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Blue Goose Music

Cold Fact (LP) [1978] on Blue Goose Music
Cold Fact (LP) [1978] on Blue Goose Music

Blue Goose Music was a record label responsible for releasing Rodriguez albums in Australia.

At His Best was first released in June 1977 on Blue Beat Records & Promotions, a subsidiary of Blue Goose Music.

At His Best (LP) [1977] with Blue Beat label
At His Best (LP) [1977] on Blue Beat label

Blue Goose Music is very interesting because both Cold Fact and At His Best were also produced by them (in NZ and Australia anyway) in 1986. They seem to tie in to RCA some how.

Shaun Millin, New Zealand, December 1997

Address on At His Best LP:

50 Davis Avenue,
South Yarra,

Australian Concerts Entertainment were the promoters of the 1979 tour.

My copy of Coming From Reality was manufactured and distributed in Oz under license by:
Blue Goose Music Pty Limited,
258 Flinders Lane,

Anna Gerber, Australia, March 1998

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