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I wonder how many of you know what happened to the enigmatic '60s folk singer Sixto Rodriguez?

When we started this site, then named The Great Rodriguez Hunt, we had no idea who or where Rodriguez is or was. We subsequently tracked him down (see the Sugar and the Sugarman story) and in March 1998, he completed a successful, sell-out tour of South Africa.

So now we have simply, The Great Rodriguez Website, where you can read Sugar's reports, buy any of the CDs or post a message on our forum or go to Climb Up On My Music, our sister site and also the largest and most up-to-date source of Rodriguez info on the pla-net.

we found him....

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The Rodriguez Forum
Rodriguez the primary function of this website.
this where you ask you questions and air your views.
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We want you to be able to give us news.
we want to know what you think and feel about
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