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Directions, April 1998

From the magazine that brought you Jesus...
by Martin Beck

Last year our intrepid reporter, Craig Bartholomew, completed his nine-month search for Rodriguez, a legend (certainly in South Africa) who disappeared from the musical world 23 years ago. There were many rumours about what had happened to Rodriguez: He died of a heroin overdose, he went to jail for murdering his wife, and, the most popular (and certainly most poetic) rumour, that he blew his head off - on stage while reciting his own epitaph: "Thanks for your time, and you can thank me for mine, and after that's said, forget it..." In cold fact, even the marketing staff at the South African branch of Polygram, the record company handling Rodriguez's product, thought that he was dead. But Bloodhound Bartholomew sniffed down the illusive Sugarman and informed him - via his distributor - about his cult-like status in South Africa. After the story was published in the October (1997) issue of Directions, Polygram asked us to fax us through the article. Shortly afterwards, Rodriguez's tour to South Africa was announced.
Coincidence? I don't think so.

Brian's comments: Yes, Craig did find Rodriguez (thank you, Craig), but I really don't think that Polygram had much to do with arranging the tour!

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