect vocal for the vibe of the material.his music is as good as any thing out there. Does this music have a following in the U.S. ?

  Entry #28. 
   Janice Prezzato jprezzato(at) 15th April 2001
04:42:29 AM

I first met Rodriguez around 1973/74, He came into the Wayne State University daily newspaper The South End. He had just finished an unsuccessful election campaign for some sort of political office with the city of Detroit. He convinced my editor that we should cover the meeting of leaders of the local Hispanic community with the then mayor of Detroit
Coleman Young. So I marched off with him and his elder brother to city hall for their meeting with the mayor. Rodriguez was different. He was always promoting something in the community. He helped staged a Pow-Wow
an Native American dance gathering in 1974
in of all places Detroit, MI. Pow-Wows occur in places like Montana, South Dakota, Idaho, Oregon and the like
but Detroit, MI? That was typical Rodriguez. My fondest memory of Rodriguez is when I followed him to a local house party at a communal household. He entertained everyone singing 1950's and 60's rock-n-roll on his acoustic guitar. A memorable evening. You always had the feeling that his time was going to come and that people would discover this gentle soul. I'm so glad to hear that the people of South Africa and Australia have discovered him. I just purchased Cold facts on and am looking forward to hearing a voice I have not heard since 1973-74 when I was at university.

  Entry #27. 
   peter plowrie(at) 06th April 2001
09:59:05 AM

i have been listening to "coldfact" on an old cassette since 1982. it is one of my alltime favourite albums.and sadly the social comments reflected so accuratly are still relevant today.great lyrics,great music,great man.

  Entry #26. 
   J tomdunne(at) 04th April 2001
12:52:28 AM

Hey, just got introduced to rodriguez and was wondering if anyone knew where i could find chords online for his music. nice to see so many fans out there. later j

  Entry #25. 
   Sugar sugar(at) 26th March 2001
04:45:11 AM

The Rodriguez documentary, 'Dead Men Don't Tour', which was filmed during his sold-out SA tour in March 1998, has finally got a broadcast date on SATV. Tonia Selley, the producer of this film, and the percussionist in Rodriguez' backing band on his SA tour, has confirmed that it will be shown on SABCTV Channel 3 on July the 5th (2001) at 9.30pm. This will be straight after the programme 'Ripley's Believe It Or Not' which seems strangely appropriate, based on the fact that firstly this tour actually took place at all, and secondly because the SATV programmers have been holding back this excellent documentary while all those free music promos from the record companies clogged up our screens. Diarize this date and spread the word, there are many international Rodriguez fans who would love to see this. It is hoped that this documentary will be available for online purchasing after it has been shown on Channel 3. Watch this space, and watch this documentary.

  Entry #24. 
   joe jalloul (at) 22nd March 2001
05:51:58 PM

please respond to my new email address joejalloul(at) i have written before and now have my own email address

  Entry #23. 
   Reto retodon(at) 18th March 2001
05:01:14 AM

Hi, I've discovered this forum while searching the internet for notes about the copyrights of Rodriguez's songs. You know, I'm trying to put together a website dedicated to Albert Hammond, who was with "Family dogg" from 1967-1972
and they sang several Rodriguez songs. Does anyone know who's got the copyrights of those tunes? I'd be very glad to get answers by email. Yours sincerely, Reto from Switzerland

  Entry #22. 
   Jonathan jonfava(at) 13th March 2001
08:24:49 PM

I have moved from South Africa to Canada and live in Ontario, I live about 3 hours away from Detriot and would absolutely love to some how meet "The Man" if any one knows his where abouts please, please let me know.

  Entry #21. 
   Shannon saltwater(at) 06th March 2001
07:08:53 AM

Hi, I heard this song that I love and I am dying to know the name of it. I think it is by Stella One Eleven. The chorus goes, "if I had just one kiss, I would use it today, let the stars fall over my lips, carry me away." Can someone help me PLEASE??? Thanks.

  Entry #20. 
   Anonymous   05th March 2001
06:51:55 AM

  Entry #19. 
   ben xyz(at) 04th March 2001
04:17:11 PM

Cold fact keeps rotating in my cd-player for weeks now. Hail to the king, baby.

  Entry #18. 
   mark birdman52(at) 01st March 2001
05:34:44 PM

Can anybody send me A Most Disgusting song on icq or some other way? Please e-mail me if u have any ideas. thx

  Entry #17. 
   Danny Pinn lynchpinn(at) 27th February 2001
08:42:55 PM

I've been listening to the music of Rodriguez now for some years. I am so glad to hear he is still kickin'. For those who like to emulate the great man , I have found the guitar music for a couple of his songs at: Hope it helps. Anyone know if he's ever coming to Australia?

  Entry #16. 
   joe jalloul   25th February 2001
05:51:49 PM

further to my previous message.please let me state thati was not looking for a free happy to settle with whoever owns the copyright.david davies seems to have the rights in s a butwould not talk.ive been in contact with rca in new york and they state no records kept of recording as done on weekend by friends and not thru them. please please make contact.lets help heal the world a little

  Entry #15. 
   joe jalloul 25th February 2001
05:44:51 PM

isnt God wonderful.for more than 27 years ive raved and quoted from rodrigues and khalil gibran to help people make some sense of their lives when they needed it.of course i love the music but the words are it,living in london im close to showbiz people and i wanted to stage a show using the music and words to spread some sanity in an empty materialistic do i sort out copyright

  Entry #14. 
   mark birdman52(at) 23rd February 2001
06:53:38 PM

I first heard A Most Disgusting Song back in the early 70's and had it recorded on an 8-track, which died a long time ago. It was on an underground FM station in Illinois and that was the only place i ever heard it. For almost 30 years i have been trying to replace this song in my collection, but nobody has ever heard of Rodriguez here in the states. Even the huge song catalog at the library didn't have anything. so for a year i have been trying to see if anybody on napster had luck....til last nite, some guy in aussie had it...But alas it wouldn't download. So he tried to e-mail it....that didn';t work either, so now i am trying to get it from him on icq. I am going to try to find other music by him too. What a long strange trip its been.

  Entry #13. 
   Jim Drahy vdrahy(at) 21st February 2001
04:28:31 PM

So, if you can send any information /chords, notes, lyrics etc./, please, send it to vdrahy(at)

  Entry #12. 
   Jim Drahy vdrahy(at) 21st February 2001
04:19:56 PM

First time I heard his songs in Durban SA, it was outstanding! My friend, Hansey, who had this cassette, said to me:"Man, it was the favorite songns of my father.I see you like it, so you can get it!" We used to smoke a good stuff, listening Rodriguez on my ship. And there was my Sandra beside me...I'm still trying to find his CD's and lyrics and everything about him.Does anybody can help?

  Entry #11. 
   joe jalloul   21st February 2001
03:45:15 PM

there can only be one.i have been searching for over 25years and there he is alive and in s a .i have been to rca in new york ,miami,detroit etc.i and others want to produce a stage show and need permission because of copyright,can anyone help me to spread the thoughts of my music hero rodrigues

  Entry #10. 
   Paul pmur(at) 14th February 2001
09:16:44 AM

your fans from Austria are interested in tour dates

  Entry #9. 
   Previous user donot(at) 13th February 2001
06:27:43 PM

I made the mistake of posting a message here, and have been bombarded with spam mail originating from South Africa.

  Entry #8. 
   Dennis denrs(at) 12th February 2001
12:55:44 PM

after listening to rodriguez music for over 25 yrs and with the lp's worn out I finally bought the cold fact cd,,I say to my 14 year old daughter if she wants to listen to him. no way she say's ,,I don't want to listen to that old ppl music... well now she heard me playing it I can't get it back of her..she loves him and his music now when will it,,,or will it ever end..I think not

  Entry #7. 
   kenny kmcbcd(at) 10th February 2001
11:03:11 AM

kate, you can buy rodriguez albums online at are there any scottish fans out there? if so i would like to hear from you.

  Entry #6. 
   Anthony captain1(at) 10th February 2001
05:43:08 AM

Kate, Where in Australia are you?? I have just moved here and brought the CD with me!! Email me on captain1(at)

  Entry #5. 
   kenny kmcbcd(at) 08th February 2001
02:31:42 PM

can it be true,is the great man really gonna tour the uk? more info would be greatly appreciated.

  Entry #4. 
   kate   03rd February 2001
06:56:29 PM

at last some info on this brillant musician.can anyone tell me where i can buy the cd online,i live in australia,the buy link from here does'nt work.south african music shops online??

  Entry #3. 
   charl expanded_vision(at) 03rd February 2001
12:00:53 PM

dont bother
found what i needed..thanks

  Entry #2. 
   charl expanded_vision(at) 03rd February 2001
11:50:22 AM

hey i need some chords for hanging tree... any out there who can help me? thanks

  Entry #1. 
   Brian vagabond(at) 03rd February 2001
01:08:18 AM

Hi Great to see this webboard up and running again... yahoo and hee-hah! Brian

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